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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Bali - Day 1

I went back home after half a day of work to take a nap, then made my way to the airport. It was 4:30pm on Friday but the train was packed as if it was the 6pm rush hour.

I stood all the way to airport. Blech. I was so worried YL wouldn't be able to make it back on time because she had to go back home from office at 4:45pm, pack her bag, then reach the airport. Turns out, she was the 1st one there. Wow.

Evon was the most free amongst us yet she was the latest. Oopsie. Still, it was relieving to have all reached there and checked-in physically about an hour before the flight took off.

I met the pig with her colleagues at the airport. They were just queueing up a few places behind us. Heehee!

I love the airport. Great shopping place. There wasn't much time to shop around, but we managed to grab a bite and rush off to board the plane.

Economy class really is cattle class. Narrow, but who cares when you have great stuff to watch!!! Too many channels to choose from, I finally settled on the animated Disney classic Beauty & The Beast. I've watched it at least twice, but heck, I love the movie. I could've watched Charlie & the Chocolate Factory but I wanted to catch it with Dearie. I even had time to play a bit with their Nintendo games.

As we got off the fully occupied plane, I was greeted by many air stewardesses. As I walked past the Business Class (or was it First Class?) to get to the exit, I saw a familiar face who immediately changed her greeting from "Thank you.. Goodbye.." to "HEY!". HAHAHA! So cool right? That's 'cos it was my poly mate. I was just telling YL and Evon that I had a friend who flew on SQ flights to Bali every now and then, and tada! I really meet her. The last time I saw her was probably nearly a year ago.

Anyway, we 3 blur girls managed to walk out of the airport unscathed and got onto a cab to our hotel.

It was probably nearly 10pm. We were all tired. Our hotel was called Green Garden Hotel. Small cosy place, but I was glad that our room was mighty spacious - 1 queen sized bed sat in the middle of the room, with a double decker bed at the side. They didn't have a mini-fridge but one that was half the size of the normal ones we have at home. There was a small balcony, a humongous bathroom and lots more space in the room.

We spent the rest of the night looking through brochure after brochure of what to do for the next 2 days, then washed up and went to bed. We all needed to catch up on sleep, especially YL who fell asleep long before Evon and I did.


Updates with photos coming up.. Only a few photos 'cos YL is tied up with work and I'll only bug her about the photos next week or so.

Meanwhile, it's back to work for me again. And my attempt to do this Exam Question from earlier this year. Damn balance sheet. BLECH.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A non-Bali post

I'll blog about Bali soon, but it'll only come when I'm finally done with my work. I've got loads of studying to do.. Last night during Psychology class I was barely paying any attention and konked off completely during tea-break.

On top of that, more and more I am convinced I won't make it past the exams in May. I really do not wish to give up halfway. Nor do I want to be so pessimistic, but this time I'm not saying this because of prudence. It's simply because it is the truth.

I've got no more leave yet so no way I can take a day off to study. The closest I have to that is my weekends. I guess I have to take a day off from Dearie and Kiki to study properly. Libraries allow that right? I'll probably make use of Jurong East Library.

I saw this on Missyong's blog. It applies to me on Dearie. Amazingly. I never thought that these things could actually be true. Don't know about him towards me, but when you're in love, it really doesn't matter does it?

You know you're in love when....
12. You'll read his/her SMS over and over again...

11. You'll walk really really slow while you're with him/her..

10. You'll feel shy whenever you're with him/her..

9. While thinking bout him/her..your heart will beat faster and slower at the same time..

8. By listening to his/her voice..you'll smile for no reason.

7. While looking at him/her..you cant see the other people around you..you can only see that person...

6. You'll start listening to SLOW songs.

5. He/She becomes all you think about.

4. You'll get high just by their smell...

3. You'll realize that you're always smiling to yourself when you think about them..

2. You'll do anything for him/her...

1. While reading this, there was one person on your mind the whole time.


This is a photo that was taken in September. Me, Evon and YL.

We went to Bali together and enjoyed ourselves. What little photos from Evon's camera will be up soon. Other photos are in YL's camera. They'll take a while.

Back to work again..... and time to worry about my studies too...

Monday, November 28, 2005

I'm Baaaack!~

Flown in all the way from Bali, I'm back and recharged - until I attended Psychology class at 7pm just now.

Extremely drained now. Blech. So fast and back to reality. YL lagi worse. Go back office straight from airport to work her ass off. Guess I shouldn't complain.

Will update asap... with what limited photos I have. It's great to be back in the arms of my family, Dearie, and kiki. And of course, more friends.

Friday, November 25, 2005


Remember I spent $8 at SIngapore Pools that day?

I'm a millionaire now.

Nope. THe above 2 statements are NOT linked. Unfortunately.

I am a millionaire - counting the Rupiah. And no, I didn't tiok bloody toto. SHITTY HELL. I give up on gambling. Cheat my $8. humph.

Time to fly in less than 6 hours. I really want a window seat. Haven't had that for years.

I'll be seeing the pig at the airport. Really kinda odd come to think of it. Going separate ways on a trip to the same place - same beach some more. Heehee!

Time to take a nap liaoZ!~

Holiday mood liaoz

I'm waiting for dinner so here's the few minutes I can spare to update this space. Heehee..

Never tiok Singapore Pools 4D never mind. I still holiday mood.
[I buy 1513, come out first prize 1503. Some more I buy $1 big $1 small. WAH KAOZ.]

At work today, I didn't really do much, as far I can recall. One of those days when I just didn't feel like working and so just happen that the workload at this time of the month is not too difficult.

Tomorrow, I'll be flying off to Bali! WOOHOO! No camera for me though, 'cos my pig of a sister wants to bring it. She "chop" it first. Blech. Did I mention she's going to Bali on the same flight? Hahaha! I'll be going with 2 of my friends (of which are also her friends), and she'll be with her 2 colleagues. We'll have a different itinerary from each other, and we'll be staying in different hotels.

Kinda odd huh? In a way we'll get to experience the same place in a different way and when we get back there'll be loads to talk about I guess. HAHAHAHAHA!

lalala... really holiday mood. Tomorrow still have to go to work for half a day though. Doesn't matter. I'm fine with work. Got such a good boss and great colleagues, some more got nice office. Enough liaoz.

My boss and GM are not getting along. My GM is quite all right with me. My boss too. But those 2 cannot get along. Biangz. High tension. The war just continues day by day........... Hopefully it'll die down.

Another "random thoughts" post. Oops.

Something that pissed me off this week was the letter to the forum written by Michelle Qiu to the Today paper. Here's a blog post that reacted:(http://fatfool.blogspot.com/2005/11/balls-to-you-michelle-qiu_22.html)

She was speaking in defence of the GEP (Gifted Programme) system. However, her letter was written in such a condescending tone to non-GEP people. She said those who were not in the GEP programme were "immature".

Pissed me off real bad. One day this kinda people going to rule Singapore. Can you imagine someone like that looking down on us "regular people" and scoffing? Proud and arrogant also no need to let the whole Singapore know right? Kaoz.

Anyway, had it not been for class I'd have written in to Today to respond too, or at least a blog post of it. Ah well. Happy living her life in her GEP world.

Oh. Another odd thing that happened just now. THere was this woman who was probably 50 odd. She looked quite well and jolly. When the lift opened its doors, an elderly 70+ lady walked out slowly. She is one of the oldest people in the block I think.

Anyway, this 50+ woman didn't do anything. She just stood there waiting to enter. And she was standing just beside the button to hold the lift doors open. Fortunately though, the doors didn't close on her.

When she entered the lift, she stood at the corner in front of the lift buttons. I entered after her, turned, and realised that the door was closing while someone was trying to enter. This lady stood there nonchalantly. WHAT THE HELL. I quickly pressed the "Door Open" button so the door opened again, and quickly pressed the floor I'd get off. Only then did she reach her hand from over my shoulder and press the floor she wanted to get off on.

She alighted before me and thank goodness she said "excuse me" clearly and politely before I gave way and let her off. Maybe she got phobia of pressing buttons. But she could press for her own floor lehz. hmm....

Dinner still not back yet. Can blog abit more.

My colleague had been looking forward to a 5 day shopping trip with her daughter-in-law in Thailand, Bangkok. To her dismay, it will not be happening because her daughter-in-law's leave was not approved. Her daughter-in-law is a teacher with ACS. Her HOD did not approve of it due to the danger of bird flu. WHAT?!

Everywhere also got threat means everywhere also cannot go lorZ! And it's true - 'cos her colleague was disapproved from going to Italy. BIANGZ.

Luckily for me, no such restrictions. Heehee!

Bali Bali, here I come!
Meanwhile, I hope Dearie be a good boy while I'm gone. He needs to spend time studying. Guess I'm the naughty girl then - 'cos I definitely need the studying more than he. Oopsie.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

No $$$, so I spend more

Dearie wants to open his business with his friends really badly. I can't help him at all, so what do I do? I spend money in hopes of getting some.

Yep. That's right. I turned to Singapore's biggest donation box - the Singapore Pools booth.

I just bought Toto and 4D. What the hell is wrong with me sia....... A sign of desperation? Eeks. Gambling is an evil. An addiction. I cannot allow myself to take this path. No doubt I've only bought a few times, but I really need to control myself more.

My colleague says to take it as if it's a donation to charity. Also can't really deny that right? Haha!

I spent $8 today. That could have fed me 3 lunches. As it is already rationing money when Dearie and I go out. Dearie kenna have to stop work for 2 weeks 'cos the company not doing well. He got $2 left in the bank.

So disappointed with myself. Argh. No more Toto and 4D for me...... at least for this month..............

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Help with Digital Camera

Here's another urgent cry to whoever has stumbled upon this blog:
I need to get a digital camera for my company. I have yet to get it despite putting it off for so long because my purchaser has gotten high prices from our vendor.

What I need in the digital camera are:
1) 5 Megapixels
2) At least 2" screen
3) Rechargeable Li-on Battery (unless someone can tell me AA batteries will last longer)
4) With 512MB SD card
5) Able to take video with sound
6) 3X Optical Zoom

I've come across Bargain City which has plenty of good deals. I just don't know which model to take, and if there is any other shop/site that has offers lower than bargaincity.

I am considering the Casio Exilim Z500, Nikon Coolpix P2, Canon Powershot or Olympus.

I personally use a Casio and am pretty in love with it except for the price.

I know the Sitex is coming this weekend however I will be in Bali so too bad. I need help desperately on which one to choose. How how how how how how?!

A "No Parents" Weekend

My parents flew off for a holiday in Bali on Thursday night, leaving me and the pig to take care of the house. But really, on Friday and Saturday nights she didn't come home so it was pretty much just me. Of course, Dearie stayed over. I just don't want to be in a big place all alone.

We stayed up and watched lotsa TV. We had popcorn. We caught Harry Potter at the old school Eng Wah cinema nearby - which by the way was half filled - and the counter was bustling like the old days.

I made sure I watered the plants, fed the rabbits and kept the fish alive. I even tried my hand at cooking! This was a major first step for me. I've never cooked anything other than instant noodles. The closest other stuff I've done is make lagsane in the office and prepare konnyaku jelly.

What did I cook? Cereal Prawns. Heehee! Sounds damn cool right? But actually damn easy. All I needed was prawns, a packet of cereals specifically for prawns and garlic. Oh.. and oil. HAHA! Super easy lor... who says I can't cook!? HAHAHAHAHA!

When Dearie came over and I presented him the "masterpiece", he probably seemed more worried than anything. He did eat though. I mean, he had to right? No choice. Hehehehehehe...

I thought there were only a few prawns, turns out it was more than we could handle. It was all good. We didn't get diarrhea the next day. And I dare say it definitely passed the taste test - although credit should go more to the cereals than anything else.

Sunday afternoon, Dearie and I went over to my sister's place, as I had promised my mum to buy a cake over. It was my sister's 28th birthday.

Kiki was needless to say, extremely excited. The cute little one will perk up anyone's day. I was exhausted from all the movies the night before. Dearie had fallen asleep on the couch already, but kiki wanted to play with me so no sleep for me.

No photos because the camera's in Bali. This coming weekend, it'll be my turn though. My mum's tipping me off on all the stuff there, but it's more a scenary place than shopping so I guess I'll just enjoy relaxing there.


I am extremely behind in my studies. I absolutely can't seem to keep up at all. I've said this a million times here, but it is true. I guess I haven't been trying hard enough.......


I'm desperately in need of sleep now. My eyes are showing it. They only do when it's bad.


One of Dearie's best friends is returning from Aussie for his "holidays" in Singapore. Hope they don't go too wild while I ain't around. heehee...


I know I haven't blogged very much lately. There has just been too many things going on. My studies take up 3 nights a week. Previously, I was able to come home and blog after class 'cos it only seemed to take a while for any entry to go up. Now, once I get home all i wanna do it sleeeeeeep.

Thursday nights somehow seem to fill themselves up on their own. Some errand to run, someone to meet........ My weekends start on Friday so I pretty much use up every bit of it for TV, movies or shopping. Otherwise, it'll be catching up on sleep.

I'm so going to need to take half a day off this Friday. The flight's at 7pm. I wanted to rush to the airport from office - but I think it will be too big a risk to miss a flight.

Staying at a hotel called Green Gardens. Not my first choice, but hey, it's supposed to be a budget trip. I've never been this broke in many years. Still dare to go travel. Biangz.


Lots of work to clear up this morning. Although the cloudy skies and cool air conditioning are really condusive for a little nap now. *yawnz*

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Too many minutes

By minutes, I do not mean those on the clock, but those of meetings. I'm the fella who writes the meeting minutes around here. I don't mind it, but when the meetings all come at the same time, it can really irk me.

Ask around most people who do take minutes regularly and they'll say they do not like to record the whole meeting. I don't either, so everything that is said in the meeting room has to be recorded on paper and memory lane. Wanting us to re-listen to the entire meeting again is a bloody waste of time and honestly we've got better things to listen to than the monotonous ramblings of people like Directors.

I don't know shorthand, and even if I did, I don't know if it'd be useful anyway. What's important about taking notes during the meeting is being able to capture the important points that need to be noted down, summarising them objectively and after the meeting, being able to write them out coherently.

Most meetings encompass some disagreements, deliberations, jokes, out-of-point topics, etc. This is where the minute-taker can take a time-out. Woohoo!

Also, some meetings don't keep to the agenda and keep jumping from one topic to another and back again. Here, the minute-taker needs to be able to draw the links and present them in the minutes as one.

My experience doing the journalism module in Poly was quite useful in this sense. Very similar skills required, I feel, only that journalists need to be much more inquisitive and minute-takers must must must stay quiet and just listen. Best part about both is how important it is to use simple understandable English because the aim is the same - we write for others to read.

I finished both the Safety and Operations minutes. Now I'm left with the 2 more heavy-weight ones: Management and Board of Directors. Argh.

Minutes shouldn't take too long to be written. One's memory can only be so good. I'm giving myself up to tomorrow to get the remaining minutes written.

If I'm in the mood, my minutes get done up really quickly. Lately the meetings have dragged really long so they've been taking more effort to churn out - plus, I'm just not that in the mood. Haha!

At least I do take the job seriously right? You have no idea how many times I've seen bad English in minutes/reports. I can only cringe. I'll make sure that whoever has to go through minutes I write won't have the same problem. Plus, I always try to make it a little more interesting to read by changing the sentence structures such that it doesn't become too boring. (There's only that much space to be creative.) Then again, all meetings without the off-topics ARE boring. I only create an illusion that reading the minutes beats listening to the actual thing.

It's back to minute writing and I'm behind time. My own timetable at least.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Continued from previous post: Saturday

After family day, my parents and I rest for a while before having Ki over. Needless to say he was jumping all over the place and messed up the house. He had a bad running nose but it didn't stop him from having fun with his NEW lego set.

Check out what I made out of the lego:

I showed it to YL and Bladey (the photo), but they won't impressed. HUMPH! I'll have you know that yes, I used to make houses with lego too, and cars and all sorts of other stuff. But a train complete with wheels? That's a first for me sia. The 2 compartments are joined ok??? Not difficult to make, but I'm just proud of it 'cos it looks so pretty! I love lego. It's so fun.

Back to Ki.

Our little naughty boy was prepped up for my dad's company's family day that night. He was eager for the picnic, but poor boy was sick. He still enjoyed himself though. Got balloon..

Check out how happy my dad is too.... Aww...
Got ball..

Got gun some more!

Better yet - he got a balloon gun!

He watched the stage shows and applauded when others did too.

He enjoyed running around the field with Dearie and I.

It was already 9pm by the time we decided to leave. We had so much fun with ki. So difficult to have a kid around, but that joy from seeing him so happy.... ahhh.... no wonder people have kids. Haha!

My dad dropped Dearie and I at Chinatown K-ster where we met Bladey and Evon. YL joined us later. The pig and her guy came late too. My nose was still a little stuffed and my cough still lingered. Argh. How irritating.
Still, I always enjoy KTV sessions. Haha! Dearie slept through half of it. Oops!

We went for porridge supper after that. I don't know if it's supposed to be famous or what, but as long as it didn't taste bad, I'm fine with it. I got home at 5+AM. Heehee... Luckily Ki was not sleeping in my room.

It was an extremely exhausting day for me. Poor Dearie still had to ride home from my place 'cos he had to work at 10am. He's the sweetest... Heehee!

I spent Sunday lazing around and trying to study. I need help desperately for my psychology. Also need help for HRM. Sighz.


As of now, I have 2 minutes to churn out for 2 very long meetings that were held. Worst thing is that I have another meeting on Wednesday and that is with the Board Of Directors. Also need to write minutes. ARGH!

I'm soooo going to OT on Thursday.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Back to blogging at last: Thurs - Sat morn

I had a meeting with my President and Secretary of the Clementi Town Alumni
Wind Ensemble Thursday night. We were to discuss what to do for the upcoming elections so we can finally pass on the baton to whoever's next in line.

Apparently, they had me in mind. ALL THE WHILE. Argh.

Trust me. It has been my idea all along to lay it down as low key as possible. I've never wanted to hold any post in the band. Ok, maybe in secondary school there were such aspirations, but as soon as I did in Sec 3, I realised I was just plain not cut out for any leadership position. Thankfully it was the post of Secretary and back then the job was simple and I just needed to WORK WITH the leaders, not BE one.

I know a good leader if I work with one ? and I am certainly NOT one. The only time I actually felt like I did my job properly was as section leader in Sec 4 where I had the great job of holding the section together. It was the only stint I actually did well that actually had anything to do with leadership at all. My President thinks otherwise. He says I'm ready. Honestly I can't see why.

Unfortunately, the sad truth is that there are probably plenty of people like me in my band. All of us love the part where we only focus on making music for 3 hrs, then we'll rush off to mingle with fellow members. No one wants to be the one to do all the administrative work like liaising with the school, handling the finances, organising gatherings and then coordinating the concert.

The members older than me have careers and one of them even has a baby to focus on. Fellow members from my batch have tremendous leadership but have already demonstrated that time and again till they're now exhausted.

This must be where my name popped out. I've been in the band for so many years now. Ever since I graduated in Sec 4, I've been with the alumni band. I attended every practice I could. I never played very well, but I made it up by helping about the band wherever possible. That was all I wanted, to be part of a group that genuinely only cared about keeping the bonds and music going.

We looked through the namelist of people last night. All those we nominated were younger than us. We had to pick out the active members.

After the meeting, I pondered if I were able to handle the post. My studies are a major barrier. Had I not been studying I'd take on anything asked of me to. Then there was of course the bare fact that I have no leadership qualities whatsoever. But I do want this band to continue, and if I wanted to ensure that, what better way than to do it myself? The ones I've relied on for so many years to keep it going say they want someone else to do it now.

Maybe we'll use the election process and see who gets the votes. If not, I could always hope for a volunteer.

If all else fails then yes, I think I'll accept the post.


Friday night, Dearie and I caught Secret Window and Edward Scissorhands on dvd. Why? So we could meet the deadline of returning it that night. Heehee... date due mahz.


Saturday morning, my mum woke me up at 6:30am. I blur blur wake up wondering why.. then my mum had to remind me it was my company's family day. Oops.

I trudged out of bed for breakfast and set off for East Coast Park with my parents. It had rained that entire morning - meaning the field the event was held on was extremely muddy.

I still went because this was where our innovation challenge was finally going to take place! Remember that piece of wood we were supposed to figure out how to transport from one end to another? Yep! The above you see was our team's!!!

From one simple plank, they used added on other stuff and painted it to become so nice. I'm so amazed at their creativity. I was privileged to see how they made the thing from cutting to smoothening with sandpaper, etc. So interesting sia!

There was a 1.5km walk-a-jog. I had no intention to join in but my parents wanted to, so bo bianz. A reluctant me doing half-hearted warm up. My mum just snapped without me knowing till it was too late. hahaha!

Then it was time for the walk. No way I was going to jog.

It was after the walk that the Innovation Challenge was to start - meaning it was showtime for our seal! It even got "company media attention" when it was getting lined up.

Our seal had to go zig-zag through this little "obstacle course". The field was so muddy, it kept getting stuck.

Here's our seal trying its best to get past the finish line! (Check out the amount of mud.)

We were 3rd in place I think. 5 teams in this run. Another 5 went a seaparate time. No idea how we fared overall.

Time out for our seal.

I hung around to watch the relay match, and played a few games at the stalls. We left at 11am 'cos we needed to get sufficient rest for the night events.


Plenty more to update of course, but just no time. Saturday night's photos will be up soon. I hope. heehee!

Meanwhile, half watching the golden horse awards. Shu Qi just got Best Actress and shock of the night (to me) - Aaron Kwok got Best Actor. Wow.

I'm so sure there'll be photos of all the ladies from Saturday and Sunday night plastered all over the papers. The beautiful looking ladies in wonderful revealing dresses. Hahaha! Boobs spilling all over the place.

Another result just announced: Best Director - STEPHEN CHOW! YAY! Hahaha!

BEST PICTURE - GONG FU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Interim post

It's been hectic at work and everything else. So much is going on at the same time. I'll be blogging soon I hope. I've got photos to share and much to tell.

Meanwhile, I wonder how the furore over Dawn Yeo is. Dearie's disappointed that it's all cosmetic surgery. I'm not too sure. In CSI, they say that people lie - the evidence don't. I am very much looking forward to some evidence...
though actually there shouldn't be a need to prove it to the world, but if she did and she denied it, it won't be fair to alot of girls out there. Particularly those who look to her as naturally pretty and want to be like her... Beauty has become such a media-, society-constructed thing. Sigh.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Leeching time

Mr Wang Says Sois a popular site where you can enjoy commentaries about the stuff we see in the newspapers and elsewhere.

Every once in a while I drop by his site for a good read and I'm always amazed at the rich content there.

Here is something i extracted from his site:

Sunday Times, Oct 30, 2005
How long can I hold off credit-card debt repayments?

Q I AM a divorcee with a young child. About five years ago, I was burnt badly in share trading. It caused my marriage to break up.

I get maintenance of $1,300 from my ex- husband every month. I live in an HDB rental flat. I have credit-card debt of about $50,000 owing to a few banks, averaging $5,000 each. I have a job as a sales manager and drive a company car.

Though I make about $5,000 a month, I always delay the payments I owe the banks. I want to provide my child with a comfortable life and I need to dress myself up as I meet clients every day.

When the banks call me about the late payments, I always try to avoid their calls.

When a lawyer's firm sent me letters of seizure and sale, I paid the minimum to prevent that action from being taken against me. But since I did not service the debts regularly, the banks have started chasing me again.

Can I get my ex-husband to pay, since the debt was incurred during our marriage?

What can those banks do to me if I pay only when they start to take legal action?

How long can I avoid the banks? In my rental HDB flat, can I claim that my assets there belong to the flat owner?

Does the bank have the right to call my company to find out my income status?

He addresses this ridiculous query in the papers. I am utterly amazed at this woman. No wonder she's single now.

Then there is another article he posts (and comments on):
Indian 'doctor' jailed for illegally treating workers
He operated 'clinic' in Little India while on social visit pass

Where he points out this portion:
The Health Ministry stressed it would not hesitate to take stern action against unqualified persons who provide medical treatment.

'Members of the public are also strongly advised against seeking medical treatment from unqualified persons.

'For foreign workers, it is also advisable for them to have medical insurance coverage to protect themselves,' it said.

I nearly laughed out loud. His commentary simply re-confirmed what I felt.


From tomorrow.sg, I saw

the definition of a typical Singaporean. I think I am guilty of being just that - except I don't really blame the government as much as some people do.

And that I'm happier than what he/she would suggest. :O)

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Sick Holiday Week

It was a very literally sick holiday week for me. As I have repeated many times, I was down with a sore throat, a cough and very flu like symptoms.

But just like how every good thing has it's bad tag-alongs, the sick holiday week was one I spent the most time with Dearie. Being ever the wonderful boyfriend, he stuck with me. Every day he would come over and accompany me by watching TV or DVDs, or just hang out. I am not a very entertaining person, especially when ill, but he didn't mind that I was the walking flu virus - right in-your-face.

He even accompanied me to Suntec and Marina Square, which I have been wanting to go for so long. THE next place to shop at I tell you. Not as packed as Orchard. Huge plus point. Both of us couldn't really afford anything so we didn't make any purchases, but when i said I wanted to eat at Cafe Cartel, he indulged me and let me do so. So I was coughing and blowing my nose in between slurping spaghetti, before I realised he had to pay a hefty $30 for the meal. OOPS. [When one is broke, yes, $30 for a meal is pretty hefty. Can't imagine the KTV session coming up on Saturday.... what should I call THAT?]

Dearie's got to be the sweetest guy on earth I tell you. I can't help thinking that. I've said it since the day I fell for him, and till today, he continues to be just that.

To think that I was watching E! Entertainment, wondering to myself how lucky Paris Hilton to be able to afford anything she wants, Tara Reid to travel and party everywhere she likes, and all the other mega stars look so pretty with the perfect hair, make-up and dresses.

All these things were but on screen. Images and fantasies fed to our minds. They breed envy in me. All those materials wants and all.... For those moments I was lost in the world of Hollywood. I was almost oblivious to the wonderful sofa I was sitting on, the 34" flat screen TV, the Digital Cable box where the channels were coming through from, the wonderful family who worked hard for these things, the boyfriend who made me feel like I was in heaven when I was on the brink of hell this week, and so many other things.

Then there was the Indiana Jones marathon on HBO (of which I've watched all 3 of the movies umpteen times and will still watch them) who always prompts my mind to wander into the realm of adventure.. wondering if I would have a day of adventure where I would be the star.

Again, it was the manifestation of Hollywood on my puny little mind. Am I not already living my own adventures? It may not be as colourful as Dr Jones who got to fall out of a plane (and survive), save a village of children and fight head on head with evil Nazis. But just as each adventure created the character, am I not making my own every single day?

There was a documentary on Her Majesty the Queen. I didn't watch the full documentary but what I watched was enough to make me feel touched. It followed her from her rise to the throne through at least 40 years of reign. It showed how she had to deal with the introduction of pop culture, a changing people and the tragedies that faced her own family. I have a new found respect for her: who has had to serve her Kingdom as a head of state, a wife, a sister, a mother and a grandmother.
How she had to deal with criticsm from the public on her, her children's failed marriages, Princess Diana, her sister and her mother's deaths, etc etc etc. I'm not surprised why she's not giving up the title of Queen to her son yet. He doesn't exactly have the best publicity.

I figured she was just like my mummy. Except the head of state part.
You know what I heard my mum tell my dad about our family photo (scroll down to previous post on Hari Raya Puasa)? That all their hard work over years have been worth it - and that everything was encompassed in that one family photo. She said all their 3 daughters have grown up, standing there in the photograph with their son-in-laws, and their grandson. What more could they ask for?

Money cannot buy that happiness and contentment in my parents. Now THAT is priceless.

I am a lucky girl. I know it. I'm thankful. I'm grateful.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Hari Raya Puasa

3rd November, Thursday
Our whole family set off for Hari Raya Puasa lunch at Kiki's other grandparents' place. The handsome boy was all ready to welcome us.

While my mum gave out the ang pao to him, my dad gave him a box of lego, fit for making cars. Guess which one he took more interest in?

The maid of the house got busy serving us drinks and cakes. It was really like Chinese New Year. Even the snacks were pretty much the same. Very yummy. Unfortunately, you have to remember I was voiceless that day, unless you count a croak as a voice.

We were very busy taking photos with Ki and watching him mess around with the lego. This one is my and my younger sis:

This one is my elder sis.. mother and son.. awww...:

While all that was happening, a very sumptous meal was being prepared by the family.

And this was not all. There were other dishes that were put on the dining table when we all got seated. Very yummy food.

The best photo for the entire day was the one with our whole family - boyfriends included. HAHAHA!

It wasn't a very good photo day for me. Meaning I didn't manage to capture good shots of ki that day. He was moving waaaay too much, so I spent more time playing with him. Heehee!

We left soon after lunch actually. They had to go visiting, and I had to go to the doctor (BLECH). That was when I got my MC for Friday. [Today's Sunday and I am STILL sick.]

Well, ki got changed to go visiting. I found this shot in the camera that my elder sis must have taken:

What a handsome little cheeky boy.

Don't you love it when we live in racial harmony? :O)

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Subtitles gone wild

Of late I've been watching plenty of DVDs with Dearie, so it is really appropriate timing when Dearie sent me these links:
War Of The Worlds
Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith

They are hilarious posts from this dude who watched pirated DVDs with the subtitles on. See how much laughter, fun and joy Dearie and I have been missing with original DVDs.


Promised photos of Hari Raya lunch will be up soon when the camera comes back from my elder sis.

Meanwhile, I was on MC today. I still went to office to clear some work up. Stayed for slightly less than 2 hrs. Dearie came over to look for me after my nap and we got some DVDs again. He accompanied me all the way till after dinner.

I feel like crap now. The meds are really messing me up. I really do not enjoy being sick. ARGH........

Friday, November 04, 2005

No more Chewonit Online

Chewonit Comics!

I had just added the link to my blogroll, but when I clicked on it, I was shocked.
Sigh.. Anoher blogger down.
My mum and I adore Mr Lee Chee Chew's Chewonit comics. We loved the blog too.

Some idiotic morons had to post hurtful stuff and send him personal attacks via email. He has since decided to stop blogging and it is just an empty site with a short msg now.

Do Singaporeans even have a sense of humour? What is wrong with these people in the country? Don't they ever learn that not everything being said is supposed to be taken at face value? Do they not know what it is like to laugh any more?

I thought that Chew would be able to handle the stuff people wrote. I was wrong. I hope he does make a comeback though... I am certain he has more supporters than flamers.

Chew, if you see this, please start blogging again. No one can please everyone, but I'm sure you made more people smile and laugh than anything else. My mum and I will be waiting.....

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Really fall sick again

I'm voiceless. Again.

This sucks. Tonight, I'm going to feel like crap again because this is how the virus works. You see, you go to sleep with a headache and irritable, possibly because of a fever. When you wake up, you realise you are ok except for a throat problem. Then after dinner, you start to feel that same feeling from the night before.

Sickening virus. Don't know what the hell is in the air, why I have to kenna. TWICE.

Last night, Dearie came over at 9+. I was watching Worlds Apart. A brand new series on AXN. It features well-to-do families who go on a week long trip to some tribe/third world country, and live there. Yesterday, an American family went to Kenya. It was an endearing experience for them. The family of 5 (Parents, 1 daughter, 2 sons) had a nice house with 5 flush toilets and an outdoor mini pool. The sons love their pizza and tv games, yada yada... very much like the typical people here in Singapore.

Over there, they had to adapt to the weather, food, water, culture, etc. The people at the village they went to spoke English quite well so communication wasn't a problem. Everything else was. HAHA! The women had exceptionally much to do. It was really hard labour. Watching them interact, you'll see how different life is. The best part is being able to reflect on ourselves when we see the 2 different cultures meet. The Americans realised how much they took for granted everything they had. They were almost begging to go home within the first few days, but on the 9th day, they cried because they had to leave.

Too bad I won't be able to catch all the following episodes 'cos of bloody class.

Dearie and I also finally got to sit through an hour of House (a series about this crazy doctor). Damn good show. Got emmy nominations one ok? Haha! Wonder when will Channel 5 air it.... Anyway, Dearie and I have missed every episode 'cos of the timing or forgetting or something. We are so going to get the DVD if it comes here.

Only at 11pm did we finally pop The Manchurian Candidate into the DVD player. I have to be honest about this that politics is not my cup of tea. The front portion was really a little too difficult for me to catch, but as the movie went on, it became much clearer. Then again, it was around that time my headache started to get worse so it could be what made me not enjoy the movie at first. I actually went to take a bath mid-way (Dearie paused it) and came back to enjoy it alot better. So ya, probably the headache that killed the good movie.

It was a remake of an old movie, but Meryl Streep and Denzel Washington were good, as usual. Heehee! Storyline power sia. Hahahahahaha! Super political. Conspiracy and all.

Dearie asked me to get an MC but I knew that I wouldn't. Not unless I woke up ill. Tada! I am at work now. And I will have to go for class later too. I hope the virus in me dissolves quickly......... Sigh.....

Tomorrow gotta go have Hari Raya Puasa lunch. More of ki!!! Hahahahaha! Photos assured for tomorrow - unless camera spoil.

Next Saturday, 12th November, is going to be super hectic for me.
Morning must journey to the east for my company's family day. Evening must hike up mount faber for my dad's company's family day. After that, YL say want to go KTV - 'cos I've been putting it as my MSN nick (together with the suggestion of going to the zoo, but no one wanna go. HUMPH!). I want to go KTV, but only if my voice is back. I must really try to recuperate.


I just might need some more antibiotics.

Back to work for now.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

A kiki deepavali morning

No thanks to the many coughers in my lectures, and the dumb flu virus at work and everywhere else I go, my sore throat is back. Not fully blown yet, but it will be... verrrrry soon. It didn't stop me though. Right after breakfast, my parents and I made our way to bring ki out to the supermarket to find his favourite smaaaall trolley. Yes, that's how he says it. He emphasizes the word "small".

We picked him and his mama up from her place. Can you see the resemblance? Heehee!

I held Ki all the way to Jelita because Ki refused to sit down. My elder sis likes to take photos too, so it's my turn to get a shot with Ki!
Albeit unknowingly.

When she asked Ki to smile, Ki pouted. What a cheeky monkey he can be.

When we reached there, needless to say, he grabbed what he came for.

We were supposed to get our groceries but noooooooo. Ki didn't want to do that. He insisted on seeing toys, so my parents since he's our spoilt prince, we had to do so.

This is not a toy shop. This is, believe it or not, Guardian Pharmacy.

He had a good time messing with these two, that he wanted to buy them.

See his pleading eyes? Too bad for him, they cost $50 each. Waaaay too expensive.

He realised he wasn't going to get what he wanted so he already had a backup plan and ran to the shelf of toy cars.

What is this fascination with cars?!?!?! He's got a huge carpark full of trucks, buses, cars, etc etc etc in our house, his other grandma's place AND his mummy's house already!!!

He picked a yellow car out and pushed it to the counter.

I just had to put this up. He insisted on getting onto the huge bicycle so my mum carried him up for a while.

He pushed his trolley around as we led him to the supermarket.

Ki marvelled at the cakes at the confectionary.

As we moved around the supermarket, Ki was getting really spoilt and naughty. He threw tantrums at every little thing. We suspected because he knew he wasn't coming to our place after shopping.

He got into the big trolley and pushed his small trolley as and when he felt like it.

A size comparison with my dad to show how small Ki really is. Heehee!~

We sat down for a while as his mummy got lunch for herself. He was already excited about his new yellow car.

Too bad, it wasn't long before we sent him to his mummy's place after. The boy was so sad.... it broke all our hearts but it was only right that he spend more time with his mummy and daddy.

Doesn't it break your heart to see the little one cry? Sigh..


We got back and life just went on. I'm waiting for Dearie to come over later after his cousin's place. Meanwhile, I may pop a panadol and take a nap. Then again, I really ought to be studying. Hmm.. what a dilemma.

I think I'll save the panadol for tonight and just enjoy a non-drug-induced nap now.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

(Sing it!) *I'm going to Bali*


Yep! The trip's been confirmed for 25th Nov - 28th Nov (Fri - Mon). It'll be my first time there. We've decided to stay along Kuta, but haven't settled on which hotel yet.

I'll be going with YL and Evon. The pig will be going with her 2 colleagues. Probably going to be going our separate ways when we're there but we'll see about that. My parents, on the other hand, will be going one week before us, but they're intending to stay along Nusa Dua.

I'm not very much a travelling person, but hey, got such opportunity I should just go right? Don't waste. Heehee!

Dearie's not going partially 'cos he's got class on Saturday, and partially 'cos he's too broke. I totally understand the $$$ problem. I'm facing it too. Argh. I really need to get a job that pays better than this. Taking home $1100 is sufficient, but I am very sure that in this job I am in now, it'll stay like this for the rest of the time I am here. Must plan to move on despite all the almost perfect conditions here.

Meanwhile, before that trip, there's lots of catching up to do. One of the most important things I MUST make myself do is STARRR-DEEEE. Studying sux.

Friday night, Dearie accompanied me to the video rental shop and we rented Fight Club again ('cos we somehow didn't watch it in our previous rental - waste money we know, but.... heehee... it's just us.). We also rented Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Manchurian Candidate.

We caught Fight Club that same night. On Saturday, Dearie's mum, Dearie and myself went to pray at Eunos. Yes. Freaking far away I know, but must go so too bad. Super horrible traffic along Eunos. Don't understand it. I'm not saying it's a temple we went to 'cos it really was more of a big HDB flat with an alter that is quite similar to that of a temple.

Anyway, we paid our respects and left soon after. Dearie and I are not very good with these traditions. I'm all Buddhist but apart from the offering of joss sticks and donations, I'm not very sure what else I can do. I feel like it is more a custom to uphold (eg during Chinese New Year) by going to offer my respects, and unlike Dearie who can be such a lazy bum, I do not shun it. I believe in trying to live the teachings as best as possible (though I am truly a bad example). Religions don't tell you to do bad things, but offer you a solution to better your way of life. It is a matter of choice. At least that's what I believe.
Ok. I'm very bad at talking about religion. It's just something very much a non-verbal feeling I have. Expressing it is.... too deep for me.

Dearie was complaining about how tired he was in the bus, but somehow his mum, Dearie and I landed up talking about money. I really don't remember how it started but I'm very sure it was his mummy who started it. I reminded Dearie about the bike payments AGAIN. I still haven't seen the $100 monthly instalments he said he wanted to give me. ARGH....

I gave him that look. The one that says: you say you broke then don't return me money, you don't accompany me shopping 'cos you say you tired; yet when you see something you want, you somehow got money to go shop and buy it.
Yep. That look was all it took for him to surrender and agree to go walk around Bugis.
Don't call me evil ok? Tired I believe. But again, the money part I don't understand. Though I am glad he turned his friend down when she offered to sell her PSP for $400. Else there will be no end to it.

I wanted to walk around Bugis Village really, but the Saturday crowd was not something I wanted to struggle with that extremely hot afternoon. We walked around the shopping mall instead and I got a couple of $1.95 stuff from Watsons (I lurrrrrve Watsons). Dearie landed up doing more of the window shopping. I realised that much as I wanted to get some new clothes, I was too lazy to go from shop to shop and explore. (It's a sign to go Far East on my own again. I shop better that way.) We browsed at Kinokuniya and Dearie spent all the other time looking at his toys.
We had dinner at Pasta Mania. [Dearie said he didn't mind if I put on some meat so I gouged down everything. HEEHEE..... Too bad I can't channel it to a certain part of my body.]

We were supposed to go to the basement and get Beard Papa for my family before heading home. Turns out I stopped by Fox and tada.. I got stuck there. Poor boy waited for me while I took a very long time picking out what I wanted. I was in a very indecisive mode. Oops. I landed up spending $50+ there. Bad bad.... so broke already still spend. Eeks.

We got back and caught Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Very intriguing show I must say. It's a bizarre story I tell you, but I absolutely admire the director's work. He was very insightful and really had to know exactly what he wanted to create such a style of storytelling. Another good movie.

Next up we caught half the making of Jim Henson's "The Labyrinth". Classic movie starring 14-year old Jennifer Connelly and younger David Bowie. Dearie was too tired so we only caught half. He fell asleep on my bed and decided he'd go straight to work from there. We'll catch the other half another day I guess. The DVD is ours to keep anyway. Available for rent at Video Ezy stores. Definitely worth a watch! Jim Henson lehz!!! And MUST watch the "documentary" which really is "the making of".


The next day we awoke to Ki's running around. Dearie and I were still tired. We actually slept through all the noise he made. I don't have a habit of locking my door so my mummy must have been very shocked to see Dearie hugging my big dog, and me hugging penguin, lying side by side on a super single bed. Probably not a happy sight for mummy 'cos she doesn't like such blatent intimacy, but with kiki around, everything was pretty fine and dandy.

We were glued to the bed for a long long time and Dearie was late - as I predicted. Ki was disappointed with uncle having to leave for work, but he made do with playing with me instead. He had a fever that morning. His body was hot. He still played as per normal though, so that was a big consolation. He even ate and drank as per normal.

We brought Ki to his mummy's place. My parents were very tired from taking care of him on Saturday already. Little naughty boy needs to bond with his mummy and daddy. The latter, unfortunately, was more interested in his gaming.

On the way, we stopped by MacDonalds. Ki can't hide his glee.

Ki has his little tricycle at his mama's place. He's definitely grown.

Ah.. too cute to resist, ain't he?

When we left the place, Ki cried, and my mummy had to tuck him to sleep before we left in peace. I napped the rest of the day, watched CSIs on AXN CSI Sunday. I was already in the holiday mood.


Today is Monday. Boss is back in office. Lots of stuff to do, but at least I don't mind it. It's only quite sickening to think that I've got to go for class later tonight.

Time to apply leave for the 28th of November. Flight for Bali leaves at 7pm on Friday. I wonder if I can make it to the airport from my office in time... hmm... I knock off at 5:45pm...........