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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Next exam in less than 11 hrs

Yeap. I shouldn't even be online. But guess what? It's what I've been doing the ENTIRE DAY! Even took the time to watch the Miss Universe Pageant and that new fantastic reality show "On The Lot" (it's a show that reminds me of my Mass Comm days... aspiring directors galore. Very talented people.). I walked to central and did a bit of window shopping some more.


I feel confident enough for tomorrow's paper. Unless some big shocker comes out where all the questions that appear are so bizarrely different from every other year, I am sure that I will at least get a PASS. Either that or I've officially convinced myself that I am not lazy but too damn smart for my own good. (Subconscionusly, I know I'm just one damn lazy pig.)

Tomorrow I'm going to catch Pirates of the Carribean. I know I know. Bad reviews... but hey, must give an ending to myself after that cliffhanger in Part 2 mah.

Been bugging Dearie that I want to go watch a movie for a while now. Very soon, I'll be able to satisfy my aching need to run out and play. Final paper is next Wednesday.

Dearie told me the other day he was supposed to meet his bike friends for an outing on Wednesday night. (It has since been put off as he has something else to attend to.)

The point is: I actually got pissed off when he told me. WHAT THE HELL IS MY PROBLEM!?!?! He has already brought me out to meet some of them. And I promised myself that I needed to give him the space to go for his own outings without me always tagging along like a shadow.

Mind you, we've been seeing each other every freaking day ok? For nearly 12 hrs a day. In the library mugging side by side. Lunch. Dinner. After-studying television time.

I should be sick of him. I should be the one jumping for joy when he says he's going out. So why am I reacting opposite from what I planned to react?

Damn sickening. I'm turning into one-of-those-girls. I will not allow myself to be like this.

I'm sorry Dearie. I've not said this to your face but I'm sorry. I don't want to suffocate you. Really. I may not seem to be able to "click" with your bike friends but I'm sure that if I see them again a couple more times it'll be better. This reaction is unique only to your bike outings. I really don't understand why for sure, but I've got a rough idea. I'm going to need to fill up my time with more outings and meetings with other people. Once I do this, I wouldn't be so preoccupied with you. And that time is coming soon. Yay.

Feeling a little better getting that off my chest.

Back to my day... very glad that Miss Japan won. An Asian ok?!?! YIPPEEEEE!

Hmm.. that was about all for my day actually. Hmm.. hopefully I'll get to go out tomorrow night. Anyone wanna ask me out? KTV? Supper? A drink? Haha! Probably going to need to make a couple of calls.

Here're some photos from Saturday:

Ki making his monkey face

Ki loves it when Dearie lets him play any "car game". He knows exactly who to turn to for such things.

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ACTION!" I'm not making this up. He shouted it himself before this pose.

Ki goes behind the camera. This is my lovely 4.5yr old nephew's image of me.

Isn't he cheekily handsome?!?!?!

Time for bed.
Or maybe I should watch an episode of Bones first.........

Monday, May 21, 2007

2 papers down. 2 more to go.

OH MY GOSH. I've survived two papers already. Mugging with Dearie is jialat leh. I am just sooooo not a mugger. He can just keep studying. I just keep being the restless one and fidget here and there.

Anyway, on 19th May, my dear nephew got married. Clearly, not my nephew Ki ok? He's only 4. My other nephew (my mother's brother's grandson. I think.). This is the nephew I get to see once a year. I remember always loving to go to his place because they had cats and squirrels at home. Being a sucker for animals, it was the one place I visited during CNY that I didn't want to leave.

Anyway, this nephew is older than me by a year. Don't ask me how relations got this mixed up. It's a long story.

It was a church wedding on Saturday morning in Woodlands. We brought Ki along!!! But he was so restless.

This time, Ki was not the star. Check out my other handsome nephew.

Yes yes. I know it's a small photo. Can't help it. I can only zoom so much from where I was seated. This was when they were showing the slideshow of photographs of the groom and bride, and he was waiting to walk up to the front. He is a navy guy, thus the uniform. Damn smart right?!

He even sang to her on stage lor!!! So sweeeeeeeeeet! Some Christian song lah. I not Christian. Just tiam tiam throughout listen only.

Now is this cool or is this cool?!

I tell you.. guys in uniform are... gooooooooooooooood. :O)

Here's the unprofessionally-snapped photo. Some kind soul was willing to take our camera and help us snap. We weren't really ready but heck, at least we have a copy of something.

The guy directly behind me is my nephew's father. The guy right behind the bride (beside the father) is my other nephew. In other words, the groom's brother. I think he's a year younger than me. That one in air force.

The reception was yummy. Catered food not easy to be yummy ok? Ki was busy having a ball in his "house" at the playground.

So cheeeeeeky!

Well, that was for Saturday.

Today, I finished up my Info Systems paper. Let's just say that I hope I wrote enough crap to "smoke" through to a pass. That's all I'm asking for.

After that, I went for my facial - something I haven't gone in a long time. I've got like 12 more sessions there sia. Damn it. I keep paying more and more and more. So broke. I don't even dare calculate how much I've spent there already.

Saw a small pretty Guess bag for $50. Simple design, which is difficult to find for a Guess bag. Damn. Didn't buy it. I should have. What the hell was I thinking. Argh. Anyone want to buy for me? I want the white one please. No stock then the brown one also no problem. HAHAHA!

Ironically, the stuff I'm supposed to look out for - sneaker-type shoes, black pants, backpack-type of bag - I didn't see at all. I did however spend some $28 on a cami in Forever 21, a place I told myself not to buy anything from. This time different. The material cutting and design... ok lah. $28 can buy. I mean, I pay the same for something on Victoria's Secret. Would've bought green had I not overheard some girl saying a lot of people bought green liao. So I settled for the colour that makes people look fat - YELLOW. Wahaha! Never mind. Tight fitting. Won't look too fat one.

That's not all I spent on but I shan't bore you with details.

Shopping on Monday is good. Shopping alone also good - but dangerous.

Oh oh oh. Another thing I saw that I nearly bought. A $500 Folli Follie watch! Almost all their watches got the numbers all on their face lor! They even have roman numerals one! I'm a sucker for that type of watch.

2 years ago, on this blog, I posted a picture of the watch I want from Folli Follie. Back then, the watch face was too large for my hand. Today, I still haven't got a watch. See how long it takes for me to buy something? Horrible hor? But this time, they have one for my hand. It's like they heard my call and designed a whole freaking range for me to choose from.

I'll probably buy it during the Great Singapore Sale.

After my exams, I'm going to:
- learn driving
- do Lasic
- learn dancing
- meet-up with the people I promised I'd meet up
- go for the gatherings I said I'll go to
- play more on my digital piano
- clean up my desk (more like clear it out)
- consider getting cable in my room
- change my handphone plan to Starhub so I finally get free incoming
- learn to cook more than pasta
- think about what I'm going to do "career" wise (I am not a career person. Work is just a job to me. I may love it, but it's still just a job.)

More that I can't remember. If I promised you something after the exams, remind me to put it on my list!

Now, for the next 2 papers......................

Sunday, May 13, 2007

On leave. Exam leave.

It sucks to have exams. To use my leave up for exams is even worse. The worst part is to spend every single day of leave mugging for the damn exams.


Anyway, I will be MIA (missing-in-action) up till 6 June so I probably will not be updating much here, neither will I be appearing very much on WhoLivesNearYou.com nor Friendster.

At least this time I'm not mugging alone - I'm doing it with Dearie. Muahaha! He's studying harder than me I think. Oops. Heck. All I want is a pass. He wants to do well. Let's see how it goes.

After my papers I've got soooo many plans lined up. And now, Lasic may be on that list too (to give me a boost to pick up driving).

I'll write more soon. First paper on Tuesday. Organisation Theory.


Saturday, May 05, 2007

Happy Birthday to ME!

The day did not start out perfectly with my irritating tummy ache and lousy headache.
Fortunately having Ki being so cute can do wonders.

That's him in his PE uniform. That's what he wears on Fridays. So small.... compared to the rest of his friends...

Naughty boy rides his bicycle like a Harley. Wonder where his influence comes from......... No, Dearie had nothing to do with it........

Remember I said dinner at Hard Rock? Turns out when I called to make a reservation, the list was full. FOrget it, I told myself. I then thought, why not have Botak Jones? It's probably my new favourite food - along with Aglio Olio pasta and Macdonalds.

After my nap, Dearie came over with a cake. Awwww.. I bet the money came from part of that birthday money I gave him in the first place. Hahaha!
Anyway, my mum came back shortly after with Ki after school. And guess what, she bought a cake too. YIKES.

Notice the balloons and other food on the table? Yep. All courtesy of Ki from Macdonalds. Naughty boy made my mum bring him there.

Before I made my wish, he was already busy blowing out the candles. But I knew I'd have my chance with the second cake. Besides, it's Ki. How do you get angry with a cute little cheeky boy?

Needless to say, Ki bullied Dearie by making him become a helicopter.

It didn't mean just carrying him like this all around the house. It means having to spin round and round with him too.

Later on, Bladey came over and got to do the same thing for him. He loves to play with the guys.

So you can imagine how happy he was when he heard that Dearie wanted to bring him to the arcade!

We hitched a ride in my parents car. Ki actually asked: Sit motorcycle go? HAHAHA! All 3 of us bringing Ki to the arcade where we took turns to let him play Daytona. He enjoyed himself so much he was so disappointed when we told him we had to bring him back.

He was thirsty and insisted on wanting a chocolate drink. Thankfully for us, we managed to get one from the Bubble Tea shop - but damn, it was so sweet. Perfect for Ki's tastes, but I tried my best to make sure he didn't drink too much of it.

Dearie carried Ki half the journey back. It's very very tiring to do that. Seriously. Everyone who has tried will know. Even my dad. We made bladey get a seat a Botak while we sent Ki back first.

My pig of a sister then told me she'd eaten and won't be joining us. FINE. Whatever. Dearie, Bladey and me looked through the menu at Botak Jones and it wasn't long before YL came along.

It was an extremely filling dinner. I like Botak Jones a lot. Too bad I just have a small stomach. We headed back to my place for the cake cutting at 10pm. Dearie's cake!

I had wanted to go catch Wild Hogs for a long time and was hoping to do that. Too bad, my sis wanted to go drinking. Again. Just like every night.
Yeah yeah. I know it was my birthday and I could've simply done whatever I wanted anyway, but hey, looking at them, they didn't seem like movie people. Blech. Nor KTV.

What is it with alcohol anyway?! Is there not an occasion without having that?! I don't get it. Alcohol is a very spur-of-the-moment thing for me. I've got to be in the mood. I don't believe that alcohol is a pre-requisite for having a good time.

Anyway after the yummy chocolate cake we went off. At least this time it was a wine place so it was a lot more comfy.

It was a very tiring day. Mainly because of Ki. It was nice falling asleep and waking up with Dearie. A pity about me having class this afternoon.

But that's not the worst of it - I'm having a FULL day of class tomorrow. Crap.

You know what would be my ideal birthday party?

Me having the entire day preparing food and drinks for my friends who will come over to my place. I'd prepare pasta, sandwiches, little finger food on toothpicks, I'll buy Botak Jones cheesy fries, prepare loads of ice cream, make some jelly, etc etc. Wouldn't that be a wonderful spread? And of course, I'd make sure I'd pop a really good and fun movie into the DVD player.

But then again, I wouldn't need to wait for my birthday to do that. I'll be doing it some time this year I suppose. After my exams for sure. I'll get my friends and some of Dearie's friends. It'd be a blast!!!

For now, I'll just have to remember that I just turned 25, and that means I've got more important things to think about - my bloody exams.

Exactly 10 days to my first paper. I haven't started studying properly. I start my exam leave on Thursday.

*Prays hard*

Friday, May 04, 2007

*I am 25*

I have officially hit the mid-twenties.

Or like what YL would like to call it - my quarter life - though I really don't think I'll make it to 100.

Happy Birthday to me.

No celebration last night. But went shopping alone at Vivocity. Bought a present each for his mum and mine. I love getting gifts. Spent $300 in total.

Turned in pretty early after that.

Today, I took a day off to help my mum with Kiki. Guess she's forgotten it's my birthday but it's ok. She's my mum. She can do anything she likes and get away with it. :O)

Tonight? Maybe I'll land up in Hard Rock Cafe for the first time. I have no idea really. Lazy to do the calling of people out, the reservation at the restaurant..

As for Dearie? He went to pump petrol till late night yesterday. Haven't heard from him all day. I assume he's still sleeping. Whatever.

No presents this year. I think that's the same for last year? I don't remember. Hmm.. what did I do last year? oops. I forget lah. I know never to expect anything from Dearie. If I do get something, it's on borrowed money. Better not accept sia.

Time for my nap. I'm going out tonight either way. After picking little Ki up from school.

Happy 25th Birthday.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Lagi long weekend

To make up for the lost days, here's what I've been up to!
Too bad I don't have more photos..

Got an MC and spent it sleeping and lazing around at home.

After work, I went for my company karaoke competition. It’s the reason why I took an MC on Thursday. So I could rest till I was well enough to sing – not win, but at least to sing.

I got up to be the first person to sing because I had to dash off to class right after. I knew I sure as hell couldn’t win. Not with a flu. Not with the song I chose. And not with that strong competition. Still, I did what I could.

Here is probably THE most unflattering photo of myself I'm ever going to put up here:

Can you tell I am trying to look "emotional" to match the song? HAHA! Lying is a problem, let alone acting.

During class, I got notice that our division came in first. Hooray! Guess I didn’t do too badly to pull down everyone’s score after all!

I was tired after class, but hungry. I didn’t really have a proper dinner.

I joined Dearie on a supper trip at the train station along Keppel Road. It really was like eating in Malaysia. Interesting.. hmm..

My parents left for Desaru, leaving me and my younger sister the house again. I spent an hour or so in NTUC buying some ingredients I needed for dinner.

Yes. I was actually going to cook dinner.

I had it all planned out nicely.

I started preparing the food at 5pm. By 5:45pm, it was all over. And Dearie left school a tad earlier so he could eat it while it was still hot.

What did I prepare? Ham and Mushroom Aglio Olio (Fussili). It’s my favourite style of pasta. I bought olive oil, chilli flakes, black pepper, ham and loads of garlic.

Turns out, it didn’t taste too bad. Neither did our stomachs turn. Muahaha! I can officially say that I can cook a proper dish now. HA!!!

The part that wasn’t part of the plan was going out for a drink. I had actually wanted to spend another nice quiet evening with Dearie just relaxing at home. Perhaps catch Saw 2 on HBO or something. But my sister wanted to go out, what the hey, I just said ok and went. Dearie had no intentions to stay late anyway ‘cos he had study plans the next day. Sigh.

While waiting for YL at Robertson Walk, some strange guy came up to us and invited him into the wine bar we were standing in front of. He offered each of us a drink and introduced us to his friend. It was quite odd for me because I’ve never been part of being approached before. It’s my sister who attracts people to do that.

The wine was good. I liked it very much. It was a mix between a red and white wine, he said. My sister sipped on her red wine and watched the soccer match. Some ang moh offered her a seat, she took it, and was obliged to speak to him from then on. I, on the other hand, suck at small talk so I stood there and pretended to watch the match too, while trying to stay invisible.

YL finally came and I didn’t feel too bad after. We finished our drinks and hurriedly left. We were off to Butter Factory, a few doors down.

Patrick came and joined us, but when we went into Butter Factory, it was disappointing. There wasn’t much of a crowd and the dance floor was empty. After we finished our drinks, the dance floor was picking up, and we went down as well. It wasn’t long before we left and decided – let’s go to St. James.

By the time we reached there, it was 2am. The place was still packed. We even had to queue to enter the Boiler Room. I wanted to go to the Bellini Room and lounge around. I still love the music there.

For reasons I shall not blog about, we left the Boiler Room. Let’s just say it wasn’t the music that did that.

We went to Powerhouse where they played .. erm .. do you call it trance? I’m not sure. YL and Patrick sure as hell weren’t enjoying themselves. For me? I just blend into whatever they play. Try not to spoil the mood you know?

Too bad Dragonfly was “Full House”. I quite like what they play there too.

We wanted to go into Movida, but the queue was ridiculous. In the end, while contemplating on getting a hotdog that they were cleverly bbq-ing outside the club, a storm started. We dashed into the restaurant for shelter and to tide the time. Poor Patrick couldn’t ride home in that horrible rain.

We were shocked to see that the menu had changed since the last time we came – that a plain prata now costs $5.50. We suspect it was because the menu we were looking at was the “Rain” menu. Haha! Clearly, none of us ate prata. We just settled for anything else which all cost about that price anyway.

I think we left the place at 4am? I do not remember. When the rain was simmering down a little, we chased Patrick off so he wouldn’t miss the short window of the lighter rain. He needed to get to his bike quickly so he could put on his rain-resistant gear.

Now here’s the worst part of the night. There were no taxis in sight. That’s a familiar situation to all of us. Calling for a cab took forever. Another familiar situation. I finally did get through to one. Mr Taxi Driver called me when he was nearby to ask where I was.

I asked him to turn into the car park where there was shelter. I waved to him from afar. As the taxi pulled in close and stopped (there was another vehicle stopping him from pulling over right in front of me), these 2 bitches – or rather should I call them sluts – dashed to the taxi.

I signalled to them nicely through the window that it was not their cab and we’d called for it. The SLUT just looked back at me, doing the same hand signs I made to her.

Before I could reach for the handle (I was standing in the rain hor), the taxi drove off.

We were so pissed off. Sigh. What to do. Complain also like that.

Just to let everyone know: The taxi was from SMART. Taxi number 7042. Driver’s mobile number is 82001565.

I hope the 2 sluts get their just deserves – like get into an accident the next time they snatch a cab.

We landed up only getting home at 5:30am.

We woke up in the afternoon. Before we could decide on what dinner we wanted, the decision was made for us. His bike friends asked him to go to Marina South for steamboat, and this time he could bring me along. The pig heard this and wanted to go too.

So yes, we made his friend come over and pick her up, while we all went to have dinner. With that, I knew CSI night was ruined. But hey, I’m sure they’ll play re-runs.. won’t they?

As with all new group outings, I didn’t know what to do. My sister and I just stayed close. There was confusion as to how many people were turning up especially since we had to pay upfront. When it was settled, we were divided into 2 tables.

When the food came, my sister and I got to work. She knew how to settle the soup – something I have no clue what to do about. I settled the meat – something she could not do because she was too damn scared of the popping oil. Great team huh? The guys did the leg work, and some more of the cooking.

Except for it being oily and salty, everything was good. After dinner, instead of rounding, we landed up at the arcade. Fine by me. I was just happy to be out!

By the time we went home, it was past midnight. Oops.

I did not take a day off. It was so tempting.

Oddly enough, although I was physically tired, I managed to do up the minutes of a meeting that had lasted 2.5hours. I spent lunch time shopping around Queensway while waiting for some photocopying to be done, and by the time I got back, I learnt that my pig of a sister had gotten home on an unofficial off-day to nap! PIG.

My parents got home in the evening after I did.

Later that night we find out that my elder sis’ father-in-law (Ki’s other grandfather) had suffered a heart attack in Batam.

I turned in early to make up for the lost rest my body needed.

Ki came over and I was awake by 9:30am. Dearie came to pick me up after noon. Guess what we did the entire labour day afternoon? We were studying in NUS! Oh my gosh…. What a way to spend the day. I hate exams. I hate having to study.

Went back to my place at 5:30pm to mess with Ki for a while, and to put down our stuff, before heading out for dinner with his brudders at Cineleisure. Why there? Because of the heart attack, my elder sis could not go watch a movie she had booked for, so Dearie and I were going to catch it instead.



I shall not post spoilers here, only that Dearie much preferred Spiderman 2. I must say that Spidey 3 wasn’t too bad, but I did feel like there was too much going on. Topher Grace is finally in a blockbuster. Yay!!! Did I say I’m a fan of “That 70’s Show”? Well, I am. Haha! Spidey 3….. I wonder if there’ll be a number 4. Hmm…

Anyway, we got back past midnight. Tired.

By 2am, I couldn’t take it any longer and went to bed.

I learnt that he passed away from the heart attack. Ki still woke up this morning watching cartoons and chatting happily. The poor boy does not know he’s lost a doting grandfather yet.

Later today, I’ll also be going for a funeral across my place. My online friend’s mother just passed away. I don’t know how he is holding up. I’ll see him tonight.

Life is so fragile.

We must enjoy the moments that we have. Savour them.

Live life simply. Why make it so complicated? Plenty of things that we want. Which ones are really going to make you happy?

I’ll live life to the fullest. And everyone has a different definition of that. I’m going to make the best of what I can do with my limited skills with music. I’m going to be spending so much more time with family and friends. I’m going to see so many more places.

Money may not be enough. But it’s enough to do everything I want for now. :O)