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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Recording of CTAWE's concert

These are the recordings of pieces we played during the concert.

Our opening piece "March Beyond The Critical Point" was by far the best. Sounded like an actual recording in a studio.

For those who don't know, I played the flute and piccolo in this concert. First time playing the piccolo for half a concert - and now I know that although I thought I was loud, I really wasn't. BLECH.

The concert was truly amazing. Sigh. It's over. Hope we have a next one.

And to determine that, I'll be holding a meeting on Tuesday over dinner just to see what to do next musically and politically for the band.

Go listen to the tracks!!! Remember, we're just a bunch of people who practice once a week after work/school, and manage to stage this. Hope our hard work and passion can be heard.


On the same topic of music, help recommend me some pleasant pieces here: http://ichigos.com/sheets.shtml. I know anime have good instrumental music but there's too many here. Share with me ya?

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Concert is OVER!

After months of my complaining, toiling, crying (ok, only once), and frustration...


In my opinion, it was rather successful - considering we managed to fill the hall and therefore make a huge profit, and most importantly, we sounded rather good.

I spent the entire night PR-ing with the VIPs and messing around with the ushers and photographer, I nearly broke down. Big Edmund, Weida, Yingshan, Qiuyu, Kaiqi, Yan Lin, Jarrod, Sze Ling, Shengjie, and soooooooo sooooo many many more all made sure I pulled myself together and survive.

It was a relief to know everyone had fun. And that the audience enjoyed it.

THere were plenty of flowers, photos, name-shouting.... but none for me lehz... kaoz. I only gave 2 big bouquets away nia. That's the closest I got to holding any flowers.

Photos? Only those with me on stage playing with the band, or presenting something to someone. Mummy didn't bring a camera, and needless to say, neither did my friends.

But hey, they came, and that was what mattered. It was a proud moment to show them that this entire concert has been what I have been working on these few months. And to my parents too. It was a big scale event. The first I'd ever done.

I have learnt so much from this experience. I'll be learning more when I plan the road ahead for CTAWE (Clementi Town Alumni Wind Ensemble). It'll be a steep uphill task getting support from the teachers and conductors. I hope that this concert managed to showcase our strengths.

So, yep, no photos for this entry. But a lot of thank yous have gone out to many many people. Even YL was my usher (bloody hell 2 ushers backed out 3 hrs before concert. Irresponsible kids.).

I knew I'd go back empty handed, so when I made the gifts for the VIPs and guest players, I made an extra one for myself. A namecard holder with the engraving "CLEMENTI TOWN ALUMNI WIND ENSEMBLE". I think it's really pretty, useful and meaningful.

But I guess at the end of the day, receiving more "Thank you"s than I can dish out was the real reward. It feels good to be appreciated and that's all I needed.

It'll be back to band work for me after we officially do up the accounts and declare our profit. This money will help us survive for another couple of years, in case the school does not allow us to continue practice on the make-shift premise next year. (The school is shifting to Commonwealth while the current location gets renovated.)

I'll also need to organise a post-concert celebration, an AGM for the election of the new committee, and hold a meeting with the teachers and conductors.

Lots more to do in the background.

I'm going to miss Friday practices. I am going to suffer cold turkey from not being able to make music together for another very long while......

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Gift from my Dearie

I didn't strike the lottery, and neither did Dearie, but last Friday (yes before the lottery anyway), Dearie bought me a large Guess bag.

I love it.

It's got so many compartments. It's big enough for me to dump plenty of stuff inside. It looks good. I feels good.

It cost a freaking $151 though. Poor boy. He's been working every single day and then he splurge it on this for me. (Of course, he bought something for himself also lahz - a $129 Adidas jacket. Way too expensive in my books but hey, it's his money.)

I just had to brag about the bag. heehee.. it's not very often I get anything from him you know?

Ah. I love it. I love Dearie. :O)

Monday, August 14, 2006

I hate toto, I hate school

Bloody hell.. Toto cheat my money AGAIN. ARGH!!! I am NEVER GOING TO BUY TOTO AGAIN!!!

I still hate school too! Humph!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Just for laughs

I must state first that I am NOT racist. It's just that... I sent this to several people and none of them did not laugh. heehee!~

Title of the forwarded email I received = WHY BOTHER TO TAKE THIS PICTURE?

Here it is..

Monday, August 07, 2006

Not burnt out yet?

I'm amazed I'm not burnt out yet.

My timetable for the past few weeks and probably the next few pretty much read like this:
8am - 5:45pm > Work
6pm - 6:30pm > Dinner at home
7pm - 10pm > Class

8am - 8pm > Work

8am - 5:45pm > Work
6pm - 6:30pm > Dinner at home
7pm - 10pm > Class

8am - 8pm > Work

8am - 5:45pm > Work
6:30pm - 10pm > Band

And what do I get home to do every night after that timetable?

You're right! More band stuff!

Saturday and Sundays are thenkfully almost my days off. But in August, it's spoilt by Saturday classes at 2:30-5:30pm.

I'm amazed I'm still up and running. I think after this concert I'm just going to breakdown. This is just me holding up.


Meanwhile, Ki had over 10 ulcers in his throat this weekend. The brave boy didn't cry though he could hardly eat.

Mummy went to see him again today. He seems much better. The little naughty one gets more and more spoilt everyday. Too spoilt for comfort.

It's to the point that it's worrying.


I am short of $1500 (or 150 stall tickets) to breaking even for my band concert. This is bad. And the concert's on 19th August. How how how how how?!?!?!?