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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Yet another busy period

[Photo uploading doesn't seem to be working too well. Will try again when I'm more free. Which is going to be at least another week more.]

Funny how life just loves keeping me busy. Then again, it really is myself looking for things to be busy with. Hmm..

Anyway, more memorable events in the past week included:
1) A post-concert celebration BBQ at West Coast Park

I didn't do much except call people to go. Helped a bit with the BBQ-ing, and spent the rest of the time moping around (like I always do when there're many people around).

I managed to chat with some of them, but surprisingly when I left at 8:30pm 'cos Dearie was coming over to my place, almost everyone was STILL at the BBQ and STILL eating!

Can you believe it? First time BBQ nearly not enough food. Turnout was very good, and those who did turn up ate very well.

2) Drastic Haircut at Kimage

My haircut at Kimage has changed it completely. I asked for it. I told him: I want to change my hairstyle. And I was in the mood for anything different.

It looked really good when I was sitting in that chair. Somehow when I came home it didn't look quite the same. I bet tomorrow morning I'll look even worse. Can't wait to see that look on my family's and colleagues' faces.

I did want to look more feminine but hey, it's a change. I'll see what I can come up with, with my first and new bottle of $44 wax. Then I can only hope whatever I wear will match whatever sits on my neck.

3) My first "internet forum" meeting

I went for my first Shopping Lifestyle Forum outing. Like the BBQ, I'm not very good with big groups of people. Thankfully they were really nice and friendly so I eventually managed to find stuff to say.

I think I'm generally quiet around big groups because I seriously don't know what to say.

It was a nice experience for me. It was great too, 'cos they said this was probably one with the biggest turnout. I collected 2 dresses I ordered online through the forum. They almost fit just nice. I'll see what I can do about that.

THen again, I don't know if it'll match the hair now. Don't get me wrong. I don't think it's bad, but it's really different.

Time for bed. I'm too tired to type more. Bought Her World and haven't even read it. Blech. Why am I always making myself so damn busy.......

Monday, September 11, 2006


[Typed this portion on Friday]
There just never seems to be enough, does it?

I started off this blog when I was only working. Then came my lousy studies. Somehow I still managed to blog. Then came the responsibility of running the band. AND I STILL BLOGGED.

What the hell? I am still in awe at how I did it. Some had told me that if I felt I couldn’t do it, I should just pass it on, but I didn’t. I hung on with my tiny finger and managed to lift myself up and out.

Band stuff are not completely over, but the major concert having been successfully completed is sufficient to relieve a load off my shoulders. My colleagues say I’m visibly more relaxed at work, and definitely more rested.

What have I been up to lately? I actually frequently wanted to put my thoughts down onto this blog, but somehow never got to doing so. This week was actually my holiday week. No classes, and hardly any band matters.

So here I am, just doing this little ad-hoc thingy.

Let’s run through the various parts of my life:
I’ve still got a payment outstanding. After that, I pretty much am clear of the administrative stuff of school until January. Starting Tuesday, I’ll be taking 3 modules: Organisation Theory, Information Systems and the Organisation, Management Science Methods.

Of the three, I’m most worried about MSM. But hey, from what I hear, you just need 10 credits to pass, so I’m going to focus on 2 subjects, and as long as I get my freaking degree, I don’t really care whether I get it with a pass or honours.

Otherwise I won’t be taking it part time in the first place wouldn’t I?

Dearie… he’s going to take 4 modules this year. I really hope he takes his remaining 2 (to make up for those he failed) as a part time thing the following year. My gosh, can you imagine if it were done full-time. Bloody waste of time.

Rumours were floating around our band, but since there was no official word about anything, we are assuming they are just that: rumours. Our band is still very much functioning as per normal, and we’ll be having our post concert celebration on 23rd September at West Coast Park.

I’m constantly organising something aren’t I? Something must be wrong with me.

I’m still doing the same things at the same company under the same bosses. But at least I’m happy here. The pay STILL sucks, but I’ll live. Now got 2 young attachment students here. Both girls. Yay! Too bad, I don’t have anything to let them do. They must be so bored. Our engineers are a little too busy at the moment so probably only next week then they’ll start getting busy.

I’ve got loads of work to do. Have done OT on Tuesday and Wednesday already. When school starts, I will only be left with 2 days to do any OT. Luckily my boss allows me to just take time off when I need it.

In January I’ll probably get a laptop. I mean, it’s been budgeted lah, just… I wonder if it’s a good idea to have one. Ah well. Company’s asset so just use. Hope it doesn’t blow up on me.

Yep. An integral part of my life. Over the past few months, it has been tested and proven that shopping is something I do to destress. It is the one activity that I constantly did when I was busy with everything, and while doing so, when I got frustrated, I’d look at the pretty clothes online and buy away.

I’ve since got 2 pairs of heels during this time (one of which for concert), which really isn’t something I buy a lot. I usually have 1 pair for all occasions. Now I have wedges for work, a pair of slippers, 1 pair of formal heels, and 2 regular heels. Yikes.

Clothes are what I really really really enjoy buying. Sometimes it’s a good thing when they don’t fit as well as I’d like them to – this way I won’t buy as many. My thinking about clothes is this: buy them below $30. Anything above that, consider really long and hard. After all, most of my clothes I only wear for a short period of time, then donate them or something. What for spend so much then?

Bags. An early passion of mine. It’s simmered down, thankfully. Especially since Dearie bought that big Guess bag for me. It’s now my staple. I hope this one lasts. Most of my staples don’t last more than 6 months. Wear and tear. Cheap bags what. Told ya I like to shop. Must give myself a reason to buy. Spoilt bag is a good reason. I’m contented in the “bag department” for now.

Make-up, accessories, skin care. Never really had much of a pension for these items. Lucky me.

Watsons. This one deserves a paragraph on its own. I’m training myself to enter Watsons without walking out with something in my hand. Damn Watsons stores have so many things I would feel happy just buying a pack of sweets from them. Everytime I step in, I’m convinced I need something.

Speaking of which, anyone have a good body moisturiser with SPF to recommend? I only know of Loreal’s but it’s a tad oily. I’ve used 2 tubes already. Want a change.

My consolation about all my shopping expeditions, online or in-store, is that no matter how much I buy, I’ll always be lagging behind my sister (in terms of number of items and amount spent). Her 1 shopping trip can probably last me a month. Then again, it’s relative to how much you earn right? And she probably has a lot more reasons to dress up than I do.

At least now that I’m less stressed, I am not shopping as much! Because of Dearie’s lousy PSP, I am addicted to this stupid game called Lumines instead. Bloody hell.

Except for his money management, everything’s fine and dandy I suppose. Mummy asked me if we discussed about our future together. I didn’t even know how to answer. What will be, will be. Que Sara Sara. I can only hope the day will come when he is financially independent enough to have some sort of savings – and not be in debt because of all his wants. Note: it’s WANTS not NEEDS.

I even proposed a savings plan for him: every cent he saves in a piggy bank or separate account, I’m willing to match that amount and put it in. He didn’t even want to consider. Talk about passing on a good deal.

Supposed to travel this week but never got to planning it. No one else did either. I know I do a lot of the planning but hey, in the “travel dept”, if I did the planning, no one would go. Heehee… My budget plans for travel always exceed others. Why? ‘cos whatever I choose usually has lesser hassle – and it translates to being more expensive. I suck at travel planning. I admit.

Instead, my parents will be out of the country on Sunday for 3 nights. Since my sister is usually not at home, or when she does she just keeps herself locked in her room, my mum’s counting on me to water the plants, take care of the fish and rabbit, keep the place clean, etc. I’m going to have a taste of what it is like to have to go home and do chores after a whole day of work + school. It’s going to suck.

I’m sure there’re plenty of other stuff I wanted to write. Stuff that would exercise my mind. Make me ponder over. Somehow it’s all fallen to the back of my head. Ah well.

Well, here’s something worth thinking about: a will. Ever wonder what will happen to the stuff you leave behind? I mean, most probably it’d all go to the children, husband, wife, parents… But what if you had to give everything away, and couldn’t leave the entire chunk to your close ONE only?

I think I’d put a clause for anything to Dearie to be given only when Dearie manages to save up $4,900 on his own from his salary. Why this odd figure? ‘Cos it is how much he owes me for his beloved bike. Take $6000 from me very easy. Now want to take back I don’t even know if possible or not. 1 year of my savings lor. I don’t care. I will keep bugging. Humph. He some more want to buy a new bike (a Class 2A one). I will not lend him a cent. Though I’m sure he’ll have his means and ways to get it. Like I said, what will be will be. If his financial management continues to be like this when he starts working, then it’ll likely be sayonara from me. After all, I AM looking for someone to settle down with right? I don’t know who can settle down happily with bad finances – not earning much is one thing, earning enough and spending more than that is another.

But then again, does he even have a plan to settle down with me in the first place? I’m pretty sure the answer is a big fat NO. He keeps pushing away such questions saying he’ll think about them when he starts working.

Let’s see if I’ll stick around till then. I love him very much, no doubt about that. I really treasure every moment we have together, and am loving every bit. Especially when I see him play with Ki. But don’t test me. I’m just another girl. And like any girl, will keep asking: Where is this relationship going?

If it’s not going to end up into a happy little family, maybe it’s time to find one that will?

That’s a totally different topic altogether. One which I’ve posted about more than once and the rambles simply repeat themselves.


It’s Monday now. I’m glad that although the pig didn’t stay home at night, she did do the laundry (dump clothes into washing machine and take them out after). Heng ah. I haven’t really figured which buttons to press. Haha!

I did the cleaning, feeding of pets, watering of plants and drying of clothes. We’re pretty much moving and using as little stuff as possible. This way there’s less to do. HAHAHA! We’re lazy pigs.

There’s school tomorrow. Crap. I hate school. I can’t wait for it to be over. One final year. I’m soooo going to make sure this will be the final year. I am still wondering how on earth Dearie, a freaking full-timer, can freaking fail 2 out of 4 subjects. Maybe he’ll never go into the working world just so he can avoid my questions. Maybe that’s his plan.

Anyone care to ask him for me?


Friday, September 01, 2006

Officially in 3rd Year

I have officially passed all my subjects for year 2.

All that mugging, all I asked for was a pass, and was granted just that. Thankfully, "pass" means above 34 marks:
Marketing - 42
Principles of Accounting - 45
Human Resource Management - 50
Elements of Social & Applied Psychology - 56

Dearie wasn't so lucky. He failed 2 modules. He'll need to re-take next year. Ah...