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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ex-students chased away..

Are ex-students no longer an asset to a school?

Are we, the alumni, so useless that the school does not see our value?

A school’s name is built upon its students. The very students that they produced, now they wish to keep out. Why?

Many items said were sensitive and unsafe to post online carelessly. I can only hope that the Clementi Town Alumni Wind Ensemble that fought on hard for 14 years doesn’t come to a close simply because one doesn’t like us.

If we are not adding value to the school, ask yourself this: why are we so willing, yet never called upon? It is because we are not wanted. Not “not needed”, not “wanted”. We can contribute. You're our alma mater. Just tell us how.

It is fine that you do not wish us to be in contact with your students. Perhaps we head some gangs somewhere in Singapore and may influence your precious younglings. Maybe during band practice, we don’t make music. We gather around and conjure spells. Or conspire how we shall take over the school.

Oh puh-lease…

Our objectives are so simple: to make music (and perform it) and stay in touch with the school doing so. And we will do what it takes to keep going – like donations (which we have done), and helping out (which the school is avoiding). We stick to the school out of our love for it.

Trust me. Such “political” games are a bloody waste of time for us. We have day jobs. Studies. The last thing we want is to play the power game. Power in the band is never a priority. Anyone with such goals wouldn’t last in the band at all.

You think I, or any other leaders, take this up for fun? We’re not paid. We put in our own time and effort. Sometimes our own money. Tell me what else it could be other than PASSION.

We helped to build a name for CTSS, along with the teachers and staff.

With word of mouth, we could crush it too.


Monday, January 29, 2007

I Am Cow

I'm too busy to say too much, but I can give a quick update before I go on to the main item:
Dearie's got his beloved N80 and loves the WiFi. So do I. He wants to get an N95 by end of this year. Ha Ha.

He wants to go get a Class 2 licence. HA HA HA. And I said that before he even THINKS of getting a Class 2 bike, he should return me the money he borrowed from me for his Class 2B bike. Damn... do you have any idea how much interest I lost from putting it in a fixed deposit? Trust me, it's enough for me to go on a good shopping spree in Far East Plaza.

Oh. Aside from being pissed at that, he's been really sweet lately. I wonder if I should get him anything for v-day. There's nothing I can give him that he wants, that I can afford.

If all goes well, I'll be meeting the principal of CTSS tomorrow. Going to intro her and my new president. Lalala. PR stint. So far the school's been nice. I'm only worried about the band.

Ok, blog time over.

Dearie's sister and cousin were singing this in the car so I couldn't help but do a search and tada!

To those that need the lyrics, here you go:
I am cow, hear me moo
I weigh twice as much as you
And I look good on the barbecue
Yogurt, curd, cream cheese and butters
Made from liquid from my udders
I am cow, I am cow, hear me moo (moo)

I am cow, eating grass
Methane gas comes out my ass
And out my muzzle when I belch
Oh, the ozone layer is thinner
From the outcome of my dinner
I am cow, I am cow, Ive got gas

I am cow, here I stand
Far and wide upon this land
And I am living everywhere
From b.c. to newfoundland
You can squeeze my teats by hand
I am cow, I am cow, I am cow
I am cow, I am cow, I am cow!


I ought to be studying. Timetable for revision classes are out. Timetable for mock exams and preliminary dates for exams are out. Examination reports of previous year's exams are out.

Yet I'm still here.....
... hear me moo.......

Thursday, January 18, 2007


I lost my beloved EZ-Link card. It was a gift from Dearie with a beautiful picture of a scene out of Finding Nemo. I think the value in the card is $10 but that is not the point.

Careless me left it in LT4.14 after ISORG class tonight. As i continued to pound my chest with dismay, I walked home trying to reach Dearie...

I could only reach a "The number you have called is presently not in service" message. It only made me feel even worse.

When I got home, I got to know the truth. Dearie lost his phone while riding. That's a waaay bigger loss than me so I stopped complaining about myself.

He tried to call back for the phone - some indian or bangla picked it up (heavy accent) - and since then he could not get through again.

He has cancelled the line for now but.. sigh.. all the contacts and important data he has stored inside is gone. He has lots of reminders and numbers in there. Including those for work and school. Important stuff.

If I had enough money I'd buy him the N80 but thing is, I don't.

Even if I did, I could not restore all the stuff in his phone. Videos, photos, contacts, reminders, calendar items, appointments, etc.........

Money money money

Don't we all want more of it?

Dearie's in such a situation:
- He's heavily in debt.
- Good news: His debt is to me, his sister and his aunt (for his studies).
- Bad news: It doesn't seem like he'd be clearing them any time soon. Maybe not even this lifetime.

He's got too many things he wants. Which is fine because who doesn't. But then comes the problem: he wants them NOW.

Absolutely ridiculous if you ask me.

He's now obsessed with this the N80 Internet edition phone:

Heck, even I want it. But that's not the point because (ha ha) I can afford it.

The best part is the upgraded version of this phone (the N95) will be enhanced with GPS, which is the one he wants even more. It's not even out yet!!!

Anyway, the GPS. What is it for? For riding in JB. I still do not understand why he has to go to JB to get petrol and have supper. Is it so fun riding at 170km/hr there? I still can't get over the fact that he bought a freaking $150 helmet to use over there ONLY.

I told him to try to clear his debt monthly so it'll alleviate the pain of having to let go of a lump sum later. He said he'd wait until he started working full-time (after June) before he started to clear them.

Honestly, I don't have high hopes. I know he is not a runner from debts. If he borrows cash, he'll return it. Only thing is you will never know if it'll be this lifetime that you receive it. So people like YL, if he owes you something, just tell him how much, and he'll bear it in mind. Once he has money, you must be able to capture that moment, and claim it back from him before it is all spent again.

I cannot stand it when one cannot spend within one's means.

I can't wait to see him handle his money when he gets a full-time job. That will be a huge test. Bigger than the exams. If he fails that.... and refuses to do anything about it.... or let me help him do something about it.... then..............

Ooh. It's raining heavily now. If it keeps up, he won't go to JB tonight. Yay! Another safe night!


PS: I still love the Levi's crystalised jeans. I don't understand why there are only 2 designs available, but I still want. The skirt's length is short enough too! But damn, it's even more expensive than the jeans.

Clothes clothes clothes. Can never get enough of them!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

If love was based on rationality..

..I would have been single a while ago already.

He doesn't always pay for me.
Which is fine by me really, as long as it doesn't reach the stage where i pay for everything.
He doesn't shower me with gifts.
But I'm not too concerned about what I receive, than how I receive it (ie: surprise factor).

What I'm more saddened about are things you do not quantify..
He doesn't hold my hand any more.
He doesn't put his arm around me.
He doesn't pull me close when I'm cold.
He doesn't hug me.
Let alone kiss me.

I feel like I'm just a girl who has a guy friend following me about - that is, if we even go out in the first place.

I'm just going to let things be. I am going to try not to initiate any physical contact that I mentioned and see just how long it takes before he does any of those.

Who knows, maybe by the time he does, I would have found someone else to do that.
Oh wait. Maybe he has someone else to hold...?

Speculations. Ha. I'm going to trust him. And since I hate cheaters so much, no way I'll turn into one. So to anyone out there who is worried I'd do something stupid, I won't.

I'm turning 25 this year (although I still get checked before entering clubs). My 5 year plan ahead: Settle down by 30. Between this 5 years, work my ass off and earn as much moolah as I can.

After that, I can work for any company that will give me long-service awards every 5 years.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Too busy to handle

It's ridiculously busy at work and in my personal life. I just paid my exam fees on Saturday. That means I got to start studying for the exams in May already. Why start so early? Because I'm already lost in lessons and don't understand whatever is being taught.

Anyway, I just dropped by mr brown's blog and saw this soundtrack thingy he did.

I always wondered what mine would be. Especially since I'm so into music... you have no idea how often songs just pop up in my mind when stuff happen.

I'll update again when I'm free. It's Sunday and I just came back from class. Now it's time to help take over looking after Kiki.

Meanwhile, here are some photos from last week's rainbow appearance in Clementi on 1st Jan 2007 - spotted first by Kiki. The view from my balcony:

And just an update, a photo of the morning of 17 Dec (my friend's wedding). More photos at her blog (see right side: Lichen's Blog):

Ok. Really need to go catch Ki. He's causing mischief liaoz. Naughty boy.

More photos.. my wacky ex-attachment students are the only ones who're willing to snap this. We're getting to old for these neo-print stickers but heck, we still have fun. A bit of expensive fun, but innocent and silly fun.