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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Leeching time

Mr Wang Says Sois a popular site where you can enjoy commentaries about the stuff we see in the newspapers and elsewhere.

Every once in a while I drop by his site for a good read and I'm always amazed at the rich content there.

Here is something i extracted from his site:

Sunday Times, Oct 30, 2005
How long can I hold off credit-card debt repayments?

Q I AM a divorcee with a young child. About five years ago, I was burnt badly in share trading. It caused my marriage to break up.

I get maintenance of $1,300 from my ex- husband every month. I live in an HDB rental flat. I have credit-card debt of about $50,000 owing to a few banks, averaging $5,000 each. I have a job as a sales manager and drive a company car.

Though I make about $5,000 a month, I always delay the payments I owe the banks. I want to provide my child with a comfortable life and I need to dress myself up as I meet clients every day.

When the banks call me about the late payments, I always try to avoid their calls.

When a lawyer's firm sent me letters of seizure and sale, I paid the minimum to prevent that action from being taken against me. But since I did not service the debts regularly, the banks have started chasing me again.

Can I get my ex-husband to pay, since the debt was incurred during our marriage?

What can those banks do to me if I pay only when they start to take legal action?

How long can I avoid the banks? In my rental HDB flat, can I claim that my assets there belong to the flat owner?

Does the bank have the right to call my company to find out my income status?

He addresses this ridiculous query in the papers. I am utterly amazed at this woman. No wonder she's single now.

Then there is another article he posts (and comments on):
Indian 'doctor' jailed for illegally treating workers
He operated 'clinic' in Little India while on social visit pass

Where he points out this portion:
The Health Ministry stressed it would not hesitate to take stern action against unqualified persons who provide medical treatment.

'Members of the public are also strongly advised against seeking medical treatment from unqualified persons.

'For foreign workers, it is also advisable for them to have medical insurance coverage to protect themselves,' it said.

I nearly laughed out loud. His commentary simply re-confirmed what I felt.


From tomorrow.sg, I saw

the definition of a typical Singaporean. I think I am guilty of being just that - except I don't really blame the government as much as some people do.

And that I'm happier than what he/she would suggest. :O)


At 11:43 PM, Blogger humblewarrior said...

Hahaha, we now know the real defination of a Singaporean. LOL, great post!


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