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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dreams and goals

The weekend was fantastic.
Indiana Jones, Botanic Gardens, St James Bellini Room, Singapore Zoo and Night Safari.
Even arranged 2 pieces for my flute quartet.

I got to do all the things I said I wanted to do when I came back from NY. All in 1 weekend. Isn't that amazing?

Now I just need to get myself to do all the OTHER stuff I said I wanted to do... like...
- get a driving licence
- learn a new language
- learn dancing/diving (though my asthma may not make it possible yet)

And of course, some places I can think of that I will make a point to visit one day:
- South Africa (Safari!!!)
- Egypt (Pyramids and camels!)
- Australia (Kangaroos, Koalas and many others!)
- Europe - all over (To experience the different cultures)
- Japan (Another nice culture)
- China (I've heard it's spectacular.)
- Beautiful beach resorts all over Asia

Ah well. What to do.. need money to do these. One at a time they'll come true I'm sure. At least these are something to work towards. Everyone needs to work towards something, and I am running out of things.

Sure, I know I should do something about my career. How to advance myself or the likes of it. Maybe later lah huh? I know... I'm lazy. blech...

The doctor says I'm better. I agree. I feel better. Still, I am sick and I have quite a way to go before recovering commpletely. I'm looking forward to being back to tip-top condition.

I have every intention to take this weekend slow. Last weekend was great, and exactly what I needed. This weekend may be similar - just a bit more laid back I think. Let's see what happens. I'm soooo going to make sure I get all the sleep I can get.

Kiki will be taking his first flight out to KL (Genting) with his mummy and my younger sis. Yay! He's sooooo going to enjoy this. Too bad I won't be there to see it. My parents are not going either. Plenty of chances next time I guess.

It's Thursday. It has somehow been a very hard week to pass at work. Partially because I have a lot of work to handle - all of which dealing with different matters. And partially because I simply am not in the mood to. I blame my period. WAHAHAHA! I still love my job lah. People always say I could do so many other things and get paid better, but you may not always love what you do.

Oh the weather is beautiful now (when it doesn't rain). I should be on a beach or park somewhere out there.
And on a starry night, I should be dancing to some soothing music... in a castle... by a lake...

*dream dream dream.. dreeeeeam...*

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Settling back in

My body clock is readjusting itself. So far, so good.

However, the cough is not so good. I went to the doctor today. She said I have asthma now. Sigh. I have a whole course of medication to take and I'll go for another review next week. I think it'll go away, but it'll take a little while.

She said the cold air in NY and the dry air in the plane simply aggravated what I had before to this level. I have to avoid exercise and aircon.

Ah well. Too bad. I'll diligently pop the pills and inhale the powder thing through the inhaler thingy. I'll be fine lah. :O)

Photos from NY.. hmm.. I'm sorry to say that I can't post them up because they're not with me! Haha! They're with my friend who is still travelling half way round the world. I'll get them when I'm back.

I'll update more soon. Need rest for now.

Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm baaaack

Reporting that I'm back safe and sound in sunny Singapore. :O)

Time to unpack my luggage!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

I'm coming back home...

I can sing that Michael Buble song liaoz. :O)

Home sweet home. It's 10:30pm right now in NY. I'll be flying back tomorrow night. Last minute packing and shopping to be done.

I'll be in Singapore on Monday, 6:30am. I miss everyone so very much.

Lots of hugging to be done. I can't wait.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The cumbersome traveller

Yep. I'm talking about myself.

After my previous post, my trip has gotten more relaxing. I guess I got used to the travelling and commuting and other stuff in a foreign land.

All this time I have still been coughing and blowing my nose incessantly. How my travel mates manage to put up with me, I have no idea. I really take my hat off to them.

I have done lots of shopping, and am not done yet. I've seen the Niagara Falls (which were extremely beautiful, needless to say), and managed to even meet up with a friend there after 5 long years.

My face is recovering from an allergy after trying one of Elaine's facial products. I hope that it'll look fine when I get back. I think I look like a snake that's sheddin skin. Peeling. Urgh.

I will be going to Washington tomorrow and Philadelphia on Thursday. Let's see how it works out. Remember sky-diving? It didn't happen. Apparently the weather wasn't good enough so the skydiving company had to call it off. Ah well.

1 more week and I'll be back to SIngapore. It's been quite a ride, these 3 weeks. I don't want it to end - but I miss everyone so much that I do want to go back.

THis is a rather disorganised and hastily written piece. I just got back from Niagara you see. 9 hour bus journeys are not a joke. I have to sleep a bit now. Please please please let me catch a broadway show tonight...............

And damn UOB. My credit limit has reached. Too bad for them then. I'm probably going to burst my credit limit for my Citibank card instead.

TO all you people who asked me to buy stuff back for you: I'm going to collect from you the money based on the exchange rate from the credit card companies hor!!! I'm already not counting in the transport fare needed for carrying the stuff from the shop back to the apartment, to the airport, and back home. You all owe me a meal! Each!


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

*New York New York*

I've only been away for barely a week and am already missing everyone in Singapore so much! It's not that I"m not having a ball of a time here but ... I guess it's just been the first time I've been away for this long. and this far.

I'm now in the northern part of NY with my buddy Elaine. She's got this really nice big fat cat here. too bad it's not a dog. but it's still an animal. I LIKE. haha!

I've seen enough of New York to prove I've been here. At the end of the day, NY is really like a gigantic Singapore. It's really not all that much different. The number of shops for shopping is amazing though. Hope to touch on that today and tomorrow.

The best thing I like about this place? The weather. It's sunny outside but you can strut around in a sweater and not drip a drop of sweat. COOOOOOL. Unfortunately, in Boston, my friends and I froze our asses off. We could see the hot air breathing out of our mouths. THAT was super cold. Too cold.. but still, I like having experienced it.

The subways here take a while to understand and aren't as simple to transfer or navigate as in Singapore. I guess the key attraction for me about NY would have to be the shopping. The sightseeing, history lessons and artsy museums are all really nice and cultured but after 5 days of going that, I need to sit back and do what holidays are about - relaxing.

For me, travelling is much more than going to all the "must-see-must-try" places. I'm a strange person, and probably the worst kind to be travelling with. I know it. I should have put up a big disclaimer.

Perhaps my idea of a holiday is much more unconventional than others? I'm not sure. But heck. This is MY holiday. I freaking spent my birthday here.... But my friends were very nice to give me a nice surprise with dessert and a candle in it. I was so touched. :O)

Like I mentioned, I miss everyone in NY. And I know some of you do miss me too. Awww. There's a particular someone that I do miss more too.. and although I hope he feels the same way, you never really know, do you? Let's see how things have changed (or not) when I'm back.

Where is that Elaine?! argh... The instant noodles I cooked for her plus my first-time egg and sausages are cold already. She's supposed to come quickly, finish up lunch and take me shopping!

Ah well. Doesn't matter. I like lazing around for a morning. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to write right now. Time to mess with the kitty cat.

Missing all of you in Singapore. I'm still getting SMSes so even if it's to ask me to look out for a certain product, just drop me a line.

Be back in 2 weeks......

Thursday, May 01, 2008

I'm in New York!!!

Yes I am in New York!!! WOOHOOOOOO!!!