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Monday, September 24, 2007

September's always busier

It’s been a while since I last updated here. Lots of stuff taking up my time I barely have any to myself. More birthdays in September. Just do the simple math and you'll figure why (think 10 months before - all those holidays where people have the excuse to get it going with each other...).

Brief summary to remind myself what's been going on:
- Went to Kerlynn's birthday chalet thingy 2 weeks ago
- Went to Johore with the company for some conference/teambuilding thingy last week
- Went to Ya Ling's birthday chalet this past weekend
- Meeting ex-colleagues on Friday night
- Dinner on Saturday with Dearie and his family

In between, it's been work and work and work. During the weekends, the gaps were filled by ki and ki and ki. So damn bloody busy lor. I feel so bad when I try to meet up with people but have to turn them down because I am not sure what time my work will end, or that I'm just too tired to go out, stay over, etc etc etc. I haven't gone for my facial in 2 months!!!

I hope the flute quartet gets to play again very soon. In my busy-ness, I actually somehow found the time to arrange another couple of quartets to try out. Looking forward to hear how it really sounds like.

Dearie's even more enthu about getting a big bike, now that his buddy has got one. R6'07. First hand. A costly $22,000. It looks amazing but it's like riding on a frying pan. No wonder the bike is meant to go fast - so you don't get cooked by the time you reach your destination. I have to admit, it's quite a beauty.

Poor Dearie's sick. Again. But he still went to work despite having gotten an MC. I was so tempted to get a day off just so that I could pack up my room!

Speaking of my room, I need a dashboard asap. Hopefully by tonight. Can't stand the pile of junk lying around the floor.

I hope I'm doing fine at work. I think I am.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Half year point

I have restrained from re-visiting the same old topic I was lamenting about earlier this year, but this is just a reminder that I will... in another half a year's time. I told myself I'd give him a year, and now half the time's up.

It's probably still too early to say, what with him starting work only 1 month ago. It'd be too demanding to ask him to start planning immediately but hey, I plan before I even start anything....

Let's just see if he shows any sign of wanting to save up. If he does, maybe it won't be so bad.... And let's just see if he shows remotely any sign of wanting to settle down with me in the near future...

I won't sit here and wait around for so long. I'm not rushing him, because I myself am probably not ready either. But still, such a thought would be nice to share wouldn't it?

I've pictured myself asking him... 6 months or so from now... or perhaps longer...
So, now you've got your dream bike... finishing/finished your degree... what next?

I am pretty sure the answer would not be what I want - and so I am already preparing for what I must say/do when it does come to that point. What is it I really do want out of the relationship.. I need to be clear at that time.

I'm still bracing myself for that.. It may seem a while away, but if I start prepping myself now, I hope it wouldn't be as painful to handle then.

Let's wait and see... there's still time for now...

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


I can officially boast a degree now.
I have finally ended my 3 years of torture.

Second Lower Class Honours some more ok? Wahahaha! Ya lah. I know not good lah. Better than no honours I guess.

I'm just glad it's over.


Monday, September 03, 2007

Not my day

For some reason I just didn't seem very cheery today. Could've been because Dearie was being so damn irritating the day before, or just simply 'cos my period's coming.

I bought both the thumbdrive AND a Sony Bravia (U series) LCD tv. Now... how should I rearrange my room. hmm...

Results will be out tomorrow. Please let me pass................

Plenty to do... too little time. Many things to buy... too little money...

My list:
1) Think of what furniture I need to get with the re-arrangment of my room
2) Watch Ratatoullie
3) Watch Hairspray
4) Try to practise on the piano more
5) Try to arrange more flute quartets
6) Read more books
7) Register for driving lessons
8) Learn dancing or Japanese
9) Exercise
10) Buy Levi's crystallised jeans
11) Buy e65
12) Get SCV for my room
13) Manage my money carefully after this 1 month of extravagance
14) Get my stuff for the chalets and short company trip to Desaru this month

PS: To all those who've msged me on MSN, I'm sorry for not replying. Most times, I'm really not at the computer. These days I'm hardly on MSN. When I use the computer, I only check my gmail, Friendster and sometimes Yahoo mail.

To those I want to meet up with, it's not that I don't want to. It's that sometimes I need to stay late in the office that I don't know how I can be sure not to miss the appointment.

I'm off to rest now. Tired. Tomorrow is a day I'm very sure I'll be in the office till late. I'm not complaining about the work. I'm just easily irritated when I can't get a cab home at 9pm. I'm glad I've got nice colleagues. I hope I'm doing fine. Part of my job is to send reminders to them and chase them for updates. I'm sure this pisses some of them off. Hope they understand that it's just my job to do so.

Taking it slow and steady at this job. As long as my boss and colleagues think I helped them in some way, I should feel comforted in some way.

Off to bed now. Must enjoy the cool cool weather while it lasts. Tomorrow must wear long sleeves again. The office seems to be the place for penguins and polar bears these days.

Sunday, September 02, 2007


Haven't gone yet. Cos I'm a sitting duck at home wondering why he's not here to pick me up. That's also while the clouds are starting to daarken and the winds beginning to signal to the birds to take shelter.

I should've just gone on my own and probably would have bought everything I needed by now. He just told me he's back from Malaysia (after pumping petrol) and drenched.

This is when and where I say: WHATEVER.

The least he could tell me was where he was going when he left - so that I could estimate how much time I had to myself and what I could do during that time.

I hate to wait aimlessly.

Whatever. Time lost cannot be retrieved so I'll just make the best of whatever's left.

So much for my LCD TV and thumbdrive. See if there's time to get either.