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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Overloaded brain

Germany trip, D&D preparations, work, family, friends, flute stuff, German classes, appointments, BBQ this Sunday..

Just a taste of all the stuff going round in my tiny little head.

Germany trip: Where to buy/borrow clothes I can wear to keep me warm (and within a good budget)

D&D: A long slew of worries tagged with this

Work, family, friends: The usual. Trying to keep up.

Flute stuff: Hopefully I'll get a chance to perform somewhere before I fly off. And that I get some inspiration to do up another piece.

German classes: Deutsch ist schwer!!! (German is tough!) I'm trying very hard but I suck at it still.

Appointments: Trying to make sure I keep to them. Already had to cancel my facial today 'cos of work.

BBQ this Sunday: Celebration for MK's completion of his thesis. Lots to prepare as usual.. like every other bbq... more importantly, i hope people come and have a great time.

Lots more going on in my head lah, but probably nothing I can categorise yet.

I'm amazingly still quite recharged from the weekend that just passed: dinner on Friday night at Raffles Hotel, Saturday night at Bellini, and a Sentosa Sunday.
Felt like a mini holiday. Heehee!

Can't wait to see what's in store for this weekend. There's always so much we can do, so many places to go...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A bunch of firsts!

What a crazy week it was last week. The markets went crazy and so did the entire bank.

I really hope that doesn't happen again.

Anyway, the whole week was a busy time spent working and keeping MK's german friend entertained. It's nice to get to show off your own country. I'm glad there are plenty of places to go.. all of them so pretty.

This tiny island can be really interesting if you let yourself be a tourist for a day.

Anyway, along with that, I also managed to go to Supper Club for the first time. My sister's early birthday party (or something like that.) Honestly? Music was too damn freaking loud. Sure, it's a club and there's supposed to be loud music but this was beyond bearable. Rich and beautiful people (and loads of ang mohs). Not my type of place. You only go there to see and be seen.

Only thing nice were the beds. Everyone could sit around - but we could barely talk. Shouting didn't really help much. So we landed up taking silly photos. Let's see if I'll put them on facebook. haha!

After his friend left, which was last weekend, I went to Prive at long freaking last. Very nice indeed. But let's see if I go back.

We moved off to Wessex Village at Portsdown Road after that. Sort of my first time. To think I used to work around there for 5 yrs and they only converted that area after I left. Anyway, guess I didn't miss much since I "moved" to the city. It's just a really ulu place that's super quiet. Klee is nice if you need a VERY quiet environment to get away from cars and screens.

Sister's real birthday gathering yesterday. Went to Singapore Flyer for seafood. Again, another first. Had never been there, nor so close to the flyer. Not bad indeed. THe food was good and not too expensive. Worth going again.

Finally listed them all I guess.

Enough parties for now. I haven't really gotten a chance to spend time with MK ever since he was back from Germany. Looking forward to a quiet Friday night together.

Germany. Tickets have been booked and paid. I'm going in Dec! WOOHOOOOOO!
Now, to figure out how to keep warm there.

A little too eventful for me to handle right now. Time to snooze a little bit in bed and let my tiny brain work things out tomorrow.

Life is going to get tough, but it doesn't mean we stop living. We just keep going, and try to make things happen. Happiness is a choice, isn't it? :O) so choose it!!

Friday, October 03, 2008

It's good to be me

Tuesday night was pretty wild. Lots of high and drunk gals around. Thankfully I wasn't one of them!

Wednesday was a nice and slow day. Went out with mummy to do a bit of shopping in the evening, a cuppa tea.... Mummy wanted to buy me a necklace. Just something for fun. Walked into SK Jewellery and saw some nice designs, and also hung around Citigems for a while. I couldn't decide on what I wanted - plus I felt the items were too expensive.

I'd rather mummy used the money to treat herself to something. I totally appreciate it but I guess I've never been the one to ask for anything. Presents or material stuff in particular. One of the many strange things about me since I was a kid. Somehow I always understood that money didn't come easy and I never really dared to spend other's.

We went to another shop (B*dazzled) and my mum bought herself earrings, and myself a much cheaper necklace - and I think it is much prettier too. Looks so unique! Plus my mummy bought it, so it'll always be a special something. Ah... I'm such a pampered girl.

Yesterday night, I saw my dear BF again. It'd been over a week since I saw him. Yes yes, I know it is a short time, but it felt good to see him again.

Met the friend he has brought over and we are anticipating spending more time going around Singapore.

Very happy that he has now gotten his Masters. Yay! And a good grade with that as well! Woohoo! He was so happy he went out and got me something back from Germany. Awwww. Another necklace! Hahaha!

I bought so many things from Swarovski. In fact, I think I buy something from them every year - and none of them were ever for myself. Yet I received a beautiful Swarovski necklace yesterday from him. Sigh. He's so sweet. :O) I'm still very touched by the gesture.

Those who have followed my blog would understand how easily touched I am by the little things. He is definitely doing lots of little things and this is something I would classify as a bigger thing. He's really spoiling me.

Want to see my new necklaces? Call me up to meet bah!

It was Satay yesterday night, and today it's going to be Clarke Quay.

Class tomorrow as usual. I like class.. don't get me wrong.. but it is a Saturday afternoon... primetime of a weekend... and I have classes up till end of this year.

Speaking of year-end, I have yet to buy tickets for my trip!!! Oh no! I hope there still are some seats left. No thanks to global warming, the "white christmas" may not be fulfilled, but I'm sure it'll be just as cold.

Anyone with winter wear to dispose of or lend, there's a taker over here.
*raises hand and bounces up and down*