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Monday, May 30, 2011

I'm engaged. :)

Yes. It is true.
I still am letting it sink in but.. I can't believe I now have a ring on my finger and have a fiancé.

It's an incredible feeling.

I'm so so so happy.
I'm so so so in love.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spouting my random thoughts..

Do you have that voice in your head that is constantly there no matter where you are or what you are doing? I do. And as much as it can be entertaining to let my thoughts run wild, it can sometimes be really annoying.

That voice narrates my life, debates with me, creates scenarios for me to play out in my head... But I know once I write about them, they disappear! So here goes...

1) Do u have a will? Obviously I don't. Don't have enough asses to qualify for one maybe but I always wondered how I would divide up the little I have...
First I'd set aside a nice comfy sum for Kaze, the flute ensemble. So it could hold a small concert and perhaps sustain itself with more music and who knows, instruments!
Then of course to my boyfriend, who could probably do something useful with it.
But the majority would go to my parents cos I think not only would they know what to do with it (charity, etc) they probably would need it more than anyone else.

2) Marriage. This is something that has been only mind quite a lot - seeing how there are so many weddings to attend this year.
Saying I don't want to get married would be one huge fat lie. But saying it's a necessity would be pushing it. Because seriously, do I need that assurance of that certificate?

Honestly, no.

I'm in such a happy and, dare I say, fairly contented time of my life that it would truly be a bonus if it happens but if not, I do not see any loss. If my bf wanted to be with me, I should not need a certificate to make him stay. Besides we are already staying together and taking on our responsibilities to one another.

But of course it's more than that isn't it?

From the proposal, the excitement, the telling friends and family and ultimately, the ceremony and honeymoon.... I think that is what all girls want to experience. At least that's what I think. And I still have time in my life to dream of it.

As long as people stop bugging me about it. It's not the girl's choice if she wants to "settle down"... Go ask the guy! I mean, don't pls, else it'll be another bf scared away. Haha...

3) Along the same line of marriage, I was listening (and at the table) to 2 girls talking about expectations on engagement rings.

It is not the first time I heard of talk on diamond rings but I'm sorry, I just simply CANNOT agree with what girls sometimes expect.

I am assuming this applies only to the ladies working in the banking industry for I have not had this discussion with anyone outside of it.

3 times the salary of the guy is the EXPECTED MINIMUM price for an engagement ring to a girl. What the hell?!?!?! What a bloody waste of money lah! Do you know what I can do with 3 times my salary?! Buy biz class tix to Europe ah!!!

I can't even tell the difference between a crystal, fake diamond and a real one. It's nice to have of course but isn't it the surprise of it all that is supposed to take the girl's breath away? Wouldn't you marry him anyway just because you want to spend the rest of your life with this person?

Strange people in banking sometimes. I don't subscribe to it one bit. Some of them are so jaded by the high salaries, branded shoes and bags, far away holidays... Don't they realize how luxurious these pleasures are? I'm glad I wasn't always in banking - cos I understood what it meant to bring home less than $2k a month and yet be happy with the things I had.

There. That's just a whole loa of stuff I was randomly thinking about today. I'll write about other stuff when it hits my brain.

Oh. There is one more thing I could write about. I had an article in my head just the other day on taxis in Singapore. Next blog post I guess. Muahaha!!!

For the time being, it's one week to my birthday....... :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hello again :O)

It has been years (almost) since I've clicked onto this website. For some reason I just decided to check back here and cringe at what I wrote a very long time ago.

I wonder how many people would still check back here after blogging pretty much got phased out by Facebook and Twitter.

I miss the fun of writing - ok, so it's more like typing - but still, it's the joy of being able to put my feelings across in words since I truly suck at it when spoken. There are so many things I would like to touch on and yet I don't know where to start. I figured I just needed to ramble somewhere, so where better to do so than on a space that I call my own!

To anyone who is interested at all, I don't think I should be complaining about my life at all. My parents are well, my boyfriend is still as sweet, my health isn't tip-top but good enough, I've got no shortage of outings with friends and financially I am meeting all payments punctually and have no debts. My current job (no longer in Deutsche Bank by the way) is way different from being a secretary but allows me to get home in time to do the housework, cook and even watch some tv after that.

It's only February but I have already been to Club Med Cherating and Batam, watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show and Carmen at the Esplanade, watched Janet Jackson and Taylor Swift live at the indoor stadium, been on a day yacht trip and will be catching Kumar and Michael Buble in the coming month.

Needless to say, that also means I did not have a lot of time for my German class which is now on Saturday mornings.... I also have not touched my flute in 2 months and worse, I haven't tried to do any new arrangements at all! But that being said, since we haven't performed anything I've done lately (cos we didn't have any chance to perform them) I guess that's ok. Gosh.. I miss being on the stage.

Seriously, isn't my life awesome???

And yet, when the evil PMS (or at least I am assuming this is what it is) hits, I have that feeling that I am missing something. Suddenly, all the things that I want and don't have become enlarged and thrown in my face. It is a very strange feeling indeed because I realise these attacks have started coming at me randomly lately.

Completely ungrounded and unjustified pangs of emptiness.

I think it is my body's hormones. I honestly think so. It explains my strangely ferociously itchy scalp (which thankfully my hairdresser managed to recommend something that has sort of cured it for now).... and then my facial skin became so ridiculously dry and sensitive that I don't dare to put anything on my face other than that layer of aloe vera (I still need a solution for this)....

I suppose blogging is still a good outlet for me. Good that I set this up years back......

Good to remind me that my life is fantastic as it is and I should be contented!!! I only pity my bf who has to put up with it.

I've been watching loads of Glee. As much as the storyline (which pretty much revolves around everyone rotating dating partners) is not fantastic, the cast's singing and dancing is enough to get me hooked. If my life were to have a soundtrack, I wonder what songs you would find on it..... Some broadway, some chinese pop, some oldies..... It would such a wonderful kaleidescope of different types and themes...... a song for every occasion and emotion.

I wonder....

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Time to fly

The time has come again for my annual long haul trip - and this time it's using up my year's savings. Italy and Germany (for obvious reasons) will start tonight.

And with that, my disappearing act again, but that's not new any more huh? I love to write but there's sometimes just no time to do so. I land up facebook-ing instead.

My good friend Zhenlin will have flown to London by the time I'm back and I won't be able to see her till probably 3 years later. Time just keeps flying by...

For those who saw my FB updates, yes, I was working at the F1 event as my bank had some corporate seats for clients. Needless to say, plenty of photos were uploaded there... One of which is now my profile photo!

Work has not been the easiest to handle.. changes never are. My attitude towards it remains the same - I do what I have to, and take on what I can. At the end of the day, it's just work. It may be frustrating at times, but that's just work.

I know people who are complaining alot abt theirs (as in my colleagues), and they really do have it much worse than whatever I experience so I remind myself that I'm already very lucky. If only I could explain in details, but can't, so I'll leave it as that.

Above it all, my personal life is what matters and I am happy to say that I am still very much in love and feeling just as loved.

My life has been so blessed, and I continue to be thankful for each day and each nice person I meet in my way.

Now, what made me blog today? It was reading through Elvina's post that made me want to say something. And also with reference to her post before that.

Relationships are hard. That's a given. But if there's one thin I have learnt from my current r/s, it's that being very open and upfront in the beginning of it all really helps a great deal.

Perhaps we were simply given the opportunity to bring up these topics, but before we got together, we spoke about our past relationships and what we liked and did not like in them. We came up with scenarios and played around with the ideas, what-ifs, and how our preferences would change to situations.

With that, our expectations were laid. No doubt you could never go through every possible situation, but that understanding has allowed us to still be happily attached to one another.

Sure, sacrifices will need to be made - but I also think it has to be from both sides. If only 1 sacrifices all the time, and is forced to always swallow and conform, something is not right. And more so if the partner is oblivious.

More sacrifices need to be made in a r/s that crosses cultures, and a lot of patience in learning and adapting is required. As much as it is frustrating to teach an ang moh about Chinese superstitions and traditions, it is also a big step when accepting how ang moh's live on alcohol and bread as a staple. Yes, FYI, I CANNOT eat bread for every meal everyday. I'll go nuts.

Anyway, that's besides the point. To us, it's still a funny thing poking fun at each other's culture, but learning to come to terms with it. There are just so many examples I don't know where to start.

About that post on The Ugly Truth.... Yes. Men are visual creatures. We women learn the art of flirting and dress up in ways that make men turn. We like that. Whether or not you admit it, every girl secretly enjoys it.

But at the end of the day, do you just want to hook the guy for a night, or are you looking for something more? Different forms of attraction come into play. The flirting is still a must-do, but there are so so so many ways of doing it. And each move would trigger a different kind of arousal of interest from the other party.

I admit that sex is a big part of a relationship. As in being physically attractive. I do not mean one should be of a 34-24-32 svelte figure to be attractive. But there should be a confidence radiating through. Sure they are visual, but if that's the only thing that attracts a man to a woman, everyone's r/s would be a ONS.

Both men and women have their ways of playing this game of catch. It's been going on for centuries and although times and trends change, the basics remain.

Flirting is an art that needs practice to perfect. And it needs a willing audience to be the participant to work.

After all that chasing, then comes the hard work...

Relationships can be complicated things. But I don't like them when they are. Perhaps that's why I do not like love stories. You can always break down something to it's simple form. If there's a problem - SOLVE IT.

It's not the easiest, and there never is a real handbook. But it's what we all yearn for... to love and be loved in return.

I'm happy that I am now at that stage of my life...
and with that, I take off to my first stop - the genuine Oktoberfest - tonight.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Super neglected

Wow.. this space indeed has grown plenty of cobwebs. *shudder*

I'm now blogging from my home in Clementi. It's been so long since I've actually come home to eat!!!!! yum yum..

It's Friday night, so of course I'm going off again out there somewhere. haha! No lah. just meet YL... Haven't seen her long than I haven't uploaded this space.

Living with MK has been fantastic. I love it.

But September marks something even more special - it's the day I leave my team and venture into something more "exciting". I've gotten transferred out and now assist the COO. In other words, I'm now the assistant to someone of a higher position.


But it is a lot more stressful, and I do think that in the long run, it will probably be great for the resume. Let's see..

I'll be going to Europe in a month's time. WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Italy here I come!!!! And I'll be at the REAL Oktoberfest too!!!!!!!!!

No snow this time, but that just means I don't need to put on so many layers - which is good!!!

I'm going to see a different side to Germany. This is going to be so exciting. My second trip to Europe. I can already feel the joy of going on holiday. I absolutely can't wait.

It's a pity I didn't help MK much in the planning. Sigh. Feel so bad about that. But I told myself I'll devote time and effort in reading some travel books to make sure I can appreciate where I'm going to! I've got to!

Time to leave Clementi... and to sign off... I miss being at home with Mummy and Daddy, but I'm also glad to have MK beside me when I wake up everyday.

Well... can't ask for everything can you? Haha!

Still... I dare say, I AM HAPPY. :O)

Saturday, July 04, 2009


I made it. I survived the super tough week.
My boss left... and obviously there were some administrative stuff I had to do. On Monday I had a new joiner, and 1 guy flying in. Tuesday was my new boss. Damn that was hard. And on Thurs I had a new joiner again. gaaaaah.

New boss is fine. I mean, so far so good. I seriously hope I do not screw up. I'm still nervous around him but I suppose I'll manage for now.

Mozzies have been attacking harder than ever these few nights. Absolutely horrendous nights, considering my very stressful days. Just bought this high-frequency emitting thingy. It damned well better work. Especially after I killed one of them mozzies this morning. That fat thing was filled with my blood.

I'm working on a new piece and hope to complete it soon. Not like Kaze is going to be performing any time soon, considering this recession. Still, I like to hear ourselves playing it amongst ourselves. Feels good.

I've got so many ideas of which pieces to arrange, but I just haven't got the time and energy lately. I'm still going to try anyway. Hopefully there'll be more chances to perform. I can't wait.

Nothing really new in my life lately. MK and myself have been very careful to keep our weekends free and more relaxing. We now have our 2nd weekend of doing ... nothing. Ahhhh. Very nice.

Parties will start again later, but right now, I think neither of us can really deal with it.

Going to have another nice home-cooked dinner by him. HEehee....

What a fantastic Saturday.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

End of hal of 2009

There hasn't been a quiet moment this entire half a year. I'm amazed it's only been half a year! What a rollercoaster ride.

From returning from Germany, to going to Kuching, then Bintan, and then of course there was Hong Kong..
The countless number of parties.. moving out..
Not forgetting an eventful time in the office from retrenchments to resignations to my possible transfer...

Yes. I may be getting transferred out from my very very beloved team.

My boss has resigned you see. And she has completed serving her notice.

Now, I may either choose to continue in this team, or move on to help another division. I;ve made my decision though. I will move on. I'm afraid, but I believe that as much as the new job entails longer working hours, possible subjection to almost-slavery and a hell lot more of I-don't-knows... I am ready to take the plunge.

It's a risk I'm willing to take.

Unfortunately it is not convenient to talk abt work online so I shall leave it as that.

Life is still as eventful as ever. If only I could write down and document everything but I simply cannot afford the time. Sigh.

Work is taking up most of my life in the recent weeks, and will probably continue to do so. I am determined to keep a balance as I always have. And no matter what decisions I choose to make, I will bear in mind... that happiness is a choice, and it is up to me to choose it.

I have got to be one of the luckiest people to have so many loving friends, colleagues.. such a fantastic boyfriend, and needless to say... my amazing family.

I continue to be thankful for each day that passes and to see the beauty in it.

So much going to take place at work tomorrow. The heat is really dehydrating me. Gotta hang in there....