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Monday, June 25, 2007

The Bintan Weekend

Friday morning. 7am. We were supposed to leave the house to pick my sister and Ki up. (Ok, I'm going to refer my elder sister as Ki's mama in this post.) My younger sister (which I'll refer to as my sister) was still not ready. As usual.

So my dad got impatient, started banging stuff around. He's super obsessed with keeping to the schedule. And by that I mean being ready 5 min before whatever time was stated. No, he's not a military guy.

My mum's blood pressure shot up high and it made her kind of unwell. Me? I was just sick of it happening. Again. Every single damn trip.

But Ki got onto the car at Bukit Batok. And everything was ok for me again. He was still a little sleepy, but excited. This was the first trip in yearssssssssss that our family has taken together. now, with a little addition of Kiki.

At the ferry terminal

We all had breakfast at the nicely-done-up-till-it-looks-like-new terminal.

We didn't have to wait long before the gates were open and we could go in.

Oh, on the way to the ferry we even caught sight of a really long fish! Sorry, missed the photo opportunity.

This is Ki's first overseas trip. He couldn't fully grasp the idea of a holiday so we had to explain it to him.

Doesn't he look so adorable with that red backpack?!
Arrival in Bintan

Well, he survived the ferry trip really well. I didn't. I'm amazed I didn't throw up despite feeling so incredibly sick of the rocking boat.

Ki was quite restless and since the sun was shining so brightly, photo taking wasn't what he wanted. He was tired already.

It didn't help that we were waiting for my sister since she was taking her own sweet time at customs.
The Resort Hotel
But hey, everything turned out fine when we got to the hotel. Of course Ki was oblivious to any cold fights going on and he effortlessly, unknowingly, glued us together like a family should be. Everyone just gave in to the cuteness of Ki.

Pool time

We were early so we had to wait quite a while before we could get our rooms. So, we headed for the pool!

Nirwana Gardens has such a beautiful pool. Needless to say, since the whole trip was for Ki, our job was to make sure we took care of him. That meant staying with him in the baby pool for as long as he wanted. And pretty much wherever he wanted to go.

This shot was of him at the adult pool's jacuzzi area. Very comfy for adults. It was a little odd for him but Ki preferred it in the baby pool, so it wasn't long before he ran along back.

I spent a lot of time with him in the pool. It was exhausting.... but rewardingly fun!

A lot more photos lah, but don't need to put up all right? hahaha! Maybe if got requests then I will.... hahahaha! I'm gonna try my best to post whatever I can without my family members 'cos this is MY blog, and I shouldn't infringe on their personal space by posting THEM up. So, it's just ME ME ME!

After the swim, we had lunch. I wasn't very hungry but what the hey, just eat lah. haha! My sisters and me in the centre.... heehee! Ki and my parents on the table beside where this photo was shot. Not enough space lah.

Room & Beach

We managed to check into our rooms after this meal (which was still before the "allowed" time). Not wanting to waste the day, we went out shortly after to the beach just downstairs. My dad took a nap at the room first so it's 3 sisters and a baby.

Ki's mama has got more pretty photos but maybe if she sends them over, then I'll post up. Else, make do with my lousy photo-taking lah.

We don't know where he learnt it from but at one point when we tried to snap a picture, he did the "v" sign and said "cheeeeese". This one was forcefully done. Heehee! Made him pose for me unwillingly. I was taking care of him alone at the beach 'cos both my sisters slept on the beach chairs. Blech.
Back to the water

I fared better with him at the water. He liked the pool better anyway, so when my parents came down to join us, my mum and I brought him to the baby pool again.

You know how you get hungry after a swim? Yeah.... it happens to Ki too..

He ate one after another.... and another....

... before we finally distracted him by making him go to the playground behind.

The Playground

See how much fun he's having?

He liked this tunnel a lot.
And this is him trying to ask me to join him on the other end, telling me not to be scared and just cross over. The gaps were kinda wide. Definitely not the kind of thing that Singapore playgrounds will ever have. Poor new-generation kiddies.

There're also very few swings left in Singapore I think. I wonder which moron said it was dangerous. All things at the playground are dangerous. But if they're too dangerous for the kid, he/she would have been supervised by the parent. But nooooo. Overprotective parents, or should I say the ones who don't watch over them, would support the move for removal of all swings. Luckily, there was one that Ki could enjoy.

I love swings. So I just had to get a go at it too.

Told ya he loved the tunnel.

Rest and food
We went back to the room to rest and bathe. How refreshing! Ki was obviously very very very tired. He was still getting used to the fact that we'd be sleeping in the hotel room. He didn't understand why he didn't need to go back home - not that he minded at all.

Somehow, all our meals were taken at the main restaurant. It seemed like the only one we liked. Anyway, right outside they actually had an area of lizards. I don't understand it but hey, I wasn't complaining. I love looking at animals.

Before we started eating, Ki was fidgeting tooooo much. My mum brought him back to the room and as my mum told us later, he fell asleep almost instantly.

So we managed to eat in peace.

See the empty half? Those were filled with scallop - still stuck to their shell hor. All finish liao. I don't like shelled stuff so my sisters ate a whole load of mussels and scallop. I munched down on smoked salmon, and a lot of dessert. Too bad lah, didn't snap all the food. Else will make people hungry liao.

For some strange reason, we all woke up awfully early. That included Ki.

While Ki was busy in the water, we 3 sisters had a cam-whore session. Something we hadn't done in a while.

Like I said, my blog, my photos.
My sister likes to play around with the modes of the camera - unlike boring ol' me.

New MSN photos, we told ourselves. Heehee!

Before heading back, we had a nice good lunch first. Ki was more interested in fooling around as usual.

Ki's mama suggested grabbing some of the bread from the lunch table and feeding them to the Joi at the lobby. Ki was thrilled.

Look at the scary Koi. They reminded me more of piranhas that hadn't eaten in days. They were jumping on top of each other for some meagre crumbs ok? In fact, all you had to do was hold your hand out and they'd start crowding.

Right after that, we all did some waiting (and napping) at the lobby. It wasn't long before the bus came and it was time to head back.

Back at the Ferry Terminal
My sister wanted ice-cream. Fine. I wanted it too. The only thing available was Haagen Daaz. Expensive stuff. But for Ki, my mum took out the money, and we got a cup for $5.20. A tiny cup ok?

See how messily he gobbled it down? Heehee! What's missing is how we all gobbled a bit of the small cup. It was gooooooood.

Here's a comparison of Ki and mama. Photostat out one.

And here's a final shot of Ki before we crammed onto the ferry back home.

Back in Singapore

No more photos. The ferry stopped a little too long before letting us down, so I felt sick again. The winds were extremely strong. I wonder why Ki didn't feel sick, but it was a good thing. Rather the adults feel sick than the kid.


It was a really wonderful trip. I enjoyed myself so much! Ah....

After we got home, surprisingly, both me and my sister found the energy to go out. We went out separately though. She landed up at Velvet Dragon, while I had a sushi buffet at Marina Square plus a techno/canto-pop clubbing night after. It was ... interesting. Wahahaha! Maybe didn't drink enough alcohol. Or I was recovering from the boat-lag. I'm still more the KTV kinda girl. Doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy myself still. Nice bunch of people. Really nice. :O)

The most amazing part is having some more energy on Sunday to go kayaking with the same bunch. My gosh. Ok lah, Dearie did most of the paddling, but I told him that I would make the effort to get a single kayak for myself next time - if got next time lah. Heehee!

Had a pretty good dinner at East Coast Park hawker before going back for MotoGP. Oh, and whoever said "V for Vendetta" wasn't a good movie? It's good lor. Luckily got Star Movies. Or was it HBO? Hmm.. Anyway, we enjoyed it.

Another fantastic weekend gone by. Is my life full again or what?! Hahahaha!

Back again

Went to Bintan on Friday early morning. Back on Saturday evening.
That Saturrday evening I went out. Same goes for the entire Sunday.

Needless to say I'm still a little tired but... I'll update soon - with photos, no less. Stay tuned. :O)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Don't you love weekends?

I had one hell of a good weekend. It was packed with so many activities! I absolutely loved it.

I wore a dress to work. I don't do that unless I know I am going out right after. And I did. I met up with a friend I hadn't met in a couple of years. He had sms-ed me several days before, asking if I was interested in catching something from the Singapore Arts Festival. To my surprise it was actually "Play! A Video Game Symphony". It was the one show of the festival that I had my eyes on.

He works for SPH, and was supposed to bring me to the reception (to swipe up free food) but he had to rush a story and landed up late for the show. Thankfully they allowed us to enter even after the show started. We'd missed the first piece.

I hadn't been to this hall before. It was the concert hall. Very nice. If only one day our band could perform there..... Back to the concert. The Singapore Festival Orchestra didn't seem to be able to get it together in the first half, but it was waaaay better in the second hald. Maybe because the repertoire was better too. Legend of Zelda, Halo, Castlevania... Great sounding music. It has been too long since I attended an arts event.

He said he had to treat me to dinner after for being late, so we went to Maxwell market where we ate till we were a little too full. I had another appointment after so I told him to drop me off at Clementi central.

Guess who I went to meet up with at long last? AH CHANG!!!!!! We finally made the KTV-outing materialise!!! Thanks to Eddy too else it'd have just been the 2 of us. You know how ironic it was? I was with 2 of Dearie's campmates (Eddy is also Dearie's biking-buddy), while that same night, Dearie was out somewhere with Patrick and his friends. And Patrick was someone he got to know through me. Wahahaha!!!

Anyway, I liked just singing and singing. Too bad I was tired else I think I could have sung better and more! We only left at 3am. Eddy stays in Clementi too but he could ride home. Ah Chang stays somewhere near Tiong Bahru.. but he actually walked me all the way back to my block!!! SO SWEEEEET! Aiyo.... Fangfang better accept him lah. He good guy wat... scared wat....

I crawled out of bed to dress up for an interview. It was one of those face-to-face things that the agency set up to clarify some stuff with me. After that then will they start sending out my resume to companies. Managed to reach right on time at 10:30am.

I was back home by noon. Greeted by the naughty cheeky monkey Kiki! I played with him for quite a while, but luckily mummy made him take a nap so I went to do the same too. By the time I woke up, only my sister was at home. Ki had gone out shopping. Again.

I only had breakfast before the interview. After my nap it was well in the evening. I munched on Famous Amos in front of the TV. Dearie said he had gone to snap passport sized photos for his resume. I didn't know if he was coming over or whether we were going out.

Not too long later, I could hear the rustle of my dad's keys, and the familiar chatty voice of Kiki outside the door. He came rushing in the house as usual. Walking up behind him was Dearie!!!

Why the exclamation mark? Because he was in a long sleeved shirt and tie. Did I mention I LUUUUUURVE it when he dresses up like that? Well.... I DO. Just like men in uniform? Yeah, same effect. But hey, not every guy makes me smile and laugh like him so yep! Full marks for the get-up!

He told me that some people were going up north to Kulai (some place in M'sia) for dinner. Fooood. Just what I needed. Of course I said ok. We had to leave quickly so i changed, grabbed my stuff and sped off. We made a stop at his place for me to get his armoured jacket (funny how I'm the one wearing it although he bought it for himself with the birthday money I gave him), and for me to wear a full-faced helmet. THis time he even lent me his sister's gloves. Except for my feet, I was almost all geared up. Note to self: I need to get shoes.

Road conditions were wet but we set off to meet the rest at the petrol kiosk inside. The rain wasn't too bad on the way there. But the worst thing that happened was that a bike got lost. And no, you DON'T want to get lost in M'sia. Somehow one of them sped straight ahead when he should've made a turn. This despite having someone they called a "marker" to wait at the turn and signal where to turn.

2 bikes even set off to look for them to no avail. The fella and his pillion didn't have autoroam so they couldn't contact them at all. In the end we just ate to our hearts' content, hoping that they were safe.

On the way back, it poured. Dearie had it bad, trying to keep up with the rest on the wet roads, plus blocking much of the rain. Thank goodness for the gloves cos they helped. Even with the jacket I was cold. My jeans were soaked and my feet could feel the millions of raindrops piercing like needles. (Ok.. I may exaggerate a little.) Note to self: I seriously need to buy shoes.

Back at the petrol station, they managed to contact the person who was lost. He somehow managed to turn out and find his way back to the causeway, and back to Singapore. Wow. 1) Luckily he found his way without getting mugged, etc. 2) Luckily he had enough petrol.

The rain was still heavy so the whole bunch (well, almost all) waited out till it was almost clear. I went back to Dearie's place, and stayed the night there.

It is such a sweet feeling getting to wake up beside someone you love. Too bad it was because of the alarm though. We wanted to go have lunch, drop by Queensway to buy things like shoessss, then he could drop me off for flute practice, and he to wash his bike with the bikers.

By the time we left and landed up back at my place, it wasn't that early and we knew Queensway would have to wait another weekend. I printed my flute scores, packed my stuff, changed and we set off for food. Dearie chose Amoy Street. I never even been there before but because he used to eat there during a temp stint, he had missed the food so much.

The auntie selling the Oyster Pancake could remember him some more. Haha! He had been raving about it since forever. He finally managed to sink his teeth into them again.

He dropped me off at my friend's ulu apartment and he zoomed off.

It had been 6 months since I last played the flute. It felt good - but seriously, I suck so bad at it again. Sigh. We tried a few arrangements that were purchased, and some I made. Just pure music making. So cooool.

We got tired by 6+. Just nice, Dearie sms-ed me to say he was about done too. Great timing. I told myself to remember to arrange a few more pieces whenever I could. Flute Quartets from piano pieces. Haha! I'm beginning to get the hang of it.

Dearie picked me up and we headed to Marina Square to look for Ah Chang. Dearie needed to get his PSP back. We had dinner and walked around. I actually thought we were going back to my place, but he said he was going to meet with a friend who was in a bike accident. Nice guy, poor thing.

While we waited for the call to go down, I scouted for shoe designs and picked out a few, all of which from Puma. Funny how I still haven't seen a nice backpack.

We went to Toa Payoh for the meet-up. Damn. He was still limping badly. No crutches but he was obviously still recovering. It was nice just sitting there listening to them talk. I actually understood what they were saying! Oh my gosh!!! Ok, maybe not everthing but like 80% ok?! That's a super major improvement.

Too bad I had to work the next day (today), so we all left by 1. I think. I don't really remember the time. Hmm..


Now how packed a weekend was that?! I loved it I loved it I loved it!

Life should be this way!!!


This Friday I'll be going off to Bintan. My family (parents and 2 sisters) will all be going together. We haven't done that in YEAAARRRSSSS. It'd be interesting. You know who this trip is really for? Who else right? Kiki. Yes, he's coming along. First time out of the country.

We're going to have to take turns and look after him. Going to be extremely tiring. I will need to charge the battery of the camera to its max!!!

Another fulfilling weekend coming right up. Too bad it's without Dearie, but I guess it'd be good if he had a little rest from me. Not have me bug him for a day. Not have me nag him for a day. He can go meet his friends in peace and gossip all he wants about me. Haha!

It's been a long time since I donned a bikini. I'm not looking forward to a tan so I'll be slapping a whole tube of sunblock. Why? Because I was born tan. Dark, more like it. If I get tan, it can take me half a year to get back to my regular "dark" self.

Anyway, more of that when I go and come back.

Ooooooh. I am indeed getting my life back on track. This is the way my life had been before studying and it's going to be this way for as long as I can keep it up. Heehee!

The time to enjoy is here. It's NOW!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Not been doing much

Amazingly, after the exams, I haven't been doing much. I thought I'd be so pumped up from the adrenaline of having ended my torture of 3 months. But noooo. I have started to slack.

That can be a good thing.. can't it? After all, working and studying for the past 3 years, I think I deserve to slack around for a while. (I'm really just trying to justify myself aren't I?)

Dearie and I have finished watching Heroes at long last. Now, to finish up Prison Break Season 2, get my hands on Criminal Minds Season 2 Episode 1, and a bunch of other stuff.

On Friday night, he brought me to go "rounding" - which really just means go around Singapore on a bike (or car).

On Saturday, we went to orchard and both got haircuts. Something we needed. It felt like a really nice date. We spent so much time together in the library mugging over the exam period but any couple will tell you it's a different experience. Going out to Orchard, shopping, etc. Now that's a date.

Plus, did I mention I bought my watch already? My pretty pretty pretty Folli Follie watch. Cost me a whopping $365. Officially the most expensive thing I've ever bought for myself. And because I can't find a photo of it online, nor is the camera with me, I'll leave you in suspense as to how it looks like.

After the walking around, and being stuck in a very bad traffic jam, we went rounding again - though it wasn't supposed to be rounding. Some people were supposed to put their bikes up against each other on long straights. It wasn't really a race but more like messing around with the bikes. But this bunch of people are nice. They're all younger than me sia.... I'm old...

We didn't stay around for too long because ... we were going to A&W the next morning!!! Where the hell got A&W you ask? Well, Dearie rode me up - together with a large bunch of older riders - to some part of Malaysia to eat that. I tell you it was super yummy lor. I'm referring to the curly fries of course. I miss it already. Too bad I didn't get to eat the waffle. Was too full already. It was a very long ride, partially because Dearie wasn't going as fast. Plus the scorching sun probably made it feel longer than it was.

The ride back didn't feel as long. But all in all I had fun. It was exhausting for Dearie I'm sure. The A&W bear came out and had loads of fun messing with the guys. Photos are somewhere in the Singapore Bike Forums. If I'm not wrong, under a section Chatterbox - Iron Horse. Very nice photos.

I haven't been doing much of anything after the weekend. Lazing around mainly. Damn. I've been sending out resumes via JobsDB. I haven't got any interviews, but hey, it's only been a week. I'll see how it goes. No hurry. I'm enjoying life as it is for now.

There's much to do, buy, see, watch, etc etc. I guess I am trying to take things one step at a time. After all, I've got a whole lifetime to do all the things I said I wanted to do. What's the hurry? Why hurry through life when you can take it slowly and savour each moment?

There's stuff going on in Dearie's life. If he wrote this entry, it would be soooo much more interesting. But it's his life and I do not think it would be right for me to blurt everything else.

My poor poor boy. As in literally poor. I guess one of the reasons why I don't mind he's poor is because I'm insecure. Too many horror stories about men with money cheating on their girlfriends and wives. Then again, poor ones do that too. Lower probability only lah. But another reason is that it's easier to enjoy the simpler things. I know I've been waaaaay over-spending lately, and I like to bask in luxury whenever I can afford it. Dearie likes it too. But I'm glad we still can enjoy a good meal at a food court, window shop, go around on a bike, watch lots of tv, etc.

Budget activities, he calls them. Hahahaha! A lot of things don't seem to need lots of money to do. But once in a while, I guess I'll still fork out a sum to pamper ourselves - whether it is to eat at a restaurant, drink, ktv.. Like I said before, as long as we enjoy ourselves, the pricetag sometimes just doesn't matter that much.

Speaking of which, I should start thinking about "budget activities". On the top of my head, I have... picnic, model painting, more dvd nights...

Jialat. I'm back into running my life leeching off his. I told myself that I've got to lead my own so I wouldn't scare him away. Hmm.. guess it's not to that stage yet. I'll remind myself to be mindful again. Ah... it feels like how we just started off 5 years ago...

Till then, it's simple enjoyments for me. For us. :O)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Oh my gosh. I have ORD-ed from part time studying! (Ok ok. results only out in September....) but for the first time in 3 years, I will not need to schedule my life around the 3 night-classes a week from Jul - May!!! OH MY FREAKING GOSH.

I've got my life back. At last.

I'm going to be spending A LOT of money this half a year. I'll also be spending a lot of time doing all the things I've said I wanted to do.

On my agenda now is a secondary school gathering I'm organising. It'll be my first gathering to organise for secondary school. Anyone from the 1998 cohort will be invited.

This is really exciting. I've always loved gatherings. It's not like I talk to many people there, nor do I even talk a lot there. But somehow seeing familiar faces just perks me up. I simply enjoy seeing people get together. No, I've got nothing to show off. I'm just an admin girl. So yes, I genuinely just want to see how everyone is doing. I'm keeping to the stuff I wrote in autograph books ok?! By keeping in touch!

Ah. I'm just so so so so so relieved I no longer need to think about classes, exams and school. Seriously feel like I ORD liao.

Here's an updated list of the things I want to get done:
- Organise a successful secondary school gathering
- Organise a successful primary school gathering
- Learn driving (I need to go register. Need to go find out how..)
- Learn dancing (May go to my friend's salsa school to do this.)
- Learn basic Japanese (Just for the heck of it)
- Pack my room (again)
- Play more of the piano
- Kickstart band
- Arrange more pieces for flute quartet (provided we'll be playing them)
- Read all those books I wanted to
- Read/watch the anime Dearie has been hoping I read/watch
- Catch up on the dramas/movies/sitcoms I've missed
- Buy shoes (so I can start jogging again)
- Buy backpack (like the Prada/Projectshop ones)
- Buy big sling bag ('cos mine snapped)
- Buy slippers (so I can stop wearing my sister's)
- Buy a watch
- Cut my hideous hair (this Saturday!)
- Start putting mascara ('cos I splurged $44 on a tube today)
- Go out and meet the people I said I'd meet

Plenty more lah. Can't possibly jot everything down.

Oh oh oh. I'm on the look out for administrative jobs now. Seking a rather steep pay hike but, I think I'm worth it. 5yrs working experience + expecting degree in September... Can lah.

I'll be going back to office tomorrow. 1st time in 1 month. Wow. Going to be exciting! Wonder what's in store...........

Anyway, let me again, end off with Kiki photos. It'll put a smile on anyone's face..

Is he cute or is he cuuuuuuuuuuute!!!