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Sunday, December 30, 2007

A dream come true

Unfortunately I cannot divulge the details but a dream of mine came true last night. A home-made dinner set with one of the best scenaries in Singapore, with apt classical music to match, and a good bottle of red wine. And of course, the most important, great company.

This was a scene out of a movie. It was something I never thought I'd ever get to experience, but I did. It was simply amazing. Talking, singing, and even dancing. And I'm talking about the waltz here.

Apparently some dreams do come true. I'm glad mine did.

It was only for a night. Like Cinderella. Only this will not involve any glass slipper, nor will it be happily ever after.

This one was truly for 1 night only. But it was enough for me. :O)


Additional thoughts (31 Dec. 1:24am)
In case anyone gets any funny ideas, no, the night was really a simple dinner for him. Almost like a daily affair. Only for me it was a dream. So, no. It was something special for me, but nothing to him.

All these partying and going out will simmer down after the NYE party (wherever I may be). Come January, it'll be time to take a deep breath and step back. Concentrate more on my work, and find more projects to work on, more friends to go out with.

I am still very single and very available. Plenty of time on my hands.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Sinfully Merry Christmas

The Christmas Eve party at St James' Boiler Room was probably the same as every other club - but it was the company that made the difference I guess.

I landed up there with some familiar colleagues and some I didn't know at all. But it was still good. We all had fun. Well, I had a great time.

Then on Christmas day I went to yet another party. A very simple gathering but still filled with loads of laughter.

It does seem that everything is ok with me right now. I think I am. But at the same time I'm a little confused too. And I'd like to sort out my thoughts a little before blogging. At least I think I should just so that I "sound" coherent.

Some questions swimming in my head... Am I really that needy of companionship? Am I really that needy of affection? These and more....

Don't get me wrong. I'm not unhappy. But I just don't want to take the wrong steps (if there are any). I'm trying to be really cautious. Careful. I ought to be shouldn't I?

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Performance - Success!

Hooray! The numerous practices have paid off. The performances ended on a great note and we all had a wonderful time.

I can't wait to see the photos myself.

It's the final week of the year. There's a Playboy party at Thumper tomorrow. Sounds very tempting to dress up and go. I've yet to decide where I'll be. Or who I'll be with for that matter.

Lots happening this week. The excitement is building up! Time for the climax! Party time!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Lots of food, drinks & performances

Been eating loads of food lately - brownies, cream puffs, cakes... and drinking a whole lot too. What to do. I'm a social drinker. People around me drink, I'll drink too. Haha!

Please come and support me at the upcoming flute performance at The Heeren this weekend. Saturday 4pm & 6pm. Sunday 3pm & 5pm. Half an hour per show only so do drop by!

Tonight we're performing at a wedding. This one we're getting paid for. Must do a super good job. On Sunday we're performing at a restaurant after the 5pm show.

So fun to have so many to perform at!!!

It's been a very good December. I'm a little under the weather now with a cough but otherwise doing rather well.

Festive season is good. Everyone's in a good mood. I love being Miss Santarina, distributing all the little presents. Seeing how everyone is cheered up for at least that day. All the beautiful smiles. Warm tight hugs. And many lazy holidays. Heehee!

If only all these never had to end - but it will. Once we go into 2008, it'll be the madness all over again. But that's what life is about huh? Only after that madness do we appreciate the festive season.

I shall savour every moment.

Monday, December 17, 2007

One of the best vacations ever

Yes. Bintan was absolutely fantastical. It was everything I hoped it would be - and I am pretty damned sure that it was the same for every single person who went.

The weather was perfect for us. The waves by the beach, the large pool, the warmth of the chalet, the buggy rides, the shooting stars.... And the company of some of the nicest people around.

We ate, we drank, we partied, we relaxed, we played, we rested..

It's back to reality now. Time to take out the laundry and clean up the rabbit. THen I'll go buy some snacks for the lovely people in the office before going for a few drinks - semi official thingy lah. Best not to miss.

I can't believe I actually made it to flute practice yesterday after I got off the ferry. But I did. May have more gigs coming up. Keeping fingers crossed.

The festive season is looking really good now. :O)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Still feels like the weekend

As usual, the weekend was a packed event. But it's Wednesday already.. should I still be blogging about it? Hmm.. for my faithful readers like Bladey, YL, Jass and ZH...

I left the office when it was still bright and sunny. A very well dressed Mr German Colleague "picked" me up from my desk (which is pretty much simply 1 floor down from his seat lah). He looked great. Perfect for going to the Esplanade hall to catch the Philharmonic Winds in concert.

How often do you find a friend who can go with you to a classical concert, a rock concert, clubbing, lounging by the beach, or simply long walks?

This is a rarity, and that's why I find it utterly amazing.

Anyway it was a great night. We tried to go to Balaclava for a few drinks after but it was practically overflowing with people so we went across the road to another place for wine. And he taught me German! I can count from 1 - 10 in German now!!! Hooray!!! It probably bored him to tears in his brain, but it was damn fun for me lor!

My ex-boss wanted me to help him with something so he picked me up in the morning. We landed up talking more than actually working. But it was nice to catch up with him.

I went home, caught a nap, then had to rush to flute practice. Performance days are coming up very soon. Next weekend to be exact. Nervous........

I went home after that to take a quick bath. Met up with Jass and Andy for a little bit of singing, then rushed off to meet Mr Biker Friend. Poor fella dunno wait for me for how long. Oops. Heehee! He fetched me to go meet up with the rest of the young bikers and it was nice to see the girls again. Obviously Mr Biker Friend must have been bored lah. I mean, he's waaaay much older than the rest ok? If I feel old, how does HE feel I wonder. Haha!

Huge jam at Telok Blangah road that night, thanks to ZoukOut. Heard from Mr German Colleague that he had a blast. And from the newspapers, I figured the same thing too.

Well later that night we went to the ever popular Yishun Dam. I saw a row of big bikes there but there always were rows of them anyway so I didn't think too much of it. Mr Biker Friend and I split from my young friends there. He supposedly had to go settle something, but I guess later on it was ok so we went bowling.

It's been years since I last tried to bowl. First 2 games I still kept my score above 90. By the last game my arm was aching and I only scraped 70+. Horrible.

It was a lazy day but I managed to find something to do. There was a gathering at one of Mr German Colleague's friend's place (which is also a colleague lah). We went there for a swim, and because of the weather, a BBQ was not possible so some food was cooked instead. It was a wacky time. But it was so so so fun! The photos were hilarious!

Since I was on leave on Monday, I didn't want to waste the Sunday night. Mr German Colleague accompanied me to Boat Quay for a quick drink before heading home. Ah... Sometimes I think I talk too much that's why I'm always in need of company.

I spent the entire day alone. Went for a facial and shopped the rest of the day away. I bought loads of presents - and have yet to decide who to give them too.

Later that night a friend of mine told me that my ex saw me on Saturday night. Which was why he didn't want to go over and say hi to the whole gang.

You know what one of my young friends told me that Saturday night? That he told them he broke up with me because he didn't want to burden me with his loans, and that he doubted he'd ever clear them in 5 years, which was why he said he didn't think he could settle down with me.

It's like those movies/TV dramas.. where a guy breaks up with the girl when he finds out he has some kind of terminal illness hor? So sad sia. But yes, this is reality. I am still clinging on to the line when he said to me that his feelings for me are not as before. I think it is a lot easier for me to deal with this than the former.

It didn't really strike me as anything much till Monday night really. When that pang of affection craving hit. I hate it when it does. Whether I'm attached or not it still sux. But hey, I'm a girl, and it's bound to happen every once in a while.

What an extended weekend huh? I went out on Tuesday night to meet someone new - Mr Biker Friend No. 2! ZH! You are finally mentioned on my bloggie!!! Haha!!!

I met him after work. This guy who is 3 yrs younger than me has been one of the few I've actually bothered to chat with on MSN. First time meeting and it was really pleasant. We had dinner and spent the rest of the evening talking - though I did let my eyes wander around the wonderful range of displays.

He was a great listener.. something I needed that night.. And I went on and on and on. Oops. He was kind enough to listen, and to send me back after that too. :O)

This is today. We had 2 plans: If it didn't rain, we'd jog. If it rained, we'd catch Lust Caution.

It didn't rain.

So my colleagues and I jogged.

For the first time in 10 years did I ever jog so much. Wait. No. I don't think I've EVER jogged so much in my life. Hahaha!

We moved off in pairs. Me and my pretty colleague jogged together from the Esplanade all the way to Beach Road, before turning into the park along the river. We were jogging rather slowly compared to the 2 guys ahead of us, but silly us. We jogged right to the end (Marina Square) - and hit the dead end.

That meant we had to jog backwards almost to back where we managed to turn in (close to Beach Road), and then back again where we came from.

I don't know how many kilmeters we covered with the non-stop jog, but I reckon 5km minimum ought to cover it. It wasn't so much the panting that killed me - my leg muscles were the one giving way.

We jogged continuously for 45 min I think. Or maybe an hour. I never thought I'd be able to make it - but all thanks to my pretty colleague who pushed me on. Who made sure I did not stop.

My legs are starting to hurt, but it will be nothing compared to what I'll suffer the next 2 days.

Going grocery shopping with colleagues to prepare for the Bintan trip on Friday. It's going to be really fun and exciting. We all can't wait for the shopping and the actual trip!

I'm taking an additional day off on Monday to recuperate from the trip. Lucky me! THat's because I'll be going for flute practice on Sunday afternoon when I'm back from Bintan. See? I'm making an effort ok?!

My family is bringing Kiki to Desaru during this same weekend. They'll be back on Monday.

I don't think I've ever had a boring weekend haven't I?

Well it's not gonna start now.

I'm still craving for a lot of attention and company, but I do think I'm doing very well up till now.

Still hoping to meet new people and all that.

Friends-I-already-know! If you go out in a small group and don't mind me as a little extra piece, ask me along ok?

People-I-have-not-met-yet! Leave me a message and let's see what our acquaintance can develop into!

Ok ok. So I may not always be available these days, but hey! I will try damn hard to be ok? How else do you think I run around meeting 1 group to the next in a weekend? Sometimes even in a day?

Just try to book me early lah. As long as the slot is empty, rest assured I'll say yes. :O)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I'm in that mood again. The one that craves affection. So sickening.
Post updates on my weekend soon.....

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Dusting off any cobwebs

I have no idea why it feels as if it's been a long time since I updated my blog when I only did it on Sunday.

Still, just making sure no webs are being spun here.

Going to be another one of those weekends again. At least I hope it will be like that. Taking a day off on Monday to relax. And besides, I need to clear my leave.

Loads of work to do, but the weekend starts tomorrow at 6pm. I need to get out of the office early in order to make it to the Philharmonic Orchestra concert! But then again, no point being able to leave early if my concert-partner can't leave on time.

Ah well. It'll be another adventure won't it?

PS: Photos of me at the D&D on my facebook 'cos others have loaded them up and tagged me. I love that function. I don't need to do anything. Wahaha!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

It's good to be me

I think I'm just too lazy to post photos up. Maybe I will if there are requests or when I'm free, but just not at the moment.

After all, I only got home at 7am this morning. Oopsie.

It has been quite a rollercoaster ride this week. But which week hasn't huh? But I think especially so this week.

D&D Night! This was the night me and my fellow colleagues have worked hard for! My first D&D!

Like the band concert, preparations for the night started in the day. We had to arrange the logistics, dry-runs, blah blah. It was a hectic night overseeing the proceedings of everything from reception to stage, but it was extremely fun.

Actually I don't know why I was the one doing the overseeing. Hmm.. but whatever. It's already over. No point going through all that nitty gritty stuff again.

I won myself a portable DVD player that night. How wonderful. Yippee!!! My boss struck a $200 voucher and gave it to me! But I'll use that money for grocery shopping before the trip.

What trip I hear you ask? BINTAN!!! I'm going to Bintan with my colleagues from 14-16 Dec. We've got ourselves a chalet there. No private pool though, cos it was not available. Nevertheless, A GETAWAY! YAY!

Ok, back to the D&D night.
I only managed to finally get a drink after the whole event was over. There was some dancing that probably blew any squeaky clean reputation I had out of the window.

And that was without any alcohol in me yet.

When I did get myself a drink, I went around checking that everyone was having a good time. I just clanked my glass against anyone I knew was from my company. You know. The usual "try-to-be-a-good-host" kinda thing.

Made me pretttttty high after a few glasses. I don't know how many I drank. But hey, It was a fantastic night. I partied till 2am with another girl from the committe who worked her ass off for this.

She was so high too. Damn. I'm bad influence. Yikes.

I managed to make my way to the office somehow. We all did. The day went by quickly with some tying up of other stuff from the D&D, and my real job duties.

That night, we were to go to the Rec Club D&D! Haha! So tired and lack of sleep but we still went for Round 2 anyway. The best part was that after the D&D we went for KTV!!!!!! Oh my goodness. Can you imagine how crazy we are? haha!

The most interesting part was Mr German Colleague joined us! WAHAHAHA! He didn't have a clue what we were singing most of the time, but there were plenty of videos he took I think - and unfortunately he has put them up on youtube. OH Nooooooo..

I climbed out of bed only because Kiki made me. I was exhausted, but I was also late. Late for a wedding lunch at Four Seasons Hotel.

I just put on any dress I could find, and popped into a cab. I was just in time to see the solemnisation. Lucky me.

What surprised me that afternoon was the fact that my ex was there. I really did not expect it, considering how broke he always was and how busy too. But he was. I didn't talk to him, but I did say goodbye before I left.

But he ignored me!!! Argh.
Haha! He did sms me later when I was waiting for a cab though. Apparently he had just woken up from having had 2 glasses of wine, and didn't know I was saying bye at all. Whatever. Good to know we're still on talking terms.

I was too much in a hurry to flute practice anyway. And flute practice was another 3 hrs. Ahhhh.. very very exhausting. Still, I think I've improved my playing!!!

In case you didn't know, this is the next event I'm involved in:

I'm too damned busy huh?

I got home, tired and hungry. I ate the porridge my mummy cooked, and promptly crawled into bed. Only to wake up at 10pm and get ready for more drinking.
One of my colleagues is going back to India on Wednesday. It's one of the best friends of Mr German Colleague. This Indian colleague was the same one who I went with for the Linkin Park concert too. Very funny guy.

I've always been used to being quite the odd one out when going clubbing - but this was different. There were 4 Indians, 1 Filipino, 1 German. I was the only Chinese! WAHAHAHA!

Either my threshold for alcohol has improved over the past few nights of partying, or the alcohol content in my vodka orange was rather low. I'd think the latter.

Everyone went back by 3am, leaving me and Mr German Colleague left. We had a nice stroll along Vivocity where I told him more about the culture and people in Singapore. Very interesting stuff to him I think. I hope. Haha! He didn't fall asleep when I talked so I guess it wasn't that boring.

And of course he shared some things about Germany and all the countries he's been to.

By the time we walked back to St James to catch a cab, the club had closed and there were too many people waiting for taxis. There were also too many taxis changing shift.

We just stood there talking some more and by the time we did manage to get a cab the sun had risen. I got home at 7am. And there explains the start of my post.

I am a little drained today. But am feeling rather good about myself.

I managed to pull through the D&D with rather good feedback.
I managed to let my hair loose on Thurs and Fri nights.
I managed to be strong when I saw him at the wedding.
I managed to improve in my flute playing.

Everyday's another day to learn something about myself. The limits I can push myself to.

Another work week coming up. I need to clear my leave. Haven't found a day to do so. My boss will finally have me back full time. I hope I didn't screw anything up within this time that I've been too busy with the D&D.

It's been a long time since I've stayed home all day. Today is that day. I've got a good life. Would be even better if there was someone to love me, but hey, I still won't deny it's good to be me.

PS: Here's my facebook profile for anyone who is interested. I love Scrabulous!