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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Not just a chalet

I've organised many many many things - be it for work, band or my personal stuff. The upcoming chalet is just one of my projects for the year. I honestly just hoped it'd be the easiest since I was just going to send a message out and see how many responded.

Sure enough there were responses, some saying they'll turn up and some saying they won't. And food wise I thought it'd be simple if I just ordered some buffet food and we just got together like that.

For some strange reason, Dearie has taken particular interest in this project and is now doing the oh-so-sweet thing of checking out details, thinking about the food, getting people to make sure they turn up...

This is the first time I've ever seen him interested in ANY of my little projects at all. And it's so very cute to see him do that. Poor thing is putting in more effort than me. How can?!

Times like these when I'm really stretching myself to deal with changes at work, and i'm always tired and sulky.. yet he's doing exactly what I need him to do.... to care........

Cue: AWWWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwwWWWWWWWwwwwwww.......

I need to think of something I can do liaoz.... Maybe I should buy him the bag he was eyeing... or better still, get him a Motorola V3 in red. That's what he REALLY wants right now.

Anyone selling theirs? Haha!

Monday, July 30, 2007

First Day @ Deutsche - on my own

My mentor has left the company leaving me to serve the boss alone.

I'm so so so scared. I don't know why. I'm such a mouse now. Argh.

I am going to make sure I get to know more people. I don't know how but I have an idea - join in some RC activities.... or whatever activities there are.

Please please please... let my stay in Deutsche be good.......


Something to take tings off my mind is a chalet I'm organising this weekend. To think I actually FORGOT about it.

It's for my secondary school 1998 batch. Hope people turn up.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

First Day @ Deutsche

I know I said there'd be photos but I realised they're not with me. Talk about blogging while recovering from an alcoholic "high".....

It was a truly intimidating day. Reporting for work in the business district. I think I survived? Barely?

Being a PA, I guess the most important person would be my boss. The one I'd be serving. She looks kinda fierce, but like everyone else, there're always ways to get around that and get things done happily.

I've never missed my colleagues more. I'm glad I started work today. Partially because the girl I'm taking over will be leaving on Friday; another part of me is thankful because I don't get a lot of time to whine and miss my colleagues as much as I'm probably capable of.


Sigh. If not for $$$ for my future......................

On a side note... I just had to add this...
It's funny how forbidden fruit always tastes the sweetest... but only when you swallow do you realise that its poison can never be purged... and you understand why it was forbidden in the first place.

There're probably no more than 2 people I'd ever tell of what I mean by that. But in case you're wondering, no, I hold no regrets.

And in case you're still wondering, let me clarify: THERE WAS NO SEX.


Mixed feelings

The genting trip was an interesting time that I shall blog about next time.

What I'm feeling now is a bunch of mixed feelings.

I looked at my office for the last time today as an employee. After today I'll no longer be an official part of them.

I felt as if I could cry. I looked at all my wonderful colleagues and bosses... and already felt like I missed them.

I drank quite a bit last night. One of my closest colleagues organised a nice cosy drinking session in the workshop where I got a little high, but nothing to worry about.

I got REALLY high tonight though. Temasek Club lounge. Didn't do anything silly in front of the rest (I think). Perhaps only after I left. Hmm... Still, it was one hell of a feeling. Alcohol is evil. Haha! I have to admit, I'm still smiling and laughing as happily as I was at the start of the day. Or the week, I should say. I had one of the best times EVER in the company.

Today's my last day of work. And tomorrow's my first.

I'm nervous. So maybe it's downplayed the sadness a bit. I hope that it can distract me so I'll not cry. I'm sad. I'm happy. I'm nervous. I'm confused aren't I?

I hope I'll not be forgotten at my company. I hope I'll always be welcome back like a part of them. I hope my new company will be just as nice. I hope my new colleagues will be just as sweet. I hope everything goes well.

Lots of photos.. soon..

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


If anyone has lobang to get this beautiful Shoei RAM III Vogue t7 helmet at a good price, please let me know.

Dearie said it may cost about $700. Maybe I shouldn't get such a branded one after all... but... it is known to be one of the top end helmets (read: one of the safest). Safety... at what price....?

I'm thinking how much I need to bring to Genting. I am so excited about it. Maybe because I see it as my final weekend before plunging into my new job.

But my damn period is coming... argh. Probably going to clash with the travel dates. My friend has a pill that can delay it but...... I'm not sure about side effects. No time to get it anyway. By the time I do get it, my period would probably have started and it'll be too late to pop it.

Ah well. It doesn't mean that the jackpot machines won't be there for me. I hope I get to catch Harry Potter there too.. mMmmmMMmmm...

Monday, July 16, 2007

My "weekend" from Thursday

Living life to the fullest. I think I’m almost doing that.. by cramming as many things as I can into one day. Each day.

I shan’t go into work (as usual). It’s tiring because I’m trying to clear everything before I leave. I don’t want to leave my boss with a mountain of crap after all the protection he has showered over me.

So, it all starts on Thursday…..

My colleague treated me to a K-lunch which I enjoyed as usual. It was destressing but no less tiring. After work, I left for my secondary school (currently housed at Commonwealth while the original premises are being renovated).

The meeting was to start at 7pm. I reached early to chat up with the caretaker of the school. The old auntie. Vital connection ok? Had 1 miserable curry puff as dinner.

The meeting was to touch on some band issues. Frankly, the President and I weren’t very hopeful. We went there trying to play PR again. We knew we couldn’t offend the school teachers, so as much as we tried to make our stand and our point, it didn’t sound nearly as convincing if we could have been a bit fiercer.

Nevertheless, surprisingly, the school Alumni (yes, there is a real committee for the alumni – a registered body) managed to fight for 2 of us girls. It was very eye-opening to see the battle. The president of the alumni (and the rest) presented the same points we made previously but much more forcefully. Maybe because they’re older, and probably closer to the teachers’ ages they could talk to them like during a business negotiation. We on the other hand still treated them as teachers. Our ex-teachers. Next time I must learn to bring a different persona there.

Although nothing much was concluded for the band (meaning we still can’t use the school for practice due to their many many many excuses), we did at least push forward that tiny step, and that was enough to make the meeting a little more uplifting.

It was 8:30pm by the time it ended. I quickly hitched a cab to Prinsep Street. From my previous post you’d realise it was to rehearse for the performance. The shop was very cosy. I never really knew such a shop existed. Very interesting.

Anyway, we played till 10pm before we all were exhausted and needed to leave. Took a long bus ride home. I was famished. And extremely tired. I somehow managed to make myself cook a packet of instant noodles, but right after eating, I promptly plonked onto my bed and drifted into lala land.

This was the first time I came home un-sick on a workday and slept the whole night through without bathiing nor changing. I was THAT tired.

I was still grumpy so I was thankful mummy didn’t make any noise about my sleeping without changing. Work was busy like I said but nothing compared to what I’ll suffer at Deutsche.

After work, I made a trip to Orchard to meet my ex-attachment students. To think that time flies this quickly. They were the first batch of students when I came into my present company. This means I’ve known them for 5 years already. Wow.

We spent the entire night eating and talking at Fish & Co. at Centrepoint. We made a move at 10pm, with me leaving for Tiong Bahru to look for the biker bunch.

I was a little shocked to see that girl (the one that got cheated) and the guy in the group still sitting close to each other. Hope the girl smartens up, or has some sort of plot in the back of her head.

We caught Die Hard 4.0 at Marina Square after. Very sleepily sat through the whole movie. Unfortunately it wasn’t that good. I would’ve really preferred to catch Harry Potter instead. Damn.

I think I reached home at 4am? Wait till you hear about Saturday.

I managed to roll out of bed at 8am. I tried my best to get my ass to Republic Centre at Raffles Place quickly but it was taking a lot more effort than usual. There was a lot of waiting to be done at the clinic for my pre-employment check-up, but thank goodness I expected it and brought the Harry Potter book along to read. The whole thing ended by 11am.

I made my way back to Clementi to have my passport sized photo taken. Also to be submitted to Deutsche. Unfortunately because I’m ugly, I had to take the one with touch-ups to be done – that meant collection could only be done in 3 days time. Not instantly.

I trudged back home, hoping to catch a short wink. It was scorchingly hot to be outside. I went back to find a naughty Ki in a very messed up house. Needless to say I landed up spending time with him and took a bath to freshen up. There went my nap.

I met Dearie’s mum at 2pm at Paya Lebar. It’s nice when everyone’s on time. No need to wait here and there. I was to go to the temple and offer my respects to the temple for helping me get the job. Ok, I may not be a true blue believer or follower but there are some things that if the elders tell me need to be done, and they are not harmful or dangerous, I will do it.

The whole thing didn’t take very long. The part that was difficult was waiting for the bus to go back to the MRT station. It took about half an hour I think. And that’s just waiting time for the bus.

I had to take the train to Queensway to meet Dearie. This meant that I had been lugging my helmet around all this while. Mind you, MRTs are just as packed on weekends. And my helmet is NOT light – one of the reasons I need to get a new one.

Although I took such a long time to reach, Dearie was STILL late. Glad to have brought Harry Potter out again, I got a drink at the coffeeshop and read as if I was in Starbucks or something.

We went to Queensway but were considered early. That was good in a way. Gave us time to eat. Everyone got there at about 5pm I think. I don’t remember. Shopped and shopped and shopped. I got a Deuter bag!!! Just nice for the Genting trip before my new job! $48! Orange!

Saying bye to the biking gang, Dearie and another friend Eddy were due to go to Malaysia for petrol, and food at the same time. We went back to get my passport. Coincidentally Ki came back at this time too. Bought me some time to repack my bag and dress a little more appropriately for the long ride. He likes Dearie lah.

Ki made it hard for me to leave, pretending that he was a magnet attracted and stuck to me. He’s so unbelievably cute I tell you. Still, we had to go and he ran along to find someone else to disturb.

On the way to Tuas, we stopped to change currency, then it was all the way to the petrol kiosk. If I can help it I’ll make sure I always use a full face helmet when going at those speeds. A lot more comfortable, and easier on the neck.

We reached the foodie place last as everyone was already there. A LOT of people. I only recognised a few faces. The food was good anyway. That’s the whole point. Mmm… yummy.

By the time we got back to Singapore and I got home, it was midnight. I opened the door surprised my mum reading the papers. Apparently Ki had only just fallen asleep. Poor mummy.

Dearie and Eddy were going to look for the biking gang again. I would have liked to but I didn’t want to sound any more horrible than I already do on the flute during the performance. All I had to do was lie down and lala land was there waiting for me.

We were supposed to be at Selegie at 11am but we all turned up a little late. We practiced for a while but the hot weather just made us want to go back in the air conditioned shop.

Lucky for us, a reknown palm reader was inside and was doing teaser readings – meaning short and brief readings of the palm for free. Anything more, you’d have to pay for a full session.

It was very interesting for him to tell each of us our characteristics and what to look out for. For me? He said I had a very lucky career path, and I was blessed with luck and money. Woohoo! I’m pretty certain about the career portion, but money? Errrr… A hint to buy more toto and 4D?

Oh, and he said my biggest challenge in life is LOVE. It could make or break me. And that I should marry an exotic man, or someone a lot older, or someone very different. I’d think Dearie’s different enough? Hahaha! This kind of thing I take with a pinch of salt. I’ll do my best to take care of anything negative – like how he said I am more prone to lung related illnesses or depression. I personally think that depression is more likely.

He said that I’m more feminine, and that my colour is pink, or other pale colours. This colour is what I’m encouraged to wear if I want to attract the right people’s attention. Haha! How interesting. Anyway, it was really fun. Others had very interesting revelations too. Anyone interested? The guy was Master Khor. Can do a search I guess.

Had a nice lunch at the food court across the road, then walked back for our performance. Dearie was actually on time! He’d just missed my parents and Ki though. They just came to say hello.

We were melting in the heat, but we played to our best abilities. The moment we were done, we headed back in for the aircon. Dearie remained outside the whole time. I don’t know how he could stand it.

I left promptly after packing up. Patrick and Eddy were waiting somewhere outside. We rode off to Beach Road to look at the guy’s bags, then moved off to East Coast Park.

We were supposed to do some cycling but since one of them was really late and all of us were so tired, we settled for arcade then food. Some guy we observed must have spent more than $200 on the sweet catching machine in the hopes of pushing a weight down for a toy Tigger. Amazing.

The food at Bedok 85 was quite all right though East Coast could’ve been better. Well, now we know. Had a nice time revelating to each other about our past. Being true to themselves, Dearie and Eddy kept quiet and evasive throughout this portion of the night. I spoke of my ex, but I don’t know if it could have made him uncomfortable or not. I don’t think so, could it??? I mean, I spoke of how miserable I was.. I knew him at that time already, and it’s common knowledge really.

Wonder why guys always like to be secretive, but heck, maybe that’s why we girls fall for them anyway. The man-woman debate continues.

We all learnt a little more about each other during dinner. No matter how little. It was interesting.

Going to Genting with all of them on Friday night. My R&R before going into the new job. JACPOT MACHINES! HERE I COME! Haha! Hope the palm reader’s right…………….. wahahahaha!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Short performance on Sunday

A lot has been happening these past few days. I'll try to do the "chain of events" justice soon.

Meanwhile, I'll be playing as part of a flute quartet again. A very short performance I suppose. More details are here:

We're scheduled for 3pm so PLEASE come down if you're free.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Celebratory Weekend

I know I haven't signed any letter of appointment, but surely Deutsche would not "fly my aeroplane" after I've resigned... would they?

Anyway, I've officially accepted their offer over the phone so I'm holding on to their word. Can't wait to go down and sign my tiny name with the gigantic bank.

Needless to say, I was very happy through the weekend. But like all happiness (in my belief), it is a zero-sum game. If one is very happy, there's someone out there crying in pain.

Sure enough, on Saturday night, that was indeed the case. A girl in the biking group had just found out that her boyfriend of 5 years was cheating on her. I can't help but find the scenario incredibly familiar.

The cheating didn't happen to me, but my sister. She'd been through loads of shit. And I'm talking about my younger one. But that's a story I shall not tell here. It is hers, and abuse it I shall not.

The part of being together 5 years did strike a cord with me. Not too long ago, earlier this year, faithful readers would remember my bout of depression and wallowing in self-pity.

Back then I started to realise Dearie was going out a lot more without me and I suspected something wasn't right. Although I never found out anything, I'm glad we worked it through. It only involved me pouring out my thoughts to him, and he finally bringing me out to see his biking friends. A lot of give and take. And now I feel we're even closer than before. Still, there're lots of things I've yet to discoverr about him. I know him in some ways... and I think it helps not to know too much sometimes.

Poor girl who got cheated... apparently when she was finally brought out to meet this bunch, I heard she was delighted to finally be able to see his friends too. To maybe know a bit more about him. To find out more. Just like me. Unfortunately what she has found out has hurt her badly.

That was Saturday night. After watching that Shu Qi show we went to Kent Ridge Park and Tuas. We went for breakfast at MacDonalds then headed home. It was 7am. Stayed out all night. Pretty amazing feat for myself.

Got home in time to see Ki. We had just spend the entire afternoon with him on Saturday. Brought him to my dad's family day thingy at Sentosa. He had so much fun. Dearie and I did too - we got spray-on tattoos. WAHAHAHA! So lame but damn cool to wear out.

Sunday night.. I did something I met up with JX and Lichen. Too very close secondary school friends. In fact, JX and I go back to primary school. The oldest friend I have. Both of them are married. Lichen as usual shared her sex life details which is always interesting to listen to (PS: Not all girls do this. Please.). JX on the other hand, I learnt is going through a rift in her marriage because of her mother-in-law. Hope everything works out fine.

Relationships are funny things. Tt can make a person. And it can crush one too.

It was an incredibly long weekend with a lot more details but I've got to try to clear as much work as I can for now. And partially because I'm anxious. I am really really really really really looking forward to signing that appointment letter with Deutsche.

I leave you with a handsome shot of King Ki in his castle.

Ah.. I need to watch Die Hard and Harry Potter! (For once I've actually read the book, so I want to see how they've transformed it into this installment!)

Friday, July 06, 2007

My Resignation

I have officially handed in my resignation. My last day is 24 July. You might be wondering, why don't I stay till the end of the week? Or how about I push it forward?

Well, if I were to end my employment on 20 July, I am afraid my poor boss will have problems coping. You see, our accountant's last day is that very day. She handles A LOT of important stuff for us, so he's already losing a really good worker.

As for pushing it back till 27 July, I'm afraid that my new (potential) company may choose to reject me in the end. You see, I'm still waiting for the offer and I have not signed anything with them yet.

How amazing. I just blogged about it this morning (see previous post below).

Now, I've got a good offer from Saipem. AND Deutsche will be calling to offer me on Monday.

I've made my choice of which company to choose and it'll be the bank.

I believe it'll be somewhere I can stay for a long time. I know people like to job-hop but I would much rather stay put at a good company till they find no use for me any more. Or maybe I'm just plain lazy.

I now hope that the offer is comprehensive and matches my expectations. Cost of surviving in the Raffles Place area is very high, so I think the salary should make up for that. I can't wait for the exposure, although I admit I'm very very very scared.

Will I be able to cope with the stress?
Will I be able to do the work required?
How badly am I going to mess things up?
Will my colleagues be nice and friendly?
Will I be able to fit in?
How long will I take to learn everything?

I am going to rest now. When I got the offers I was bouncing around my office and shrieking. Crazy gal I am.

Ah. I'm going to miss my company.. my colleagues.. my office..

Time out for me. This is going to be an interesting year ahead...............


I know I'm supposed to blog about last Sunday but I've not downloaded the photos yet for uploading so it'll take a while.

Meanwhile, I've been busy with interviews. Ok. So maybe just 2 interviews, and the rest were phonecalls from agencies.

1) Saipem
This is an oil and gas company. Science Park. Near my place. Interview went well. Boss seemed nice. Job seemed all right. Exposure will be the MNC type that I'm seeking. Salary not as high as what I want. But did I say oil and gas?! Yes. Sounds good eh?

2) Deutsche
I couldn't believe my ears when they called for a phone interview. It was so sudden I was caught completely off guard at work. When I was convinced I flunked it, they called at 7pm, asking me to go down for an interview the next day.
Super posh place. The interviewers seemed really nice too. Whole thing lasted about half hour. Very long. Salary may also be so-so. But did I say Deutsche?! Sounds damn good too eh?

Thing is.. right after the Deutsche interview, Saipem called me to say they would likely make an offer the next day (today). Deutsche on the other hand says that even if I get through this round, I'll need to meet with the Director herself for a 2nd round.

For comparison's sake, here's what I'm getting now on top of my monthly salary:
- Bonuses: AWS and variable
- 14 day leave (just upgraded to 18 days after hitting 5 years with the company)
- Pay flat fee of $5 each medical visit (the rest subsidised)

So now, I'm just confused:
1) Current company: Offer to become marketing executive. No firm plans given to me.

2) Construction company: That's the interview I went to on Saturday. Good salary and with bonuses but alternate Saturday, 12 day leave and claim of $20 per medical visit.

3) Saipem: Will have the bonuses (which will supposedly make up for the lower salary). Not sure about the rest.

4) Deutsche: Will not have AWS, only variable. 21 day leave. Fully subsidised medical up to certain cap, then staff to pay 10%.

I sure as hell hope that Saipem calls me later on Monday, while Deutsche calls me back today. This way at least I can go for the 2nd interview for Deutsche and have a bit of time to just delay giving a definite answer to Saipem.

I'm overwhelmed by the offers given to me. I'm amazed to even be called by Deutsche. I mean, it is one hell of a premium bank ain't it? Going to their office was like town mouse (me) visiting the city. So suaku. So blur.

Sigh. Please please please let everything fall into place like I hope it would....

How how how...........................

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A discovery

Here's another blog post about my weekend, but for now I'll only talk about Saturday, because I haven't got the photos from Sunday.

Saturday was about how I went ice-skating and realised Dearie was actually good at it. That cheater-bug. He never said a word about being able to skate. In fact, we all thought we were divided equally into 4 who could skate (had own skates no less) and 4 who couldn't.



For the rest of the weekend I never made him forget how sore I was about it. It felt funny having them look at me asking, "Your own boyfriend you don't know ah?"

It'd be petty of me to continue holding it against, so I'm going to do what I can to turn it into something good. (Who knows what else he never tells me... hmm...) Seriously, it's just so damn cool seeing him glide on 'cos he's doing something I can't. Sure, I can skate but not like him. He could freaking run on ice. Plus, the whole time I was trying to learn how to stop. Good thing was at least this was something he could teach me - though I simply didn't seem to have the talent for picking it up.

I had a good time anyway. I feel jealous whenever he's better at me at something (which is A LOT of things), but I feel good in an odd sort of way, like I'm proud to show him off, and want to better myself to match him. Yeah. I know. I've got quite an ego.

After ice-skating we went over to IMM for food. I need to say first, that this bunch we've been going out with lately are actually riders + their partners/wives. All except for 1 are younger than I am. Very nice people. Name of their riding group is "Illusion".

Anyway, back to Saturday. They wanted to have Pepper Lunch. I really wasn't keen on the idea but it was going to be something new for me. Turns out, the food was really good. Expensive but good. I wouldn't mind going back there again.

The guys went to do up their bike after that, but not before dropping us girls off at Queensway Shopping Centre. I wanted to buy a pair of shoes. Real shoes - the type I could use for jogging. Laid my eyes on a pair of Adidas, and got it for $66. SO PREEEETTY.....

One of the girls went to get a tattoo while we continued to wait for the guys. So brave sia. I don't even dare to poke ear-holes. I'm not so adverse to the idea of tattoos nowadays though I still prefer them to be small and tactfully done.

Dearie and I went to catch Transformers at Shaw Towers. We were early so we landed up trying to catch a wink outside one of the theatres. Unfortunately, the Indian movie was blasting so loud we could actually make out the syllables of the theme song being repeated at the end over.. and over.. and over.......

His brudders are now all attached. So it's 4 guys, 4 girls. WOOHOO!

We were absolutely exhausted by the time we got back to my place. To think we actually wanted to look up for the gang at Kent Ridge. You know why we missed it? No petrol in bike. We went past 2 petrol kiosks which were doing some update to their system so by the time we got to the third one, they had decided to leave.

Sunday was spent at East Coast Park. I'll blog about it if I get the photos. Nothing incredulous happened (like Dearie being able to do a wheelie on the bicycle). In fact, he didn't even get onto a bicycle. More details later. :O)

Meanwhile, my elder sis developed a photo of my, Ki and my younger sister.

Can't wait to bring him to Sentosa this Saturday!!!