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Monday, October 30, 2006

Freak in Clementi! Be careful!

I just got followed by some sick dude.

I left the office early so I could drop by CTSS. I had to make payment for the expensive dinner. I'm glad to say that albeit some objection from my committee, I went ahead with a donation from the band. I really hope it makes a difference and we do manage to continue "operating" as per normal.

Enough about band. This post is about the freak who followed me home.

I was walking back the regular path from the MRT station to my place. A guy was walking quickly to overtake me.

No worries there. I mean, it was rush hour.

Then he turned to look at me. He didn't glance. He LOOKED. I gave him a quick glance: this guy was about 1.6m tall, Chinese but tan, no glasses, in a blue t-shirt and berms. Probably about 30 or maybe younger.

I thought perhaps I looked familiar to him, but I ignored him anyway. The path split and he took the different one. A soft breath of relief escaped me - until from the corner of my eye, I saw him turn back to look at me again.

A couple more steps, then I saw him jump onto the same path I was on. I had already slowed down, but he was still walking briskly. He continued down in front of me, but disappeared in the people in front of me. The basketball court was a welcome clearing, and I was glad there were people around.

But the relief was shortlived again. His blue shirt amongst stood out in the carpark where I saw him turn around and head back towards my direction.

I was at the end of the path. I had reached the carpark too. There was another lady who was walking somewhat in my direction. I followed her as closely as I could but she was walking somewhere completely different.

Even now, I wasn't sure if the guy was actually following me. After all, there have been other people dressed in this casual manner who have walked the same direction. This area is popular with people who just hangout, waiting for a game of soccer or basketball, or resting from one.

He didn't seem like he was going to play either, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I wandered off towards my block. He seemed to have walked away. I started to search for my phone anyway, just in case. My hands were busy, but my eyes stayed alert.

Just as I was approaching the path leading to my block... The guy reappeared and walked towards me almost from beside me.

He said something really crude. His eyes went wide and almost wild. I thought he was going to pounce. I stared at him but I didn't stop walking, and thankfully he didn't either because he past me from behind. His words still rang in my head.

I called Dearie immediately when he walked further away. I didn't want to be on the phone and distracted when he was nearer. Dearie kept me company for that short minute that seemed like eternity.

Once I reached my block, I was so thankful there was another couple of people there. My goodness, I could still see him loiter around the playground in front. I tried to keep out of sight but it was difficult. I got into the lift, reached the inside of my home safely, but clearly shaken.

I told my mummy about it. Dearie told me to inform the cops. I just did. I hope they do their rounds as he said they would.

You have to understand. I am not used to being tailed. I am not even used to being approached by guys. Hell... I've never been approached by ANY guy before! (Insurance and salesmen do not count.)

What a lousy first this makes doesn't it?

And no, I do not think I deserved to be followed. No way was my dressing "inviting". I had (as like every other weekday) no make-up on, and wearing an office jacket atop my sleeveless v-neck, a knee length flared skirt and kitten heels.

So ladies! This guy is on the prowl. His description again:
1) About 1.6m tall
2) Chinese, but tan
3) No glasses
4) Was wearing a casual T-shirt and berms when I saw him
5) Ah-beng walking style

Doesn't matter what you wear for you to be a target.

After all that CSI and criminal shows I still can't remember faces well - nor can I describe one properly either. Still, be careful. Be alert.

Guys, I never believed in having someone walk you home, but this is one time I think I'll have to revise that requirement.

I'm still a little shaken. I shouldn't be, but damn it I am.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

More long weekends needed!

The long weekend was for me to catch up on my homework that's all overdue.

Guess what?

None of them got completed.

Ah well. I bummed the weekend away and felt guilty doing it. How lousy. But I think using the word bummed may not be correct. After all, except for dumping the clothes into the washing machine, I pretty much did the rest (which then again wasn't that much).

My parents went to Malaysia over the long weekend. From Friday morning in fact, all the way till yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon.

So I watered the plants, fed the rabbit and fishes, swept the floor, wiped down surfaces, hung and kept the clothes, and cleaned up after whatever was used, like dishes and cups. If not for my pig of a sister having her exam I'd have made her clean up after herself, so it was double the stuff to clear - and mind you she can leave things all over the place.

I'm fine with housework. Beats studying. Any time.

Oh, and I discovered that the flute thing I mentioned in the previous post may clash with one of my good friend's wedding. How crappy is that?!?!?!?! I'm so tempted to choose the flute thing over the wedding. I'll see if I manage to go for both. Sigh. I hate dilemmas.

Anyway, during the time my parents were away, Dearie was busy working like every other weekend, during which time I was supposed to study. I didn't do that and landed up watching TV most of the time. Dearie stayed over the first couple of nights to keep me company.

On Sunday I had class in the morning. Yes. Class. It was the make-up lesson for the public holiday. The only reason why I didn't go with my parents. Sianz as it sounded, it felt better than class on any weeknight nor Saturday. Next time they should just allow for Sunday morning classes to be an option.

Something else I did: I babysat Kiki!!! It was all of 2-3 hours at his mama's place, but my goodness, if I were ever asked to babysit, I'd ask for at least $10 an hour. I had to play catching with him, make sure he ate and drank, talked to him, play cars with him, blah blah blah. I don't know where I got the stamina and energy needed to keep him company but I mustered it and managed to pull through. And it was only a max of 3 hrs. My respect to full-time mummies has just reached a new peak.

My parents came back yesterday so I went out last night. My curiousity for Vivo City was itching real bad so I made Dearie bring me there. After all, he already went to take a look with his friends the night before.

And maybe I just needed to see him since I woke up with a nightmare that morning: that I saw Evon carrying the same bag as me, and I asked her where she got it from, and she said from Dearie. BIANGZ. It didn't matter who the girl was - the whole point was that he cheated on me in the dream. That sucked. I woke up nearly crying, till I discovered that hey, it was really a dream. Freaky.

Back to Vivo: I can't see how the place can ever be crowded enough to make people squeeze through hallways like Suntec. It's sooooo spacious. Niiiice. Wonder how long the hype will last though.

We caught the movie "The Black Dahlia". Both Dearie and I had to show the guy our ICs before he let us buy the tickets. Anyway. Not too bad storyline, though for me, it was hard to follow. I guess it's just that I'm slow. It bordered on boring since American culture in the 1940s is not exactly something we can relate to. It's one of those movies which I felt would've been better if it stayed as a book.

There's a 1940s lesbian clip in it justifying the M-18 rating. Yes, I never knew they had porn in those days. Much less LESBIAN porn. It was .. um.. refreshing.

Something else to note. The GV area is very cold. Bring a jacket. It's not so bad in the cinema, but you'll need one just to survive walking in and out. Don't go bra-less.

The highlight of Vivo City is the rooftop. It overlooks Sentosa, and has these pools all over. I don't know how deep the pools are but I assume it's deep enough for kids to play in and us big people to waddle in. I didn't try, but I'd love to bring Ki there one day.

I'm still on the lookout for good piano scores to meddle around with. By the way, I've also learnt that I cannot play an entire piece from memory. That sucks. I'm hoping that will change soon. And hopefully such "skills" become useful one day. Maybe I can put up a little mini charity concert next year for my company's President's Charity fund raising. Hahahaha!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

RIP my dear computer

The computer at home has pretty much died. We're trying very hard to cure it but... we'll see about that.

As usual, lots has happened over the past week. I went to JB with Dearie and my friends. We walked the causeway back, and I landed up getting an MC the following day.

Work was hectic, but manageable. Discovered that Boat Quay is now a very happening place. Super crowded on Friday. It was a little gathering in the name of my sister's birthday on Sunday.

I didn't get to see Dearie until yesterday (Saturday) night. He came over and crashed at my place after a long day of work, and a supper trip to JB.

If I could, I'd ban him from going over, but what to do, it's his life. Over there, in order to keep up, he had to ride at at least 120km/hr on a barely lit (or entirely pitch black) road. And mind you, he didn't even know where he was going. He followed a bunch of other fellas. The only light he could see was the bike's tail light and the signs passed him too fast to know what was going on. I tell you if a cat ran across, or some goondoo that didn't turn on his lights had gone a bit slower in front of him - or plain stopped - confirm fly and gone.

Ya know, accidents happen. And it's because there're stupid people like this that they do. When one of them gets into some serious trouble then they wake up. Sigh.

So it was good to get to cuddle him to sleep last night. Knowing he was safe and sound. And that he smelt good after washing away the smell of the haze on him. The smell was really strong on him. You think Singapore's is bad? Smell M'sia's.

I'm going to be involved in a small charity performance some time in December. A flute quartet. Remember my concert in Aug? The MC for that concert has this quartet and one of them can't make it for the performance, so he asked me to stand in. YAY!!!!!!!!

I can't say I'll be up to standard like them. I've played with them before. They're gooood. My only plus point is that I can pick up quickly so yes, I can carry the tune, but my technique in playing needs major covering up by the others though.

Again, no photos. Sigh. What to do.. dumb compy dumb blogger.

Here's a clip from one of mine (and Dearie's) favourite shows - Little Britain. My favourite clip so far. This sketch show is so disgusting and discriminating, but I can't help it, it's funny.

Hypnotist Stage Show - Little Britain - video powered by Metacafe

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Superstar - the musical

I had the great honour of attending the musical Superstar last night. It was the premiere performance - and at the same time marked the end of the President's Challenge charity drive.

All thanks to Alvin, who managed to get a pair of tickets for me!!! I didn't mind paying. Really. But Friday night's show was all sold out. The remaining show was on Saturday. Which I would only go as an "only choice" thing.

It was a great show. Very raw still, but wonderful. I'd do anything to be part of it. Part of any musical for that matter. *raises arms up high and waves* Anyone? Free labour here!!!

It was great to see Jimmy Ye on stage. He's such a fantastic composer. The President was there so I guess that explains the tip-top beaming smiles and courteous greetings at the door.

I had a wonderful time. Not sure about Dearie.. but heck, at least he went with me. I'm a sucker for musicals. Heehee!

Thanks Alvin!!!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Study, damn it, study!

Don't you hate to study? I do. I hate it to the core. I absolutely cannot stand it. Yet here I am reprimanding myself for not studying. I'm not doing the assignments I'm supposed to (although they do not count towards the degree). Neither am I reading the stuff I'm supposed to.

How ironic then, that I actually feel so pissed off that Dearie is not studying hard enough. Sure. He has been going for his lessons so far, but he did say (before the start of this study term) that he'd make it a point to go to school and read up everyday.

In the end he lands up working almost everyday of the week. I know how tough it is because I did that when I was in poly. After 2 months of holding 2 jobs and full-time studies, I got my priorities right and made studies come first. I didn't do particularly well, but like my aim always was - I managed to get my cert.

I do not expect him to have the same goals as me, but even then, since he himself is the one particular about the quality of his certificate (he wants better class honours), then why the hell is he not putting the effort to commensurate it???

He claims he is poor so he needs to work more. Eh. Don't buy so many toys won't be so poor liao. So poor then want to change bigger bike some more. This bigger bike is the father going to pay for it also anyway. His current bike still not paid up fully TO ME. And yes, it's still a hefty 4 figure sum.

I know that after work, all one wants to do is to unwind. If there is no time to study, I say make time for it. Work a day less, read a day's worth more.

Maybe I'm just comparing myself to him. Something I cannot help doing. Or maybe it's that when I see him, I see a very happy NOW, but a very foggy future. He never seems to put in enough effort to get what he really wants. And I don't mean silly material things but long term goals like a degree and full time work. You want a good degree, you work hard now so you reap the rewards later.

All I want is the stupid piece of paper. I couldn't care less about how it looks like on the results slip.

Like what YL was telling me: self-actualisation needs. Mine are very simple really. My job is simply a paycheque to me. I enjoy it. I love it. But at the end of the day, it's all about the salary. I take it home, and I want to do something meaningful with it - and THERE'S where those needs come in. I want to make people happy. I want to continue to enjoy my little solitary interest in music. My salary pays for these. And then of course the extras go to superficial stuff like clothes clothes and more clothes.

Anyway, I've vented enough here for now. I can't spur him much since the more I do, the more I sound like his mother. Super naggy. I guess I should just not say a word. I'll just do my part and study what I can. I dare not say "no time" for studies since it'll be a blatant lie. If I said "no time", then how come I can watch the following shows every week?

America's Next Top Model, Little Britain, Everybody Hates Chris, Everybody Loves Raymond, Prison Break, My Wife And Kids, CSI NY Miami AND Las Vegas, Criminal Minds, Project Runway, etc...

Worse - what do I do during weekends? I tell myself I unwind from the sudden surge of work at the office. But really, no one needs to unwind for both Saturday and Sunday. The entire day. Sure, Ki takes up a big part of Saturdays, but like I told Dearie, one has to make time to study. It's all about time management. I'm managing it well - but I'm coming up with too many excuses to tell myself to do something else. ANYTING else. Heck I'd clean the entire house, cook, wash, etc just to get away from studying.

Yes, I hate it that much. Please please please let me get my degree. I am soooo going to have to do my readings. Otherwise no amount of praying would get me through.

Now.. to put these words to action.. hmm........