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Saturday, April 30, 2005

An eventful Friday

Timmy (yes, that ex-student-turned-still-in-NS boy) came back to see his section at the workshop. That's really sweet. I mean, not many students actually do bother to come all the way back to our ulu office just to pop in and say HI. It's always such a pleasure and joy to see the good people come back.

Didn't manage to finish my work, so I've got to go back on a SATURDAY MORNING. Who ask me have to go band at night. Can't OT. blech. Damn 2Q5Yr review. Damn auditors. Damn....

But anything for band I guess. It was just soooo fun making music. I actually managed to sight read some jap folk song (but ok, it was really easy) and play with the "pros" of the flute people. It was so fun!!!!!!! Somehow, I didn't screw up too much on the piano. (Don't think history will repeat itself next week when it's a different piece though.) Absolutely amazing when a piece comes together and all the different parts join to be a whole.

We're all working in small ensembles/groups for this concert so everyone's sound will be extremely exposed. Everyone's got some kind of solo somewhere so blending together, being able to read each other's signals and styles..... oh... Why didn't I just study music?!

I also re-confirmed that I am sooooo not a leader. I'm very much a coordinator. You know how managers have 5 roles (business management put in practice) - Plan, Organise, Control, Coordinate, Command. I am soooo not all of them. haha! Somehow I excel in coordinating more than anything. Maybe it's 'cos I'm used to doing it at work.
Anyway, the band is really not easy to run and manage. Thankfully the President's really good and our schedules don't clash. Committee's also good 'cos whatever roles we work out, we actually follow. Things are starting to come together and get going: concert venue booking and admin, coordination with the school, attendance of players, pieces and etc......

Just learnt that Jarod got through the 1st round of Superstar (that Channel U thing). Congrats!

I'm supposed to go to SIM to return my library book now, but I'm so lazy. I feel like going straight to office.
There's a goodie bag with purchase of certain magazines at Buzz Stations. I hope it's still on now.... Seems like a good deal. hmm............

Thursday, April 28, 2005

..then again..

I flipped through my Econs paper. Ok. So it wasn't really filled up that much, still, I did write stuff for most of it?
Well, the comment was: WHY?
What the hell... No one told me I had to explain every damn move on the stupid graph?!

I am so screwed. I'm messing up big time.

I've got loads of band stuff to settle, work to do in the office (that has to be done by tomorrow), and studying. Studying just plain sux.

Been doing quite a bit of work stuff during non-work hours lately. hmm.. I suspect I'll be doing the same while I'm on leave the entire of next week.

I really gotta concentrate on studying if I intend to even continue.........

I might as well give up

Juz Another Gal

Mummy just helped collect my mock exam script for Econs today. Guess what my score was???

A whopping 16%!!!

No, the paper was NOT blank. In fact it was quite filled up. I've yet to see where I went wrong, but damn.. I really might as well give up.

I am not a mugger. Never have been. Why? 'cos I can't "learn" short term. I simply can't memorise things easily. I can't remember lyrics either so this is not exclusive to study-stuff.

I somehow managed to drill in my sociology deep enough but score still under 30. I like it, I can explain it (at least the stuff in the notes), I can write it, but just can't score. Business management is a "smoking-through" subject. Again, not good at it, but thankfully, I'm working so it's not AS bad.

Econs, Maths and Stats: WHY AM I SO LOUSY AT THESE?!?!?! WHY?!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

2nd trip to Sim Lim

This time I used office hours to go down to Sim Lim. Managed to get the guy to help me convert. Tomorrow dearie can help me pick it up! YAY!

Then have to go over his place to do the editing (or attempt it) again. Hope it works this time.

The dumb Hello Blogger Picasa thingy doesn't allow me to put up Timmy and Benson's pic. So irritating. Scanner doesn't allow me to put ZD's. ARGH. So odd.

Ah. Time for sme acknowledgements:
YL - Thank you for reading. I know your life very hectic nowadays. Hope my blog entertains you abit each day (provided I update it enough huh?).
Bladey - Need loads of help from you for exams. Thanks for being around.
Dearie - I think you read this?
Leonard - Dunno when next gathering. Will jio you!

If I left anyone out, blame the pig who wants to overtake the compy. Gotta go!~
Hectic day at work tomorrow again...................

Monday, April 25, 2005

At NYDC for a drink and mud pie

Me and Angel (the chio-er one on the right) Posted by Hello

Yellow sports car

Yellow sports car outside Meritus Mandarin at Orchard. Many onlookers (not pictured). I think it's a Lotus 'cos Timmy or ZD said so. haha! Spotted on Saturday night. Blurry photo 'cos it's taken with my HP. Haha!~ Posted by Hello

3 days...

Friday night. Band cancelled. So I happily arranged to meet up with Dearie.
But it was not to be.

Boss called to ask me to stay late. I figured - why not? shouldn't be THAT late. Turns out, we even had to buy dinner in, and I stayed till 9+. Again, I'm a very "affective" worker. Bosses treat me good, I will willingly work for them. Not like I'm not being paid anyway.

I left with my Boss still struggling in the office (poor guy). I called a cab and hurried over to Dearie, who was waiting for me. Sigh. I'm horrible huh?

Before midnight, we made our way to my place. Kiki was there!!! And he was going to spend the night!!!!! [In blond language: Like, how cool is that!?]

Dearie had some food... we played with ki for a while and Dearie had to go back.
Ki was having soooo much fun he refused to sleep. In the end I fell asleep earlier than him! What to do, I got class in the morning lehz.

Class was good. In fact, it was great! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Too bad, I received my mock exam papers on the same day - 20+% only. HOW TO TAKE THE ACTUAL EXAM?!?!?!?!

I was so demoralised. I met up with Alvin after class since his ended too. He got a lift from my parents to Clementi to meet his new-found love-of-his-life. He's even got a ring to prove it!

Well, I hurriedly took a bath and left for Orchard. Met up with ex-students. Actually, only 2 ex-students, 1 ex contract staff, and 1 of the students' friends. The 5 of us had a great dinner at Crystal Jade. The La Mian one horz. Had to wait damn long to get in, but since we were busy catching up it was all right.

Moved to Heeren for a photoshoot (yes, we take neo-print cards when we meet). It's an annual thing. haha! It's really fun to squeeze into that tiny booth and pose for that funny picture. I should get all my friends together to do that. It should be hilarious. Heehee!~

One of them had to go home, another had to meet her colleagues so I was left with the other 2 still-in-NS boys. We walked around Cineleisure, contemplating a movie.

We landed up at Kbox (WOOHOO!) and sang our lungs out. I realised that using my throat to sing and diaphragm makes a hell lot of difference. My throat will hurt, but when I use diaphragm, it doesn't. No wonder singers can sing for full concert.

Forgot to add since this blog is "new": I LURVE GOING KTV. Always enjoyable. Listen to people sing, watch MTVs, sing.... somehow there'll be plenty of laughs.. loads of fun.

This night was no exception.

Anyway, I realised Kbox has a fantastic place to lounge about. It's the 8/9th floor Kbox, where there is live music by some aspiring singer(s). They play and sing lehz. Absolutely fantastic singing. I stood there for a while mesmerised (yes, you can just go in and stand around to listen. No charge.) - then we were so gian, we ourselves had to sing.

Plenty of youngsters. Dressed jap-style and all. Don't know where their money comes from.

We hung around till 3am. Dearie said want to sleep, so I didn't go over else no one open door for me. Went home exhausted.

THEN TODAY.........

Dearie got guard duty, so I was on my own.
Went all the way to Sim Lim with the good intention of getting work done. I need to convert 2 mini tapes into mpeg/avi formats aka VCD. The 2 shops I found were closed. Ask around also kenna pointed to the same shops. Sigh.... [Do work during non-work time. Damn... Why do my bosses have to be that good...]

Made my way BACK to Bugis to get a present for my now-ex-extudent 'cos it's her birthday party this Sunday. Dumb me got this huge thing that I had to carry around with. Argh.

Oh. On the way back I actually managed to squeeze my way through to the temple. Heng ah. Too long no go sia.

Bought rabbit stuff, MacDonalds, and some papaya drink. Oh. Got a pair of flat sandals 'cos I simply coundn't stand the heels any more. Got them and wore them right away. Quickly zipped off in a cab.

Didn't get to eat Mac as dinner. mummy cooked, which is actually better. Home cooked food always wins.


I expected this entry to be longer. Ah. Yes. I omitted lots. Don't want to bore people lest they stop coming (I'm deluded. I actually think people other than patpat is reading).


Just watched the F1 race on Star Sports. Ok. So I only caught the second half. FANTASTIC race. Most exciting one I've watched!

Saturday, April 23, 2005

My “letter” got published today. It was slightly edited and cropped I guess. Do not remember that was what I wrote, but the gist was there. Hahahaha…

I just realised that Lea Salonga’s concert is sold out, so I guess I won’t be able to get any last minute tickets. Too bad….. In case anyone doesn’t know who she is, she’s an asian who can sing damn well. You would have heard her in Mulan and Anastasia.

Anyone know if Snow.Wolf.Lake will be coming to Singapore? I missed its run in Singapore because I thought it was in Cantonese. (What the hell…)

Had self-made lasagne with the students today. Yummy, but abit too filling. Also had very good homemade jelly. Now stuck in the office after munching on KFC because boss was too hungry… and needs someone to help him with work so no choice.

Here I am.. I’m sitting down here.. supposed to be clearing work.. but noooo.. I’m typing for my blog. Hmm.. ok. I should stop being evil. Off I go to do some work.

Tomorrow is sociology class. Saturday 9-5pm class, but I like sociology, so.. yay! After that I’m going to meet the 1st batch of attachment students I “cared for”. I’m really growing into an auntie sia…………..

So many last minute stuff. Band got cancelled, supposed to be meeting Dearie, Kiki supposed to be staying over at my place tonight. I hope he is.. and I hope I get to play with him when I get home.

Dearie gave me a nice surprise by popping by last night. Yeah, he was supposed to pass me a folder I left at his place, but hey, band got cancelled so... it was pleasant.. and sweet.. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww..... (ain't I easy to please?! Please say I am!) haha!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Stressed up

What a ridiculous day. I was practically yawning my whole way through. When I came home, I crashed into my bed and slept for 2 hours - that is NOT what I do very often at all.

Work is piling up. This time, it seems that boss not in office = more work. Band stuff also heating up. More matters to settle with each week. This is really getting difficult to balance.

I... must... persevere.................

Worst of all is my studies. In 2 weeks, the exams will begin and I have not even STARTED. Someone.... help me.......................

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Mission not accomplished

I set out to Dearie's place after work to try editing the DVD at his place - but as the title suggests - mission not accomplished.

Ah well.. will work it out with the manager tomorrow I guess.
Still need to go Sim Lim to convert my mini tape into VCD. Anyone with cheap lobang??? Or anyone care to brng it down for me? Heehee..

Hectic at work. Loads to do. Didn't see this huge flow of work coming. Oh no... Worse still, internal auditors coming to check on some records I'm supposed to have been filing. I didn't - my managers didn't seem to take them as important so I happily discarded them.


Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Oooh.. Boss is back!

What a hectic Monday morning. Thankfully I've grown to become super awake in the morning once I step into the office. I'm suddenly alert and the leftovers of Friday's "data" is being loaded automatically into my brain.

Internal auditors came. No one to "take care" of them, so it's obviously my job to entertain them till my boss comes in.

By the time my dear boss comes in it's 9+. Poor dude is gonna be flying all over the world these few weeks.... He's always working whenever his mobile is on.

Anyway, I was glad to see him. Wonder why. It only means more work for me, but then again, I love my job. Haha! I'm an oddity.
He asked if I received his email, then suddenly I wasn't that smiley. Thankfully, he said it was about dinner tonight. *heng ah* So I scurried along to make the reservation at Long Beach Restaurant @ IMM for tonight for 10 persons. Yep! I was one of them. Heehee!

The rest of the day flew by. Work was piling up at a speed I could barely handle. Boss will be flying off tomorrow night again, so I would really need to catch up during then.

Dinner time came. I've grown to get used to these little meal gatherings my boss holds. Not as tense as I used to be, and not as quiet too. I don't understand the engineering stuff they talk about, but for everything else, I'm finally catching on.
I take this dinner as a "secretaries week" dinner too. But then again, I know they need me to take on another job after the meal - take minutes of their project meeting.

I've taken minutes of the management meetings, safety meetings, even the Board Of Directors' Meetings, but this coming one is going to be THE challenge - PROJECT MEETINGS. How am I ever going to understand all the terms engineers use? It could be just as bad, or even worse, than asking me to take minutes for a meeting involving Dearie and all his computer friends.

Like every other task I've been given, I'm sure I will be able to learn, albeit the many mistakes I will make. The team is great, so this would be a great experience again.

Back to dinner. Plenty of other issues my boss had to mediate at the dinner, but it went quite well. Food wise, I tried raw and cooked lobster - cooked is DEFINITELY better. Raw lobster is tasteless. Absolutely no other way to describe. It just has no taste. ZILCH.

Too bad it's a Monday else we would have gone KTV-ing! Ah well...

Tomorrow, need to figure out how to edit a DVD for work. And no, not doing it AT work. I have to go to dearie's house to do it - 'cos got DVD writer there. No idea if I could burn it (after editing) as a VCD in the office, and it'd be horrifying to take that chance.


Checked my email and saw the Mr Alan John replied my email to him. How nice of him... Even asked if he could publish it... *awww* Some part of me hope he does, 'cos I'd really like to emphasise to motorists out there a motorcyclist's plight. Then again, I hope I didn't write anything to politically incorrect in there... hmm...

Monday, April 18, 2005

The Sunday Times & other stuff

Took the time out to read a column by Alan John on motorcyclists. Even took a minute or so to write an email to him to thank him for writing it.
No link to it 'cos out dear Straits Times decided that online news comes with a fee so I'm afraid I am not going to type out his column.

Next thing I saw in the papers that caught my eye was the one on funny names that parents give their kids. Those poor things. Really. Sometimes I wonder why they couldn't have gotten simpler names.

Can't blame marketeers for sending brochures/ads to us with our names printed wrongly I guess. They must have thought they really were spelt this way.


On a different note, today's class was all right. Thanks to enough sleep last night, I managed to keep awake throughout with hardly a yawn despite it being so boring (the guy in front of me took off during lunch time 'cos it was too boring. Really. He told me.)

Came home during lunch time to play with ki. When I got back, parents had gone out with ki. They came back soon after though, with kiki asleep.
Mummy told me that while they were shopping, kiki happily took a big toy to her and said: "Pay." Even told my mum WHERE to pay. My goodness. My mum quickly convinced him to take something smaller (and cheaper). Damn, he's got toooo many toys!!!!! Granma's spoiling him lots........
There's gonna be trouble later when we try to send him back. Poor baby's going to cry and give "the look". (No, not the look in Zoolander; the baby-pout and puss-in-boots cutesey look.)

Oh, Dearie's friend's wife just gave birth! CONGRATULATIONS TO THEM! Unfortunately, I just got news that baby is premature by about a month, and something doesn't seem right in the leg as there are spasms. I hope baby will be fine and mother is coping well. The pain of a mother who cannot hold her baby after the labour...... I hope father's ok too.....

Fete of Temptation - yeah right

Prologue: Dearie and I had a simple day together just watching stuff on tv, admiring the new ipod mini, clicking around the computer, etc. It was a lazy day..... it was raining too!

After the cartoon on El Dorado, we hurriedly left for my place (so he didn't need to send me back too late) to catch The Fete of Temptation....

..End Prologue

The Triumph Fasion Show (closing number for the Fashion Week) seemed to be advertised as a "localised" (held in Singapore mahz) version of the Victorias Secrets Fashion Show. But what a let down!
I really wonder who did the editing for that show. It was absolutely horrendous. I mean, come on, aren't you supposed to keep the camera on the model while she's doing the catwalk so viewers can enjoy the model and the new range of lingerie it's supposed to promote?!?!?!

But noooooooo.... what the director did was do MTV-styled editing and cuts all over the place. What we landed up sitting through was a montage of shots with extremely irritating bright lights fading in and out. The cuts were far too quick for us to get a glimpse at the designs or the models at all. It was just plain annoying to enjoy anything of the 1 hour show.

Host Jon Johnson was a bad host. If you look good but can't host, DON'T. Jaymee Ong wasn't so bad, except that I felt her voice wasn't as suited, but beside the dude, my goodness, she was fantastic.

What a disappointing lingerie show. Next year, they should just put the camera in front of the stage, and simply zoom in and out; pan up and down. SIMPLE. Why add all the irrelevent cuts and lights? The backstage scenes were done MUCH better. It did allow us to see what went into the preparations. Same irritating cuts and shots were used (and shakey confused cameras) but thank goodness for the absence of the bright lights fading in and out.

I hope someone from Triumph reads this. AND Mediacorp. Fashion shows are never shot this way. Triumph: If you want to sell your products, you've got to allow us to be able to see them first.

No pics to post here. Damn shots changing so fast, unless I taped and paused it, I would not have been able to capture anything. Me no VCR. Or TV Tuner.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Band day

I was doing band stuff even at work. Printing, photocopying.... was juggling with "real" work too. thankfully, I managed to do them all. Had a nice long lunch at Crystal Jade... Actually wanted to treat the students, but one of them in the end didn't join us so too bad, the 2 who ate with me have to pay. Ask them to pay lesser they dun want.. hmm.. so funny one.

I was lugging loads of scores, my flute and my own little bag to band. I gave dinner a miss, thanks to the really good filling lunch. I realised that Rotiboy is at Clementi Interchange and despite the rain, there was a long queue (as long as the queues for buses!). I also realised that COmics Connection closed down. Don't know what is wrong with that spot. So many shops have come and gone.

I went to school and was too early. Mr Marican was not around, so I sat outside the principal's office. Nice and dry spot to observe the little ones doing their chants for the scouts, etc. While waiting, I was trying to search for Ms Teng's photo. My goodness, I now totally understand what you mean by "she is fat". She has ballooned beyond imagination. I had a VERY hard time searching for that photo.

I bumped into Miss Low. She asked about my sisters whom she was shocked that "the naughty one" is actually at business news channel. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Yes, in her own words, she said "the naughty one".

I opened the band rooms, and soon after, a couple of people started streaming in. That was amazing. It was not even 7pm. That's a major achievement I tell you.

Well, the AVA room keyboard was working so I practised abit on it before the conductor shocked me and wanted to listen. *uhoh* i felt like I was having piano lessons all over again. He was mighty forgiving - maybe 'cos he was in a hurry and had to rush off already. I need to practice very badly.

I forgot to leave clear instructions to the band whilst too engrossed with the keyboard. I left Yingshan to it. Poor gal. Still, practice seemed to go on quite well. We had our different sessions, so we were playing different pieces each half hour. Complicated, but in a way quite fun.

I hope we make it in time for our projected concert date.

After practice, I lost the librarian so I guess I'm to keep the scores till the next practice. It's not a light load (literally and figuratively), I tell you.

We headed for MacDonalds. Thank goodness Wilfred was driving and I could hitch a ride. Supposed to discuss lotsa stuff at Mac, but landed up not doing so.
We were talking to some other members, and I was busy sorting out the scores.

In the end, the only ones left were me, Weida (flute senior), Wilfred (President of band) and young junior Victor. Our topic was all around Victor and him becoming a doctor. That's cos he really wants to be one, and he does have the qualities to be one I guess. He's in 1st year NUS Med School. He's soooo gonnna make it.

Oh, and I realised that another of my seniors is now a dietician. Interesting. (No, I mean seriously, it IS interesting.) Another ex-model (yes, that guy who was an MC once for our concert, the one that girls were happily giggling and pointing at) is in the IT line. He's playing the flute this year (a switch from the euphonium), and I'll be playing one or two piece with him too. Nah, he does nothing for me. Sure, he's good looking and all, but just not my type? I don't know. Some girls (yes, those giggling and pointing ones) really seemed to "dig" him. haha!

So lucky.. these people can play 2 instruments. Ok. I supposedly can, but they can do both VERY well. I can do half half for each. blech.

It was an extremely long day. I didn't even get to msg dearie 'cos my hands were busy holding on to all the barang barang I had. Too many things to settle. Oh, and band stuff in the end weren't settled at Mac, so I sent out an urgent email once I got home. Deadline to reply is tomorrow. No replies, and I'll take matters into my own hands and make my own decisions.

Anyone know trombone players? Trumpet players? Euphonium players? Interested to play for our Clementi Town Alumni Wind Ensemble? heehee....

I enjoy band.... It's never about politics there, never about power. Always about the music and old friends.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Me and Baby Zaki at the pool side (when I was staying at RedWood West)! Posted by Hello

Not a very eventful day.

Boss' wife dropped by to collect something on behalf of my boss. Wow.. she's slim for a lady who's had 2 pairs of twins! Still looks young too!

Students and I were really lazy today, bumming around alot. I did my share of work, but some stuff I can't do yet (blame it on bureacracy). Those in big organisations would understand that "approval sequence" that can take forever.

Anyway, students and I were talking about ghosts. Rather briefly but still, an intriguing topic. Heehee....

I'm supposed to practice the piano tonight - where the hell am I going to find one?! Looks like tomorrow I've got to go to band early. All alone in the AVA or music room. Damn, it wasn't a good day to talk about ghosts after all.

I'll bring my flute to the office tomorrow. Hopefully I'll get some practice done.

I'm intending to bring the students to Holland Village. Probably will buy a nice cake and treat them. Jialatz. This month I'm spending waaaaaaaaay over budget. Probably the equivalent to my salary! *gasp*

Maybe a small cake would do..........

Thursday, April 14, 2005

So many bastards

I couldn't help but read the report on Ken Chu sneaking off to a rendezvous with his fellow star of some dumb show. [It was in Mandarin, mind you, and I'm not very good with reading stuff that's not in English.]
I didn't finish the whole thing, but I read that when his rumoured girlfriend (the cute-faced Mayi from the Sunday Girls) saw the photo of him kissing the other girl, she just cried, and later announced cutting all ties with him. (so much for "rumoured" huh?)

Anyway, I simply cannot stand it if guys go astray. I don't know why. No, it has not happened to me (and I hope it never will). I absolutely cannot condone cheating at all. I would rank the no-nos as 1) cheating, 2) lying. I don't know if I have a heart big enough to forgive and forget someone who would do it to me, because I may just think that if that person does not care enough about me to bother, then I shouldn't bother about it either.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. I predict that I would make the guy suffer. In no matter what ways that may mean. Revenge should be sweet shouldn't it? I'm a Taurean (ok, I'm not really into horoscopes but I think this much is true) - I have a generally good temper, but if provoked, hahahaha... I don't wanna try it.
It's been said that if you curse someone, it'll come back to you 3 times worse. Don't think it's worth it huh? Hmm... then again, I shouldn't ever post "revenge methods" here in case bastards land here, and start thinking of ways to counteract.
My evil brain's at work again. Rather think about how to get back at people than study. HAHAHA! I'd do anything to not-study!
Still, absolutely cannot stand guys who stray. If I can do it, why can't you?

All right. Ranted enough. Heehee!

My NYP IA students have their last day next Friday. I think I ought to buy a cake or some good food to treat them. I love it when students are around. Sighz..... Will be left with 1 NTU student....

Dearie's Day!

For this entry: First time using BlogThis!
The morning briefing on EVA (Economic Value Added) was really a lullaby. Too bad the class was too small for I’d have slept more peacefully. Tip to all accountants: If you’re going to give a briefing/lecture to people who may not be trained in Finance, please cut the terms used in the department. Or at least explain them in layman terms before going on. Using more financial terms to describe it is not going to make any more sense to us.

Anyway, thankfully, it was a really short briefing. I managed to get back to my office in time for lunch time – so I decided on a whim (ok, so maybe I’d just been craving it) – to go have XO Fish Bee Hoon. $5 but it was sooooooo good. Yummy.

Dearie picked me up from office (First time lehz… didn’t get lost lehz!) and we left for Sakae Sushi at Bugis. Thankfully we went in early, because he was drained by the bike ride. Too many cars he said. I agree, it was peak hour, traffic was really heavy.

By the time we left, there was actually a queue. My goodness, a queue at Sakae Sushi at Bugis on a TUESDAY. They must really be raking in the dollars.

We decided to watch CSI at my place since it was the 2nd part of a 2-part series being aired. Then he wanted to watch The Practice after too. Too bad I don’t follow the series much. It is still a good show.

Before all that, Dearie needed to get a haircut. Those $10 supposedly 10-minute cuts? It’s great if you don’t need the person to wash your hair. Save time and money. As usual, I couldn’t wait there (shop rule) so I went to shop. *grin* Don’t ask a girl to shop around for a while alone. She’ll buy something. Haha!

And I did. Dearie commented that this soft toy dog was “quite nice” and it was one of those really soft huggable types. This was just before he went in to cut his hair. So, I bought it. Found one of those free postcards and scribbled, then went to get a small cake (more like mousse). I couldn’t stand not giving surprises – albeit a small one.

Shopped around Kinokuniya. He bought a comic, and I nearly bought a Bart Simpson Guide To Life book for him. Haha! Maybe next time.

Still, I’m glad he liked the dog. Thankfully the cake tasted as good as it looked. It was bite sized. We were so full, both of us shared it at my place. Curious people can look into the mini booklet that comes with this month’s 8 Days (which Dearie readily bought). It’s the one with a strawberry and a piece of chocolate on it.

The night was too short…. Sigh……..
[Again, allow me to blame studies for not being able to take a day off to accompany him.]

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Quiet Monday

My boss is out of town, and the engineers are out somewhere doing some work. The office is so quiet except for me, another manager, and the attachment students.

I'm supposed to be using this time to study, but as expected, I'm not. My only consolation is that the phone has been ringing quite consistently the whole morning, so if I had tried to study, I wouldn't have been able to concentrate on anything at all.

I feel like going out to Holland Village or Ghim Moh for lunch but no transport so no go. Too bad.

Tomorrow's Dearie's birthday. This year I cut the tricks and directly asked what to give. A green ipod should be on the way to his place in a couple of days.

Now, to figure out dinner tomorrow. Hmm...... Time to check the UOB website for their dining priviledges.


Turns out I had my usual 'cai fan'. One of these days I'm going to have that XO Fish Head Noodles again I tell you. It's reeeeally good - and this coming from a person who always thinks "food is just food". Commonwealth has a small coffeeshop that sells good fish hor fun. It's not your regular type but a dryer and completely white kind. You've just got to try it to know what I mean. Next time if I'm bo liao I will take a pic and post it here.

I've got a briefing tomorrow about EVA. Supposedly for newer staff. I've been here for 3 yrs and they finally organise one. Plenty of stuff I don't know about the company, but I'm getting the hang of it. In fact, sometimes it's better not to know.

After the briefing in the morning, I'll try to linger around and maybe I'll get to lunch with the Finance ladies before returning to office.

It's still considered a quiet Monday having the house to myself since after dinner. Gave me time to concentrate on settling some band matters. Who would've known that managing a band would be that difficult? haha! This is why I never inspired to be in management. Power isn't that great - it comes with loads of responsibility. Thankfully the band functions in a more collaborative way. I refer to the power statement as in organisations. The band is more like a group. Wow... I can actually stuff I learn here. hmm...

Damn.. I should be studying.. what the hell am I doing..............

Monday, April 11, 2005

My "Happening weekend"

So I had 2 days of boring IBM lectures, 9-5pm each over the weekend. THankfully there're no classes for the coming weekdays ahead. My boss won't be in town either so I'm hoping to get some studying done then - somehow I land up deviating to doing "other stuff". hmm..

Last night's dinner was at a "new" location - Adam Road Hawker Centre (if I may call it that). Anyway, it had some really succulent crayfish, a pile of over-spicy (for me) kangkong, cockles which I didn't touch, stingray and not-so-properly-cooked rice. Value for money. I think it was $32 for 4 of us. Next time must ask for less chilli.

I suggested to take a photo of the food we were eating and send them to Edwin over at Australia (poor guy's homesick). And guess what? They did - wait, more like Weitang did. Heehee.. Damn i'm evil.

Tried this teh-cinno. Quite nice. heehee.. Oh, and tried a combination of starfruit and green apple which turned out to be sweet! (Heng ah... can't stand sour stuff.)

The table beside us consisted of 3 guys. They seemed to have just finished some sports and ended up there for dinner. They were talking for a long while (much like us actually) but I couldn't help overhearing their topic - gaming. I have nothing against gaming as a hobby, but I do think that if you are sitting at a hawker centre talking about gaming for 2-3 hours, you really need to start thinking if that's all you know or can talk about.
It seemed like they were talking about the same game, but sitll, they were talking about playing the game... seriously... throughout. It was amazing. This kinda guys are the kinds I won't date.

I'm glad that at our table we could talk about stuff happening in Singapore, old friends, etc. I would think that such discussions actually stimulate the mind abit. Let's us know what's happening in our surroundings in the REAL world.

Well, after talking for a couple of hours, an old classmate came strolling in. Conveniently he asked us to get out of our seats 'cos we were pretty much hogging them (but hey, we did order drinks).

Ok. Lunch time is over. It's time for me to go back to bloody class. Off to continue my "happening weekend".

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Hectic Day no. 2 not as I expected

Somehow I thought it'd be a super hectic day again for me, but it turns out class was short - albeit super boring unlike the other classes - and I can take a nap before dinner at Adam road later.

I'm still physically and mentally weary from the busy day yesterday. Plenty of stuff to settle for band - mainly administrative details, but very critical ones.

Oh.. and I'm in dire need to study.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Hectic Day No. 1 is over

My eyes are so tired they're hurting. But hey, I'm going to leave something here to read anyway - just in case anyone's even reading.

Work was busy again but it's better now. Manageable.

GM actually gave me a lift to the karaoke competition location (at another one of our company's locations). Okay, so it was on the way, but still, GM lehz. He's such a nice person. He dropped me SMS-es to congratulate me and wish me luck! Oh, by the way I got 2nd. Hooray. heehee...... It's the least I can do for my GM.
Now I need to return Jingxian the VCD and treat her to a good dinner.
Oh wait... I think there's going to be an ST Engg competition.. crap... Going to have to use the same VCD. arghhhhh.. I don't like to owe people stuff..

After the competition, despite feeling exhausted, I actually went to CTSS to drop by band practice! I didn't get to play, but there were some important issues to settle and I'm glad I made the trip down. I do not want to see the band fail. If not for bloody stardies I'd spend more time on it.

I have to go rest now. No long post today. Too tired. Tomorrow 9-5pm class. My goodness. How am I ever gonna survive this........after that supposed to go and celebrate Dearie's birthday but still sick.. hmm.. Don't know if can or not. Wonder if I'd be well too.

Hear there're lotsa mosquitoes flying around lately. Be careful.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Succumbing to become one-of-them

Yes. If this uploads successfully, I would have successfully become one-of-them and be hereby known as a fellow blogger.

Somehow inspired by bladey, I actually took the trouble to think of a login name, page name, etc just to reach here. The name may not seem original but I am darn sure I was one of THE first (if not the first) to come up with the nick juz_A_ga in mIRC back ... hmm.. many many many years back lahz.

Until I figure out how to meddle with the settings and stuff, this is the "default" template you peeps have to read this blog on. My best friends are finally free of my frequent irrelevant rants via email. [All go thank bladey quick.]

Here is a sample of the rants (and infrequent raves) to come:

I'm exhausted from work. Somehow the workload and responsibilities keep piling up on me. I'm lucky to have great bosses and colleagues, plus a fantastic office - so gimme the work! Bring it on!
Here comes the sucky part - studies. Yes, as a part-time student I can't concentrate so much on work. I'd soooooo rather work. I hate to study. Exams are coming in a month and here I am typing my first entry. Damn, I really need to study. Seriously. I've never felt so insecure of my studies in my 23 years of life.

Tomorrow is the company karaoke competition. The champs from last year and the year before are taking part too. There goes everyone else's chances of getting top 2. And yes, they do sing that well. Why am I in? Simply 'cos I participated in the previous 2 they held. I got 3rd place 2 years before. Honest - it was just luck.
I'm tired.. and still got to pack my room since I just moved in [For those who are wondering, I moved out for a month for my place to get renovated. Now the overhaul is almost done, it's time to repack everything into the new furniture.] Hope the tired-ness won't show in my voice tomorrow.

I'm sooooo lacking singing "practice". KTV anyone?

Flu bug's going around. Everyone please take care....... 2 of my attachment students down. Dearie's down too.