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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Last Friday's BBQ photos

One of the early photos taken. The one in the centre is the colleague who has moved on to greener pastures. Posted by Hello

The hardworking ones who did the cooking. There were more who were just not in the photos. Posted by Hello

More fellas at the BBQ. Here's one with mainly the India nationals. Friendly dudes. The one doing the wave up front is not on of the nationals though. Haha! Posted by Hello

Another beaming picture. The 2 on the left are already mothers. Mind you the one on the left (without glasses) has school going kids ok? Posted by Hello

The good weekend: continued

I was glad to know that mummy was all right when I woke up. It was 9am. I had to meet my colleague at 11am to visit another colleague. Remember one had stroke? Yes, I was getting a lift from my parents to visit him. Managed to stop by Holland Village to get a small bouquet for him.

Sigh. He used to be so cheery. Plump. Smiley. When we saw him, he could only blink. He had gone so thin. At one point I think he nearly cried. I was at a lost for words. I could only keep asking him to quickly get well.......................................

My colleague and I didn't stay too long. He needed to rest. We left Ang Mo Kio Hospital (which is really at Yio Chu Kang MRT) and took a nice slow walk. We talked 'cos we hadn't really done so since she shifted office. And she may be resigning. Sigh. Losing another good colleague. She's such a nice person. Her daughter's going to be just like her! Heehee..

When we got to the MRT station, we parted. I called Dearie and realised he hadn't gone swimming. He was sleeping. Must have played too much again the night before. I later learnt that it was true. He played until his monitor got spoilt at 5am. Power right?

Anyway, I told him I wanted to go shopping. On thinking of his mouse which has a spoilt scroll, he suggested Bugis (which is conveniently located near to Sim Lim). Fine, since I wasn't exactly keen on going to Orchard anyway. The heavy human traffic there can be quite a put off.

By the time Dearie reached Bugis, I had already bought some liquid foundation, checked out some Fox stuff and searched for YX's present. Nope, I wasn't bored yet. Heehee.. I pulled him along to buy the Fox stuff I was eyeing on (splurged $30 on "jogging gear" just like that), showed him this handphone keychain thing in the shape of a boy which flashed a red light on his "down there" when there's radiation, and more and more shopping. Haha!!! Shopping is goooooooood I tell you.

This is where the fun part came. We went to the toys department. Dearie checked out the Gundam stuff I don't understand. Meddled with some supposedly light sabres, and SAW MADAGASCAR TOYS! AH! SO CUTE! Good quality ones ok! Cuddly stuff! About $25! Dearie bought for me ah!!!!!!!! He even bought a Madagascar T-shirt (with the cute on Mort on it) for Kiki!!!

This is the picture on Kiki's t-shirt. What a cutie!!! Posted by Hello

Awwwwww... is Dearie sweet or is Dearie sweet........

We made our way to Sim Lim. Thankfully the rain had stopped. Walked around to see the mouse and monitors. Had Katong Laksa for "dinner" at 4+. Learnt that there was an extra monitor his dad found, and probably under my "subtle" hints saying that his mouse can still be used (the scroll is not THAT spoilt), he didn't get anything. Trust me, that is quite amazing. To keep any amount of money in the bank account is always amazing. Oh. He also had to consider that if he bought the mouse, he may have problems surviving the next 10 days on $2-3. I guess that was a motivating factor. Still, I'm impressed. I had a shopping spree while he resisted one. That's my dearie!!!!!!!!!!!

We got back amidst some fierce traffic on the roads. Got back safely. I happily took out the penguin to show it off.

Here's me in my room, where mummy said I should try to make my mouth look like the penguin's:

Hideous looking huh? Just contrasts nicely with the penguin which is soooooooooo cute. Can't stand it. Must let kiki see quick! Posted by Hello

While we were watching TV, I put my glasses on penguin.

Dearie calls this Professor Penguin! Posted by Hello

Watched Armageddon and had to keep resisting those damn tears. I succeeded. Yay.

This was a great weekend. :O)

Another surprise

After my boss' shocking resignation, I managed to pull myself for another short 1km jog. As usual, after the jog I trudge my way back and plonk myself into a chair and sit there for the next half hour. This is my way of cooling down. heehee..

When it was time to bathe, guess what happened? I managed to pull my aching legs to the toilet only to shriek when I saw this:

Trust me, it was really big. Posted by Hello

Not to mention it was flying when I first saw it. I am scared of butterflies. Or just about anything I could crush that flies too close to me. Moths come in close to butterflies, except they don't usually fly when I see them. This one was active. I didn't dare to get too close, so you can imagine this moth is really big.

Reminds me of the time a bat flew into my house. Yes. A BAT. It was chasing a praying mantis and got lost in our house. It actually flew into my leg. It was struggling and I was struggling. It was freaky. But hey, you don't get that kind of encounter all the time you know? Closest you can get to a bat is in the bat enclosure in the zoo (or night safari). THAT is cool. Makes me wanna go again.

Well, while the camera was out, I figured: What the hell. Here's the stack of 3 cuties that Dearie has bought for me. A mogu dog has been operated on the face and is stuffed in my cupboard so it is not in this picture. Instead, what you see is Stitch (in the centre) which ki likes to ride on (we lay it flace flat, and he sits on the neck, holds its ears, and bounces away). The big dog is what I am supposed to sit on and accompany kiki while he rides Stitch. Penguin is the new addition! It goes on my bed!!!

Dog, Stitch and Penguin all stacked up! Posted by Hello

My boss has resigned

Oh no..... my boss has actually submitted his resignation letter. This is a real big shock to me. He has been a fantastic boss..... sighz.....
Thankfully, the remaining 2 managers are awfully nice too. I'll be reporting to another one starting in August. Still... I never knew I'd feel like that... I already lost 1 good colleague last Friday... I'm losing yet another...........
How motivating huh?

Another happening weekend

For some reason, my life is not as routine as I probably thought. That's good I guess. Spruces it up abit.

I didn't get to jog on Thursday since there was no one at home. Had a good time enjoying the finale of American Idol. I watched it on SCV so the experience was not destroyed by lousy Channel 5 News which announced the winner. Channel 5 showed the finale in 2 parts with the news in between. Who the hell would want to watch the 2nd half when the news revealed the answer!?!?!?!
I think the finale was done very well. The idols singing with idols, the David Hasselholf thingy, and of course, the spoof of Paula's scandal turned Simon's love affair. For those who didn't watch the Corey Clark "documentary" you may not have gotten the joke.

Friday was interesting. I had a good buffet lunch. Ate too much. Eeks. My close female colleague's last day with the company. She got better job outside mah. Higher salary, good looking indo-chinese boss, and lotsa ang mohs around. Had a BBQ that night held by QA dept at ODE (Lakeside office, where I used to temp for HR). My now ex-colleague's office was there mah.
Needless to say, I barely ate. Really. They ordered THAT much food from the ala carte buffet lunch.
I sang abit at the bbq (got karaoke system one ok?) and met a group of India nationals who were really quite friendly. They are contract staff attached to one of the depts there. Had a hard time deciphering what they were saying. Thankfully I could blame the loud music and singing.
Dearie sent me home after that. So sweeeet. No, he didn't read my previous entry. Heehee... Anyway, the office near his place lahz, but I always think that sending someone home is a very nice gesture. Awwwwwwwwww...
I later throwed a little tantrum at him but we made up. Ok, maybe not so little, but making up is always nice (yes no more words to describe liaoz).

He left late, and managed to wake up early to accompany me to my company x-country run (read: Cross-country run)!!! Is he sweet or is he sweet?! [Ok. I gave the morning call but he made e effort to wake up! For me!] We got a lift from my parents there. Managed to reach slightly after 7am. Wow.... By the time the run started at 8+, the sun was already up and working up to full force. We walked the entire 3.2km. The trail was muddy and slippery till we got to the roadside path. Still, it felt sooooo good after. We got a bus back to Clementi and had a good Macdonald's breakfast. YUMMY. I had my favourite hotcakes. I love them. Even bought that $3 CD. Haven't even tried it. haha!

We headed back home to bathe, after which we promptly fell asleep. Of course lahz... we so tired sia. We had a whopping 4hour nap (Dearie had more 'cos he fell asleep first. I was busy changing rabbit newspapers and waiting for my hair to dry.). Anyway, we blur blur woke up at last and decided that if we didn't go get tickets to Madagascar then, we'd never be able to get proper seats.
After a long while of snapping ourselves out of sleep-zone, we trudged our way to Jurong Point. Got 4 tix 'cos Zhenyuan and Weitang were joining us. I wanted to watch the show SOOOOO badly.

We had lots of time left to the 9pm show so we went to Dearie's house first. Had dinner and watched Simpsons and Final Fantasy on Channel 5. Damn we had to leave half way through the show. Argh. I'd never watched it before you know.

But I'm glad we left when we did. We managed to reach early but had a hard time with the crowded parking lot. Rushed up, then they decided to get Nachos. Had to queue and thankfully, just when we sat into our seats, the show started. Heng ah.

There was this irritating kid just behind us that kept making a funny sounding noise everytime the animals were doing big actions (which was almost all the time). Halfway through the show he finally quietened down abit. Here's a tip: NEVER watch a cartoon in a neighbourhood cinema before midnight.

Ok, he wasn't the only kid, but he was loud. There were a few others here and there but they weren't so bad. The show was hilarious. I loved it. I absolutely do not regret watching it. I think animation is fantastic. I even caught the making of the movie today! Did you know it took 4 bloody years to make this 95min long movie?! So much work ok?!
And no, cartoons/animation are NOT for kids only. There is a reason why there is Shrek and why some jokes in the cartoons, kids will not understand. Have a deeper appreciation for things. Just because you watched cartoons when you were a kid does not mean that you should not when you grow up. Reviews were not so good for Madagascar. Perhaps because it was really short. But hey, it was supposed to be a wacky ride and it delivered. Let loose, laugh out loud! I did. That's what a good movie should do for you.

We hung around and talked abit. Went back to Dearie's to get some windows programs for the pig that was not at home as usual. He told me the story of him and Yan taking a shit together while at camp. They were chatting while laying their dump. Yan had taken lady's finger earlier so he was saying he'd be able to see the seeds in his shit. So he did. (What the hell?!) That was when the action began. He noticed two long strings coming down from under the toilet bowl. They were moving. They looked familiar. *Gasp* They belonged to a cockroach!
Dearie told Yan to get up and flush it down. But he couldn't. Yan had shit stuck in his ass halfway. He hurriedly tried to finish his business, and by the time he had, he took a look again. The feelers were no longer there. Then he realised it had fallen into the bowl and was swimming for dear life. I can almost picture the scenario of Dearie asking him to quickly flush it down, while Yan probably did over and over and over again. 2 guys afraid of a cockroach. Haha! Like fighting some alien like that.

Ok. back to Saturday night.

Got back and found out that my mum had vomited a few times. I know the feeling. You couldn't really do anything. The best was to go to a doctor which my mum eventually did. Dad drove to one of the 24hr clinics. Mummy got a jab, came home took some medicine, and went to bed. I went to bed right after. Ah.... What a weekend. There's more.... but I'll post it later. With pics!

By the way, I think I'm turning dyslexic. Hmm.. Scary.

Thursday, May 26, 2005


Damn. I managed to jog 1km yesterday. Ok. It was short, but at least it's a start. I want to do it again today, but I've got so much work... If I do not go back on time I won't be able to jog 'cos the sun would have set, and no, Singapore is not THAT safe after all. I am not going to jog alone at night.

Feeling abit better this afternoon after "confiding" this morning in my previous post. THere's American Idol tonight. Hope it's a good showdown.


Finished another short jog of 1km. yay!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Reason for my "mood swings"

I finally came to a realisation yesterday night before I dozed off. I understood why I was feeling more easily pissed off, and only one person this entire time managed to make me feel that way - Dearie.

I may not be the typical girl who gushes over flawless manicured nails, expect my boyfriend to call me everyday and spend an hour talking to me and me only (meaning no multi-tasking), or Brad Pitt for that matter. But I am still a simple, practical GIRL. For that reason, I am still subject to playing the ridiculous girly game where when the girl is pissed off, she does not see the need to explain why to the guy, because "the guy is supposed to know".

I understand that Dearie hasn't particularly been "trained" in this game. So while I was feeling pissed off, he was either acting blur or completely oblivious to me being pissed off at HIM! Bah. I found it abit funny at first, then got a little irritated 'cos when I logged off, he didn't even drop me an sms (the entire night ok?). Felt like crying. I didn't. Haven't in a long while.

Then it struck me. I knew what I actually needed from him - some form of acknowledgement that he still treats me as his gf. No, it's not that he doesn't hold my hand when we go out, or any physical thing. It's the emotional part.
For example, I buy him little gifts like a couple of DVDs (not expensive one lahz) and a ipod mini.. all I want is some form of THANKS right??? It doesn't have to be a bouquet of 999 roses or a bucket full of diamonds, but just some form of emotional reassurance that my effort to wear things he's said he thinks I look good in, buy him stuff he likes, etc etc... all this is not in vain. I need some sort of sign that "yes, he still wants me". Not just physically. Or hell, be it monetary. But emotionally.

From the start he's been incredible. He never needed to shower me with gifts or honey coated words all the time.. So I know that it is not like him to do it to me. I don't know exactly what I'm asking for, but I know the reason for my frustration. Maybe I'm begging for affection? I'd think so. I'm an odd one ain't I? It's not even his fault. He didn't change or anything - oh wait, maybe he did. He's been playing his games so much I don't think he needs me. If I disappeared he wouldn't even know till he realised I stopped going over to his place. Then again, on the other side of my brain, I know he's been a gamer and the importance of his gaming. So happens during his peak gaming season, I get the wave of insecurity. What timing huh?

You see? I can be very reasonable, but I still don't feel so right in my heart, mind. It's just me. What the hell.......... I think I don't want to feel like "just another one of his friends" but his girlfriend. Maybe I feel taken for granted?

In a way not knowing what I want would be good. If I knew, means if you did it, it would not be a surprise. If I said it out, it'd only mean you got no brain for yourself. This is a freaking test every girl pounces upon a guy at some point in her life, I believe. Ignore him for a couple of days till he notices. If he asks what's wrong, don't tell him. Wait till he does the correct thing for you - whatever rocks your boat - then go running to him like a good little girl. For the girl to do such a thing for attention, that "correct thing" could be ANYTHING. Yet the girl could see it as - I must do this then you finally notice I'm here ah?! Then next time do again. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Okay. I'm going nuts.

I'm not complaining about Dearie here, 'cos I'm still young, but below is my take on how guys can get and keep a girl (since we're sort of on the topic):
I think guys must always have some sort of initiative. Not referring to the dumb game only, but always. Have some sort of opinion (not "anything" or "I don't know"). Have some direction in life. Have a firm foothold in reality - physically, mentally, monetarily, etc. Have plans. Think ahead. Save $. But also must play. Have your own life. And friends.
Actually, girls same rules bah. hahahahahahahaha....

My 23rd Birthday

[Location: THE ONE karaoke]
Belated post on my birthday celebration that happened even before my exams started.
For some reason, only I had serious red-eye effect. Hmm... Makes me special for the occasion huh? Thanks Evon for bringing the camera! Thanks to all for pressie! (Dearie was still slightly swollen in the face 'cos of the extraction of 4 wisdom teeth in this pic. He hadn't been robbed yet.) Posted by Hello

Over-excited Ki!

THE cutest baby in the world!!! He was so happy playing with the spring (in his hand) by putting a ball through it. All thanks to Dearie who made it possible for him. If you find the picture blurry, it's 'cos it is a screen capture from a video clip. Didn't manage to get him with this overzealous-cheeky-squinted-eyes look with Dearie in the pic. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A hunting we shall go

Posted on www.sgforums.com by some guy
Source: http://www.sgforums.com/?action=thread_display&thread_id=133059

anyone here has had sex in public places? a bit more exciting than always in the bed right.. o and if ppl see you also nothing will happen.. just leave the place before 15 mins la in case the adults call police

1. staircase landings between the 2 highest floors of hudc flats. (1 floor = 2 stories actually cos hudc apartments are 2 stories high) those have lifts at every 2 stories so ppl unlikely to come down the staircase, though you can hear ppl walking 10 meters away from you :p the girl can lie down on the flat square area.. or you sit on the stairs n she sit on you.. or she bends doggie style on the stairs. eh ive been seen by an ah pek once out of 30 times n he stand behind for at least 5 minutes n we continue after he left.. other times she stand off and skirt down fast enough

2. above the unused and locked glass staircase at citylink mall beside nooch the noodle bar. to on top of that staircase has concrete and many trees n grass on 1 side.. many ppl and cars on the other side. go at night

3. a road near habourfront hawker center.. go up the steep slope and around the bend. if you feel like fu cking after going sentosa this is the nearest.. but cars drove past every 5-10 mins.. every time she stayed sitting on me but once she stood off and i think the car could see my dick but at least it didnt crash

and also parks and wherever deserted at night.. daytime stick to staircase landings la.. sick of writing.. got any places to suggest? well its more exciting then 100 times at geylang hotel 81 2 hours $20 huh

once i was fu cking at a saf changi bungalow with the door locked.. but got sliding door with curtains connected to the other rooms sliding door with curtains i didnt know then my 5 guy friends went from the other room onto my rooms balcony and throw open the curtains and sliding door and shout SURPRISE!! and we were both naked and fu cking halfway lol the girl smiled n laughed


No longer need to climb hill and fight with mosquitoes to hunt for free show sia. hahahaha! I definitely didn't know about the Citylink one. There's more where this post came from. Happy hunting!
[PS: I have NEVER gone up to look for people making out or doing the do. I've never even been to Changi at night to see the "night life". Quite sad huh? No transport so never got the chance. Too bad.]
No, I do not have a kink for watching/spying.. I'm no voyeur.. But hey, people bother to go up hill and see, I can at least be abit more in tune with what's going on in my surroundings right? haha!

"1st" day of work + "Housewarming"

I'm back in the office after a 3 week hiatus!

Wow. It's so refreshing! My boss won't be around till Thursday but left a bunch of stuff for me to do. Blech. Still, for him to let me go for 3 weeks... not every boss allows that ya know?

1 of my colleagues is off honeymooning. The attachment student is off for half a day 'cos he needs to go back to school. 1 of my colleagues got a stroke on the day I started my leave - and he still hasn't really recovered.. sigh.. he's such a nice guy.. hope everything turns out well.......
I have yet to check on my mint plant. A few people knew I got 2nd in the karaoke thing. 1 colleague hinted I'll get a promotion (I don't really need one, but a pay raise would be more than welcome!). 1 colleague is still trying to check if he can get cheaper Snow.Wolf.Lake tix. I brought a bunch of tidbits to the office from last night's "housewarming".

Speaking of that, other than the weather, it was really quite nice to have everyone gathered under one roof. I may not be the best entertainer or host, but I'd say it turned out quite well. They even brought gifts!!! That was so sweet.... It's not like it's a new house mah, yet they still bothered leh.

The pig's dumb router thing took a damn bloody long time, meaning that Bladey and YL were completely busy in setting it up the whole time till dinner. YX and her bf were busy exploring the house (at least someone was interested). Those 2 were like trying to see what they could do for thier future home. Haha!

That whole afternoon, kiki was really touchy. He was still feeling bad from diarrhea so every time the doorbell rang, he cried (doorbell must have been too loud). He was initially abit apprehensive about approaching ZR (who came at 2+ <-- still considered late! humph! I am turning into a gaming widow I tell you.). Somehow, kiki seems to remember ZR for playing cars and balls with him, so when ZR managed to entertain him with a colourful spring and a ball going through it, he couldn't stop laughing. Poor ZR must have been exhausted playing with him. Kids are really tireless.

Later that night, Evon and YX and her bf played the same thing with kiki. He thus made new friends. Evon managed to teach kiki how to say Thank You! Something we've been trying to no avail!!! Kiki is sooooo cute.

There was plenty of food yesterday. KFC, pizza, tidbits I'd bought on Sunday with my NTUC vouchers..... LOTS. I even made jelly, but it didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped. Still, YL said it was all right. Yay!!! I really need to learn how to cook soon.

Exams are over. In the quiz I said I wanted to start jogging. If the weather permits, maybe I will do so today. Maybe. Hmm.. I'm procrastinating again. Hmm...................

My ex-attachment student (female one) asked if I wanted to go for a spa thingy this Sunday. No, it's not free, but since I've never tried, why the hell not right? Her mum also wants to come I think. So cool. [Her mum open beauty salon one. Very nice lady.] If I like it, maybe I'll really go Bintan and stay at Angsana and enjoy the spa there too!

Ok. I'm off to continue doing more work. If I intend to go jogging, I really cannot afford to do OT. I really really really really really have to start exercising. I've become such a lump!!! This saturday "cross-country" at macritchie. Company thingy. If I actually jog throughout this week, maybe I'll go...................

Saturday, May 21, 2005

My "assignment"

Helping the pig with her marketing paper. Long time since I've written one. Not doing the whole thing, just the major portion.

I've taken marketing before, but I can't sell or do business (don't have such brains) so she already had all the plans worked out, even the research! All I've got to do is piece them together and make sure I manage to come up with 2000 words on the 4Ps. It's not that easy, it's really time consuming, but since i've got nothing better to do, heck it.

Reminds me of my mass comm days sia. Do research, do quotes, citations, no plagiarising (eg: 3 words in a row from a book/article/journal), etc. But I was trained in journalism, meaning my style of writing is very much more formal and objective (to a certain extent). I'm always more concerned with whether every sentence I type or claim I make is substatiated with evidence. If I were to grade what I had typed already, I would put loads of question marks, but the pig said it's ok, that the markers don't mind, so.... I'll leave it then. The statistics/substatiation I need for what I wrote would not be possible to get unless I really were a journalist.

Did you all read the report in the New Paper about guys being wimps and such? I didn't, but I was told that it was a very skewed report. Apparently, all the interviewees were Communication students. What the hell. When I wrote for the paper in the school (Poly some more) we were not even allowed to use quotes from our department people - unless the news was purely about us. And this NTU Communications intern dare to submit all her interviewees from the same dept, and New Paper actually dare to publish.
Nevertheless, the issue of guys going soft.. hmm.. To a certain extent I have to agree. More and more don't have a mind of their own. Girls don't mind being in charge, but if they feel like mothering someone, they'll have a kid, not a guy. Girls like to fuss over guys, sure, but in the end, girls indecisive nature still need someone as an anchor.

Is it important to feel needed?
I think it is crucial. Critical. Sometimes I feel that I'm too dispensable. I don't find people, no one will come and find me one. If I didn't exist any more I think only my family would know.

Anyway, yesterday was quite hectic. Exam, exhibition, competition, and then I actually made it to band!!! Had a very fruitful practice. Screwed up badly with one of the members 'cos I (of all things) sms-ed her when I should have just bloody called. Ok. I couldn't really use the phone that day and sms-ing was my easiest way out, still.. I screwed up. Badly. I hope it's been resolved.
I was glad I sounded all right on the flute though. I really need a keyboard to practice for my piano parts. Sigh. Next week no practice.

At the karaoke thing, I learnt that one of my colleagues is leaving the company. Her last day is on go-home-have-dinner-with-your-family day. She's been one of the closest female colleagues I have had, and now she's leaving?! Sigh... but she should. She deserves better. On Friday probably attend her BBQ - just nice no band huh?

Turns out, I'll be watching Star Wars only next week. It shouldn't be very fantastic. I am more looking forward to Madagascar. But I was hoping to space show before the cartoon. Too bad for me.

Monday's "housewarming" day. Yay. Going to make use of the vouchers. So cool... everyone can actually make it. i love gatherings.

This was where my company karaoke competition was held (both, though the 1st time it wasn't done up so nicely). Quite cosy, and my mum went too! First time mummy hear me sing. Got 2nd. Woohoo! Nice trophy with $100 NTUC vouchers. Pure luck I tell you. Really just heng to win. Go temple pray always good. Posted by Hello

Friday, May 20, 2005

Time to be materialistic

I was supposed to be studying last night. The paper is tomorrow. I landed up planning my finances for the rest of this year. Just a brief overview, but something for me to target by end of this year. Money money money...

Then I somehow digressed into the presents I received this year (yes, all for my birthday):
1) A satchet of body scrub salts (something I needed)
2) A pierre cardin handbag (another bag always nice to have)
3) A Lee Hom CD (which I do think is nice... ok.. so mainly Forever Love..)

Somehow in my quiz, everyone felt that it was WHO gave me the present is most impt. Nonononono... Like I always say the surprise factor has to be there. The best amongst the 3? The CD. Why? 'cos Dearie slipped it into my plastic bag and I only realised it was inside when I got home. It was a mighty pleasant surprise since I kept saying how nice the song inside was.
Ok. So he didn't really mean for it to be that way. He said he forgot to tell me it was inside. But like what Xiaxue said in her blog (yes, I occasionally see her blog), there are many small things that make a girl go: SO SWEEEEET!

Does the joy of giving still apply in this world? This half year I've given (to different people, of course) a spa package (shared present), a soft toy dog, a winnie the pooh pillow, and an ipod mini. Not alot, I just realised. Not the value of the items I'm looking at, but just thinking through the thought of buying these things. Believe it or not, the ipod mini was the one with the least thought put in. (Relativity again pls.) While the soft toy dog was probably the best.
It's how the present was given and in what state that it was received that's impt.

On another note, is it easy to find someone to talk to any more? I do not mean someone who'd only listen, but someone you can converse with. About life, future, society..... Just little discussions... I find myself doing that with only my mummy. And sometimes the pig when she's around. Or the occasional meet-ups with YL. Believe it or not, YX too and sometimes Evon. All female. Hmm.. What a trend. Do males ever talk about anything outside of gaming??? Ok the older guys at band maybe. Yet too serious also I think got problem sia.
Not like I'm very smart like that. I don't need in-depth conversations about politics etc etc etc. Just, you know, some sort of banter about what's in the news or happening around us. Not a one-sided talk-and-listen/avoid session.

Eh. I'm still normal ok? I talk about my American and Singapore idol series, tv shows, movies, music, mtvs, mags, etc hor. But I realise that some people don't even know about the revolution of reality tv.

Maybe I think too much, but I would like to have some sort of direction in my life and plan abit for my future. I could be thinking a tad too far, but 30 certainly isn't THAT far is it? Sure, life's uncertain, but don't people need something to work towards to?

I save monthly. Only a little at a time (read my previous post, I bring home AT MOST $1200 hor). It's not like I'm a scrooge or what. I do bother about the "now" too. I splurge on weekends - everytime I go out and eat not cheap hor, whether or not I finish food. hehe.. (No, Dearie doesn't always pay. We... hmm... alternate paying? I don't know any guy who still insists on paying all the time any more.) My urge to shop, my ktv-outings all not cheap also lor. (Yes, also fully paid for by yours truly.) If I travel also all the way one. No think, no bargain, just pay. (Ridiculous right? I also think so, but really lahz. If too exp as in not enough cash on hand, then I just dun buy.)

Damn... I'm a paradox on my own. Freaking confused about what I really want. I already have a perfect life. I should stop thinking about what better it could be.

Still, keeping to the topic, I think I manage my money well despite not taking any risks (aka going into investment). Loans are a huge no-no.
Funny how most guys around me don't seem to have a clue as to how to save a single cent. Maybe the army ought to teach them? But then again, I think it's better that all guys leave the finances to us women. heeheeheeheeheeheehee...

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Mid-week update

Studied a little. The fishes were getting bullied (small ones bully big ones) so had to separate them (or rather mummy did that, I only pointed it out). Played with the very naughty ki. Had a long but fruitful band meeting. Came back to enjoy TV (channel 5 lehz - from an scv-must-have person).

I love my life.

Running a band really is more than what I imagined. I don't run it, but I'm glad to get to see the "behind-the-scenes". Not that I never knew about all these elements, but I never really had to bother about them in the past. There was always "someone to oversee it". Now I actually have to make sure it gets "over-see-ed".

Expenses, logistics, communication, and managing the players' feelings/relationships and skills. Got to make sure we're going to be profitable (so we can sustain ourselves), and we sound ok musically, blah blah. wow.. really.. overwhelming sia. The concert is on 17th June. This is really quite a rush.

I hope all my friends get to come. It's going to be a really really really informal kind of concert. I still think that last concert was THE most fun one we'd ever had. I hope this one would be too.

Anyway, did anyone read the wonderful letter in the forum by Dr Lim? It was about the raising of transport prices. Yes. It is an issue that never fails to fill me up with anger. The wonderful statistics he challenged in his letter was perfect. Fancy the transport company happily saying that a low income family onli uses about 5.8% of the household income on transport. BULL CRAP!
My take home salary is at most $1200 per month. I'm fortunate to be able to leech off Starhub's not-so-punctual free bus service, and that my work place is incredibly nearby.

I really do not think all low income families have a choice with their location to work, and if they have a kid who's going to school... my goodness.... a slight raise in transport fare (please SBS, don't use minimal calculations and cheat us) will make a large difference.

I can afford the raise. As long as they keep it to 5 or 10cents. But this will most certainly affect the price of food and other stuff. That will NOT be good for me. Even worse for others I'm sure.

Let's just see how does car taking high-up-there nicely seated and dressed personnel are going to decide. They don't seem to have a clue how it feels like to squeeze and fight for a place to stand during rush hour. Sure, every country has this, but they don't get to go through it so we have every right to prevent a fare raise. And I'm sure that they have higher salaries than us! (I mean those in other countries.) We're talking relativity here.

Let's not forget the enormous profits they are making. Wow.. And I hear from Bladey that being a bus driver, you actually do get quite good pay. (Definitely waaaaay better than me.)

Ok. I'm doing alot of complaining. Haha... It's fun isn't it? Just COMPLAAAAAAAAAAIN. hahahaha!~

Got some more to complain about but I forgot.

Oh. I want to go for a little getaway at Desaru. Otherwise Bintan. I haven't made up my mind, but I would like to go during an off-peak timing. And gotta make sure don't clash with Dearie's Genting trip. Hmm...... At most 3D2N bah. Gonna monitor the weather abit more for now. Also gonna see which one is safer to go (Johore roads....... or the seas......) I got a lot to live for you know. Haha!

PS: Anyone like to play Poker 7 with me on MSN please invite. I'd like to play it but I suck at it. And Patrick keeps bullying me. HAHA... and Dearie keeps winning me too. ARGH. I know. I've always sucked at games but.. argh... I just don't believe I can't do better.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Results for Quiz No. 2..

.. show that contrary to what I thought, quiz 2 was harder. Haha!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Superficial me

I finally went for another cleaning at the dentist after a year. It's actually a wife and husband team now at the one at the market. Nice office. The guy's a gynae but also deals with dermatological stuff. Wife's the dentist who helped polish my teeth.

I was all prepared to ask for braces but guess what? SHe actually said I didn't need them, and that if I insisted on it, I'd not see much of a difference. She said my teeth were fine and no point doing anything to them.


I came back to turn the blog all girlie-pink. Anyone can't stand it yet? HAHA! I want to post more pictures... hmm... Need to look for pictures to post in the first place. I think I should have a whole bunch of photos of my house, but not till I get a "housewarming" done!!!

Didn't know that the president was at last night's premiere of Star Wars. YL offered me tickets but I was really burnt out for the day. I actually got a headache later at night. Luckily didn't go.

I read in this month's Cleo that Spinach helps to make eyes pretty. Heng ah. I got eat ah. That's why I don't get bloodshot eyes and got double eye-lids (subject to amount of rest I get that day).

Also from the latest issue of Cleo, got a free makeover + goodie bags. Let my elder sis have the makeover ('cos too damn lazy to go down to do the make up. Do already also no one see.) on the condition that me and Nisa get the goodie bags. Hope she was the first 100 to call them. (Though i really think it is just a promotional stint.)

Ah. I am soooo supposed to be studying.. argh...

I love my place. The view of the sunset everyday is beautiful. Everything about this place is so wonderful. I'm glad we didn't move out and only renovated it. Heehee...

There's CSI tonight. yay! Another hour lost to TV.

Now that exams are coming to an end, I am sooooo eager to get out and play!!! The weather lately hasn't been very dry so I'd think going to the zoo or the birdpark wouldn't be too ideal. Besides, gonna have too many people during the June period.
I still think they should have an arachnid exhibit. It'll freak me out, but this kind of freaking out beats going for mindless carnival rides and horror movies.

Funny how I am actually not so in the mood for going ktv. Hmm.. But I still won't turn down an invitation!

I also want to try out the Garlic Restaurant at the Esplanade. I've never had a meal there before. I mean the Esplanade. No idea why I'm suddenly so into trying this restaurant.

I'm still waiting for my colleague to let me know if he can get any good discount for Snow.Wolf.Lake. Sorry Bladey, wrong info the other time. It was actually in Cantonese when it was showed here in Singapore last time.

If I could I'd like to take a short trip to Bintan for the beach, the sea, and maybe spa? haha! I'll hope to stay at Angsana if I go. Yes, when it comes to travelling, I do believe in travelling comfortably. I don't save for nothiing hor.

Dearie's going to Genting next month. All guys trip so better not disturb.
What would I do if I went to Genting? hmm.. Maybe I will finally take a short trip around the casino(s)!!! Yes, I have actually NEVER been into one. How lousy.

On a side note to end this super long post all-about-me, one of our guppies seem to be fading away. Poor thing seems so lethargic. Think its time is up, or the other hyper-active guppies have just been bullying it a tad too much.

Zaki with hair tied up!

Ki ki! When we played with his hair... heehee.. (taken before my house was renovated) Posted by Hello

Me and Angel (duh, she's the chio-er one lah!)

Me and Angel at NYDC back when we met last month. For some bizarre reason I have no inkling about, Benson & Timmy's photo just will not upload. Posted by Hello

Monday, May 16, 2005

Final week of leave

Wow. These 3 weeks of leave was great. I hardly spent any time studying. woohoo! That should probably give you enough hint of how well I will fare...

I'm still sulking about not being able to go for band practice this Friday. I'm also in dire need to practice my piano parts for the concert. Why why why?! Damn.. I need a piano.. a keyboard..............

Had a great weekend. I spent Saturday lounging around with Dearie (as usual). We two are quite lazy pigs. Munching on tidbits and other stuff, lazing around.

Apparently, my quiz no. 2 is supposedly tougher than the first. Hmm... Can't be THAT hard?! I thought I was easy to read.. but then again.. a few trick questions here and there. heehee!~

Today I had to go renew my passport. Long queue. Argh. Don't like to do these things. But what the hey, gotta do it means gotta do it. Remember people who need to passport, go to Lavender MRT, NOT Paya Lebar. The weather only bogged me down and got me irritated this afternoon.

Managed to have some tv time, but somehow still feeling tired. Gosh, I really am falling ill soon. I hope I am well on Friday. Don't want to sia suay at the ST Engg Karaoke Comp lehz. Thankfully, just by taking part in the karaoke thing I'll get $20! HA! So it ain't so bad. Hope it ends early too. Before that going to attend the defence exhibition (just beside my exam hall). Think I really have to dress up a bit better. Hmm... what to wear what to wear..........

ANyone got lobang for getting good quality good fit white blouse??? I don't trust U2, and G2000 is under the same company.

Yesterday brought kiki to Clarke Quay with my parents and his parents, and of course with Dearie. The car suspension going to spoil with a load like us sia. Anyway, ki has really got to be THE cutest kid ever. Ahhhh.... He's just too cute. He looks older but really is only ALMOST 2 yr 6 months.

I'd post pictures if it weren't so freaking difficult. The pig wants to use the comp so I've gotta go. Short entry for 4days worth of stuff. Hmm.. did alot more though. ah well.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Quiz time Part II

I was bo liao enough to create ANOTHER quiz!

Take my 2nd quiz!

This one is waaaaaay easier than the first one......

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Happy Thursday

Apart from the fact that I completely screwed up an easy Econs exam, the day went well.

I had a fantastic lunch with Dearie at Swiss Culture (Suntec). We didn't manage to finish the chocolate fondue (mainly the strawberries 'cos they were really sour), but we "packet" the remaining marshmellows in hope to let kiki have them when we got back.

Dearie was overjoyed by the extension of his MC. Kaoz. Damn lucky... on MC for soooooooooo long!!!~

We spent quite a long while looking at mobile phones. Dearie met a couple of friends (on a Thursday at Orchard?!) and mind you they were separate people, different clique altogether. Wow.

Dearie got the new 6230i. Subsidised by my mum and his aunt.

We got to see Mazdas up close at its little road show. The Mazda 3 really doesn't have much space for people at the back, as compared to an Altis.

Anyway, hopped onto a cab back. Supposed to get back by 4, but only got back at 5:30. By then, ki's grandparents (the other side) were bringing him home and we were lucky enough to meet them at the lift landing.

We played with him at the playground for a while, let him have a marshmellow, before me and Dearie spent the entire rest of the day in front of the TV and newspapers (the Star Wars section).

It's going to be a sociology weekend. I hope not to screw the remaining 2 papers up. These are essay stuff.. gotta standby my steady arm, and bring a thicker jacket for the exams. The expo is really cold.. and toilets have impossible queues.

I like sociology, but I hope they don't pull a fast one and have structural functionalism as its question for social change. I tell you I'd be SCREWED BIG TIME. Especially I'm pretty much ready to give up on the topic "bureaucracy".

Speaking of which, I should try to get some notes from Yingshan. She did Soci in NUS. She's one of the nicest people around sia.....
Band tomorrow night. Mid-point concert - 1st time ever - to go through what each of our groups/ensembles have been practising so far. I'll probably mess up, but band is still fun. See? Unlike studies.
GOtta go early and get some food and drinks prepared.

Meanwhile, it's bedtime. Yay...

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Quiz Time!

Again, courtesy of Rob X who sent me his quiz, I somehow managed to make mine before I went to dreamland this afternoon. [despite having a math paper tomorrow and econs on Thursday, yes, I slept the ENTIRE afternoon through till dinner time.]

juz_A_ga|'s Quiz-o-mania

Do take a hit at it. If I'm bored again tonight, I just might make another one. Don't you love quizzes?

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

This is SO me

Taurus - Your Love Profile

Your positive traits:

You tend to stick with relationships - through the good and the bad.

You are a great listener and tend to give valuable advice.

Cautious and careful, you never jump in recklessly... saving yourself from heartbreak.

Your negative traits:

Money is very important to you, so much so that it's a cause of arguments in relationships.

If your lover isn't loyal or attentive enough to you, your eyes start to wander...

You tend to keep things inside - so your partner may not know when or why you're upset.

Your ideal partner:

Is stable, serious, and ready to be committed to you.

Is successful and able to provide you with the lifestyle you crave.

A true romantic, who is willing to express their desire for your heart.

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Comfortable and traditional. You'd love to have a nice meal at a cozy restaurant.

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Love comes first for you before you'd even think of intimacy.

Traditional: you're not a cold fish - but you're not into kink either.

Pleasing... you always make sure that your partner is having a good time.

Tips for the future:

Be willing to change your mind. Who you think is the love of your life may be very wrong for you.

Try listening to your mate. While your stubborn streak is hard to break, sometimes your partner knows best.

Ligthen up! The first months of a relationship should be about fun, not intentions.

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40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.

Monday, May 09, 2005

What age I will live till

You Will Die at Age 79


You're pretty average when it comes to how you live...

And how you'll die as well.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Mood Swing

What do you during a down mood swing?
How do you usually feel?

Well, for me I start to feel really insecure. My imagination starts to run wild and I definitely get pissed off alot more easily.

All I need is alot of attention. Yes, I usually already need alot, so a mood swing means MORE. A lot more cuddling.. listening... anyting to show reassurance.....

If I'm already pissed off, then I'll probably go shopping on my own. It usually works. It's therapeutic. I land up buying presents, or simply spend money as donations, or buy stuff I don't need - 'cos the sales person was nice.

But like now, it's night.. Can't expect me to go shopping right? I'll make do with what's on TV or the wonderfully burned SouthPark DVDs (courtesy of Rob X).
Some nice chips and a soothing drink would be good, but I don't wanna get sick before the exams so I'll just skip that for now.
I'd sing if I could, but I'm running out of semi-happy songs to sing to.
I'd play the piano, but I don't have one anymore. Moreover, the piano would be too loud and my parents wouldn't be able to sleep.

I should study, but I think I'd need someone like Patrick to be sitting in the house so I have help when I need it.

Somehow Dearie who studied this sorta stuff can't seem to remember a thing. But it's been years... so.... hey, I don't remember everything from Mass Comm either....

Ah... had a nice Mother's Day playing with Ki. He's so spoilt but too cute.

One day, if I ever get married, and in time to have a kid, I hope I can devote all my time to the first few years of his/her growth...... I hope that's where my savings will come into use.... I hope I can have my own place... conveniently (and safely) located... have a couple of kids.... I think too far.

Guys, I hope you all have some sort of secret stash somewhere. Someone once told me that some guys still do it. Supposed to be for marriage - buy house, have kid, that sorta stuff. If the majority of guys whom I know are really as they say they are, then I can only hope that when they meet the girl of their dreams, and wish to get married, one of them strike lottery. HAHA! If the parents fund the marriage, then must be prepared for the parents to have a say. It's only right - their money wat.

Damn.. I really think too much. Blame it on the mood swing. But I'm glad this is an avenue to let off steam. Don't know where the anger and irritation is coming from. Pent up frustration from all over the place I guess.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Exams? What exams?

Exams seem to be the last thing on my mind. So distant. Yet it's coming on Tuesday, Wed AND Thurs.

I'm worried about Dearie who keeps getting headaches. This is not a good sign AT ALL. Having had General Anasthetic twice in nearly a week is not a joke. I'm beginning to feel really negative against western meds. They just keep giving more and more pills. How many pills can one eat a day? I think the side effects from each one already constitutes to a whole new problem itself! This is just wrong.
A pill to counter this, but will give you this, so you need to take that pill, but in the process, you'll need that other pill................ The "cure" is too short term. The constant popping of pills simply cannot be the way to live your life for as long as your heart is beating.

Band has a whole lot of stuff going on. But behind each cheerful face at band, there're all these worries that are nagging at us. It seems like all of us have band as a retreat. (Ok, not all, but some of us.) Conductor's mum just had a major op, hope she's fine. President's family has major problems also.

Damn, I really hope Dearie gets well soon. Dumb robbery thing has already affected his interview with MOE.................

Friday, May 06, 2005

Time.. too fast..

Enjoyed a short chat with Evon over the phone yesterday Been ages since I did that. Enjoy your trip in Tioman gal!

Well, we talked about ourselves abit.. and just realised that this really is the prime of our lives. We've got great close friends even when we don't see each other that much, we've got jobs that we're pretty comfortable in, etc etc...

I've got great friends. Great family. Fantastic job. Sufficient income to keep myself afloat. The band to fulfil my music passion. Studies to enrich me - although I STILL hate studying for exams. Of course a great bf which I hope one day will be more than that...

23 liaoz. This is the time to travel and learn new stuff. Like I said before, plenty of stuff I wanna learn. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH... too many...

By the way, what is "HOME" to you now? A place where you feel safe? Or is it now more like a hotel where you only go and sleep? Anyone care to share thoughts?

My mum was just telling me about her trip to the Ostrich Farm at Desaru (Johore). There was a drawing competition for Singaporean kids held there. They were supposed to draw chickens. Some of them drew the ones running around, but you know what the sad thing was? There were not only one, but several who drew chicken as you saw it at the chicken rice stalls. I MEAN HOW SAD IS THAT?! These kids have no idea what a live chicken looks like?! They have never had a chance to interact with "the real thing"?! My goodness.

Mothers' Day is on Sunday. I need to collect my mum's present tomorrow after class.
Also promised dearie that we'll go have some good food tomorrow evening.
Long night at band today 'cos we'll have a meeting after.
Listened to Joi Cai's album last night. Mesmerising voice. A very gentle and subdued kit chan yet uniquely hers. Looking for the piano scores.

Organising a small "housewarming" now that all is done up. Anyone wanna drop by my place, please do so.. Just gimme a call first.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

An Update

Dearie's much much much better already. he's craving for good food, so will have to oblige this saturday. BUT no chicken and seafood. sunday then mother's day.
dunno y my personal life always super hectic. i love fussing over birthdays, occasions, gatherings, etc... i shld just be a planner huh? or go into music, animals...... my goodness.. i have no use for a business brain... sighzzz... don't understand y i chose this degree.........

supposed to be studying but ever since zr got injured really no heart to. i ask you if ur loved one kenna like that can study or not?! sure, studying is impt, and worrying is of no use, still............. studying just isn't that impt to me. i enjoy going for classes and learning new stuff, but i really dunno y i cannot take exams. 2 yrs of not studyng and i turn into this. wat the hell is wrong with me.........

One day the guilt of not-studying-every-moment-of-my-life-when-I'm-not-working is gonna engulf me.

I tried to flip through econs yesterday. I think I'll just memorise lahz. I have a bad memory but let's just see how bad it can get this time.
I'll try to "focus" on maths and stats first.

We've got a few fish in the house now. 4 guppies and 3 dunno-wats. hope they survive long enough. One of their main functions is to eat larvae of mosquitoes. I wonder if the dunno-wats eat guppy food. hmm... they seem to chew it and spit it out.... hmm...

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

What does your birth date mean?

Your Birthdate: May 4

Being born on the 4th day of the month should help make you a better manager and organizer.

You may be more responsible and self-disciplined than you realize.

Sincere and honest, you are a serious and hard working individual.

Your feelings are likely to seem somewhat repressed at times.

The number 4 has something of an inhibiting effect on your ability to show and express affections, as feeling are very closely regulated and controlled.

You are apt to be much more practical, rational, and conscious of details.

There is a good deal of rigidity and stubbornness associated with the number 4.

Since the jap thing was "fake, I figured to put this instead. haha!

Happy Birthday to me

I'm 23. Eeks..

Monday, May 02, 2005

Police had better find the damned armed robber

I had loads to type since I hadn't updated since Friday. Yes, the weekend was incredibly eventful.

Today, however, was probably THE worst.

Dearie was still recovering from his puffy cheeks (plucked out 4 wisdom teeth at one go). He had to take an MRT to meet me at Jurong, where we'd make our way to Choa Chu Kang for the public-holiday-feast.

I reached first. Called his mobile but Starhub told me I reached the mailbox. That was really odd. I waited for some time, thinking he accidentally turned it off.

An unknown number called, with a familiar voice on the other end. Dearie told me he had been robbed... mugged.... I thought he was joking. Hey, you'd think anyone was joking if they said it to you right?!
Anyway, he told me to call his mum (which only meant it was true). He said it was nothing, and it was just a cut though it was still bleeding. The fella only took his phone. The police said they wanted to take him to hospital.

I didn't know what to do, so I hung around Jurong MRT waiting for his call. His mum managed to reach him at the police station, and called me back to ask me to go over to the aunt's house and eat first. Apparently dearie had said the same thing that it was nothing serious.

I happily went over, met the parents downstairs who said they were going to bring him over for food, and I enjoyed the good food.

We soon realised that he wouldn't be able to come over 'cos the bloody hospital let them wait ages. Only when I finally reached his place with his sis, did his mum tell me that the doctor said he had to be admitted. The damn robber slashed his arm deep enough that it cut the bone.

Dearie is probably in the operating theatre now. The poor boy under general anaestetic twice in 2 weeks. What the hell.............

I'll see him tomorrow.... I've informed all the buddies too... Hope everyone can keep him company tomorrow so he wouldn't be so bored. And maybe can take his mind off the pain (if there's any). Damn robber somehow shashed him till he couldn't feel any pain from the wound... we worry it hit a nerve.

All in the doctor's hands....

WARNING: If you stay at Jurong West, beware of a plus-sized Indian man, who may be armed with a chopper. He will ask you to follow you somewhere. If you ignore him, he will slash you anyway. SO BEWARE.

I am so not meant to be studying am I? First work, second a plethora of Taurenas celebrating birthdays, and now this. Damn it. Damn robber.