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Thursday, November 30, 2006

The freak is back

Damn. Apparently the dead body they found at Clementi a few weeks back did not belong to the the same freak that scared the shit out of me.

Unless you're telling me I'm hearing things.

It's possible. Afterall I didn't see his face this time. I felt like it was a scene taken right out of a movie.

I left the office a little later. No class last night. I could work through the night if I was asked to and still be waaaay happier than spending it in a classroom.

Anyway at Clementi MRT station, I was deliberating upon turning left to central just to take a walk amongst the shops. I decided against that since it'd only mean me spending more money.

What a mistake.

As usual, I walked back briskly. Somehow, at that same spot where I was followed the other time, something in me woke up. I suddenly became acutely aware of someone following me. Again, it was rush hour and so having several people walking around was not unusual.

I decided to walk even faster, but I didn't hear any footsteps trying to catch up. I told myself I was being paranoid and gave a slight turn of my head to peek. I didn't see any face I should've been scared of, but did notice a guy in a red shirt somewhere.

I didn't want to take my chances so I picked up my speed. I walked through to another block, hoping there'd be someone there but there wasn't, so I made my way to my block where I did see people walking towards.

Just when I was crossing the playground to get there, I heard from a distance behind me that same voice. That same person was somewhere in the back where he bellowed. He wasn't so much as shouting but he I could tell he wasn't close enough.

I didn't look back.
I didn't dare to.

He asked again if I was wearing a white bra. Exactly the same tone. Exactly the same words. (Although he said more the other time, this was just as eerie.)

By the time I reached my block, I saw a lady on her way out. I walked straight up to her and asked her to accompany me for the lift because I suspected someone was following me.

She readily agreed and asked me who it was. I looked out to the direction I came from. All I saw was a couple of guys, totally different from the description I gave the other time, going about their own business. I thought I saw a red shirt guy walk past somewhere behind that but my lift came and I just entered.

I was shaking badly, but made my way home like nothing happened. I only told Dearie about it.

My skirt was a little tighter yesterday - the office type of knee-length skirt, and an almost t-shirt like cowl-neck top.

Why me?! Argh.

I am never going to walk that path alone between 6:15 - 6:45pm ever again. I may not be alone on the path but unless someone is going to be protecting me, I'm not going to take my chances.

To anyone who takes that path outside the now-being-renovated Pei Tong Primary School, please beware.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Things that make me go Argh and Awww

Things that make me go Argh:
1) My sister being at home with that gloomy face like the whole world owes her.
2) My sister treating my mum like she's the maid.
3) My mummy asking me every other day whether I know what time my sister left the house the night before - and where she was going.
4) My sister going out in the middle of the night, leaving us wondering where she is nor when she is ever going to come back.
5) My Dearie starting his "regular" JB trips like the other typical bikers in Singapore.
6) My Dearie speeding at 170km/hr at a place he can't find his way around.
7) My mummy's distrust in doctors to help her with any pain she is having.
8) My incessant complaints about my studies yet not doing anything about them.
9) My Dearie's talk about getting an even bigger bike when firstly, he hasn't paid off his last one, and secondly, can barely afford the current one.
10) Myself not helping my mum out more often.

Things that make me go Awww:
1) Dearie bothering to take time off to accompany me.
2) Waking up next to Dearie in the morning.
3) Seeing Ki smile and laugh.
4) Watching my parents have fun with Ki.
5) Receiving msgs from friends.

Wow. Double the number of Arghs and Awwws. Ah well. That's for now anyway. Plenty more I could fill both lists up with.

I went to Vivocity last night in hopes of getting a dress or two. Turns out all the pretty ones I liked cost nearly $100 each. Some even $200+. For one, it's not me who's getting married. Another thing is that how often am I ever going to wear such pretty dresses?! Dearie rides a bike so that pretty much strikes out quite a number of days.

So much for a pretty dress.


I attended the Clementi Town Secondary School Fund Raising Dinner on Saturday night. The $80 one.

Food was quite all right. It was held in the school hall. Thankfully I asked for the dress code and didn't turn up in a dress.

I had to say I had a good time seeing the teachers again. Nostalgia. We snapped some photos here and there. Ah.. my best 4 school years.


Band: I really need to handover my position as President. I don't want to hold on to this responsibility anymore. I absolutely have to look for someone to take my place. How...........?


The flute thingy seems tot be going on fine. 16 and 17 Dec at Borders, 7-8pm. Remember people. Come donate!

It's so much fun playing with the other 3 flautists. Too bad I can't play as well, but just being in this group has exposed me further and I feel like I have improved.

At the same time I keep being on the look out for piano sheet music. I don't have anyone to play them to - and I'm not confident enough to anyway - but heck, it serves as a good distraction, destresser and training of my patience.


I'm fumbling at work. Let's not even mention how badly I'm faring in school. Oh no oh no oh no...


I have to get my act together. But haven't I been lamenting that since.. like.. July?

Christmas is a month away. It's just another public holiday to me, but at the same time, a really good excuse to get people gifts. It's the season of giving so I'm going to try to do that closer to Christmas.

It's Monday today. No class tonight. That's cause for celebration itself.

*Prances around humming a happy tune*

Saturday, November 18, 2006

A date with Dearie

It started out with Dearie riding his new bike over. He came over to spend time with Kiki. The two of them had a good time while I figured out what to wear out.

Tried several stuff but in the end I had to go with my still-new turqoise off-shoulder top with white pants. I love this combination.

My parents had to send Ki back, and since we were going to Bugis, they gave us a lift and went for their lunch nearby.

Dearie and I enjoyed ourselves. It was like the time before he started working on weekends. I got the wrapping paper I wanted for my office (I want to put some empty boxes under the christmas tree lah). I wanted to get more decorative stuff, but restrained myself since it's still an office afterall.

Anyway, I also got my dad a present. His birthday is tomorrow you see. Got him a pictorial thingy on James Bond. He loves this series of movies. He's been faithfully watching every Bond movie they've been showing on Star Movies - every single weekday night.

Dearie didn't get anything for himself though. His bike's enough. Enough of a burden really.

We caught Casino Royale, which is really a movie that tells of the beginnings of James Bond. I thought it was rather useful in telling the audience how he came about to be the International Man Of Mystery that we all know of. If one is familiar with the franchise, this is a must-watch.

We had a good pasta dinner and unfortunately, headed back to my place to end the day. Would've liked to shop around Marina Square 'cos I didn't get my dress for Lichen's impending wedding.

Still, we had to, since he was to meet his bike friends later. Yeap, he's got to learn more about his new bike so too bad it wasn't a day dedicated to me, but hey, I still had a ball of a time. *happy sigh*

Tomorrow he'll be coming over after work. It'll be just nice since I'll be coming back at that time after the birthday dinner my dad is having with all of us - including KI!!!

Next Saturday is going to be hectic for m e. I'll be having my company's family day thingy at Bishan Park. The upside is that my parents and Ki will be going too! Not gonna make Dearie go with me since it's going to be 7:30am.
That same night I'll be attending my alma mater Clementi Town Secondary School's fund raising dinner. In the school itself. I think I'll wear the same get-up I did today. Looks good to me. But I'll probably have to find something that presents a more professional look. How I'm gonna do that is still to be seen.

Damn. I need to get more dresses.

For now, I'm just a rather content girl who is going to be hoping her Dearie sms-es her later to say he'll be staying over with my after his bike thingy.

Till then, I'll keep myself busy by transcribing a piece into a flute quartet.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

For girls, to guys

I wrote this in a spur of a moment. Ya. Quite lame to some. I heard a couple of lines from a song of a similar content - about holding the door for her, and looking into her eyes, and telling her how much he loved her - that sort of thing.

I'd like to think I'm echoing the thoughts of most girls, for these are mine and every guy need only to know these. Trust me, sometimes it's all a girl wants.

Maybe it's because we've been together for so long, he doesn't see a need to do such silly things, little does he know (nor did I either) realise that they can mean so much.

I almost feel like it's a while since Dearie and I had gone out on a date. Just the 2 of us. Yeah yeah, I know he's working, I'm studying, he's studying, I'm working..
I guess I just want to feel special.

Anyway, here goes...

I don't know how you did it
But you won my heart
So if you still want me
You don't have to do much

I don't need jewellery
I don't need flowers
It's your little gestures
That'll keep my heart melted

I seek your affection
Your attention
Your thoughts on the future
Whether you see us together

An innocent cuddle
A lingering gaze
A peck on the forehead
Never in a haste

Call me your dear
Whisper into my ear
Please don't treat me as
Just another girl

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Rants.. as usual..

I had a nice dinner meeting with YL, and surprisingly YX. YX is a really good friend whom we've both not had a chance to go out with 'cos she's been too busy.

Anyway, it was great to catch up. I had a really good time.

An insight YL shed some point during our time together, was that flag days are actually not easy for organisations.

What I mean is that in order to get the "licence to have flag day", all the charity organisations come together for a ballot. This ballot then decides which organisation gets to do flag day for which weekend.

And as if that wasn't fantastic enough, flag days have a target - and they MUST meet otherwise they will not be eligible for the following year's flag-day-ballot!

You see, this is exactly what charity organisations need to let students know before they throw the lousy can and stickers in their faces. Most students (or adults for that matter) never know such things.


During the dinner YX and I obviously lamented about our boyfriends still being students. Blah blah blah.

I also complained about how everytime Dearie and I are together he starts to doze off. I understand that we only meet during weekends and he works on both Saturday and Sunday for 8 hours. It's understandable that he's tired.

But... you know... I just feel neglected. It's not like he goes out with his guy friends and he falls asleep. I feel like I'm just too boring for him. Or is it that he's bored with me? That's exactly the kind of vibe I'm getting.

I'm so irritated. But I can't blame him can I? He is striving to make his own money to do the things he wants. Only that at the end of the day, sometimes I wonder if it'd matter to him that I will not be there to see him enjoy the fruits of his labour...

I do sometimes think to myself: just what is it that he says or does that sets me apart from his friends? Am I simply another friend of his, but only difference is that we can be physically closer?

I miss him. He's right there, yet I miss him.