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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Funny blog entry

Go read it sia. FARNY!!!~ Found this link via Taxi Man's blog (on the right) with all the other links. Check it out too!
Found another post that cracked me up: http://potatochipseater.blogspot.com/2005/07/fun-with-erroneous-logic.html


Because of the blardy audit, I had to stay back in office. THankfully my parents could pick me up while on the way back from fetching ki.

He always perks up my day.
To further make my day better, Dearie was going to come over after calss JUST to play with him!!! Ain't that soooo sweeeeeet!!!~

Dearie humouring ki with his mobile phone game of golf. Ki is always fascinated by balls and cars - and Dearie has BOTH types of games in the phone. Ki loves to hang around Dearie so much. Posted by Picasa

This is a $10 toy my mummy bought (again) for ki. This one is different 'cos it's sooooooo worth the money. [Got sound of the train also ok?!]

Choo choo train on the go! Posted by Picasa

Check out the "revolving" track!!!~ Posted by Picasa

Tada! Off to make another round! Posted by Picasa

Blardy auditors

I had an audit on Friday. You wouldn't think a tiny administrative person like me would ever kenna getting audited because I do small tiny stuff like filing and coordinating.

Unfortunately, in my army-styled organisation (note that I do not say it's my company that's like that but because we are a subsidiary, we've no choice sometimes), I am subject to this audit.

The auditors came and scrutinised every document under my care. This is regardless of which year they are filed. Meaning even if the documents are older than I am, I am supposed to have proper records of them - despite no handing over from the previous person.

For your information, I took over this job in a ONE DAY handing-over session. I understand that auditors are only doing their job and it would be really odd if they had no findings. Somehow, what I find even more odd is how they seemingly not find these discrepencies last year, OR the year before.

Aiya. A lot about the audit that I'd like to nag about but... blech... I don't wanna be caught under some funny Act for saying-stuff-I'm-not-supposed-to-say.

All in all, I'm glad it's over. I'm waiting for the audit report so I can rectify all the shit they managed to dig out (including recording the incorrect date, filing sequence.....).

I don't believe in "bribing" auditors. I don't think I've got anything to hide for my work. Errr.. Ok. Maybe not entirely, but almost. Work is still just work. I enjoy it - except this army-styled part. You see? I understand how you army guys feel about your army kinda procedures and paperwork. No need to rant to me about how sucky they are 'cos I know.

But at least you guys have them in place and just need to follow accordingly. I have to start from SCRATCH and figure out these things through auditor findings. Thankfully my salary is not affected by stuff like that 'cos I think my mgt knows that I've cleaned up ALOOOOOOT of crap that was left behind. So many messy records. Shitty hell.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

It's Thursday???

For the umpteenth time today, I thought tomorrow was Saturday.

I still feel like going to Club Momo. Curiousity I guess.

If Dearie goes next week, I'm going to gather my own group of friends and go on my own. HUMPH! hahahahahahahaha... just to fulfil my dumb curiousity. Every club is the freaking same. But then again, I haven't gone into a club for sooooooooo long already.

I tried doing my assignment today - to no avail. I'd much rather think about what to do at work tomorrow.

Hadn't jogged since I was ill several weeks back. Did 1 km today. Muscles going to ache tomorrow. Ahhhhhh...

Going to be a good dinner + ktv saturday. Yay.. I'll look forward to seeing ki tomorrow first. He's staying over tomorrow night!!!

Biangz. I'm nuts.

But at least my mood swing is moving up now. Damn. Crazy ass mind of mine.

Dearie's at Zouk now. CSI finale (as in Season 5 final final final show of entire CSI series) is on AXN now. Dad watching, but I'm skipping it 'cos I haven't been following the entire series enough. Plus, I wanna watch it with Dearie. We could download it and watch it all the way through. Yeah.... We've got LOADS to watch.

Oh. My HRM assignment due today. And it's STILL not done yet. Ooops.

Thought I could sneak some time and do it at work. Nowadays that's just not possible. I read up 2 pages worth of HRM during lunch. Yes. I actually bought lunch in so I could be the least hardworking.

Ain't that yummy? My appetite lately is scary. I actually finished EVERYTHING in that red container - garlic bread, spaghetti and japanese chicken cutlet. 3 pieces of chicken lehz. I didn't finish the soup 'cos there was too much corn. Only ate the chicken chunks inside. $4.50. Everyday I keep wanting to eat their pasta. Must. Stop. Temptation. Argh. Must. Save. Money. Posted by Picasa

Test next week. I'm screwed. But then again, what's new?

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Time to party

Ok. I've had it.

I seriously need to get my life back into shape.

For anyone who doesn't know Dearie, for the record, he never was the clubbing person. He's been going lately 'cos he's got lots of time and his friends happen to all be going. Fine. Nvm.

Guess where he went just now? Swimming with his buddy. Who brought 2 girls along. Go already then tell me some more. HUMPH. [Ok, that's not the point here.]

Looka t him? He's having the time of his life!


Ok. So the root of all evil may just be jealousy. Envy. That could be why I'm turning all possessive and sour inside.


I have a great job, the chance to take a degree for "free" (parents paying), great family and bf, fantastic friends, an oh-so-cute nephew..... what more should I really need?

Am I not already enjoying life?

Maybe it's my need for some sort of thrill. Adventure. Everyone has that need once in a while I'm sure. The need to just do something wild - along the lines of "get drunk and go crazy".

I'm waiting to explode here..

tick.. tick.. tick..

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Dearie needs his space.

I've got to give him that before I suffocate him with my sticky-ness and clingy-ness.

He didn't point it out to me. I've been noticing my possessiveness grow. YL read my entry and felt it too.

I was never like this before towards anyone or anything before. Why am I like that now?

YL said it could be trust. I agree. Bad experiences in the past (money wise, not anything else). I need to overcome this. Dearie won't break my trust. I need to believe in that. I need to make myself overcome this.

I think I need something to occupy my mind. Previously band was keeping me so busy. I don't want it to be studies and work only, but it does seem that studies seems to be my best bet.

It is sooo not going to happen.

I need an alternative.

Workload has increased alot recently. At least that occupies my office hours.

Oh. And I am going to stop being eligible to claim overtime. Why? 'Cos to be eligible, I need to clock in at exactly 8am (no later) and out at 5:45pm (no earlier) otherwise they'll deduct accordingly. I calculated I spend more money on taking a cab everyday to make sure I clock exactly at 8am, than actually working later than 5:45pm. Money money money..... ah well....

My HRM assignment STILL not done. Amazing huh? Think I'll hand up next week. I'm too sleepy now.

Dearie's going to Zouk tomorrow with a whole bunch of people.......
Maybe I'm just jealous he gets to go and I don't.

I'm tempted to just run away some place tomorrow night.

But it's this kinda silly actions that get into trouble.

I'm still a rational thinking person despite being all girly inside me. I know the shithole is there.. and I'm walking right to it.

Got. To. Control.

[I wonder if what I typed is coherent but heck. If you don't, you're probably just another guy.]

Why am I still sore?

What a wonderful photo of ki [taken on Friday night]. and a horrible one of me. What to do. He was struggling playfully while I held the camera in front of us. haha! This is our new desktop background. I really shoudl photoshop out my face. Posted by Picasa

Was sore about not going to Club Momo on Saturday night. Evon and I landed up at Boat Quay taking a slow walk. Found out Party Wrold charged $45+++, and walked to Kbox at Chinatown. Spent 4 hours there - meant we sang and lazed around till 4am. Wow. Oh. I realised that although my speaking voice is back, my singing voice isn't. Eeks. That sux. Blech.

I didn't get any message/call from Dearie. Probably was what made me so sore. Yeah. I nagged to Evon about it, but hey, he's at a club with many girls to ogle at - why shold he msg me?! Moreover he was getting so much popularity and attention from the flashing t-shirt he bought at Genting. Ah well, at least I didn't spend the Saturday night at home. And I did splurge on a mini shopping spree..........

At clementi MRT station on Sunday evening, there were a few girls dressed in manga costumes (cosplay type) handing pamphlets out for a new comic rental shop. Managed to just snap one. MMS from my HP to email not cheap either. SOme more I got lousy camera. (Chang! You like right? haha!) Posted by Picasa

After tis I went over to Dearie's place. Enjoyed the night and watched Initial D [at last] and slept at ard 1am.

I'm beginning to make sleeping late a habit. Uh-oh.

My HRM assignment STILL isn't done yet. AHHHH.....

Dearie's going to Zouk this Wed.....

Maybe I should go club too....

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Good reads

Hilarious entry here: http://rockson.blogspot.com/
A good piece of advice here: http://bigfuck.blogspot.com/
Watch this video on the SMURFS!!! - http://www.milkandcookies.com/links/32030
-- courtesy of http://lancerlord.blogspot.com/ <-- also loads of funny stuff

I should be doing my HRM assignment but landed up reading those blog entries. heehee....

Just now spent $200+ in less than 2 hrs. Kaoz. All spent on ME! MYSELF! heehee... Dearie go Club Momo without me what. Hahahaha!~

Went to meet up with Bladey at Funan. Big shop lehz.. not those small small type.

Came back home in hopes of doing HRM assignment. Blech. Give up liaoz. haha!

Off to meet Evon in an hour or so. Poor girl only gets off at 10+. Wonder where we'll land up. We'll be meeting at Raffles Place MRT. Probably go to Boat Quay. Haven't been there for so long. It was such an ah-beng-ah-lian place last time.. and we went there some more........ then we grew up, stopped, and I hear from Bladey that it's all restaurants now. Barely a few clubs.

Maybe we'll land up at a KTV. But we're both broke. Who knows, maybe we'll gatecrash Club Momo.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Cute side of Mummy

Ever since we came back from Genting, mummy's been hanging my soft toys up. I came home. Today, Dino was on my wardrobe (previously it was monkey). Posted by Picasa

Doggie dangling below the clock. Posted by Picasa

Somehow, I found this so hilarious I kept laughing. So incredibly funnily cute! HAHAHA! (in case you don't know, that's my light switch its arms are around) Posted by Picasa


I've had these bug bites since Monday after class (at least that's when I discovered them). They still itch now. EEeeeeew. 3 in a row. How odd.... could be spider bites. EEEEEKS! In case you don't know - I'm arachnaphobic!!! Posted by Picasa

Toto bo tiok................. For the first time in my life I bought toto. Went for lunch with colleagues and all of them bought. I bought $5 worth some more. (because I thought 1 line $1) In the end only tiok at most 2 numbers in a line. Kaoz. I'm never going to buy again. Posted by Picasa

Hope my colleagues luckier and tiok! Heehee! So many got kids to care for... they tiok already life a bit easier sia.

Genting - Part 4 - Indoors

I'll make this the final "installment". heehee!

Thanks to this machine and the previous Indian kid playing it, we got loads of tickets. Heehee! The boy seemed to be able to get them so easily, so we thought to try - and 'cos I kept bugging Dearie I wanted a soft toy. haha! Before that we had 119 tickets. We were shot of 1 to get 120 tickets which we could exchange for... hmm... 3 rulers? Yep. 3 rulers. or 4 erasers. This was still day 2. Posted by Picasa

Check out the little dino! And the little notebook (and postcard). We got the dino from our "hard work" at the wheel. Got our tickets from a few spins and tada! DINO! Got the notebook from a game stall. Heehee! Postcard was just an extra. haha! Posted by Picasa

On day 3, mummy was so curious about this spin-the-wheel machine, so we brought mummy to check it out. We weren't as lucky this time. Maybe they fixed the bug. Dearie managed to get the 150 tix once, and mummy hit 120 tix too. But I got lucky at ANOTHER machine. Woohoo! I got 200+ tix from that alone!!! It was also 'cos mummy wanted this checkered-bear with a towel ring that's why the "hard work". DIdn't spend alot I think. Just as fun as playing jackpot! REALLY!

These giant beetles were in a case for display at the arcade (where we got dino). Why? Because of some dumb card/computer game called MUSHIKING. The machine just kept repeating the line: Mushiking! The King Of ALLLL Beetles! (ala Japanese/Hongky accent) Irritatingly funny. haha! Posted by Picasa

On to day 3 proper, Dearie and I overslpt 'cos of my casino playing the night before. We still made it to breakfast, though an hour later than my parents. This was the breakfast area of Genting Highlands (the main hotel). VERY good spread - coming from a person who has eaten quite a number of asian hotel breakfast buffets. Photoshopped this to make it brighter, else it's just be the red shirt that were visible. Posted by Picasa

After breakfast, we went to the arcade (like I mentioned earlier) so mummy could play for the bear. After that we shopped around and went back to pack our bags. This is the lobby of our hotel and mummy was going to check out. [Mind you, it took us an hour to check-in to the hotel ok?!] Check-out was faster. Thank goodness. Posted by Picasa

After checking out, we lugged our bags to the Indoor Theme Park where it was nearer to where our bus would be. We were lounging at KFC waiting for time to pass. Here's Dearie semi-posing. So cute! Heehee! Nice carousel behind too. What a great photo... Posted by Picasa

My parents were staying put, so Dearie and I went to walk around one last time before heading back to Singapore. These are the MUSHIKING machines. Indoor Theme Park also have. What the hell..... Posted by Picasa

I can be quite an ass sometimes... Dearie knew I wanted to take one of the rides, and I thought this was really pretty. Kinda dumb, but 4 ringgit only what. I thought it was cool. Heehee! This was one of the prettier ones and we got to take it! Makes me feel like a kid. Posted by Picasa

The following photos are of me and Dearie on the "kiddy" ride. We were the only 2 on board ours. haha! They let us take it on our own.

A little over-exposed, but the best one we managed to take. Nice sparkle on Dearie' specs eh? heehee! (My hair was in a mess. Blech... mummy bought a pink scrunch for me 'cos she saw someone use it at breakfast. Too bad you can't see it from the photo. Mummy thought the dog on it looked cute. Haha!) Posted by Picasa

We tried to take another photo but it became even more exposed. Posted by Picasa

Dearie forgot to smile for this one. He was concentrating so hard on getting it steady. haha! Posted by Picasa

We tried AGAIN without flash, and we looked great - but photo too dark. Haha! Damn it. I need to photoshop this. CRAP. I already sent it for developing. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Final try!!! During this time we could hear "gun shots" from the "firing range". Quite cool. Dearie and I tried it for free! 5 shots EACH free - 'cos we had the coupon from the theme park entrance. HA! After the ride, we made our way back..... and here we are.... back in Singapore.......  Posted by Picasa