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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

CNY Part 2 - The First Day

Like the previous CNY, I slept till late enough to miss the morning temple visit.

I dressed up in my new clothes and headed out to Dearie's place to wish his parents happy CNY. Waited a bloody long time for Dearie to finish his lousy game (which he kept assuring me would only take a while) and therefore making me wait nearly 2 hours.

Finally went to his grandma's place. Hlaf the people had already come and left. I ate my fill and sat around while Dearie played on the computer there. My goodness. He doesn't know when to stop huh?

At least it was legitimate since his mum was still busy around the house. I can't remember what time we left, but when we did, we headed off to his other grandma's place.

It was all good but we were very tired. I honestly do not see how visiting can actually be so tiring. I mean, you just go from house to house and sit and eat. How tiring can it be? Apparently, very. Almost similar to sitting in front of the computer the whole day doing work.

By the time we left, it was late evening. I headed home and was greeted by a cheeky ki, who was just as excited to see Dearie.

He played and made a mess as uaul, only now he can pick up the phone properly unlike last time when he'd put the received to his head instead of his ear.

Mummy gave him a sweet drink and see his face?

Utter glee.

Dearie had his fun with Ki by giving him a little piggy ride. Ki was squealing with joy.

Time for bed came very soon for kiki. He had to go home with his parents. He tried his bestest sucking up to all of us, and refused to listen when he said he had to go back home.

All it took was his mama to tell him time to go home with her to mama's house, and tada! He listened and allowed his shoes to be put on - with mischief of course.

And with that, we said tata to the naughty boy, while Dearie stayed on a while longer for TV before heading home too.

CNY Part 1 - The night before

[To avoid disappointment: Not as exciting as Sexual Innuendo's.]

We usually have a steamboat reunion dinner at home, but this year we had it at The Mushroom Pot restaurant at Orchard Point. We pretty much got lost finding our way around inside the building. Anyone who has been there before when the building was closed would understand why.

Anyway, we got there, along with another family who was just as lost as us. We got seated and waited for the food which took a VERY long time to come. It shouldn't have been the case since it was supposed to be a steamboat thingy and everything really should be extremely "standard" and easay to serve.

We complained and reminded them we were waiting and finally someone attended to us. Little Zaki was very curious about the Yu Sheng, since he was seeing it for the first time.

We had a good dinner. Mummy, Daddy, Zaki, Zaki's parents, my sister and her bf, and me. Dearie had his own dinner and couldn't come along. Kiki enjoyed dinner just as much I think. He had a whole mango pudding to himself.

On the way back to the car, we saw some skateboarders at Somerset MRT station.

Ki was probably seeing them for the first time. He was fascinated and promptly told my dad: I want skateboard.

Naughty little cheeky boy. We sent him home with his parents, and my dad sent me to meet Dearie at Jurong Point.

Finally got to watch Memoirs of a Geisha. Not bad a movie at all.
I dropped by Dearie's place and at midnight, his mummy asked me to pray with him at the alter. Well, it was also Guanyin so paying my respects was fine with me.

Dilly-dallied a while and contemplated dozing off, but later told myself to get my act together and join my sis, YL and Bladey at Bar None. Dearie doesn't like these places so he didn't come.

I got to Marriot hotel and wow. I tell you Bar None is my kind of place. Not because of the ang moh's but solely because of the live band. I love it when music is LIVE. That's how it should be. And at least the sound levels weren't as ridiculous as Devil's Bar.

Had a good time, saw Shan Wee (the one from Eye For A Guy 2) and Douglas Olivero (it's his club what), and left for supper reluctantly 'cos I really wanted to sleep. But probably not as much as Bladey wanted to. Poor fella had to wake up at 9am next day.

It was a good CNY spent with ALL the people that matter. Haha! Family, friends and Dearie. Who says you can't meet them all in a day - and enjoy every moment?

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Happy Chinese New Year

Just to say Happy Chinese New Year to all who're dropping by during this period.
I'll not be updating till the holidays are over I guess. I'm tired and lazy.... as always. It's my doggie year now. Hope it'll be a lucky one!
Happy visiting! And may you receive loads of ang paos!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

A career for me?

My colleague was talking to me yesterday. He said I ought to plan ahead and vision myself 5 years down the road.

Funny, because although it is not as if I have never done that before, but when it comes to work, I never really bothered to think so much. Honestly, 5 years down the road, I only hope that I'll be married happily, hopefully with an HDB flat in a good location and maybe baby on the way?

Let's see now.. Where do I want to be 5 years later in my career?

I want to be drawing a minimum of $2800. I am willing to take on any jobs/responsibilities/tasks that are thrown my way.

Other than that, I realised when he asked me the question I have no plans on how to get there. Except for being armed with a degree (by then I hope I get it), and several years of work experience plus that of "working" in the band, I must say I have good prospects. Only that my job is in the administrative field and it is not a line where it is that appreciated and so, not much chances of moving "up" the ladder.

Trust me. The only "up" moving I'm looking forward to is only on the salary scale.

I really didn't know how to answer him when he casually asked but he really jogged my mind quite a bit. I started pulling out my alternative routes had I not been in this job – which really is teaching. I wanted to go into NIE and later teach secondary school but somehow it never happened.

You see, I never really had much ambition. Ambition to move up the corporate ladder to be a manger with several subordinates… ZILCH. You know what I want to do instead? I want to do anything music related. Work on the set of a musical, be a piano teacher, that kind of thing where the task is what everyone is concerned about and not anything else.

I take the same attitude to work. As long as it is within my abilities to get the job done, rest assured I'll take it up, but with proper guidance of course.

In case you're thinking: wah, so good worker ah?! I shall make myself clear by saying I am no angel. This is not to say I'm one of those bitchy kinds. Hell no. I suffered the wrath of one and told myself I'd never dwindle down to be one.

I'm the "lazy" kind. Yep. The kind who would try to steal a few minutes here and there to stare into blank space or surf the internet. Yeah, I get the work done, but the work would've been done faster if not for all these "breaks". Oops!

On a separate note, I'm tempted to go catch Sebastian Tan in Broadway Beng. Anyone going to watch it?

Oh, and this is what I came across at Sgforums at An angry Ann Kok.
I don't know how it was done sia. How to capture TV stuff onto your computer and convert it into a moving .gif? Wow.
But I guess everyone's wowing at her pink bra instead eh? Haha! I don't watch channel 8 so I don't know what show it was from. Busy with American Idol lahz.

Very exhausting day from running around for my office CNY gathering. Funny how a short and small little gathering is so much work. I think it shouldn't be - only my inexperience and inefficiency made it tiring.

I still enjoyed myself. Told ya I like organising these things. Heehee...

Tomorrow's going to be another unproductive day. Ah well. See how it goes. Looking forward to the long holiday, that's all.

I really need to get new specs and heels. Maybe during these holidays.............
But damn it, when am I ever going to start studying?!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I've Got Mail!

I love receiving mail.
Anything addressed to my name.
Even office mail.

But today I received 3 envelopes addressed to me at home! Of course, I was expecting the packages. I paid for them afterall.

Of the 3, 2 were spaghetti tops. Velvet ones.

I opened them so hungrily. The one in purple was a little more casual than I expected, but never mind, I still can wear.

I was expecting another one in pink, but it turned out to be beige. I don't know why I was expecting pink when the photo clearly showed beige anyway. Well, didn't matter since I liked it enough from the photo to buy it.

This one's a bra top - meaning there's a bra attached inside of it. It was the first time I got anything from Victoria Secrets so this was going to be my "experiment" piece. I realised the bra was padded. Ah. I don't like padded bras. I don't like fake boobs. I tried it on anyway and sure enough it felt funny. My mum helped me to adjust it and it looked better.

Heck it. I'm going to wear them anyway. Not gonna re-sell.... YET.

Total count (cami = spaghetti top):
1 yellow lace cami, 1 white knit cami, 1 purple velvet cami, 1 lycra black cami, 1 beige velvet cami, 1 green dunno-wat-material cami....

Why I still don't have a pink one?! I want the satin/silk pink cami! HAHAHA!

Jialatz. TOo many already. Need to stop buying till my next spree. Consolation for me is at least each of them cost less than $30. Some even less than $20. HA!

On another note, here's the balcony that my mum is so proud of:

It has officially turned into a garden. Beautiful eh?
I was so tempted to get some orchid plants for my mummy to add on but realised I didn't have the transport to bring it home in after work. Guess I'll buy it some other time.

To end this post, I shall let you smile abit at the ever so cute ki feeding the rabbits.

Mkaes your day doesn't it? It sure does for me.

Return of the eye needle

I believe I had 2 "eye needles" in 2004. None in 2005. Now, start of 2006, I officially have another one. ARGH.

In case you do not know what it is, it's pretty much like having a pimple on your eye. It feels like one and after a couple of days of noticing it's popping out, our eye looks like it's swollen. My previous eye needles were bad enough to get me a day off for each. Wonder if this one can do the same.

Yesterday I slept during half of my psychology class. The first half of course. But my second half wasn't too good either. I actually fell asleep while scribbling something the lecturer said on the notes - only to wake up realising my pencil stopped midway in some word I can't even make up.

Oh, and Dearie sent me back from office and to school. Heehee.. my little chauffeur.. 'cos my company transport was not available. Needed some way of getting home on time or earlier lahz. Class at 7pm mah. But turns out I slept in class anyway huh? Oops.

After class I managed to get home and watch the Victorias Secrets show on Channel 5. I don't really like how they zoom in and don't focus in time before they cut to another shot, but hey, the girls were pretty, the lingerie was sexy.. Enough already right?

I recorded the thing for Dearie 'cos he was actually too busy playing game to watch. It's as good as giving up porn for the sake of gaming. I really wonder which is the lesser evil. Well, it'll be a TV day on Sunday and Dearie will be watching and pausing through the recording.

I, on the other hand, shall go hunt for 32A or 32B VS stuff for myself. Such pretty stuff.......... A pity they're so bloody expensive....

Sunday, January 22, 2006

So so busy

Friday night met up with my gang. Had a good dinner at Sin Hoi San again. After that went to boat quay. We were at this place called CLOUD NINE. KTV Pub. I suspect the place is new 'cos it seemed like the 2 owners knew the people who had come.

There were some really good singers. Seemed a little mature, but hey, I was admiring their voices. And no, they didn't look bad. Only that they were gay. Serious. But only guys are scared of gays. Girls don't usually give a damn who you like as long as it's not mine (at least that's how I am).

I was so tempted to ask one of them to sing a duet with me. I'd really like to sing a duet not many chances to do that. Better still, if only one of them asked me. HAHA! But no lahz.. I not so daring. And my singing not so power till people ask to duet with me.

Saturday night went for a steamboat buffet at Joaquim (Suntec). Not too bad. Got to meet up a few of my sec 4 mates again. I love these gatherings. I found out that 1 of my friends is actually working very nearby my office.

There is now a total of 10 teachers from my class alone. One of my classmates has a daughter and it was difficult to bring her out so she didn't come. No one knows if she's married, but we're all pretty sure she's a single mum. All of us are incredibly awed by her strength and have such respect for her. Maybe even some envy!

One of them brought her 2 1/2 yr old nephew along. You can read more about that at Shirley's blog. Most of the night we were messing with him and talking about her customary wedding to be happening end of this year. I love my class. 10 years and we're all pretty much still in contact with one another.

Today's Sunday. Ki came for a while. I went to Westmall to walk around. Was supposed to meet someone to pass me something but she couldn't make it. Landed up buying $120 worth of jewellery for my mummy. And $57 for 2 tops - supposed to be one for me and one for my sis. But I think we can just share both tops lah.

It's 8pm now. I'm waiting for Dearie to come over with Macdonalds. I'm very hungry. So hungry I had to eat some pringles first. I think I need a bath to distract myself from the hunger.

It's going to be another TV night. TV nights are gooood.

My regular ranting

I do not like it that Dearie falls sick more often than I do.
[This is plain because he doesn't take any effort to exercise or keep himself healthy enough.]

I do not like it when he displays his lack of discipline (eg: Heavy rain so didn't go school).
[Laziness at its worst. I know people who work their asses off in the day - regardless rain or shine - and still go for classes, and have to take care of the family. All he has to do is study. His flexi job only requires him to work a few times a month - each shift 4hrs!]

I do not like it when he claims he's tired - when he was sitting at home playing game or sleeping the whole day.
[Because I was probably working for more than 8 hrs that whole time he was doing "nothing".]

I do not like it when he said he was tired yet manages to go home and play another 3 hours (or more) of games.
[If so difficult to go out with me then maybe just don't.]

I do not like it when he doesn't even attempt to save money.
[Because it doesn't give me any sign of planning for the future.]

I do not like it when he doesn't tell me things - even when I ask.
[This one makes me wonder if I am even in his plans for the future - if there are any. If there's no reason to stay, why should I?]

Bottom line: I do not like being taken for granted.

I'll only be around for as long as I can. If you don't do anything to earn "me" (my attention, effort, etc etc.) don't expect anything in return.

Clearly this post is for pouring out what I feel. He doesn't read my blog so he wouldn't get hurt.

Maybe someone should be devil's advocate and tell him just how a boyfriend should be? Because it's obvious he's not have had any training in this role.

Sigh. More and more he resembles my dad. At least certain parts from what I see and hear from my mummy's stories. Only that I would believe I have the modern version.

Since I did post the bad stuff (only some ok? Not comprehensive one), let's see what good stuff I can conjure...

I like it that he gets along with my mummy.
[Probably one of THE most impt things I look out for.]

I like it that he brings me to his family gatherings.
[He's not afraid to show me to his many aunts, uncles, cousins and grandma lehz....... that's amazing.]

I like it that he knows how to play with Ki such that Ki actually likes him.
[It's just adorable seeing him connect with kids. It's a gift.]

I like it that he is more knowledgable than I am in areas I'm weak in.
[I need someone I can learn stuff from. Where I'm good at one area, he should complement me by being good with something else.]

I like it that although he may not seem very responsive, he actually listens to what I talk about and remembers.
[I truly believe that not many guys will do that.]

I like it that he doesn't smoke or gamble, and that he can't hold his liquor.
[Can't help thinking that this is another plus point along with "getting along with mummy".]

But amongst all these things I note down in this diary, I still love him...
Indescribable unlike all the things I manage to list.
It's just a feeling... one that only those who have felt it before would understand.

Friday, January 20, 2006

No luck with 4D nor Toto

I've got no luck with 4D and Toto but guess what? Within these 2 weeks, I managed to win:
1) Make-up session at Anna Sui (ok, some cosmetic counters actually give free ones but hey, I won it! 99 other people did too! HAHA!)
Hope there won't be any hard-sell. Yet to make my appointment.

2) Just managed to get off the phone on Class 95. Supposed to say the word FAAAAAAAAAAAN-Tastic. Competed with some other guy. Managed to hold mine for about 18 seconds. AND I WON! YAY! $88 coming my waaaaay! Don't know in cash or Macdonald's vouchers, but either will be fine with me. I eat mac almost once every week anyway.

93.3FM has this contest that's giving away nearly $6000 in CASH, but that one must guess all 9 nine songs correctly. At the moment only left one song not solved yet that's why the cash keeps snowballing. Too bad I don't know the answer else I sure will call!

I get my cheap thrills from such little things. Fun to win you know?! Haha! Yipppeeeeee!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

More shopping

Been searching for this beautiful silk cami in XXS to no avail. Tried to take part in a spree but turns out Victoria Secrets' has it sold out. BLECH.

This is bad. Not that not having the top is bad, just that I am spending waaaay too much time shopping that I should. My goodness.

See why I don't always get clothes? The ones I want are either many times over budget, or they're plain sold out. ARGH. So irritating. Just makes me want to anyhow settle for something else.

Anyway, this is my sale/wish list, just in case anyone's interested. Haha! Not much of a list - because I don't have much to sell. Or I'm just lazy to put it up.

What a lousy post. There's more to me than this. Let me go hide in my room and do something more constructive. Like studying.

... Yeah right ...

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Meme time

Saw this on Mr. Miyagi's blog. Nothing very new, but just did it for the heck of it - like how I choose to do many other things.

Four jobs you’ve had in your life
- Receptionist at Shan You Counselling Centre
- HR Assistant
- Paging/Customer Service officer at Sunpage
- Admin Exec

Four movies you could watch over and over
- Jurassic Park (all 3 parts)
- The Sound Of Music (basically all musicals)
- 50 First Dates
- Indiana Jones (all 3 parts too)

Four places you’ve lived
- Clementi
- Pasir Panjang Redwood West
- Alexandra Hospital
- NUH Hospital

Four TV shows you love(d) to watch

- That 70’s Show
- Everyone Loves Raymond
- Friends

Four places you’ve been on vacation (I’ve only been to 4 countries anyway)
– Indonesia: Bali, Jakarta, Bintan
- Thailand: Phuket, Bangkok
- Malaysia: Penang, KL, Johore, Perak, Sarawak
- Hong Kong

Four websites you visit daily (Almost daily lah)
- Cozycot
- Yahoo! Mail
- Yahoo! Auctions
- Gmail

Four of your favourite foods
- Bacon Aglio at Pasta Mania
- Filet O Fish meal at Macdonalds
- Chicken Fillet meal at KFC
- Cereal Prawns

Four places you would rather be
- Home
- Orchard Road or Bugis also can
- Zoo

Four tagged <-- this is tiring
- Anyone who wants to lahz


Meanwhile, I was thinking about something more expressive than a list... Pretty much "inspired" by Clay Aiken's "The Way".

I'll type it out when I'm free. I'd think it would be similar to what I did for the meme long ago titled "I am the girl that...". Ah well. Self-reflection shall be put on hold till I get my other stuff right.
Hmm. that came out odd.

Signs of getting stressed up

For a while I stopped listening to Class 95. I really liked it when Glenn and Rod were together on air. Now, apparently, even while they’re apart, they still manage to tickle me with their silly antics.

Mouthing off at each other while one is on the morning shift and the other on drive-time evening shift, Rod and Jean Danker (his new partner) has written and RECORDED half a song “inspired by Glenn Ong”. What the hell. I couldn’t help but laugh real hard at it. You’ve got to hear it for yourself sia.

It’s been busy at work. School’s been the same. Class equally boring – and I am just as clueless about my studies. All the adrenaline I had has been used for Year 1. I honestly don’t see how I can make it past this year’s exams.

Oh, and the damn spiders are STILL there. Anyone who goes to SIM should just marvel at their strong webs. I’m amazed no one has knocked into the webs yet.

Last night a miracle happened: I was washing my hands in the toilet at school. I looked up into the mirror just to check that I don’t give people heart attacks as I walk by. I glanced at a familiar figure in the back of the mirror and was about to ignore it when it hit me. It was YX! My goodness. What are the odds. I’ve known her for about 10 years now? These 2 years everytime our gang asks her out she’s always citing reasons that she’s busy, etc. Ah well… It’s nice to see her again after so long.

I am addicted to constantly prowling cozycot’s Swap section for buys. Oh no… It’s just so wrong. Keep buying stuff. As if that’s not bad enough, I should be using the time I spend shopping on my studies.

Anyone willing to give me free tuition on Principles of Accounting? Until now I don’t know what Gearing Ratio is, how to do absorption or whatever costing, and what “contribution” means. Plenty of other stuff I don’t know – to the extent that I don’t even know what they’re called to write it up here.

The rest of my subjects.. er… Let’s just say I’ll focus on my core modules of POA and Marketing. If I fail the other two… I can always choose to take them next year or change another subject altogether.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Everything but work and studies

Went for my band meeting on Saturday morning. I’m really glad we had a fruitful time again. These people are boiling with ideas. Thank goodness I am just the leader and simply make the decisions and paint the direction and path ahead. It’s the members who are doing the real brain work. Must give them loads of credit – if not all.

I finally found the chain belt I had been searching for the past many many months. I tried to search for it online and in all sorts of stores. The closest I got was at Phuture but the freaky thing cost $69. Then Levi’s came out with one made of Swarovski crystals which was absolutely beautiful but only given if you spent at least $200. Again, ridiculous.

Where I found what I wanted? Under the necklace section (I think) at Aries. There were some belts around there too so it could have been used on either I think. Anyway, it’s a single line of rather large “crystals”. Cost me $17. My budget was $10 to be honest, but since it’s been so long, and it was EXACTLY what I wanted, heck it. Besides, it was nicely polished and in plastic – unlike Phuture which looked like the silver paint was peeling.

Happy with my purchase, I showed it off to Dearie who picked me up for the KTV session I had arranged for that afternoon. Edwin, his girlfriend Fiona and his sister Eileen had a ball of a time. Me too, of course. Dearie slept through about 3 hours of the session while Weitang and Zhenyuan were incredibly late.

2-6pm, with a 4 hour voucher at Clementi Partyworld. Nearly cost us $94. Thanks to Dearie checking the bill to see that we didn’t order any jug of beer. In the end, it still amounted to $84. Still damn bloody expensive for an afternoon. But like I say, I don’t mind spending for a good time. Just like how some people like to spend on travelling for a good time? Same thing.

We spent a while thinking about where to go after that. It was raining so Dearie wasn’t able to ride. He had to leave his bike at Clementi central. The rest of the guys weren’t driving today. All their parents needed the cars I guess. Landed up taking a packed train to Outram, and taking a bus to Dearie’s latest craze – SIN HOI SAN.

He really loves the place. His eyes had that gleam Ki has everytime he successfully manages to convince us to go MacDonalds. We had fantastic tasting humongous crabs amongst other dishes. Total bill came up to $180. (Mainly ‘cos we made a mistake by calling some clam dish that cost us $30.) Dearie was happy anyway. Hey, I paid lehz. Of course happy lah!

Guess where we went after.


And it wasn’t even for a movie. Remember that arcade machine Edwin spent about $10 on? Yep. We went there just to play that stupid thingy. This time was another type of machine but same prizes of handphones, PSPs, etc.

I even tried my hand at it too. Dearie also. Even the most sceptical of us Zhenyuan tried it. Hahaha! Super fun, but super waste of money. $1 per try. It works like a jackpot thingy. Very cool. It’s the closest we can get to gambling at a casino I think.

We all walked back empty handed, and a few dollars poorer. Better than this couple who was trying to catch some mini-“bu4 dao3 weng1” at a different machine. (The kind you get in gatcha machines.) The girl just kept playing over and over. The guy kept giving her the money. Total damage to his wallet was more than $30. In the end she only walked away with 2 of the little toys.

Dearie and I walked all the way back to catch a train while the rest of them took the bus. We were very tired. Simple Saturday spent, but happily albeit super expensive. I didn’t bring my mobile with me the entire day, but I didn’t miss it. No one contacted me, except for my mummy who sms-ed Dearie saying that I needed to be extremely quiet when I went home.

Turns out, I didn’t go home. For the second time in our entire nearly 4 years together, I stayed over at Dearie’s place. Told ya I don’t like to stay over anywhere else but home, but what they hey.. not like it’s everyday. Unprepared, I changed into his t-shirt and shorts after a quick bath at his place.

Then the both of us got hungry.

Walked out for some food nearby. There was something very romantic about that night, come to think of it. All we did was walk out, get food, eat, walk back, sleep. I said I wanted to get back home at 10am in time to play with Kiki.

The alarm went off at 8:45am just like I set it. We only got up at 10:35am. Oops.

After trying to push each other to get up first, we finally got our act together and left for my place at 11:30am. We were greeted with the squeals of an excited Ki enjoying his bath in his “swimming pool”.

My dad then made a paper plane for him.

Of course, my dad then moved on to his regular newspapers and Ki went about his business of being cheeky.

I made noodles for Dearie, and while I took over to take care of Ki, my mum helped to prepare mine. Dearie and I enjoyed 3 hours of CSI with a very naughty ki jumping all over the place trying to get us to play with him.

He even used a remote control for his car as a gun to shoot Dearie and me.

Dearie and I also lapped up the mini orange pieces Ki stole from my mum.

We caught another 2 hours of Star Movies playing Total Recall which Dearie was very glad to catch the mostly uncensored version for the 1st time.

I took a nap right after Dearie left at 5pm. I woke up and saw that my younger sis was home at 6pm. My parents were also trying to get Ki ready for going out for dinner – after that we were sending him back to the other grandma’s place.

He started to get chatty and bargained for a reassurance that he will be coming back to our place after dinner. This guarantee he sought was not given. He was so worried we were going to send him home immediately, so we took him for dinner, some grocery shopping, THEN back home.

Caught the movie “Raising Helen” on Star Movies with my sis that night. Heartwarming movie that makes you appreciate mums. And proves that mummies all over the world are pretty much the same. Universal traits. Equally amazing. Mothers are the best. They’re the strongest, most selfless people. At least it applies for my mummy.


By the way, I was wondering to myself about that movie “In Her Shoes”. I haven’t watched it but although there are 3 sisters in my family, me and my younger sis seem to have some resemblance to Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette’s characters.

All I know about the movie is from the trailer so I’m just guessing when it comes to what the actual screen characters are. I am like Toni Collette – seemingly ungroomed and unexciting; usually buried in work, family, boyfriend or other commitments. My pig of a sister is like Cameron Diaz – very pretty, carefree, and gets away with just about anything. Yet the two of us have similarities when it comes to shoe size (and fashion senses).

Oh. I noticed something very cute too:
I have a younger sister.
Dearie has a younger sister.
Edwin has a younger sister.
Weitang has a younger sister.
Fiona has a younger sister.
Zhenyuan has sisters (but I don’t know if any younger ones).

In my gang, YL, Bladey, Evon, my sis, and YX all do not have any younger sisters.


But seriously, there’s this protectiveness that we elder siblings have over the younger ones. Particularly when it comes to sisters. And these younger sisters have this tendency to be able to “control” the elder ones while irritating them.

It’s almost motherly/fatherly. An in-built instinct. No matter how irritating the little ones are, there will always be this inclination for us to want to be some sort of role model for them. We want to protect them. We want to be able to look over them. We want them not to make the mistakes we did, and guide them towards what we would have otherwise done. Yet we want to be their friend. The person they can trust. Don’t these sound like what parents do? [Of course parents do waaaaay more. Haha!]

That’s what I realised amongst us all. This common trait that we seem to have. How we want to treat our sisters as the same as our friends, yet on some unspoken level, when they’re around we will watch ourselves when it comes to behaviour. Let them have the fun they seek, as long as we’re here watching, it’s ok. We’ll make sure all is ok.

The younger ones, on the other hand, love to annoy us. They take pleasure in doing stuff that irritate the hell out of you. Yet we don’t mind it. We let them. In their strange way of expressing their way of affinity, they test our limits and go all the way in poking at us with much glee. They also make us do things for them, like grab something far away for them, go out of your way to help with their homework, and the likes of these things. We let them control us to a certain extent, like how what they say always matters.

Plenty of funny little details between two sisters. It’s funnier when you see two elder ones talk to each other about the younger ones. Almost sounds as if we were parents talking about our kids. It’s queer.

For me, I admit I sometimes get jealous of my sis. Sometimes it’s envy. Hey, she IS prettier and she IS smarter. But then, our differences in the way we lead our lives justifies that these traits may not be the stuff I should be envious or jealous about. I am not her. She is not me. We are our own person so what matters to one may not matter to the other.

She would take a $1000 to travel. Be it budget or normal airlines, she’ll make sure she has a good time. I on the other hand, if were to take the money to travel, would make sure it were a good airline, good hotel and when I get there I don’t want to worry about any spending and do as I please.

She may also take the money to buy plenty of clothes, and splurge on a wonderful night out with lots of alcohol for everyone to have. I would want to get a digital piano. But me being me, such a sucker for exact stuff that I want, may not land up with the piano till much later after a lot of searching and research.

Meanwhile, the idea of plenty of clothes and a good time out with friends sounds good.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Virgin Dye-Job

Almost on a whim, I got a box of hair dye.

I got home to show it to mummy, but she said the colour was too dark and she herself could use it.

I had planned to dye my hair tonight, and I don't usually like changes in my own plans. My mum likes this hairdresser at the market and really wanted me to go try her out so... what the hey, since I already planned it, might as well.

I now have my virgin dyed hair. It's not too brown. In fact, it's pretty much what I had in mind. Nothing too adventurous. I do not wish to give my bosses a heart attack. Just a hint of colour to make me look a little "brighter".

I'm more hyped about going KTV tomorrow afternoon than anything now really. Heehee!


Must watch video clips (because they're funny! Why else?!):
(thanks to mr brown and Tomorrow)
Live With Bambi
Driving for Asian Women

(thanks to a post by starpuppy at SGforums)
Dedicated to beer - and I don't even like the drink
[How could I ever forget Weird Al Yankovic!]

By the way, in case you're cynical about why I laugh easily, check out CNA's report that says that laughter may just about be proven to be a way of keeping healthy. HA!

My good ol' friend Gary from secondary school has opened his dance school!!! Yippee!!! Name of the place is En Motion.
Pick up dancing today! [I would, if not for bloody school. I'm hoping to learn from him after I graduate.]

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Just updating for the heck of it

Remember my supposed "Instant Mee Goreng" lunch? Didn't happen, 'cos my dear colleagues drove out for lunch and paid for my share.

This has happened many times, and I am so damn guilty for not paying for my own food. Nor drinks. I promise that I will make it up to these wonderful colleagues of mine.

Supposed to go MoS again this weekend. Remember the unfinished bottle of Chivas? Well, no news on whether it'll materialise so I smsed Edwin to go Party World this Saturday afternoon. Him, his GF, me and Dearie. He super onz to go sia. Poor thing deprived in Aussie. Haha! Planning to have dinner after!

Yikez. I just realised one thing. Ki's coming over on Saturday!!! Ah.. means I'll miss a day of Ki, since I'll be having a band meeting in the morning. Guess I can only play with him on Sunday morning.

Time for bed now. Weather's so cold that my hair still hasn't dried on its own. Blech.

Ok ok. Really must sleep. Don't want to kenna another $10 taxi fare.

Kenna tagged again!


Remove the Blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone else up a notch. Then add your Blog to the bottom spot.

3.Furkids in Hong Kong
4. Missyong
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You then victimize 5 people to pass the LOVE on to. Yes, only 5, not 15.

1. Mark
2. Leonard
3. Ruben
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5. Elvina

1.What were you doing 10 years ago?
I was just starting school in Sec 1. I was so innocent back then....

2.What were you doing 1 year ago?
Same as what I am now. Work, study, band, family, friends, blah blah.

3. Five snacks you enjoy.

i) French Fries (Mac!)
ii) Potato Chips (Cheddar Ruffles, Sour Cream Pringles, Hot & Spicy Calbee)
iii) Ken-Ken Cuttlefish
iv) Hello Panda (Chocolate)
v) French's Potato Sticks

4.Five songs to which you know all the lyrics off your head right now.

1. Some Kit Chan songs
2. Some Sun Yanzi songs
3. Most of the songs ki knows
Erm... I think enough to cover more than 5 huh?

5. Five things you would do if you were a millionaire.

1. Grow it to become more millions (invest lahz)
2. Buy a car - and get Dearie to be my chauffeur
3. SHOP! Not window shop! (I'll get clothes, shoes, a watch, a new HP....)
4. Give my band some much-needed funds.
5. Give my parents the money I ought to since I started working

6. Five bad habits.

1. Very lazy when it comes to studying
2. Letting PMS take over me
3. Looking out for spiders
4. Picking on my food
5. Procrastinating

7. Five things you like doing.

1. Sleep
2. Watch TV
3. Watch movies
4. Hanging out with friends
5. Going KTV

8. Five things you would never wear, buy, or get new again.

1. Real fur
2. leopard skin print bags/clothes/shoes
3. Feathers
4. Contact lens (too damn scared to put them on)
5. fake nails

9. Five favorite toys.

2. My pound puppy dog
3. Kiki's lego
4. Kiki's bottle of bubbles
5. Huge Stitch in my room ('cos Dearie got it for me, and ki loves it!)

Rain + Peak Hour = No taxi

I heard the first alarm and promptly hit the snooze button. I told myself to wake up because the next time the alarm rings will be after 7am. Somehow, I heard the alarm ring again. I distinctively remember hitting snooze!

Then I realise that it is the snooze that IS ringing.

I climbed out of bed and walked to the washroom with my eyes barely open. It was a cold morning again, but at least it wasn’t raining. Yet.

I munched my breakfast, marvelled at how Wong Lilin ate her own placenta, and read that Jacintha will be the next Idol judge to watch. Then my pig of a sister woke up and stole the remaining slice of my Delifrance Tuna Mushroom puff, so I landed up munching on the breakfast meant for her.

It seems to pass more quickly in the morning. Time flew by me. It was 7:45am. Even if I were to catch the MRT, I wouldn’t have been in time for the 8:05am bus. I decided to take a taxi.

It started to rain. Despite how I told myself never to take a taxi in the rain – because there’ll be none to take – I grabbed the umbrella and went down at 7:55am.

Standing along the road, I noticed several people ahead of me who were already trying to flag the passing taxis to no avail. They were all either “On Call” or “Hired”.

I thought to myself I probably had a better chance trying to flag one down from the street adjacent to where I was so I crossed the road and walked over. Same thing. The taxis didn’t stop for me.

15 minutes passed and the rain was still coming down. A mother and her little daughter stood behind me in the invisible queue for a taxi. Another 10 minutes passed and nothing changed except for the mother’s temper towards the little girl. She must have been feeling very frustrated with her daughter’s attempts to play in the rain.

I gave up and started trying to call the regular 65522222 and 65521111 lines for a taxi. I go the regular message of the line being engaged. I kept trying. It was 8:25am.

The mother made a couple of calls too. I think she called her colleagues or friends. Probably to see if anyone could pick her up. Must be that she couldn’t get through the hotline either.

5 minutes passed and I got the machine. Another 1 minute and I was speaking to a telephone operator. I felt so lucky – whilst standing in the increasingly heavy rain with vehicles going by making the wind colder on my skin. I was given a taxi number and I waited some more.

It took another couple of minutes before the taxi came. No calls from the office. That’s good. Because my official time for starting work is 8am. I was very late. And I do not like being late.

Mr Taximan brought me to my destination. The meter read $5. I forked out a $10 note and waited for my change.

He turned around and said, “$10 just nice.” It was a hint to say I should get off his taxi already. I stared at him wide eyed and looked at the meter again. He explained that peak hour was an additional $1, to which I nodded.

What I didn’t know was the ridiculous surcharge of $4 for peak hour taxi bookings. I stared at him in disbelief and almost stormed out of the taxi but it’s not as if he set the rules. No wonder I could get through the damn hotline so much faster than usual. No wonder every taxi on the road was “On Call” or already “Hired” (probably previously On Call).

So I landed up spending twice as much than I normally would have on a taxi ride to office. I’ve learnt my lesson. FOR GOOD. MRT is the way to go on days with rain. Even the bus would be better. 45min and $10 to get to work? What a bloody waste. I shall have instant mee goreng for lunch today.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Probably e happiest Monday night

Public holidays make me happy. I believe they make fellow people-who-work-office-hours just as happy. It’s also been extremely cold at home. Very easy to doze off. Easy to wake up too ‘cos too damn cold in the morning.

I spent Monday at a very lazy day at work. I attended 2 meetings but didn’t get any of my minutes done. Not to mention anything else. After that, I had my Social Psychology class at school and walked out just as clueless as when the term began.

It was another wet night but thankfully the rain had just stopped. I crossed the overhead bridge and did my “regular” screening for spiders again. Truly amazing stuff. This time though, there was a guy who did take notice of the huge one that is STILL there.

Told ya no one can ignore it for long. The 2 guys were walking down the stairs in front of me. As they talked to each other, the one facing the web warned his friend of the spider behind him. He nearly brushed the web – sufficient for the web to be stuck to his head, together with the spider. I took time to stare at the web again. It grosses me out, but I can’t help it. I just had to look.

Instead of taking every other bus, I took the 1 of the only 2 buses that would not take me home. I was going to Holland Village you see. It was Eskibar night. Yep. Time to pay to freeze my ass off.

When I got there, Bladey brought me in to where we were seated. My sis, her bf, Evon and Bladey’s friends Ken, Darling and another 2 girls were there already.

Dearie was not there. Surprise. He left the house at 10pm. Staying at Jurong West, I thought he ought to reach by 11pm, but noooooo. He only showed up at 11:30pm. I never want to stay at Jurong West. It seems like it takes forever to reach anywhere. And it ain’t cheap getting a cab out of that area either.

There was a “cold room” within Eskibar. The area where majority of the people were seated was at best, air conditioning at it’s lowest. The “cold room” was a small cosy area at 0 degrees celsius. We kiddos took our turns going in to freeze our asses off. Bladey’s spectacles frosted up when he came out of there. My toes and lips seemed to contract within seconds of being inside. It was really fun seeing air puff out of our mouths. I suaku ok? No chance to go places where there is real snow.

Bladey's friends left rather early. I guess they were bored. I mean, chilling out (no pun intended) really is just sitting down, sipping, chatting and bumming. They were younger than us so I guess discos would very much interest them more. Or we’re just getting old.

We started playing 5-10. Some time in the game we switched to that retarded game 7-up. In case you do not know the game, let me give you an overview. We all sat around the table. Each of us are supposed to call out the numbers in running sequence, clockwise. Each time we reach a multiple of 7 or a number containing the number 7, we much say “UP”, and the turn to call out the numbers are being reversed to become anti-clockwise.

Me: 8
Dearie: 9
Bladey: 10
Evon: 11
Clarence: 12
My sister: 13
My sister: 15
Clarence: 16
Evon: UP
Clarence: 18
And so on and so forth until someone makes a mistake or pauses for too long. Forfeit: Drink up a mouthful. Our bottle of Johnnie Walker lasted us till 2am I think. We were all on a high and started to fumble in the game.

Halfway through Dearie and I needed to go to the toilet. We were in and out of there quickly. Much to YL and Bladey’s surprise. Com’ON!!! In case you’re wondering, no, the toilet is warm. And do, we DID NOT do it. Unless Dearie was some sort of 30 second (or less) man, it was not possible. Hahaha!

I tell you it was one of the best drinking nights I ever had. We laughed so hard at the silly mistakes we made. Especially when Dearie could never get it correct that 28 is part of the 7 times-table. And that it was the only game we could ever get Clarence to drink at.

We headed for supper at Bukit Timah, only to realise that the prata stalls were owned by Indian-Muslim people so they were closed. We landed up with a porridge supper again. Didn’t matter at that point what was the food ‘cos we were hungry. And the food would help me feel less tipsy. Did I mention that when I’m tipsy I laugh and smile a lot more? Just as long as I drink to the right amount, which I normally have no problems controlling.

After dinner, it started to drizzle. Clarence drove the van back to my place with me and Dearie sitting in the back. Dearie promptly stumbled out of the van and puked all of supper. EEEEEEW.

But he’s one of the funny few who after puking (and he said there was no after taste at all), barely even needs a tissue. He also immediately felt ok once the food was out. Not like me. If I puke, that’s it. Eyes will be watery. Nose also watery. Got difficulty breathing and feel so disgusted I’ll want to puke even more. Then I’ll feel weak and need lie down.

Landed up with both the guys crashing at my place in their respective girlfriend’s rooms. A rare sight – my sister came home to sleep.

The next day was spent bumming around the house. Dearie went back to his gaming and we enjoyed a good TV night in the comfort of our own homes.

Tag time!

Kenna tagged by Ghost! Here goes!

5 weird little secrets about myself:

1. I can laugh at the smallest things, and the same things over and over. It feels real good.

2. I am a very boring person, but I like the way I am. I can't say about others.

3. I did have dreams of becoming a singer. You know, the kind that gets to travel to Taiwan and Hong Kong and be pals with the stars. Then when I seriously thought about it, I realised that even if I trained hard enough to sing well, I wouldn't want to have to deal with the media or do scary stuff on funny talk shows. Unless I was a cartoon like Ocean Ou and stayed that way, otherwise it's a no-no.
I'll stick to joining ad-hoc low-key contests to earn "extra income". In other words, my company's karaoke contest. HAHA!

4. I like to eat at MacDonalds.

5. I still wonder how people can "do it" on the bus. (You know? Top deck, when there's no one.. right at the back... It still intrigues me. Hahaha! I've never seen it done before, much less do myself. But I've read about it in forums and I find it very funny.)

Now its time to hear from these five people:

1. Bladey
2. Ah Chang
3. Michael Chua
4. Paranoid
5. Fireburn

But what the hey.. let me add some more!
6. SugarBF
7. Jeanie
8. Blue Apple
9. Hiao Auntie
10. Spinnee
11. Shirley
12. Shuangzhu

Monday, January 09, 2006

A "Happening" Saturday Night

Like I said, THE KI was here on Saturday afternoon. As usual - house turns upside down, inside out.

He's mighty proud of his "work" on the house.

Anyway, I was to get ready for Ministry Of Sound (MoS) that night. Dearie was due to come meet me at about 8pm. By 7:30pm, I was still not ready. There was no call for me to hurry, so I took my time to get dressed.

Mind you, there is only one type of informal occasion that I'll dress up for purposely and that is for clubbing. It's been a long while since I've gone clubbing, and not to mention THE club of the moment.

I put on my new clothes. My cute mummy insisted on taking a photo of me in the new getup - even when I hadn't even combed my hair or put on any makeup.

Don't ask me why my mummy had to take the photo from such an odd angle. I look like fat sia. Hahaha! Funny thing is Ki saw my mum preparing the camera and he insisted on standing with me with snowman. So cuuuuute!

Even after my mummy passed me the camera, Ki insisted on me sitting down so he could just sit on my lap. This was the only shot I managed to get with him sliding down my get up.

He refused to let me put on my make-up .. until my parents said they were going to bring him to push "small trolley" at Jelita. He jumped off immediately and ran away. Ah.

I took my time with make-up and only ran my comb through my hair. I got my bag packed and was ready to reach for my shoes. Dearie, by then, had told me his buds were probably going there at 10pm or so. I expected him to be at my place at about 9.

I opened the cabinet and was shocked to discover that my black pair of heels were destroyed. Seriously. They looked like they were chewed on by a dog. They'd been with me for at least 2 years. Nothing to be heartbroken over. Good chance to go shoe-shopping.

I hunted around for another pair of heels and found one belonging to the pig's. Didn't match 100%, but they had to do. Until I stood up. I realised I was almost walking on full tip-toes.

By the time Dearie came over, my parents were already back with Ki. Needless to say, Ki had the most wonderful time with Dearie. I, however, was getting mighty restless. All dressed up and ready to be seen, I wanted to get out of the house. Even my mummy wanted me out. I chose my own pair of not-as-appropriate pink heels and got out. I rather look "almost" perfect, than look perfect and trip (or land up with an injured back).

Dearie and I left at about 10pm I think. Only that we didn't figure out where we wanted to go. We walked to the MRT station and settled for Chinatown. Why? Dearie turned hungry and needed his second dinner. Ah.

So I was dressed up nicely at a hawker centre and waited for him to finish his food. By then I was already pretty pissed off. I was pretty much ignoring him. We walked our way to MoS after. It was 11:30pm. His friends were already there.

I was most pissed off about having taken the effort to look good yet being completely ignored for it. I'll admit that PMS wasn't exactly helping the situation. Yes, I know when it's PMS, but I do not like holding off the "pissed-off-ness" in me so Dearie always lands up being my punching bag.

With this knowledge, and knowing that he is such the silly little boy who doesn't understand what I'm pissed off about, I just blurted them all out. He ah... really don't know how to cheer me up one. Blech. I don't know to laugh or cry. He is so much like my dad. Absolutely clueless. So irritating, but so incredibly funny.

Well, we reached the place and I wasn't very pleased with the queue, although it was definitely a whole load better than the previous weeks. We queued and within 20mins, we were at the doors waiting to pair our admission fee.

Dearie paid for our fare and helped me check my handbag in. The place was definitely too crowded for me to bring a bag in. Let alone a brand new one.

We met up with his bud on the right of the club - the one playing trance (or whatever you call it). He led us in, and lo and behold, there was a freaking ESCALATOR in the club!!! Wow.

Once we got up, we met Linda, Joanne and Lindy. I thought they were part of the group we were supposed to meet but I managed to hear their conversation that they just bumped into each other there. Mighty coincidental. Haha!

Their reactions when they saw me: Wah, you really dressed up leh.
I guess they've never seen me go clubbing before. Pretty sure of that. Anyway, to me, it was regular clubbing wear. Nothing special except it was new and I obviously liked it.

Actually, Weitang later said the same thing to me about being dressed up. Hmm.. well, it's the only chance I get to be dressy so why not go all the way with it? Again, I stress that I rather shock/stun people once in a while than look great to them all the time. There's more surprise. I love surprises.

I met up with Dearie's gang made up of Weitang (my sec classmate also), Junming (this one I don't really know, but met a few times), another couple, Wee Yin (my sec 2 classmate) and 2 of my primary school mates. What a super small world I tell you. Dearie's friends happen to all be my friends and everyone's linked in some way or another.

Wee Yin used to be this really soft spoken girl. Definitely not the girl you'd find in a club and dressed up looking great. But she is now. It was so wonderful to see her again! She looked fantastic. I didn't go down to the dance floor with her, but she did bring me one round around the 2nd floor we were on. She herself wasn't very sure of the place so that was as far as we ventured.

We went to the white room (Pure) and went past the retro room. Stopped by the toilet to see the almost see-through doors and people snapping posed shots there. Also saw MANY MANY VIP rooms. Wow. Thie "trance" portion was huge and thankfully wasn't as packed as I'd expected.

Dearie and I later made our way to the bottom floor to check out the R&B portion. I definitely liked the music there better, but it was ridiculously packed. Not worth spending time there unless you had a table to yourself, or a really large group of friends there.

I think that was all that was interesting for the night. It is just like any other happening club. The queues now are controlled quite well. I like that the bag deposit is FOC and that the bar stools are much more comfortable than any other club's.

Dearie was almost falling asleep at the club. I'd finished both my free drinks so it was time to leave soon. Just then, Dearie found out that Zhenyuan, Edwin and his gf were outside the club asking us for supper! Woohoo!

There was still some Chivas left so Weitang "saved" it under his name and we left for supper. It was pouring outside. Wow.

We went to Chinatown for supper in 3 separate cars. Had some porridge and as usual, loved the time spent with them.

I'm not very much a chiong-ster, so unless people jio, I don't think I'm very keen on getting smoke in my hair and clothes again. If asked to go, rest assured I'll still be dolled up and this time, hope that the R&B portion is not as packed - although hopes for that are not high at all.

Dearie stayed over at my place. Even when he was supposed to go home. Awww... This time, I fell asleep just as quickly as he did. Thanks to the alcohol.


Needless to say, Kiki woke us up the next morning. It rained the entire Sunday. Dearie and I stayed on the couch the whole time other than when we were playing with Kiki.

Dearie was so tired later that afternoon, he just lay on the couch while I messed around with Ki.

Poor boy didn't want to go home. THe first words when he awoke from his nap were: I don't want to go home. Ah.. but alas, home is where he belongs.

Now, Dearie is enjoying his gaming at long last, while I'm hoping that Ren Ci gets enough calls to last the year. I just made a call when Venerable Ming Yi cried. Hey, everyone else are actors and actresses. They can cry at the snap of one's fingers. Venerable Ming Yi always kept a straight face no matter how happy or sad he was, but tonight when he broke down.... I'm sorry sia... I just felt that I had to do my part and call.

Ren Ci is the only charity show I call for.

One day I hope charity shows are more of stage plays/musicals. I mean, they're actors and actresses, singers and dancers. Why not make use of those talents instead of making them do stunts?

Ok. The show's ending now. I hope they'll be able to have enough to cover their basic costs of operating for the whole year.

Time for me to go to bed now. I need the sleep. TOmorrow got class. And if there're no changes to plans, I'll be heading for Eskibar at Holland Village after.

I've been drinking again all of a sudden. Hmm.. Social drinker I am. As long as I'm with friends, what the hey. I'll let loose. You live life to enjoy it after all.


MUST WATCH VIDEO!!! Super funny!!!
Photo booth

And anyone familiar with Steven Seagal would appreciate this.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Lazy Saturday

Lancerlord is a-ok! :O)


In other news about myself, I finally paid the fees for my exams in May. Had to go to RELC (which isn't so bad 'cos my dad sent me there), only I had to walk out on my own. THankfully it was a cool Sunday morning and the rain had reduced to a very slight drizzle.

I took my time to walk on the quiet(er) streets of Orchard Road and took a bus home.

I uploaded some stuff I want to sell at and it actually took quite a while for me to get the hang of it. It's been a while you see. I don't usually sell my stuff - and add to that, I am not the kind of person who can do selling. I'm more a "customer service" person.

As I type this, Kiki just ended his misery 'cos of his long-time problem of constipation. We suspect it's the Milo he loves so much that causes this.

My mum administered some medication using a pump into his ass. Poor fella was in such pain he cried so hard. His tummy hurt so bad. At least the medicine works. He needs more fibre I guess. Poor boy. So cute but so many problems.

He has stopped crying now. My parents promised to bring him shopping once he was ok. He can start looking forward to it now!

Too bad, I can't join him. This whole afternoon I've been trying to get some sleep. Every half an hour I was woken up by something, namely: the irritating rain, my sister coming home (and talking very loudly), the doorbell, the phone, and kiki coming to our place. It's like I was destined not to have proper sleep.

Ah well. I thought I could meet Dearie for dinner or something but he said he was going home to play some more before he met up with me. Blech. Fine. I suspect his gaming was the cause of him waking up at 12:30pm, only to realise he missed his morning class. Ha.

Guess where we're planning to go in a while?

Ministry of Sound!!!

It'd be amazing if we manage to get in but heck, it's worth a try, and to see the "legendary" queues that they even had to remove the fella in charge of the place. Dearie's friends are going, so I'm really just tagging along. Gonna wear my new clothes before I have to sell them off.

Lazy to put up the stuff I'm selling at Yahoo! Auctions so they're just at cozycot for now. Heehee.. I'm lurking that place for more stuff to buy. Yummy.. I love online shopping.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Where is Lancerlord?

For most bloggers, Lancerlord will be no stranger to you.

He's probably the one that trolls around all our blogs and bothers to read them no matter how boring or mundane. More amazingly, he leaves comments ever so once in a while to let us know our blogs are not alone on cyberspace.

He updates his blog almost daily, and if he doesn't, he usually has a message saying that he's away or busy.

He hasn't updated for 2 weeks now. That is real odd.

Alot of us are probably frequent visitors to his blog where he posts links of interesting reads/videos/photos from all over the internet. Some of them eventually ending up as forwarded mail in your email.

I see his nick is still up on Tomorrow so he is probably still regularly posting interesting stuff he stumbles upon. But I can't be sure.

The comments on his last post are slowly piling up, yet no reply. You see, he replies to every person who posts a comment on his blog.

I do not know him personally. In fact, the closest "contact" I've had with him is very much like the contact other fellow bloggers in my "Untouchable" list - I only communicate with them through blog comments.

Still, I hope all is well with him and his family. La idler (another blogger) had also disappeared for a while sometime last year, and it was only when she passed away before anyone knew what happened.

Let's wait and see. I trust Lancerlord will be back soon enough.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

An arachnaphobic's nightmare

1st day of work in the new year. 1st night of school. I was tired from class. It'd been a cold and wet day. At 10pm, I trudged out of school to cross the overhead bridge and take the bus.

The cold wind against my skin sent me shivers as I hugged myself tighter. I scurried up the steps and looked out onto the road to see if my bus was coming.

As I lazily stared, I saw, at the corner of my eye, a white spot in the air. I couldn't resist my curiousity. Just like how silly girls in scary movies moved towards their greatest fears, so did I.

I froze.

It was a cobweb. Complete with spider sitting in the centre.

This huge beautifully woven thing was sitting on one of the poles of the overhead bridge that supported the shelter. From pole to shelter. Not small at all - though the spider was.

I was shocked at the audacity the spider had to weave it on such a highly populated place, where it could be exposed to wind and rain. It was intact.

The people on the overhead bridge were oblivious to its presence. I suspected that I was the only one who could see it. Everyone was really THAT eager to get home. Or maybe they have seen one too many big, intact cobwebs.

People! Stop for a while and marvel at nature!

[Before I continue, let me talk about my phobia.]

I'm arachnaphobic. No doubt about it. After careful thought, I derived the source of my fear. Completely baseless, yet powerful all the same.

I think I first heard the word spider from the nursery rhyme "Little Miss Muffet". It didn't scare me then. Yet. Till the day I saw my elder sister (or was it my mum) playing with a sticky green rubber spider.

She put it on the wall, and it would sort of climb down on its own. It freaked me out bad. I saw where it was kept. That last drawer of the cabinet. I never opened it. I thought it'd jump out onto me.

I was very young back then. Wild guess: I was probably 4 or 5.

[Back to overhead bridge]

I continued walking the length of the overhead bridge. This time alot more alert, and making sure I didn't walk into a web. What I discovered were at least 2 more big webs.

Then as I walked down the steps and held the handrail like I always do, when again, my jumpy eyes spotted a bigger white spot floating in the air.

A much bigger spider. I jerked my hand from the rail and literally stumbled back. I shuddered. This spider had the nerve to weave one from the handrail all the way up to the ceiling of the shelter! The disgusting thing sat in the middle of the web like it owned that space.

As I tried to collect myself and continue my way to the bus stop, I noticed how people actually walked past the web and not notice it - despite me actually standing there for a good few seconds, staring.

That was Tuesday night. Tonight (Wed), I remembered to take the camera out and was determined to show Dearie the disgusting things. I thought the rain would've washed them away like it did to "Itsy Bitsy Spider" but noooo... those things were still there, proud of their woven homes, like how the pig would've been proud of his house of bricks.

Continuing to fascinate me is how no one seemed to take notice of this amazing feature. There's so much to see around us, as long as you take the time to do so, and of course, open your eyes to them.


Much as spiders freak me out, they continue to fascinate me. I admit, I have had nightmare(s) starring spiders, and that could be why I make it a point to sit through documentaries I come across that showcase these creatures. So I can defend myself against them when the need arises - or just to gain a better understanding in hopes I shall stop being so afraid.

One of the things I look out for when I go to the zoo is the large number of cobwebs hanging around. They can be spotted in the trees or bushes, and even not so high up right above your head! The wild spiders are huge. And they could just be more fascinating than the animals that you see enclosed, and probably very bored.

Still, I don't think I can rid of this phobia. The best I can do is try to make sure I never come in direct contact with one. I tell you, even touching 1 string of the web is enough to make my hair stand for the rest of the day. Watching it from a distance, or preferably when it is enclosed or on TV is good enough for me.

Enjoy the scenary around us. See beyond the concrete (buildings) and metal (cars). There's lots more not to be missed!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Celebrating the New Year (Part 3)

2nd January (Monday)
A public holiday. Always welcome. Mmm..

The alcohol the previous night made my sleep so very deep. I awoke at 11am. Earlier than expected. Dearie was planning a gaming day ahead. This meant that I was on my own – or I could always call upon friends, but I chose a day out by myself.

Shopping should only be done in one of two ways – with my sister, or alone. In this case, I decided to go alone. The pig would’ve still been sleeping, and I’d have to meet up with her and she’ll be late and all.

Dearie would go shopping with me – and to YL and that pig, it is their job to bring the girl shopping. First of all, I pay for my own stuff so no point bringing him along except to help with the bags. Secondly, he will get tired faster than me (‘cos shopping for my stuff. Ask me go Sim Lim I also very fast tired.). Go alone better. Feel more carefree and yes, in a t-shirt and jeans I do feel confident of myself. If anything, I felt like a taitai, able to afford anything I wanted to buy.

Now I know why those people wearing slippers and shorts walking around Orchard feel. I may not be rich but I worked hard to save up for a comfortable figure in my bank account that I can splurge on anything I want, if I want it bad enough – and not wait for my next paycheck before I can get it. I think a nice cushion in the bank account gives alot of confidence to myself too.

Before I digress any further, let me talk about my little shopping spree – the one I do twice a year (see previous post). I aim to get certain items, and if I see them, and they’re of my budget, I grab and go. If I see items that are cheaper than what I would expect, I just grab and go. My thinking: If I regret it later, I can try to sell it on Yahoo! Auctions. Heehee…..

I usually get my stuff at Far East Plaza. I managed to walk out of there in 3 hours (and I still nearly “lost” my way inside again) with the following items:
- 2 tops ($29.50 each)
- 2 skirts ($29.50 each)
- 1 long white pants ($19.90)
- 2 bags (Medium sized one at $25; Big one at $30)

So proud of myself. Spent under $200 for all that. HA! Wanted to buy more at Bysi (I think) but there were so many people there. Cheap and nice, but I don’t want to land up walking around wearing the same thing everyone else has. By the way, I saw lots of velvet around. Hmm.. Back in fashion? Maybe only for this rainy season.

I had dinner at Pasta Mania. Not that I planned it this time. I was stuck in a downpour. I was planning to walk over to Wisma and Taka and shop some more before dinner. Ah well.

I took my time with the food and repacked my new stash so it was easier to carry around. By the time I left I was lucky that the rain had become more of a heavy drizzle. I crossed over quickly and took the underpass down towards Wisma. Next stop: Forever 21.

I didn’t see anything below $30. I’m a cheapskate. Yeah, I know, but paying for quality of clothes can only go so far. Not worth. Heehee.. The fitting room queue was really long so I was out of there soon enough. Moved on to Fox to grab t-shirts, but to my surprise there was nothing that caught my eye this time. I guess they haven’t changed the season of clothes yet. Then most unexpectedly, I stepped into Giordano.

Best part, I walked out with a $36 knit sweater – the type with a lot of holes. Hahaha! What the hell. I’m still stunned. Bah. The sweater better last me damn long.

I got myself a skincare set from Ettusais. I’m biased towards this brand I think. I just have this affinity to it. I have always liked the feel of the loose powder on my face. Supposed to serve abit like a foundation, but to me it just feels comfortable, the same way you apply powder to your skin after a bath.

Anyway, I never bought the full-sized powder because the container is too bulky. I asked a couple of times before if they had a smaller container, but one time they said no, the other they said the promotion for it was over. This time I asked again and she said there is, but it comes with something else. Ah. That meant extra cost. Full sized costs $63. Promo pack costs $59 – comes with a smaller Day Protect Powder and a smaller sized Night powder. Hmm.. Packed in a very cute looking white bag. Hmm..

Since it was shopping spree day, I bought it. Freaking $59. I’m a sucker for good packaging and good service. Blech. I bought the set. I like the feel of puffing the powder on my face. Maybe it’s the puff. Maybe it’s the powder. I crazy sia.

I walked over to taka for a while but gave up when I saw Guess jam-packed. I decided to hitch a cab over to Dearie’s place. Show off all the stuff I bought. I knew he wouldn’t like the bags. Actually, I’m starting not to like the one I bought at $25 (pic below). Hmm.. Anyone wanna buy? HAHA!

The shopping list was not completely settled, but it was close enough. Still a lot of space in my wardrobe (unlike the pig’s where my mum has to ask her if she can discard some away ‘cos got no space to put any more in).
This is the $15 bag I bought from the week before. Got it from Ice Lemon Tee.

$25 is BNWT. $15 bag is used but completely intact like when I bought it. I think my pink bag looks cute. The $25 one I'm not too sure yet... But I do think it's something I can bring out at night. Looks sparkly enough doesn't it? I'd like one with crystals (fake also can), but didn't see any. Anyone wanna swap either just leave me a msg!!! Haha! Willing to sell also - then got excuse to buy new one.
Damn online shopping. Got. To. Stop.

I think I have enough. For now. Heehee.. I love to shop. I’ll do it again soon. Next shopping trip will probably be for Bladey.

Till then, I need to plan my study timetable and the next agenda for the band committee meeting. Back to my responsibilities.

Celebrating the New Year (Part 2)

Warning: VERY long post

1st January 2006 (Sunday)
My mum knocked the door loudly to wake Dearie and me up. We were to go and visit Clarence (pig’s bf) because he had injured his leg. He was resting at home.

Shortly after, Ki wobbled in, and you know with that little boy in the room, no one will get any sleep. I got up and played with him and went to have my breakfast. Dearie soon had to wake up when Ki went “Uncle wake up”. You can’t resist that.

Ki was more chatty that morning. He was trying to be as close as possible with us. He knew we were sending him back to his mama’s place soon. Smart little boy fell asleep on the car but wailed when we reached his mama’s place. His mama carried him. It took a while before he quietened down. We all waved goodbye. Ki was sad, but it was going to be just for the moment. He must spend more time with his mummy.

We set off to Clarence’s place. It was as if we were there to visit my sister too. Even Dearie said we were talking like it was a Chinese New Year visit session. Clarence seemed fine except for the bandage on his ankle. Apparently the wound was so deep you could see white. He didn’t see how many stitches he was given. He didn’t want to know either.

After getting back home, Dearie and I took a nice nap. We set the alarm for 5:30pm to meet his ex-colleagues for dinner. The plan was to meet at Cityhall, Citylink.

The alarm sounded at 5:30pm. I don’t remember which was first – the alarm or the call from Bladey. I seldom ignore calls from people I know, but I was just too damn sleepy to answer. Had I answered, I’d have fallen asleep right after. No point. So I went back to sleep. Luckily he call Dearie.

Anyway, the sky was a very scary looking dark grey at 5:30pm. Dearie said to go back to sleep. I did. We woke up at 6pm. The storm had started. It slammed the pig’s room door and the wall frame cracked. I saw my mum repair it with some special paint and I drifted back to sleep. The next time we awoke was 7:05pm. Oops. The appointment was for 6:30pm.

Dearie lay around the bed till 7:30pm and decided not to go for the gathering. I was actually looking forward to doing some shopping there, but the rain was a real turn off. Shopping can be done any time anyway. After all, I had put off revamping my wardrobe for at least half a year. What’s another weekend?

Dearie had a sore throat, but still finished the char kuay teow dinner my mummy bought. Heehee.. We watched Haunted Mansion on Star Movies and during that, I got a call from YL to meet at Central Mall at 9:30pm. Luckily I told Dearie, ‘cos I was still thinking in my mind that Central Mall was at Mohd Sultan. What the hell… My brain was screwed around during the thunderstorm.

9pm. It stopped raining. Dearie gave me a lift there. Wasn’t up for a night out. I wanted to shop or sleep, but meeting up with friends I don’t usually turn down. Off I went. Dearie was sleepy and ill, but sent me there. Once I said bye and asked him to go home and rest, the glint in his eye said that he was feeling better already and was poised for a night of gaming. Ah. Right. Sleepy and ill.

Bladey, YL, pig, Clarence and myself went to this KTV pub called Haven’s. He wanted to finish up a bottle of whiskey there. While there, we played cards and unfortunately, I didn’t get much of a chance to sing. If not for the long wait for our table’s turn, I may just prefer singing in big halls.

Too bad for me, I was getting hit by a “firing squad”. That’s what Bladey called it. It meant being the target of attack by more than one person verbally. I was IT. From dressing to make-up, from hair to shoes. I hardly had any make-up on (YL said 9:30pm, and when I said 10pm, she said NO.) so I put on foundation, blush and turned up. I was in a t-shirt like top and a denim skirt. I obviously had no intention to dress like I was chiong-ing ‘cos I was not. In fact, I did feel I looked real good dressed in that simple outfit. More so than in more flamboyant pieces I can’t carry off properly.

But what I was made to feel from YL and the pig was I was simply not doing good enough in the image department. Sure, I’m not oblivious to how I look you know? They said things like how I should get more clothes, wear less of the same thing over, get more shoes, pamper myself with getting my hair done, etc.

I would’ve liked to defend myself, but I didn’t. Remember how I said I react very slowly? Yes. I only react after I’ve absorbed everything in and thought it through. In this case, I absorbed, and was thankful for the darkness of the pub because my eyes were welling up. There’s only so much my self-esteem and take. The moisture didn’t make it out of my eyes, and lucky for me, I’m not much a fan for alcohol so I didn’t drown myself in it either.

What I did feel, and I did tell YL later, was that firstly, I didn’t feel a need to dress up for work. I want to be recognised for my abilities at work than looking good. Of course it’ll help on the whole, but my line of work – and the colleagues I am surrounded with – is not the same as the media industry or most other industries really. I dress myself up a few times a year when I go to work, but usually only if I have appointments for later that night. During those times they see that I can be pretty – but only if I want to. I come to work for work, not for a fashion show.

I am also probably the one who also preached about not wearing the same outfit with the same group of friends. I am not a fashion idiot. I was one of the first ones who started going to Orchard regularly after secondary school. I know what are the mistakes and what looks good on myself. I may not always be adventurous because that is who I am. I will keep my dressing conservative but every so once in a while, I’ll do something special and attempt my hand at glam or wacky. I have no intention to be pretty all the time because it is tiring. I don’t need to turn heads. I never have. My sister is a whole lot prettier than I am. She’s always been in the limelight of guys. Her personality appeals to them too. I am not her. I do not wish to have a string of guys at my tail. I already have 1 – and I am very happy with that. I don’t toy with people’s feelings. I don’t pull them along for a joy ride.

Shoes. Why don’t I spend more money on my shoes? Because I am not rich. I do not wish to have 20 pairs of shoes at home and spend half an hour figuring out which one I want to wear. I want to have a few good looking, comfortable pairs and hope to wear them till they snap. 10 pairs would amount to about $400.

Clothes. I have long had an obsession with them. I always love shopping for clothes, and I have been meaning to the whole half a year but I never really felt the urge to buy much yet. I just pick up a couple of tops here and there. Not like a lot of people ask me out. I’m boring. Fine. Twice a year I go for a little spree – end/beginning of year and mid-year. I don’t pick out much, but enough to make me happy for a while. I also know where to get stuff within my budget and will fit me snugly. I do not go to Mango and Zara because those clothes usually don’t fit me in size or in personality.

Make-up. Never had much of a passion for it, but light make-up to cover my flaws is usually enough. So I’ll try to plaster my face up more when I go out with this gang. When I’m out with Dearie and I don’t want him to lose face introducing me to his friends, yes, I will doll up. It’s all a stage ain’t it?

Hair. Probably only Dearie knows but I’ve been thinking of dying my hair for the past couple of months. He says it’s only for people with too much time and says I don’t need to. I probably will after the exams. I’ll see about it. I’m due for a haircut soon anyway. Damn fringe is getting on my nerves.

Accessories. I have A LOT in my cupboard. All gifts. I only wear a selected few. That’s because I like them more. Or they mean something to me.

Bags. I think I started the obsession with bags before I progressed to clothes. I remember stepping into Elle and browsing Chantal Thomass and JPG at Charrier. I’m no ah lian because I didn’t have the makes of one, but they always looked good and had the best looking bags, so when you don’t have anything you can wear to school but your uniform, you turn to bags. I was prudent with my money even back then, but still had enough money for a small Elle bag and a JPG pouch (which I still use today. My best buy.). I prefer bags that have a brand to them because they last longer. Till I learnt that some cheaper bags can last just as long, so I bought no-brand bags instead. Like shoes, I try to make them last as long as possible. I have a few for different occasions and make sure they’re practical enough (and not just enough for a lip gloss and credit card type).

I embrace the fact that I am female and I love the privileges it comes with. Still, I prefer to keep my focus on the inside-me which I have so much more to improve than on the outside. Sure, clothes and make-up can make me a much more confident person than I am now, but trust me, if I need to confidence, I’ll know what to do. I’m not stupid. I didn’t get this far in life not knowing how to live it. I dare say I’m happy with my family life, love life, work life. Almost contented – but leaving that little space so I can continue to work hard and make it even better to make sure I don’t slack and take things for granted.

Anyway, the debate on beauty stopped somewhere and we got on with playing cards. Bladey said we should go shop together because he needed the revamp too. Oh well. It was nice to get a reminder for the both of us I guess.

Oh, and before we left Haven’s, I asked Bladey about the foreign workers at Orchard. He said he had to walk behind his female friends who had to cover their fronts while spray wars took place everywhere – and that the foreign workers were always ready to grab any girls, or purses, in reach. I confirmed that the previous night with Edwin’s sister. She said she’d seen it happen before, but from a distance. To think I only knew about this from Xiaxue’s blog. Thank goodness I never had the chance to go to those crowded places for any countdowns. And now I am only doubly sure that I won’t ever want to.

Nope, we didn’t head home. We left for Boat Quay, Eskibar. I know I know. I suaku. Never go before. What to do? I don’t like drinking. I prefer singing. Is that supposed to be wrong too?

Anyway, the cold air made my hair stand instantly when the doors opened. I ran through to the end where the empty seats were. I wasn’t the only one who was freezing. Bladey was suffering from the cold worse than me. And I was the one wearing the short skirt!

The jackets came quickly enough and we all laughed at how we paid to freeze our asses off. We humans truly are a funny bunch. Still, we had a lot of fun. Clarence had a ball of a time making Bladey, YL and I drink. You can never win that guy at any five-ten or card game. Argh. They said that the cold doesn’t make one feel as tipsy indoors, but stepping out of the place will make you feel a rush of heat and he effects of alcohol will be full-blown there.

Don’t know how true but I wasn’t going to risk it. I was already tipsy inside. Bladey was obviously on par with me by then. We had our limits so we decided to stop at this happy point of time and head for supper. Definitely not my idea to have supper but hey, I go where my friends go. Heehee… We landed up at the much-raved (by Dearie) Sin Hoi San.

I wasn’t hungry to I nibbled at the food. Didn’t get seafood ‘cos Clarence was still injured. Bladey and I were feeling steadier by then. That was a very good thing.

Then the next debate came up – the responsibility of a guy. Somehow I was the target of the firing squad again but this time (was it the alcohol?) I made my stand clear. They said I should call Dearie down and ask him to send me back.

My reaction: WHAT?!

There is no logic in asking my boyfriend come all the way down at 3am when it is cold and dark, just to pick me up and drop me off at home. Hello?! I cannot go home myself is it?! If he was with me, sure, I would expect him to drop me off because I’m on the way. He already went out of his way to send me to Central Mall earlier. Why make him leave his house and come out in the middle of the night to send me back? I really think a taxi would be a lot more practical. And faster too.

YL said she would not mind going out of the way to pick up whoever and then send her home. Bladey had the same sentiments. My pig of a sister, being the princess, has a string of guys who will be dying to send her home. Much as it has been my lifelong “dream” to have a chauffeur, I do not want to have my vehicle a motorcycle. It is cold at night, not to mention dangerous and certainly not as comfortable as a taxi.

Dearie wouldn’t want to do it either. I mean, I could call him and ask him to and he would, but both of us just don’t think it’s practical. Then it came to the point where they said I didn’t need to say it out, just say “I’m done with supper. Ready to go off.”

Ooh. Here comes the guessing game. That line is supposed to invoke the reply from The Boyfriend, “So where do I pick you up?” If my memory didn’t fail me, they said guys feel honored to send the girl home. ?!?! OKAYYYY…

Back to the guessing game. As much as I am starting to sound like a guy, I do play that guessing game too, but knowing Dearie’s type, he won’t get it, so no point. I still do it sometimes. I think it’s a girl’s nature. But I feel that if there is something you want, ask for it directly. Unless you’re making the hint mighty obvious.

The guessing game can be fun, because you get to throw tantrums at the guy – and he won’t even know for what reason. Heehee! I admit. I am all girl inside me. I am over-sensitive to everything – either taking things too positively or negatively. I sometimes say things by playing with my words, letting them guess what I may mean. I can slip in hints to lead Dearie to what I want to get out of him. All these tricks, not say I don’t know. Trust me. If I need to use them, I will. To get Dearie to send me back? Sorry ah. I still choose Mr Taximan.

If Dearie needs to prove how important I am to him, he has other ways of showing that. Either I am reading too deeply into his actions, or that I am right. Dearie doesn’t have the money to pamper me with all the nice gifts I would like, but he makes it up with what he can give.

Girls love flowers, fast cars and jewellery – but what money cannot bring you is the time and effort of a guy to bring that smile to the girl’s face, that twinkle in her eyes.

[Wow. This is a mighty long post. If it seems a little jerky, it could be because it is pieced together along the day as I add on bit by bit.
This is my diary and it is to remember my feelings at a particular point of time in my life. I hope they contribute to making me continue to grow and learn as a person. My reflections shall help me continue to explore myself and teach me what I may not discover otherwise.]

Final instalment Part 3 will be up soon.

Celebrating the New Year (Part 1)

Happy New Year!!!
First post for the year. So much to blog about, so little time…

31st Dec 2005 (Saturday)
I got up on my own that morning. Shortly after, kiki the little tornado came through our place and turned it upside down. As usual.

Dearie said he was going over to his buddy’s place (who was also my classmate) so he’d pick me up and hang out together. I put on my new top and slapped on some make-up while waiting for him. It was going to be a long while before he came over, and trying to apply make-up and change with kiki around can be quite the challenge.

Ki claims he's doing work at the computer.

Change top. Play with penguin. Put moisturiser. Play car. Apply foundation. Play ball. Can’t say no to the little fella. Neither will I trade quality time for superficial me.

Dearie came over and played with kiki. Only then did I manage to play with the mascara wand. I am still trying to figure out how I’m supposed to apply it. Been making my eyelashes look really odd but let’s see if they improve by the end of this tube.

I hurried through the mascara-phase and wanted to spend more time with ki before leaving the house. Dearie and I gave a fond farewell to the self-proclaimed naughty boy because we were running late and the sky was turning angry.

Sure enough, the rain started when we were on the road. Landed up having to stop at a bus stop. The intention was for me to put on the rain coat and try to make it to our destination asap, but another motorcycle rider told us he had made a u-turn from further up to put on his rain coat because the rain was heavier up front.

We waited for the rain to simmer down. I think it was up to half an hour. We just stood there staring at the vehicles going by and observing the clouds. It was 3+ when we left the bus stop and carried on with our journey towards Teck Whye.

“Sahara” was playing on the home theatre system, being enjoyed by our host Weitang, his sister and another bud Zhenyuan. Dearie and I had never watched the movie before, so we plonked down onto the couch and for the next 1 ½ hours were entertained by Penelope Cruz and Matthew McCough-na-hey. Not too bad show lah.

Edwin and his gf Fiona came at 4:30pm and when our show was over at 5, talk of dinner plans started while the guys tried busily to set up the PS2. Another was busy running stuff on his computer to one of the other’s laptop. Clearly they were all prepped for a gaming night. 2 laptops, the sister’s laptop and 1 desktop. The PS2, I assume, was to keep Fiona and I busy.

I have never been any good with games so I don’t mind watching PS2 games, and I found out that Fiona’s a Metal Slug fan. The guys couldn’t get their WoW started yet so they were busy calibrating their gun for some gun-shooting game on PS2. It was hilarious watching those 4 trying to do so. Apparently there was either something wrong with the gun or the TV.

We later learnt, after bringing out a 14” super old TV, that it was the large TV that was giving the problem because it was too new and had some Progressive Scan thingy. It was extremely entertaining watching 2 guys playing the shooting game on a 14” TV. One using a controller, the other using a gun. They were lying on the floor to be on level with the tiny screen.

While we waited to leave for dinner at 7, I tried my hand at Metal Slug and used a whopping 32 continues to complete it. I was certainly overdressed for this night out, but heck, I was actually planning to bail if anyone had plans in town.

I asked a few people and Bladey was a Orchard, Shirley at Esplanade, and YL had yet to have her night planned out. Dinner was at a nearby “zhi cha” place. Not too bad, considering $100 for 6 pax.

I was planning to join YL depending on where she was going that night, but I waited for her SMS but it never came. I figured she was busy or something so I gave it up. She asked me the day before why I didn’t reply her – so it turns out our SMS got lost in transit during the high traffic and so we landed up not meeting up.

Heading back to Weitang’s place, we got the board game out. I believe Weitang’s sister was out for the countdown by then. Dearie brought out the Cordon Bleu I got for him and we had a round of drinks with the game.

I cannot remember if this board game is called Cash Flow or Who wants to get out of the rat race. For simplicity sake, I’ll use Cash Flow. Let me first explain that this board game is rather complicated. It requires calculation and recording of “investments”, etc. Sounds like a turn off eh? But really, having played it once before, it is very fun. Not only that, it can keep you occupied for hours – and you wouldn’t even notice.

When the clock struck 12, we exchanged our “happy new year” greetings and got on with the game again. Weitang was instructed to pick his sister up from the countdown and had to wait for her call. We only stopped the game before he had to make a move. Edwin and Fiona decided to take the opportunity and go home and take a bath then join us again. That left me, Dearie and Zhenyuan. Needless to say, Dearie fell asleep. Zhenyuan channel hopped but for some reason, no channel was showing anything worthwhile. I soon drifted off to a light sleep.

Edwin and Fiona came back. This time Edwin’s sister came along too! She’s another one of those fun-loving girls. Very fun to be with. I don’t know why but only then did we pop the DVD for Team America into the Home Theatre system. Turns out, we didn’t know how to turn on the sound for the DVD set. Blech. Everything in his home too new already.

We watched the first 15 min of the show without any sound. Thank goodness for subtitles. It was a good funny 15 mins though. Heehee! Damn. I’d like to watch the whole thing.

We stopped the movie because Weitang finally got back with his sister. This was nearly 2 hours from the time he left his house. My goodness. All thanks to the New Year jam. Scary.

We headed for supper. I think it was 3am. The place that sells prata at Bukit Timah was packed with people as if it were daylight. Singaporeans. Food never enough.

It started to drizzle after supper. What timing. Dearie and I headed home in the drizzle and he stayed over that night. Ki was sleeping with my mum in her room, resulting in my dad having to sleep in my sister’s room. That pig sister only comes home to grab her clothes anyway. The room is like a guest room now. We could turn it into Ki’s play room too.

Dearie and I slipped into a deep good sleep. We needed it. It wasn’t the “happening” new year I wanted, but any time with friends is always a good time. I enjoyed myself. Some people say hanging out is boring. I say those people are hanging out with the wrong people.