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Tuesday, May 30, 2006


.. for my little trip to Orchard tomorrow!
Before that, my HRM and marketing exams. Spoiler.


Am I a damn boring person? I mean, I don't think I have a boring life, but to others, I would think I seem like a boring person to have as a friend.

On the bright side I'm kinda like a rock. Stable and always around. Never changing.

But for those who know me, or read this blog for that matter, doesn't it get really sick that all I do is WORK, STUDY and BAND? Otherwise it's Dearie... or Ki.

Predictable huh?

Sure, there're stuff I'd like to take up. But they'll never even be close to what my younger sister is about to take up - diving. For one, I can't swim. Then there's the problem of me being afraid of being in the water where my feet can't touch the ground.

That's besides the point. I don't even take rides at funfairs. It took a while before I said ok to snorkelling, which I think is really cool, but even then, I landed up with a big cut on my foot (hit the dumb propeller). Thankfully no major crap happen at rafting which took quite a bit of convincing from YL and Evon.

See how unadventurous I am? Or maybe it's just water I'm afraid of. But that doesn't explain the coaster rides. Hmm...

I'd like to learn horse riding? Does that count? But no where to learn in Singapore. I don't even have the money to. I'd like to learn how to sing and dance. Another language. Roller blading.

How BLAH. Sometimes I also don't understand what Dearie sees in me when all I go on about is Ki, entertainment news, and what I watch on TV.

No one's complained yet, but before I do get any, what should I inject into my life to make it sound like I'm "living life to the max"?

[Don't get me wrong. I still love my life. And with work and band, I enjoy them. Just like Dearie and Ki. I'm lapping up every wonderful moment.]

Monday, May 29, 2006

Bloody exams

Damn exams.

Tomorrow: Elements of Social Applied Psychology
Wednesday: HRM and Marketing

Stupid timetable.

I spent the whole day mugging for psychology. I stared at a few questions before I left school and still couldn't answer them properly.

Sigh. Destined to fail.

And it was no better for HRM nor marketing.

I'm screwed.


I need a haircut badly. Probably dropping by Orchard this Wednesday after my exams. Not too sure yet. But since I need it this badly, I'll probably head to Far East. Any hairdresser there I should go to in particular?

Will walk around and see what stuff I can pick up. After all, it is the great Singapore sale. Why not? Beats getting everything online. I mean, I like doing that, just... it's still safer to try clothes before buying them.


Oh shit. I shouldn't even be thinking about these. I should be worrying about my exams!!!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

I cried my way home

This little girl went *sob sob sob* all the way from Macdonalds to home.

Funny how I can take all sorts of shit thrown at me, but 1 person is pissed off at me, and there goes the river of tears.

No one ever said running the band came with wet eyes.

My committee member didn't out right scold me, but seriously, it's my fault for a lot of things.

One thing I regret not doing was stepping in when practice ran long tonight. I should have told the conductor to stop, but I didn't. We ran nearly an hour late. And my committee member was told by the school to end early so the caretaker can go back.

It was clear the caretaker wasn't happy when we handed her the keys.

I screwed everything up.

Me being inexperienced, hadn't been dealing with delegation of work between the main committee (EXCO) and concert committee. Blur old me. Only knew how to take care of librarian part because I was one before. Logistics and publicity I always thought of them narrowly. I expected the EXCO to continue handling most of the stuff. Dumb me. What else is the concert committee for but to handle these things?

Not to mention my other member stormed off after I finished briefing the concert committee. The meeting was supposed to be short but it again, got dragged. He already said he needed the meeting to be short, so obviously, I pissed another one off.

The moment I stepped out of Mac, my tears rolled. I sniffed all the way home.

Time to go to bed now. Need to spend a day in school studying tomorrow. After all, my exams are on Tues and Wed.

Friday, May 26, 2006

The CLAY moment

For those poor fellas who missed THE MOMENT of the AI Season 5 finale.. click on this:
The CLAY moment

You won't regret it.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

American Idol Season 5

I don't believe it.

I mean, I was always rooting for Taylor, so his winning was no biggie.


He is sooo handsome!!! He sounds sooooooooo good! He's probably the only guy who'd make me gush like that!!!

What an idol. He's THE idol I say.

Elliot and Taylor did great, but I'm sorry, Clay just stole the show from you two.

Extremely great show put up. The Burt Bacharach medley was flawless. I loved that rendition of "Alfie".

Let me go back to gushing about Clay again. Watching it for the 2nd time now. HAHA!

X-men disappoints too

I was anticpating the final instalment of the X-men trilogy so much... that expectations were not lived up to.

For one, they should have lengthened the movie. The characters needed waaaaay more development. (In fact, reminds me of Poseidon where there was none at all.)

So there goes another highly anticipated movie-turned-disappointment.

I'm looking forward to catching The Da Vinci Code and Cars, which I'm sure Kiki would LURRRRRVE.

Exam last day: Wednesday. Finally. I'm soooo looking forward to going KTV. Haven't gone in.. 2 months? Probably lost the ability to sing. Like all things related to the arts, you don't lose it completely, but it definitely takes time to rebuild again. The beauty of the arts. Music in particular really.

Chang! Got outing call me bah! As long as your friends don't mind an extra, I can tag along one. I sit in the room hear people sing also happy. Can watch MTV.

Ah. The end of the exams also signal that I have to take care of very pressing band matters. Attendance seems to be picking up. Now it's event management time.

Loads of stuff to coordinate and make decisions for. Will need to delegate a bit more stuff. But at least for the month of June, I know I'll be able to do more myself and oversee stuff better.

I will make sure that this concert goes well. I only hope we can sound as well. 19th August peeps! Set that date aside 'cos you'll be coming down to see the Clementi Town Alumni Wind Ensemble perform!!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Dear little Ki is still as handsome

I haven't posted his photos in so long. It's about time to see pleasing potos than disgusting things like webs.

I present you... The cheeky little boy up to mischief again.

Dearie's standing behind him.

Look at what happens to Ki's hair next.

My turn for a photo!!! After all, I was supposed to be playing on the piano when Ki "barged" in.

Dearie and I took turns to play with him at his mummy's place. Either I was at the piano, or Dearie was on the Xbox 360 my brother-in-law had in the living room. All this happened right after Dearie and I went home from school to drop our notes off, then specially set aside the rest of the day for Ki.

Ki clearly enjoyed us being there. As much as he enjoyed wheeling around on his tricycle which he has clearly outgrown.

My parents came for a while, but since mummy was still sick, they went back rather quickly. Ki had to make do with us, but hey, he definitely loved Dearie's presence.

He laughed sooooo much that night.

Dearie and I stayed until it was nearly 10pm.

We had to leave before Ki would try to sleep, his mummy said, so off we went for our late dinner.

It was absolutely delightful playing with him.

We managed to wind down with the VCD of HUO YUAN JIA. It was another good Saturday. All Saturdays should be as carefree.

Damn the bloody exams.

Cobweb again

Here's another one of those damn cobwebs at the SIM overhead bridge.

Don't want to waste my handphone MMS $$$ so I only uploaded this photo. Got another one that might be clearer but make do with this highlighted one ya?

Ain't it disgusting???

I forgot to add, the spider that lives in this web is HUGE. It's the size of my hand (inclusive of fingers). And I'm "known" to have long fingers.

I tried to snap a photo with my phone but somehow this one got camouflaged so well I can't even find it in the photo. Hmm.. I'll bring a camera tomorrow and if it's still there, I'll snap it.

I know for a fact the zoo has plentiful of such spiders hanging over our heads. Literally. They're all over the place. Freely hanging. I hate those things. So terrified of them. Yet, I can't help but stop and look at them whenever I do see them.

I'm weird. Maybe I'm just trying to cure my own arachnaphobia.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Not over the hill abt "Over The Hedge"

The Straits Times gave it 4 stars.

I personally don't think it was worth that many. Maybe 3 stars?

Still, it doesn't kill my liking for animated films. Can't wait to catch Cars and Ant Bully.

Tomorrow will be time for Da Vinci. I don't like Tom Hanks, but Ron Howard's good. Still remember watching him on afternoon re-runs in Happy Days.

Last time he work with Jennifer Conelly. Now he work with the husband Paul Bettany. Switcharoo.

So much for taking a week off to study huh? Looks like it's a movie week for me. Who knows, maybe going to be a KTV one as well? Haha!

I need to get back to study.

As soon as I warm up. From what? Well.... Dearie and I were caught in the rain. I was in a spaghetti top and denim jeans. My legs were given some serious "accupuncture" treatment and my arms lots of icy wind.

It's good to be home.

Mummy's much better now. She managed to catch Da Vinci with daddy. They got Senior Citizen's price for their tickets!!! 2 people watch at Cathay Cineleisure at only $4 each!!!

Ok ok. Back to the serious stuff. Good news for my alumni band: the main (secondary) band will be joining us in the concert! Yay!!!

We are soooo going to have to work very hard to make this concert work! I am going work even harder to do all I can to make it happen.

Time to spread the news to the rest of the members. Hope it'll motivate them to come down for practice more regularly. And commit to the concert.

Gosh. Why did I ever choose to study.....

Friday, May 19, 2006


My long leave starts again today.
Planned for a 9-5pm study day. Spent 8:30-10am sending mummy to the doctor instead. Diagnosed with Bronchitis.
Managed to get to school and study from 10:30-1:30pm before receiving a call from mummy. Now I'm home just to make sure mummy will be all right till someone else comes home.

Sigh. There's only one mummy in the world so anything goes for mummy.

I'm going to call Macdonalds in for lunch. Hope it'll last me through band practice too. Band attendance is giving me some serious stress. Probably more than my exams. Doesn't that just sound wrong?

Supposed to meet colleagues at Chijmes after that to wind down. Guess that won't be possible either tonight.

Time to try and go back to study in my room.

PS: Anyone interested to play in my band, please please please leave a message. I'M DESPERATE HERE. Need a tuba player badly, and other instruments as well. Percussionists too. Practices are every Friday night, 7:30pm - 9:30pm at Clementi Town Secondary School music room (near Clementi MRT).

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Online shopping is bad

Here's what I've ordered within the past month:
1) Orange capri from Victorias Secret
2) Shiny V-neck top from Victorias Secret
3) Brown top from Gojane
4) Blue top from Gojane
5) Pink top from TW Auctions
6) Brown skirt from TW Auctions

I even just bought a beige skirt and a babydoll cami (can be a skirt too) at a neighbourhood shop I walked past earlier.

What the hell is wrong with me.

Thank goodness for the progress package.

Then again, I think it's because of the progres package I subconsciously think I can spend without worry. Which actually, is kinda true.

After all, the prices work out to about:
1) Orange capri from Victorias Secret >> $25
2) Shiny V-neck top from Victorias Secret >> $31.50
3) Brown top from Gojane >> $27
4) Blue top from Gojane >> $18
5) Pink top from TW Auctions >> $15
6) Brown skirt from TW Auctions >> $16

Only thing is I don't know for sure if these will fit properly.

But if I can buy online, there're others who do. Meaning I would be able to sell off anything that doesn't fit anyway. Haha!

And what I bought from the neighbourhood store?
1) Beige skirt >> $22
2) Cami/skirt >> $12

Some things are just not worth spending too much money on. Clothes is one of them. Why buy 1 expensive piece when you can buy many many cheaper ones?

Chances are I'll just get tired of a certain piece and donate it, to buy a new piece. Ahhh... clothes... damn...

And the things I NEED are a really a good pair of heels (read: can wear with any clothes to any function) and probably a new bag 'cos my current one is giving problems too.

I hate it when my money gets sucked out for stuff I don't need. ARGH.

Equal? (Warning: SUPER long post)

I've long had disdain for putting students into classes to show who were better than others because to me, when we're gathered into a big hall, aren't we just a bunch of kids?

My personal feel is that everyone is equally human to everyone else. If you stab me, do I not bleed like you? What differs us are the chances we’re given.

I never knew what a lucky girl I was when I was a kid. Sure, I was goody-two-shoes-almost-dream-daughter. I never asked for a toy or for money back in Primary school. If you ask me that was plain weird. Anyway, I grew up. By Primary 5 and 6, I started to mix around with classmates a little more.

When I threw a birthday party, my friends passed comment that I lived in a big house. My “house” was the only one I knew so I didn’t really know what they meant. (I stay in a HDB 5-room flat.) Later on I got to go to my friends’ places and kind of understood what they said, though I still didn’t see much of a difference.

Being the little girl who never went out much, I only realised not everyone had the chance to learn music till Secondary school when I joined the band. They weren’t poor, but it certainly wasn’t cheap to have music lessons as I learnt later. I found out I had an edge over others and where I was lousy at most other things I did, this was something I could finally teach others.

Later on in upper secondary, my childhood friend JX began to tell me the differences in treatment from teachers. I was in the so-called better class as compared to her. She highlighted on how the teachers simply assumed they weren’t smart enough or that they were always finding ways to get into trouble. I didn’t believe it. I didn’t want to. I still wanted to think everyone was treated the same.

Then of all people I met landed up with this guy. The story goes that I stick with him for the next 3 years of my life. How I lived through it is a mystery to me, and I never want to relive it to find out.

I took it as a learning experience. He was from one of the very “bad” classes. He did “bad” things and always got punished. He came from a broken family. I wouldn’t even say he was well-to-do. He showed me a side of life that I never thought I’d get to see. It was quite the adventure for me. Granted, most people would say I saw the light side of all the bad. Trust me, I got the message.

I obviously got a little influenced. Did some rebellious stuff. Made my mummy cry. Her statement about how this boy was no match to me simply spurred me on. How someone with low education and no money be with me. Honestly, I still do not think that’s right, but hey, she’s my mummy. Any mummy would say that. If it came to my kid, I might be worse.

Inequality. I just didn’t want to see myself acting on that. It felt like performing an injustice to me. It was like I had something to prove. And so I tried to during those 3 years. I simply did not think anyone should be judged on qualification. It’s just paper. I’ve got a diploma for my piano. So what? What I did was practice 3 10-15min pieces for the exam and other little tests. Doesn’t mean I can sit at a piano and suddenly start playing off my mind.

It was quite the eye opener. I learnt how to appreciate so many things: a mother’s love, a complete family, money… Amongst others, I learnt to appreciate the little things guys do for me. Contrary to movies and TV shows, I realised how pretty and expensive presents were not necessary in a relationship, sweet talk is bull crap, a drinking and smoking guy does not make a cool boyfriend.

Plenty of stuff. Makes me not want to take anything for granted. You know, living life like everyday is your last? I think that’s what it really means. To appreciate every little thing. Only when you live your life like this can you understand that. Although I know some people would simply interpret it as: enjoy everyday you live – shop, drink, spend!

Ok. Digressing. Point is, What really differentiates one kid from another is opportunity. We just need to give everyone a chance. Start them on a clean slate. Equal. Don’t judge too fast too early. (This is why I don’t trust first impressions either, only consistent behaviour/exchange of thoughts.)

By the way, the invisible wall between JC and Poly people is very real. Even I was sucked into it.

I’d write more if I could. I write a lot better than I talk (thank goodness for email), but even when it comes to topics such as this, I can’t put my thoughts together coherently to present what I feel. Kudos to you if you understood.

Timely reminder on my need to brush up my writing skills. For the exams.

The extract below is written by Gayle (a girl by the way). Have a nice read. Let's remind ourselves how mindless our social stratification can be.

A post extracted from
Gayle's blog
Posted onto Tomorrow.sg

The fields are lushly verdant, lit with gold and teased with shadows; the air is fresh and the mood expectant; over the wide open grasses four children run to embrace the future. Behold, Singaporeans -- laughter on their lips and happiness in their eyes, they are the future of our nation.

The problem with this picture? These are ten year olds, already dressed in the garb of four of the most elite schools in the nation, and together they form the face of Singaporean schools. Nanyang Girls, Raffles Girls, ACS and SCGS: our hope and our joy.

Aside from that picture being profoundly amusing, it was also faintly unsettling. Elitism has always been an uncomfortable issue for me, given that I am somewhat the product of an elitist system. It has given me insight into just how comfortable and rewarding it can be to succeed within that system. I was in the Gifted Education Programme throughout primary and secondary school. I will be the first to testify that which comes as no surprise to many -- yes, we were given plenty of other privileges other kids weren't.

GEP students went to Tioman Island on a highly subsidized trip to explore our "Multiple Intelligences" (their attempt to stimulate our budding intellects and abilities via the Howard Gardner theory which expounds profusely on the many ways in which a person can be good at something). Mainstream students twiddled their thumbs during the holidays, did CIP, and had to wait their turn for the considerably less subsidized trip to the UK which cost thousands of dollars and was open to GEP and mainstream students alike. GEP students had their notes and worksheets printed and photocopied free of charge. Mainstream students did a painful weekly coin collection to pay for theirs. In primary school, GEP students were given a roomful of intellectual games like Rush Hour which we were given access to from time to time. Mainstream students played hopskotch in the basketball court.

I was always aware of a disparity between us and them, and it ranged beyond that of budgetary allocations. Our curriculum was also much more rigorous, engaging and varied than that of the mainstream students. In Mathematics, we learned the numerals of ancient civilizations such as Rome and Egypt. In English lessons, as early as in primary school, we learned ancient Greek and Roman myths. These things did not require a vast intellect to comprehend. It was simply that more effort was taken in compiling a comprehensive and engaging syllabus for us to draw upon, because it was assumed that we were smart enough to handle that, on top of everything else. It was just so much more fun.

Such a system has its advantages, of course. Many of my GEP classmates not only found an outlet for their intelligence, but also found solace in one another's company -- consistently scoring higher grades than your peers with what seems to be far less effort is a surefire way to ostracize yourself in school; that, and one must consider also that GEP students are frankly weird. Given that I am weird, I enjoyed the company. I have also had the privilege of associating with such brilliant people, I wouldn't exchange the experience for the world.

But I will also admit this: it is true that many youngsters from elite schools and systems like the GEP are spoiled, selfish, snobbish and socially isolated. Many of them care for nothing but themselves. Our teachers in primary school used to tell my class: you guys are the future leaders of our nation. Oh, how we scoffed. "That's just propaganda," we sneered at our Social Studies textbooks, having learned at the tender age of eleven the various tactics of propaganda such as 'bandwagon' or 'sleight of hand', etc. Yes, these things really were in our curriculum! In the current junior college that I am in, which is affiliated to one of those schools featured in the screenshot, many of my peers are flippantly class-conscious, even if inadvertently so. Years of not being exposed to people from Poly or even other JCs has entrenched a rift between them and us which becomes painfully obvious every time we are brought together in interaction.

I don't believe, however, that this is entirely our fault. Singapore has embarked on a deliberate plan of social engineering, to create an upper class from which our future leaders can be groomed -- just as they told us repeatedly in school, whenever they felt we weren't doing justice to the taxpayers' money being spent on us, and usually we weren't. For instance, look at some excerpts from this article from Reuters published only last week:

/SINGAPORE (Reuters) - With candidates' faces smiling from posters on lampposts, loudhailers on cars blasting slogans and politicians pressing the flesh, the campaign for Singapore's election on Saturday looks and feels like polls elsewhere.
But unlike other democracies, where politicians elbow their way to the top, Singapore's leaders climb orderly up a ladder in a lifelong selection process starting in primary school."
"...'We don't go for jostling of powers to compete for positions because we believe that in order to run our system, we need a process in which everybody understands what his or her role is,' Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng told Reuters last month. [emphasis mine]
'That makes us different from other countries where there is a lot of personal interest and gain in wanting to achieve certain leadership positions,' he said."
"...The rewards are high. Singapore ministers are among the highest paid public officials in the world. But those who aspire to a cabinet post must start the race early. Very early.
Selection starts in primary school, where children are streamed into different levels according to academic performance.
The students that come out on top typically end up at the top pre-university "junior colleges".
"That is where most of the elite in the civil service is chosen from," said University of Queensland researcher Michael Barr, who is writing a book about Singapore's education system.

Despite the system's meritocracy, top schools are filled with children of the Chinese middle class who can afford to pay the extra tuition, he said."
The problem, I think, comes from 'everyone understands his role'. That means that I should understand my role as a less intelligent student, less deserving of air-conditioned classrooms and lounges, less likely to ever have a chance at succeeding at the top or serving my country as a politician. Conversely, I should understand my role as a smarter, richer individual who can afford to cruise through life and land feet first into a cushy job.

That is a convenient way of aligning one's education policies, but not always an appropriate one. Countries like Finland, which is ranked by international studies to have the best education system in the world, centre their policies around inclusion rather than elitism; widening participation across the board. In contrast, Singapore runs its education system like, as I have observed countless times in other areas before, a business, in which one must be allocatively efficient: concentrate resources on those who show potential early on and have the highest likelihoods of becoming smart leaders. The surplus can be divided up among the rest.
There are several problems with this approach. Firstly, one excuse given for this practice is that smarter students need to be the guinea pigs for new experiments in education before other students can have access to the same, to minimize the chances of failure. The problem is that many of these good, sound approaches to education are never translated down into being offered to other students, because we are so afraid to risk failure. What if we lose time on algebra learning nonsense like fancy numerals? What if students fail their oral exams because they were learning about Hades and Persephone! Afraid to risk the efficient, learn-the-most-in-the-least-time approach we have crafted, many of the best parts to our GEP syllabus are stillborn, right there: only in GEP. I remember when I was a child, five, six years old, studying in Canada. We learned as early as then, what was a brontosaurus, and a tyrannosaurus rex. We learned all sorts of things, did all sorts of activities which had nothing to do with xi zi (mindlessly copying out words) or number models. Education was fun, the students were outspoken, and everybody benefitted. Daring to try out a more enriched perspective in education has led to other countries seeing more daring, entrepreneurial, outspoken individuals, while Singaporeans have often been criticized, even by its own ministers, as lacking initiative and entrepreneurial spirit, being passive receptors rather than agents of change.

Secondly, it is all too easy to paper over the problems in our system by extolling the achievements of our better schools. Our teacher told us something in secondary school that has stayed with me since. I can still hear us telling us, as we listened in hushed and somewhat ashamed silence, of teenagers from a different world. Teenagers who gave up on themselves before they even tried. Teenagers who were dropping out of school so they could work instead to support their families. Teenagers with younger siblings to look after, now that their parents were in jail. Teenagers who simply could not cope with the demanding syllabus and yet, when streamed accordingly, caved into the stigma of being in a lower class than everyone else, and started to believe that they were useless. Those teenagers were so alien. But they were our counterparts in schools down the streets where we lived. Our teacher had taught in one of those schools before coming to teach in the Dunman High GEP programme. She told us: you don't know how lucky you are. And she was right. Steamrolling one class of students ahead paves the way to leaving the rest behind. Efforts made to reform the system appear tokenistic because the mindset has not changed. If you want to be in the Integrated Programme and have a richer, more colourful syllabus, you need to achieve a certain grade, have a good track record. If you want to have a government scholarship, you need to achieve 4 A's and 3 'S' Paper distinctions, there is no other way. If you want to be on MOE's poster, you have to be from NYGH, RGS, ACS or SCGS ;)
Thirdly, being in the top class of students does not mean that you are the most qualified or deserving to be there. Take it from me, who has been classmates with some of the most selfish bastards I have ever known -- they will be the first to gladly admit it. When given more opportunities so early on, their inclination is to take them for granted, leading to stagnation. GEP students are lazy. I dare anyone who has ever been a GEP student to say I am wrong in that generalization. Of course there are exceptions, but it's always interesting to note that the hardworking ones come from the supplementary intake; those who come in at P6 rather than P4. They take less things for granted because they've had to work harder to get there. But after awhile, too, many succumb to the crowd mentality of ill discipline and slackness. Guilty? Nah, not me......

Lastly, because this has been an inordinately long and tedious post, I must point out that separation and stratification is immensely unhealthy so early on in life, as it sets the tone for one's entire adult life. The mutual disdain between JC and Poly kids is quite frightening. Poly kids will go "wah lao, these JC students think they know everything", and JC kids will always say "I'm such a failure, I'm gonna join Poly". There is perceptible animosity and resentment on both camps, and honestly, it's just silly. If we had a more egalitarian system where the benefits and efforts of policymaking are better spread out across the board we would have far less problems in this regard. Else, I fear the creation of a society where everyone 'understands his role', and misunderstands another's. Mistrust, disdain, and stereotypes I can do without, thank you very much.


Clarification: In case anyone’s wondering, nope, I’m not a near-perfect daughter, girlfriend, friend, student nor employee. I try to be, but I know damn well I’m not trying hard enough. When I complain about my sister not being good enough a daughter, I am reprimanding myself for not being as good as I want and can be.

Nor am I saying I’m an incredibly objective person. I have my biases too.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Night out with friends (belated post)

Thursday night:
Went to Eastside at Mohd Sultan after a good band meeting. I was very tired as usual, but since I'd given my word, I made myself get there anyway.

Later on, I leart Dearie was "forced" to go by my friends so we decided to just make our way down together.

We found the place, sat down and saw they had 2 bottles of Chivas, one of which they were halfway through. I really didn't want to drink that night, but with that much alcohol on the table, if I didn't drink that tiny bit that I did, I wonder how much longer the night wouuld have been.

Anyway, the real thing I want to mention is this:
Waiter: I'm sorry but you can't wear 3/4 pants here.
Dearie: So what do you want me to do now?

Mind you, we walked into the bar without any waiter stopping us despite them seeing us anyway. There was no visible sign outside stating this too.

I do not think Dearie's reply was by any way rude (or as the waiter told my sister's waiter friend - xia lan). In fact, I would have said the exact same thing.

We already ordered drinks, were comfortably seated, and ordered quite a bit of food some more. What did they want us to do? Go outside where there are no tables left? Or remove his pants and they offer another longer pair?

Bladey didn't think much of the reply either. Neither did Evon who heard it and said that Dearie's tone was in no way rude, but more of a mixture of bewilderment.

YL and my sister thought otherwise. They said he should have reacted with something along these lines:
Dearie: Brother, don't like that lah. Come here have fun only. I sit further in so not so obvious can?

And if it happened to me, I should have reacted like this:
Me: Oh, come on, pleeeease? *flutter eye lashes* I'm already so comfotable here... (cue: whiny voice) Pleeeeaassse?

Perhaps that's the expected etiquette in this bar-type of place. Too bad because I don't frequent such places. And my belief is that if no one said anything about it in the beginning, then no one should say anything about it when I'm seated and ordered stuff. And especially if I'm a paying customer, I do not expect you to bow down to me on every want I have but if you say that because of the attire, one can't stay in the place any more, the least you can do is offer a solution and not chase the customer out. What kind of business ethic is that?!

I pay money then you chase me out. How nice ah?

Well, we left after half a Chivas was left. I played that dumb 5-10 game and was a little high from it. We left for supper at Sin Hoi Sai. Dearie wanted to go there so bad we all just gave in. He didn't want to be at the bar anyway. He was looking forward to supper only.

Then he did the most irritating thing ever: we asked him what he wanted to eat since the lady was ready to take our order, and his reply was a curt DON'T KNOW.


We made the trip to the place and you say you don't know?! Argh. Isn't it damn irritating when a guy doesn't have a mind of his own?

Anyway for some odd reason the entire weekend he just wasn't very much in a mood close to "good". I'll just give in to that. Everyone's entitled to mood swings, so I'll have to let him have that.

Dearie slept over at my place that night. We were to wake up early to go temple visiting in the morning.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Notes to self

1) NEVER put abalone into mouth again.

2) GET HEELS! Most women have too many shoes/heels. I don't have a single proper pair for the wedding dinner tonight.

3) Exam in 2 weeks. Time to study real hard and not sleep everytime the notes are in front of me.

4) I should refrain from doing nothing for too long during off days. Makes me feel lethargic. The least I should do is exercise.

5) Get a new watch. This one already lasted 10 years, it's time to get another one for the next decade.

6) Get a freaking haircut when my next half of my leave starts.

7) Find a tuba player. Quick.

8) If I ever have a kid, have a girl. A kid like Ki is just too much for me to handle.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Poetry GE style

Received this forwarded email:
Recently, my white MP,
Knock on my door, and very kek ki.. (very polite)
Say 'I've worked so hard, so vote for me',
'Or rubbish won't be cleared, in your vicinty'..
I said 'Dear MP of my GRC',
'Don't remember you, so please pardon me'..
'I only saw you on TV',
'Dozing off and jiak liao bee'.. (wastage of food-rice)
Last GE I voted for thee,
2% up in GST..
Cut CPF and up utility,
Are still very clear in my memory..
5 years later, then you come to me,
Fresh from your slumber of ivory..
Say that only, you can help me,
Escape from a life of poverty..
Just take a drive on CTE,
Count the number of all the gantries..
Or squeeze a ride on the MRT,
That has not been cleared for ye..
My life since the last GE,
Has been downhill though I voted PAP..
If I vote the same for your sleeping spree,
I can expect the same misery..
So this time round, I vote for somebody,
Who will kachiao (stir) you, to productivity..
Forms fill wrong, no big deal to me,
If there's someone to speak up for ah bee..
So my dear MP of GRC,
If life no improvement, vote you cho simi? (what for ?)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Typically me

After lamenting about my miserable salary, I'm still going to stick around the company.

I love my job too much. And my colleagues. And my bosses. And my office. Bah.

Plus it's too ideal for my part time studies. Yet it is not as if I am not able to survive on my current drawings anyway.

If I get a $100 increment in July, I'll just stay till February. If I get $200, I'll stay till after my exams in May. All these provided I find a better paying job outside (which is practically anywhere).

Let's see how this goes.

Meanwhile, I suspect Dearie wants to get me a watch. Or maybe it's a combination idea with YL and gang. Hmm..

Just in case, let me reiterate:
The watch I want MUST have all the numbers/markings clearly in place. Preferably a leather type strap (not the metallic type). Must be lasting. Cannot be ulu ulu brand 'cos I don't trust those. And there are certain brands I would prefer not to have. The watch also cannot be too common.


Am I fussy or am I fussy?

Seriously, no need to bother. Accompany me go KTV and sing (meaning you sing, I also sing)... no smoking no alcohol. I very happy liaoz.

Chang! When go KTV?! Hahahahaha!!!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Application for new job

These jobs have about the same job scope as me. I'm paid $1620 gross. Check out how much people are offering for people like me.

Admin Service Executive
Admin Executive/Officer
Administrator / Secretary - Marketing Department

Time to make my move.

Ramen anyone?

For people who need the laughs, enjoy this clip: Hard Gay.
Dearie sent me the link. I know I'd go there to eat if I got the flyer from him. HAHA!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Exams. They just suck.

Tomorrow's the 1st paper. Principle of Accounts.

How difficult could it be?

For a person who hasn't taken anything remotely related to accounts her entire life, it would be plain challenging.

That would be me.

The past week, Dearie and I have spent it mugging in school. For me, I had to deal with band issues, and with my extremely horrible leadership skills, it only meant more work and stress for me.

On the bright side, I was very glad at band practice to be able to play rather properly despite having touched my flute in so very long. I want to be a player. Not the one bothering about other stuff than the music.

Anyway, come Saturday, I caught MI3 with Dearie and his two buddies. Quite all right show. Managed to catch it at Cineleisure some more. Unfortunately it wasn't digital. Dearie and I can feel the difference already. Next time we catch a show we're going to try to get the seats for the digital version.

After studying, Dearie came over on Sunday and we had another wonderful time with, who else, Kiki. Yep. You guessed it. With another new toy.

Signs he is turning into Dearie..

We watched our CSIs and Coupling before an exhausted Dearie made his way home.

Today's Monday. Last chance to study is now. Time to get back to my books. No need for any high scores. I'm just asking for a mere pass.

And one of my biggest hope is getting the band concert up successfully. We desperately need brass players - particularly a tuba player. If anyone stumbles upon this blog and "hears" my cry, please contact me!!! I need your help!

Not one night passes where I lie on my bed and worry myself to sleep - and during most nights, I can't fall asleep and end up rolling about for an hour.

I can't wait for June to come. That'll mean the last of my exams are over, then I can really do my band stuff properly.


It's a walkover where I stay so I don't see the point in talking about politics here. Besides, I just never had the interest in any sort of politics ever.

Oh. And the snapping of that reverse bungee cord? Another reason why you should not pay to risk getting yourself killed. I've got enough problems. I shouldn't need to worry about any more.


Post-birthday. I received a slice of cake from my band committee member. An ang pow from my parents. I think I've just grown past the time when I actually hope for a present.

The stuff that I want... I don't know. They're all stuff I have to buy on my own. Not to mention they're very pricey too. Otherwise they're just not gifts. Like a tuba player for my band? That'd be one helluva great present. Or a successful concert in Aug? That might just about be the best thing to happen. Or passing every single paper I take this month. Now wouldn't that be wonderful?

See? This kind of present how to give? Hahaha!

I'm probably at that stage where a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" on my mobile phone SMS is more than enough for a smile on my face. Anything more is just a bonus. :O)

Friday, May 05, 2006

Happy birthday to me

Yesterday was the 4th of May.
I woke up at 7:30am to have breakfast with dearie nearby. Then we headed off to school and were stuck in the library for the next several hours. We had a lousy lunch. THen back to the library to study.

Left at nearly 6pm. Rested at home. Went for band meeting at 7:30pm. Was validated how lousy a leader I am. Thank goodness for a senior there to tell me what needs to be done.

Everything's still in a mess. Was glad I received a few nice SMSes. My band mate even bought a small slice of cake. That was really sweet.

Anyway, that's how my bday was spent. How exciting.

Now, it's 9:30am. I'm doing some band stuff again. Then I'll be heading off to school to study again. After that, I'll need to rush off to band practice. I'm so going to screw it up again.


Monday, May 01, 2006

Long weekend.. long post...

I missed band on Friday night because of a dumb Accounts class. I'm really messing the band up. I hope I get the act together in time to make it for our concert - or more like hope-to-happen concert.

Saturday morning, Dearie and I went to school to study. Managed to do a little within the short 2+ hours. We had to leave because the sky was getting dark.

Sure enough, we got caught in the rain. In my new VS Silk Cami, I was cold and in pain. The rain hit my shoulderblades like needles poking into my skin. The wind was strong and made me shiver badly. I cowered behind Dearie but there's only so much you can move on a bike.

We walked into my place drenched. We quickly changed our clothes and kept ourselves warm. It was good to be home.

THe little monster was already there making a mess. It wasn't long before Dearie showed off his new toy to Ki. Told you the both of them on the same wavelength. Ki loved the car games on Dearie's new PSP.

After a very long while then did he finally move off to play with other things.

He was being extra-hyper active. He was constantly literally climbing up Dearie and making me run. Both of us were very tired but we played it up with him. He even pushed my mummy away to play with us. Aiyo. So naughty.

Dearie taught him how to hop.

Ki was finding lots of fun digging his nose and chasing me with the dirty little finger.

Lucky for me Dearie managed to catch him.

The rain had stopped. My parents decided to bring him to the beach. Dearie and I moped around the idea a bit but figured we should just go, since Ki was making us anyway.

Ki enjoyed himself very much. He made me run around with him, while Dearie showed him how to have fun with foot prints. My mummy played along with everything he did.
He was such a very happy boy.

Here is how Dearie and I look after getting dragged out of the house. No time to prepare except to grab bag and go. Our jeans and my brand new cami was still hanging out to dry. Blech.

After going back from the beach, Ki fell asleep. At last. At home, Dearie and me had our turn to take a nap.

The moment Dearie woke up he mumbled something about soccer. Then I recalled it was THE Chealsea vs Man Utd match. Ah. Man Utd lost. Ah well. Just nice Ki woke up after the match and started looking for HIS car game. Yep. He was referring to the PSP.

No choise. Dearie had to let him play.

Dearie was exhausted. I called for Macdonalds but amazingly it took at least 45min before it came. Usually it took at most 15min.

The person who delivered WALKED from the branch at central. SHE was still in her uniform. Not any delivery uniform ok? Don't know where all the delivery people go. It also took an amazingly long time for them to pick up the hotline.

Progress Package out lahz. All quit don't want to deliver. ALl short term vision only. humph. Dearie said so. I didn't believe till I saw the delivery girl. Poor thing was sweating pretty badly.

When Dearie came over on Sunday, he showed me the new white helmet he bought. Then promptly got back to his PSP. I also played with it 'cos he has this game called Lumines. A little like Tetris. My kind of game lah. Heehee!

We were supposed to go catch a movie but my parents asked us to go along to IMM and then to see Ki so we just tagged along. Ki had a good time climbing all over us.

We didn't stay too long. Dearie and I had to catch our CSI and Coupling. After that he had to go buy some PSP cover from someone. Some fella from the internet.

When dearie left the place, I continued to watch CSI Miami. To my horror, after a few minutes, I saw this:

You don't see it?

This is as far as my photo editing skills go. My best attempt at enlargement:

Later it parked itself here:

I was terrified, but after staring at it for quite a while, I was tempted to catch it just to get a closer look. It's the biggest spider ever to enter the house - with our knowledge.

Somehow my mummy woke up for a drink and I quickly pointed to the disgusting 8 legged freak. My mummy saved the day by spraying Baygon all over it. Poor fella. Spider bites are not anything we want so it's got to go. (My dad had a spider bite before. It did not look good at all.)

I went to bed after all was safe and sound again. No nightmares on spidey.

All is good for me.

Too bad it ain't for my sis. It's her story, and it's not up to me to publish it. But if you ask me, she brought it upon herself this time. My mumm's worried as usual. The rest of us? Well... Let's just say she doesn't want us to care about her, so we're just doing as she says.