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Monday, July 28, 2008

Another week into the year

Last Friday marked my 1 year anniversary with DB! Wow.

My sister managed to solve the Mozilla/Flash problem. Don't know how she did it but, hey, she did it! Now I can play Pathwords on Facebook at home. Yay. And I can start using Youtube again. Finally. I need to listen to a couple of songs before I can arrange them. Can't do it from pure memory. And I'm trying not to rely so much on arrangements done by others for reference. See what I can come up with on my own.

I've actually considered selling my arrangements. Perhaps compile them into a book for publishing. BUT BUT BUT. Copyright issue. I rearranged most of the pieces from piano arrangements done by others. Plus I am technically supposed to approach the copyright holders for these songs before I can publish them. So ... there goes my bubble.

If anyone has lobang for such publishing of scores, let me know okie? It would be nice to find out how to go about getting it done if I ever get serious about it one day.

Singfest looks like something really fun to be at - but I'm attending my friend's alumni band concert on Saturday night, and on Sunday morning, probably have flute practice again... so...

I FINALLY SIGNED UP FOR GERMAN CLASSES! Class starts on 15 Aug. HOORAY! The books look so kiddy but I think they'll be exactly the useful stuff I need. I can't wait to start!

The weekend that just ended was super simple, but it was just as sweet. Tried asking a couple of people over for quiet drinks (since Mr Housemate is not around this weekend), but all couldn't make it. But now I understand the fascination that Bladey has with those board games. Haha! Bladey! We bought a 2-player board game! Damn fun! It's called Mr Jack. Nice!

There is so much I want to do, so little time, but that's the case for everyone isn't it? Oh and sorry JX! I was napping when you smsed me about badminton! Next time tell me in advance or just call me ok? Pai seh pai seh.

Jass, I know I said I'll meet you this week. Let me try tomorrow!

What do people think about people moving out from their parents' nowadays? In the past I know there was some hoo-ha over this. Past being 10 years ago I reckon. Reason I'm asking? Of course because there may come a day I would like to move out. I honestly never really thought of it until I finished my studies. I have often thought about buying my own place. Partially as an investment, partially to learn how to be more independent.

If property prices tumble, I may just go into the market and get myself a small, cosy but affordable place to stay. Thing is - I don't think I am quite rich enough to afford my own place, so let's see how far the prices tumble, and how much I am able to spend per month paying off an apartment.

Another trigger is of course my boyfriend. Nope, I do not think it's possible for me to move in with him any time soon because his housemate is not comfortable with that idea, and part of the reason for myself is my worry of how it would change my entire life. I am very open to this idea of course, but I have to prepared that I will probably not be moving back home. Things will be different entirely. The more logistical problem will of course the issue of my stuff. And I have A LOT of stuff. Hahaha!!!

But most importantly, is whether he even wants me to move in with him. Perhaps it's a little early to think about it... I probably seem too anxious. Caught up in the heat of the moment. The option remains open.

Ah well. Still far fetched for now. Let's see.

Isn't life an interesting and amazing journey?

Monday, July 21, 2008

Back from Bintan...

...and feeling very recharged. Refreshed.

Seaview chalet.. mangrove tour.. couple spa..

Very nice indeed. Pity about the rain though.

Pictures on facebook. :O) Sneak preview here...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

PC problem

My PC is unable to install Flash. This means applications on facebook, all videos from Youtube, etc are not working.
Does anyone know what I can do?
I have tried uninstalling it, downloading Flash from mirror sites, but none of it is working. Everyime I load the official Flash download site from adobe, it just doesn't install. The page loads - without the Flash part working.

Can someone out there pls help???

Monday, July 14, 2008

Another long week ahead

Why do I say so? Because I only just got home not too long ago.

Am I inefficient or slow or ... ? Can't be eh? I actually think I do things pretty quickly already! Then why am I still in the office till so late?!?! I don't understand it. Time to think through carefully what is taking up so much of my time.

I'm counting down to Bintan. Friday night. I need my seasickness pills first. I'll only be back on Sunday night. Straight to bed when I'm back. Far away from work...

I mean, I like my job.. I love my colleagues and all that.. but .... it's tiring lah. I just need to figure out why I am staying so late in the office. Doesn't make sense. What am I busy with? Problem is I can't put it down in words. It's difficult. If I do list them down, it'll be a whole chunk of stuff that seem so tiny. Problem is all these little things are important to get things going - and in some ways are dependent on others getting back to me first. It takes up an amazing load of time.

Lots to do in my personal life as well. I want to finish arranging that Sound Of Music medley I've been working on for so long, but got a "writer's block" now. Trying to figure it out.

Last Saturday I spent most of my day watching my colleagues in a Dragon Boat competition. Very interesting for me. Too bad I got a bit burnt by standing out there. But Sunday was extremely wonderful. Bf and me.. just hanging out.. go for a nice swim.. call in dinner and eat over a movie.. some wine to end off the night. So relaxing...

I don't care. I want to be out of the office earlier tomorrow. Let's see how possible that will be.

Anyway, short post. Just wanted to whine a bit...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Too busy

Work's been at it again. Super duper busy.
Last year at this time, I was preparing to leave my old job.

Time flies doesn't it?

Work is busy. I still like my job, but you know how it is. I still have to complain. Nevertheless, my team is trying to have as much fun as possible while working, so that does liven things up very much.

I am so tired from working late so much these few days.

Looking forward to the weekend as usual. This weekend (starting Friday of course) will see me at a mini party in my office pantry for the numerous birthday babies in July. After that I'll have to head down to Cineleisure and meet JX, Lynn and friends for Kbox. It's been sooooooooo long since I've done this KTV thingy.

Not sure if I'll have the energy to catch a movie after that. If not, then it'll just be home for some good sleep. Saturday afternoon I may go watch my colleagues race in a corporate dragon boat competitioni. THe rest of the weekend is not planned out yet, but that is always easy to fill up.

Next Thursday I'll be catching BATMAN!!! Redeemed using UNI$ for the "free" tickets.
Then next weekend I'll be in Bintan. It was such a bloody pain to book the hotel rooms. Everything was full. Had to book direct with the hotel in the end. At last. Settled that.

Can't wait to start playing the flute again. Next performance will be at someone's wedding. Good opportunity to try out my new pieces. Trying to arrange a damn long medley now. Most of it without referring to any other scores, so it'll mostly be purely my hard work. In August I hope to start my basic German class. Finally.

Avenue Q is surprisingly going to be in Singapore. Got the tickets to the show already. Yippee!!! With songs like "It Sucks To Be Me" and "The Internet Is For Porn", it's hard to see how I won't have a good laugh. I heard the music a couple of years back when I channel hopped onto the Tony Awards. Should be a really fun musical!

It's mummy's birthday today! Her bouquet of flowers were delivered punctually 1 day before (surprise factor), and I already gave her the heavy $245 steam iron (shared with my sister of course).

My brain is suffering from an overload of stuff to follow-up with. I hope I can put them in perspective by tomorrow otherwise I'll be screwed sonner or later. Plenty to organise. Plenty to follow-up on. Plenty to remember. Plenty to do.

Yet, I still hope I can organise another big gathering like the one I did last year. Something just for fun. Book a big chalet and ask everyone to turn up. I have no idea why I always think up such ideas when I'm busiest.

I'll try to update again soon. Whoever's reading this, thank you. Danke. Arigatou. Terimah Kasih. Xie Xie. Merci. Gam xia. It's nice that people wanna know how I'm getting on. Keeps me going. And I would very much like to find out what goes on with you as well, so pls pls pls book a date with me. I know I'm busy but I will trrrry my bestest to make sure I meet up.

I need to sleep now. Need to buy breakfast for the team. Yummy fooooooooooood...

For those who miss Kiki.. here's an update of how he looks like now (not very different though. just cuter.). heehee!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Wow. I didn't realise I didn't post what I wrote previously. Oops.

Guess it's too outdated for me to put it up now.

I bought some clothes from a factory outlet called Bebe in NY. All of them for my 2 sisters. Guess they didn't like it - 'cos they've been sitting in my room all this while. Total damage, S$285.45. It doesn't hurt when people don't like what you get them, it hurts when they don't bother to at least accept them. So now I've got an expensive bunch of clothes I don't know what to do with. Sure, I may not have picked out their styles correctly, but surely you can at least take them to your room and stash them aside?

I honestly thought the clothes were quite wearable. I would wear them if they had my size... turns out my sisters prefer the cheaper clothes I bought for myself.

I know I know. Trivial matter. But even the strong have their soft spots.

At work, it wasn't any better. My boss hit my achilles' heel hard. She didn't know she did till she noticed how badly affected I was. Basically I didn't do a good job with the arrangement for a workshop happening this week. Although I'm very unfamiliar with the item, I admit I could have done a better job if I didn't get so distracted by all the other miscellaneous stuff I've been busy with.

Anyway, for those who know me, or have followed my blog from day 1, you would know that I can be very strong when I meet all sorts of problems, but for me to feel emotionally vulnerable to hurt, all I need is a non-validation of what I do. Once I'm told off by someone, or something I'm proud of is not being accepted/validated by the person I'm doing it for, I get depressed.

If not for my colleagues being around yesterday evening, I would have cried my eyes out. And when my mum reminded me again about the clothes, I felt a thousand needles poking into my heart, trying to break it into pieces.

None of these people had any intention to hurt me, and I know it. But I guess this is just me. I can be very resilient to a lot of shit that happens but something small like this can just break me down in an instance.

I'm looking forward to Family Day this Saturday. It'll be time away from my boyfriend, but time with the family is always good too.

I have a good life, and I always tell myself that. I would say that I am quite contented with my life, but lest anyone thinks that I will simply lead a stagnant life from this point forth, I will not. I will continue to strive to learn as much as I can, become better at whatever I do, and try new things whenever I get the chance. I need to balance my time between family, friends and boyfriend.

Lots of birthdays in July.
In fact, a lot of things happening in July. It will be a very tough month. Keeping my fingers crossed to get through it in one piece. No more midnights in the office pls.....