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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Reaching the point of exhaustion

I think I was a lot more tired and drained when I was working on the D&D late last year, but somehow, this time I am feeling it again.

I believe it is the coupling of work and my personal life matters that makes it harder to balance lately. Plus the incredible weather nowadays - the extreme heat coupled with the flash storms.

Yep. I know I'm not getting any younger. It's a sign. Damn. I'm only turning 27!!! And that's still a bit more than a week away!

Anyway, his parents are in Singapore now. That means both my parents and his have finally met. But strange to use the word "finally" when it took waaaay longer before mine met my ex's.

MK's bday party was last Saturday and he is now officially 30. Woohoo! Again for the benefit of those who do not have facebook... here are some snippets of the wild party which I only drank 1 shot of vodka the entire night for:
The cake

One of the MANY MANY MANY photos

My mum & his mum

And at the weekend before that, we had such a wonderfully classy night at Cats with champagne and great company... and dress-up!

Today is his nephew's birthday party.
Next few days are going to be spent looking for an apartment he can stay in. I hope he can find something.

I've spoken to my mummy about moving in with him. She's ok with it. So now it really is up to me.
Would I like to try it??? Yes.
Do I have the guts to??? Yes.
So what is holding me back???

Apart from the obvious financial reasons, there is a certain quality of life that I have at home and what I have there at his place is different.
For EG: As much as the TV I bought for my room belongs to me, I can't bring it over 'cos it'll ruin the wall. Simple things like that that seriously... shouldn't even matter.

But I am still bringing these into consideration to remind myself that I will be starting all over and building my lifestyle once again.

It sounds exciting. Maybe that's why I'm a little nervous about taking up this challenge.

I really want to prove that I can make it. And more importantly, I know my mummy would want to see that I can take care of myself (or have someone to help to do that.. heehee..)

Could be what's contributing to the exhaustion. I cannot fall sick. I must not fall sick!!! Not when I'm going Bintan next Friday!!!!!!!!!! Wahaha! With 7 Germans no less. And when I"m back ... MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!

Anyone know of irresistable birthday treats? I'm looking for where to eat lunch and dinner. Lunch being at Raffles Place of course. Working lah.

Okie dokes. Gotta go get ready for the kiddy party. Then Botanical Gardens tomorrow. Nice SSO concert. All we need is good weather.

Leave comments pls my dear readers.. I know some of you are out there. haha!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Deserve vs reality

Sunday was packed with activities.

From picking rubbish on St John Island, to watching the F1 race (that was stopped halfway), to watching Gran Torino (at last), and then going through the instructions with an ex-colleague on how to help to take care of their dog.

Just another weekend for us eh? Hahaha! Always packed. But why only Sunday? 'Cos my bf had to work the whole day on Saturday. BLOODY HELL. I hate it that my bf has to work so damn hard.. so much harder than others.. and yet get paid so much less than what he deserves. I really hate it.

I hope I can find a better job for him. Why can't he do it himself? How to? He got no time! Sighz. Let's see lah.

My mummy was just talking to me about how her health is failing her even more now.. SIGH... I worry for my mum, and in turn, worry for my dad. We 3 sisters are more than able to take care of ourselves. But my parents really deserve to sit back, relax, and enjoy the life they worked so hard for us to have.

Have you ever loved someone so much that it hurt you so much you could cry just by seeing them in pain? When I was young, it was my younger sister. Now, it's my mummy.

It really sucks. And as much as it is not about how much time more I should spend at home, I still feel guilty about not spending enough time with Mummy. I think I'll take a day off during the Mother's Day period and bring my mummy somewhere. Very limited places to choose from, but I'm sure I'll come up with something. As always.

Anyway, on a happier note, here's evidence of the good deed some 30+ of us did on Sunday morning...

Some 200kg of rubbish ok?!

No pretty photos of myself so I shan't put them here. See facebook if you need a scare. Damn. My face is seriously rounder now.

Some may notice I have got a new hairstyle. Yes I do. Now I have bangs aka a short fringe. Haven't had that in years. Quite nicely cut by Louis in Kimage Prestige at Plaza Sing.

Anyway, I'm pumped up for the weekend already. Thursday night after my Deutschkurs, I'll be heading to Clarke Quay for some clubbing action (despite lugging around my heavy books).
Friday morning we'll wake up in our ex-colleague's place so we can walk the dog in the morning, and then again at night before we head back to his place.

Saturday will be a pool-side BBQ party at one of our Filipino ex-colleague's place. Then Sunday I'll be all dressed up to watch Cats at the Esplanade! Haven't bought Cat A tix in a loooong time!!! Time to think of what to wear.. HMM....

Then of course, Monday is my darling's birthday. He turns 30!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!! Speaking of which, I have yet to help him settle the catering for his party next weekend!

And his parents are coming already! GAAAAH! So much happening!!!

And all this are just happening in my personal life. There's lots to be said about work but it will not be convenient for me to bitch about here.

So no surprises if I disappear from my bloggie again hor. Bear with me.. I'll be on facebook though. Heehee... Do check in on me from time to time to see if I'm still sane.


Saturday, April 04, 2009

Hello to Q2

We're into the second quarter of 2009! Damn. That was really quick eh?
Hard to believe that mk and I have only been together for 10+ months really.

The trip last weekend was, needless to say, magical.

Trekking with commando mosquitoes was horrible, and the climb made me walk like a duck for the next 3 days, but damn... it was completely worth it.

For those who are still not on facebook (tsk tsk), check out what u're missing!

Just a very brief idea of what we had to climb up AND down:

And this was already a very very short flight of bamboo/mud "stairs".

Somewhere inside the jungle where we finally managed to take a breather:

Lucky for me, I didn't get leeches, but mk did! But I got the mozzies instead. I wonder which is worse.

Unfortunately, now that mk is back at work, it is too busy for him. Sigh. Poor thing's been camping in the office the entire week - and is in the office today! SATURDAY! WAT THE FREAKING HELL?!?!?!

He deserves so much better.

I'm going to play with Kiki a little bit now. Taylor Swift's Love Story is driving me nuts. The song just keeps looping itself. ARGH.

Tomorrow I'll be going to St John Island to pick up the rubbish. Yes. You heard me right. First trip there. Let's see how much of nothingness there is there. Hahaha! :O)