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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Back to music

Flute performance coming up again! Yippeeeee! Expected to perform on 23rd April (Wednesday) at The Esplanade's concourse. A 30minute free-for-all performance.

Details later on but we're beginning our practices again! This means I've got more motivation to try to arrange more pieces. I've got a few in mind actually, but ... they'll require several hours in front of the computer. I hope to do it within the coming week.

Had a Energy Reading session earlier today. Not sure if that's what you call it. Anyway, a friend of mine (the other girl who plays the flute) knows the owner of this shop called "Faeries' Retreat". Very nice secluded place.

If you're into yoga, tarot card reading, crystals, etc... this is the place to be. It was my second time there but this energy reading thingy (like the palm reading) was somewhat fascinating.

She told me to just love whole-heartedly. Regardless of whether it would work out. Because she saw a part of me that was simply holding back. It was ... very interesting. She saw different things for different people.. I take the things that were said in my stride I guess. There's a big truth in what she said, but it's up to me to interpret what it truly implies I should do.

The past week had me going jogging twice a week. That was tough. But it definitely helped make me feel a tinsy winsy bit healthier. Bet it helped a bit with my flute playing today too.

The air show was quite all right too. Kudos to the Singapore Air Force for putting up such a great display. I was feeling a little out of place going with a bunch of 5 Germans. No... the "Mr German Colleague" I've spoken about here was not present. I did however meet some of my ex colleagues there. It was nice seeing them again. Introduced one of my other German colleagues to them. Too bad he's going back to Germany already.

March is creeping up already. My schedule looks good so far.

I've yet to figure out my long term goals and what I wish to achieve. I think I'm living life pretty well right now but I know that these questions will haunt me when the partying and other frivolous stuff die down.

Everything is in place for me so maybe I'll ponder upon it only when something changes. I guess that's usually when it is a good time to ponder. Let's wait and see.

I remember I used to relate to what Belle in Beauty & The Beast sang: I want much more than this provincial life!
She was singing about how mundane everything was, and how she wanted an adventure. As much as sometimes I do look upon this I wonder for myself if I could have one, I have no intention of inviting such unnecessary trouble. I'm past that stage and reached a good point in my life.

I just hope that one day my prince will come........ I know that to ask for him to appear now would be a little demanding, but I would like to hope that it will happen one day.

Where's my exotic guy huh? Hahaha!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Counting down to mundane-ness

After CNY wraps up completely, it's going to be back to the "mundane" life - all the way until the next festive season which is essentially December.

But that's a good thing anyway. What gooe is an entire year of festiveness? There always has to be "downs" to appreciate the "ups". Like how you must watch the not-so-nice films to appreciate the good ones.

I caught Juno on Friday night. A good change from clubbing. Good film. I won't say it's the type you absolutely have to catch in the cinema, but it's definitely worth a watch.

Another simple but good time spent on Saturday with friends who play the flute. We went to Loof for a drink and it is one really nice place. I think I'll go there again someday.

Went to my colleague's place today and saw (almost) everyone's kids. So cuuuute. Haha! Unfortunately I landed up downing a few glasses of red wine. It was good wine, just ... alcohol again. Consolation was that everyone drank just as much - if not more. Haha!

Having dinner with a friend tomorrow at Timbre. Both of us need to mope about our non-existent love-lives. Hahaha!

As for Tuesday, I should be going to Faeries' Retreat at Prinsep Street. Had a short flute performance there once last year. I remember the place so well because of a palm reader that was present at that time. It would be nice to get my palm read again but I know he won't be there. Maybe I could engage him for an hour next time and see what more he can tell - because during that short reading, it truly intrigued me.

Seems like my week is already starting to get packed. Good good.

Miraculously my flu started to disappear on Friday. Lucky lucky. I seriously do not want to sound like an alcoholic but I did have a glass of wine on Thursday night. Hmm...

Naaaah! Rest is still the key to recovering. No worries people! I'm still a social drinker! It just so happens more people are asking me to drink nowadays than before!

As the "mundane-ness" sets in, I'm expecting my life to get back to the work-home-work-home routine soon enough.

It's always interesting to ponder upon how my life will unfold.
Is it as fun to read it when I type it out here? I imagine it has to be.
Otherwise you wouldn't be reading it, would you?

Friday, February 15, 2008

V. Date.

It is ironic indeed.
After so many V-days attached, this time I am single and actually "celebrating" the day. It was an absolutely pleasant surprise to receive a call from the reception saying that I've got flowers.

For the first time in my 25 yrs (ok, this is to be my 26th year in this world), I received a bouquet of roses. The feeling ... was exhilarating.

But in case anyone's wondering, no, no one is trying to woo me to be his girlfriend. This is more a ... friendly gesture? All right. So it's a little bit more than just "friendly" but, no, as much as all these is sweet and dream-come-true material, it is simply just what it is - an extremely kind gesture that I truly appreciate.

Dinner yesterday night was at a small Italian restaurant tucked away in an obscure part of Singapore. It was simple but rather closely authentic I'd think. I won't know till I've gone to Italy, but he picked out a couple of items that were common over there. Interesting.

We took our time through dinner, which is not often done here in busy Singapore. It felt good. :O) By the time we finished eating and left the place, it was 10:30pm. We took a nice loooong walk... from Thomson to Orchard...

Vacant cabs were non-existent until after midnight, so it was only until then that we got on one, and made our way home.

You know what my original plan was? Pack dinner home, eat it in front of the TV, and go out for a walk somewhere after that. I wasn't feeling sad or disappointed about my plan but I must say that being asked to be someone's valentine just felt absolutely wonderful.

Well, that day is over. I could reminisce all I want, but I know better than to do that. As much as it was very nice, we're just friends, and will remain as that.

Resentment in my tone? Nah. Disappointment? Perhaps a tiny pinch. But more than anything, I felt desired.

Incredibly sleepy now. Doesn't help that I'm nursing a potential full-blown flu. I'm trying to suppress it for as long as I can. There's still another dinner tonight AND tomorrow night. Plus I am going house visiting on Sunday, AND there is dinner on Monday! HOW CAN I FALL SICK NOW?! No way no way! I must make sure I hang on!!!

Damn all the late nights, alcohol and CNY goodies..... Hahaha!

Monday, February 11, 2008


All the past few nights... CNY eve, 1st day, 2nd day, 3rd day... I spent them drinking. 2 of them with sister and friends, 2 of them with my colleague...

What the hell..
My liver is dying.

Plus I've been eating all these CNY stuff that I usually don't. Bet I look fatter now.

It's Monday and I'm finally feeling the heat from all of that. I'm falling sick. I'm even considering taking a day off tomorrow to rest because from Wednesday to Saturday, I've got plans! 5 Lo Hei sessions in all!!!

Can you believe it? I got more Ang Paos from going to work than over the past 4 days. Hahaha! That's because there were barely any to collect at home.. or when we went visiting. I'm too old to take - besides, I'm already working.

I hear that my alma mater CTSS is doing up a musical. Just contributed one of my flute quartet arrangements to them. Hope it's useful - for me and them. For their performance, and for me because of the reputation of the alumni band.

I've got plenty on my palette now. Teach my friend the piano, write up a couple more flute quartets, read up about New York, help my German colleague edit his thesis, arrange for a short getaway over the Good Friday weekend... all these within the next couple of months. Meaning: By April

As for long term plans.. I have no idea. My friend was telling me about how she really hopes to settle down and have a family one day. I told her that I used to have that dream too - till it got busted when my ex-bf left me. Not that I blame him, but I just don't know if that's really what I want now.

Sure, I'd like to find myself a guy to be with.. but until that comes along, I have yet to figure out what I see in store for myself in the future. My 5-year plan. I'm happy with my job, I love my colleagues, I adore my friends, I am still in touch with music..... I actually think I'm pretty content with what I have now.

Someone once said that success is being happy in life. And I am happy. Sure. I could be happier. Earn more money, own more things, etc etc etc. But I'm not so greedy right now. I'll take things slow and steady until I have a reason to speed things up.

Thank you peeps for still reading my blog. It never fails to fascinate me when I see comments on the chatbox or at the end of each post.

Lichen: If you come over I'll play the piece for you to listen ok?

Exhibitionist: It's nice fo you to drop by and leave comments. Appreciate it.

pplater: I always love it when you interpret what I write. And yes, you singled out a very good line. I love the irony of it. But I am sure this year will be no different from the rest - and to be honest, I don't think I really care since I never really did. :O) [Good for me I guess.]

Patrick: I still save your name as Bladey on my HP. I wanted to call you last week and searched Patrick but couldn't find it. Haha!

YL: Thanks for listening to me. And thanks for talking to me too.

Jass: We definitely need to catch up.

Chang: Got KTV just jio bah. but unfortunately this week cannot. Blech.

ZN: Never got to meet you little junior, but hope I will one day.

Ah.. heart says one thing and mind says another. The brain needs to win the battle this time. Taking one step at a time......

Just popped a panadol. Means it's time for bed.
Don't think jogging's possible for me tomorrow......

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Happy CNY!

Year of the rat is coming up in less than 2 hours.
To anyone who's seeing this: HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!

Enjoy the long 4 day holidays.

I think I'm just going to be doing a lot of eating and sleeping. Only Saturday's been set aside for going to friend's places.

4 Lo-Hei's next week. 3 of which with colleagues. So many.

Had lunch at Iggy's with my boss and colleague on Monday. SUPER DAMN NICE. It'd better be. THe bill came up to nearly $300 for 3 of us after all.

V-day is coming up. But I don't remember celebrating it in years. Ah well.

Not too sure if I'll be going out later. A little late to go out actually. Hmm.. Will see about that.

Just did up 2 new flute scores! Yay! At last!!! And I'm getting better at the pieces from the movie "Secret". Sure, I can't play as fast as Jay Chou, but at least I can play them in slow motion. Ok.. fine.. not all the pieces.. but at least 2 of the faster ones ok??? Heehee!

I guess nothing else is new in my life at the moment. Still trying my best to enjoy it. Because the last time I said life sucked, it only got worse. Ever since then, I made sure life didn't suck for me.

Mum just asked if I have a boyfriend. HARLOW!?!??! Where would I find one huh?!?! I don't even have dates can?! My mum so cuuute.

Time to go bum around in my room. Too-da-loo!