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Monday, July 31, 2006

NOT deleting my blog

For the record, I'm not gonna delete me blog unless blogger does that for me.

I'd love to post photos up, and rant about stuff... but I can't now. Busy busy. Sigh.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Clothing lelong!

Since I have this blog, might as well... Anyone wanna buy these clothes that my sister and I bought online (but now realise we don't fit), please let me know. Here're just a few of them:

Just follow the links below for more details (measurements, actual photos, etc):
White Dress with black bow
Lacey pink top
Gojane Wilma tank (Brown)
Pink pants from Latte - with belt
Sexy pink top

Monday, July 24, 2006

"News" from juz_A_ga|

On tomorrow.sg, Poblemengrish was featured. I'm sooo gonna have to submit some!

In other "news", another monster web has emerged. This time I wasn't the one who started staring. 3 boys crossing the overhead bridge from where I alight after class stopped and observed the huge thing.

I did the same and realised I was staring at a gigantic web spanning from the overhead bridge to the freaking LAMP POST!!!

I dare not find the spider. After examining it a while more to confirm it was a web and not some net, wire or string, I tried to snap a photo with my HP, but it didn't really show.

I'll try to snap it on Wednesday night after class. That is, if it is still there.


I was quite the lost lamb in the office today. Blur as hell. No reason to really... yet... sigh...

Band stuff is getting on my nerves. How come I can never get anything settled?!?!

Work stuff is no better. I'm very much less efficient these few days. Tomorrow I'll make sure I make my time worthwhile during my OT. I must finish up as much as possible.

I just got my first assignment for my current module on "Law of Business Organisations". Crap. And I haven't even got the textbook. ARGH.


I just signed up for a facial package worth more than $1000. Ah well. 11 sessions to go there and sleep. Let's hope Haach works. It did before. Hope it continues its wonders 3 yrs later.

I stopped 3 yrs ago 'cos no time no money. Now actually still no time but bo bianz. Want to be pretty must sacrifice. Who ask this world to be so cosmetic. If not I also don't care. Want to get better job or get things done more easily must play the game.

Oh, and this also means I'm officially BROKE.


Pirates of the Carribean didn't end the way I expected. Must freaking wait for part 3. Argh. But heck, I liked it so... just have to look forward to the next instalment!

Meanwhile, it's time to catch Hoodwinked and Ant Bully. Many more animated films coming out. YAY!


I went KTV on Friday night with my colleagues. I had such a good time blaring my way through everything. No one's eardrums burst. *whew*

Saturday night, I finally got to see where Ah Chang works! Nice location - in between many clothing + bag shops, near the cinema, arcade and bowling alley, plus opposite Kbox. Wow.


From this Saturday onwards, I'll have class from 2:30-5:30pm. Including concert day. It is going to be a new kind of hell till the end of August.


If there is anyone out there who wants to come see my band's concert, pls pls pls contact me at clariceseah@hotmail.com (MSN). The concert is on 19th Aug, 7:30pm at Nanyang Girls' High Auditorium.


I could go on and on.. let me just use this space for the time being as my off-the-head to-do list:
- Write minutes of Ops meeting
- Write minutes of Safety meeting
- Send projector for repair
- Maintain mounted projector
- Send office function photos for developing
- Attend briefing tomorrow morning
- Prepare materials for customers by Wednesday
- Prepare paperwork for fire drill next week
- Find quote for new fax machine
- Prepare papers for Board Of Directors' Meeting
- Collect funds for President's Challenge to meet target
- Security matters: documents and personnel
- Prepare monthly report + engrg hrs updates
- Confirm travel details of colleagues
- Get gifts for guest players + photographers for band
- Make sure itinerary for the concert is ready
- Press main band for seating arrangement
- Look out for cheap food for concert day
- Find out how attendance will be like this Friday
- Do Law assignment

Eeks. Scary. Time for bed. With all these running in my head like never-ending credits of a movie, I think it'd be difficult.

Maybe a round of Lumines on Dearie's PSP could help. Heeheeheee.....

Friday, July 21, 2006

Note to self: Don't set up own business

For the 2nd time, I organised the charity fund raising in the name of the President's Challenge 2006. It's becoming an annual affair for my company. Apparently the corporate office sets a target, and we are all supposed to meet it in whatever way possible.

Obviously the easiest way out would be to get every employee to come up with a sum of money - but then, not every employee may be willing to do so. Moreover, we're "encouraged" to come up with activities to raise the money.

So we held another sale of items at the lobby of where I work. For 2 days I became an ice-cream seller (amongst other foods). Kinda like a pasar malam.

Some of the items we had on sale..

It's good to know that the hard work paid off. Total profits offset half of our targeted amount - meaning each employee only needs to come up with half of what was originally set by the corp office.

Too much work just for a few hours of sales. Standing and selling is one thing. Setting up and closing the accounts is another. I landed staying in office till 8:20pm last night. Worked more than 12 hrs lor...

I got home, rested a little while, then Dearie knocked off at 9pm and picked me up in a few minutes after. He was meeting his gang for supper - which really was dinner for us.

I was exhausted, but like I always say, time hanging out with friends usually prevails. Dearie sent me back and was supposed to head home to play his games, but I managed to drag him into my room. I guess I just needed someone to snuggle up to after a long day of work - and a hell lot more ahead. We dozed off once we lay down on the bed, and by the time Dearie went back, it was 2am. Oops.

I've got the sweetest guy as a boyfriend, a pity about the financials though. But I couldn't get the best of both worlds could I?
Never mind. Next time I'll manage his money. Then problem solved. HEEHEE...

Monday, July 17, 2006

Time off

Another first!

I took half a day off on a Monday. Right after my meeting, I rushed to pack up my stuff and went downstairs where Dearie picked me up.

I had a date with his friends to go KTV! Believe it or not, I haven't been to KTV since April. At least that's what I can remember. I sound like crap, but hey, I just like being in there listening to people sing, and having a go at it myself.

Can't say the same for Dearie who had his usual doze off in the room. But at least he went.

We zoomed off to Bugis after. One of them needed to get something there I guess. Since Dearie rode, we reached first and I did a little shopping. Bad choice. Total damage was $35.90 for a pair of green heels. Why green? Dearie chose the colour. Hot pink wasn't really for me, and black was a little too formal - and still wasn't what I wanted. So I guess it had to do.

It shouldn't shock me because it wasn't the first time I saw it. Watson's had 2 Durex products on its shelf for satisfying women. Yep. I'm talking about a dildo and vibrator. I've seen the packaging before. Either in magazines or on the shelf. Somehow it just didn't register that you can now get these in your neighbourhood! Haha! And no, I didn't get either.

We met up again, and had a good dinner. Made me late for class by half an hour. But heck, if not for class we could have gone on for a movie, and supper, blah blah. Damn class.


Maybe it's the stress I'm under lately. Maybe it's PMS.

THe whole day, and probably the past weekend, I've been lamenting about Dearie again. The usual stuff I don't like about him. And since his friends said the same stuff, why not join in the "fun"?

Dearie's still working at a call centre that is totally unrelated to what he's studying. And don't ask me what is it exactly he wishes to be doing after graduating 'cos although he says he wants a job that pays $2500 (yeah riiiite), he doesn't even know what he wants to get.

Then he keeps spending more than he really has. Now THAT pisses me off big time. And his friends can't stand it either, but then again, they aren't the ones who hope for a future with him. He isn't even making an effort to stop this bad habit.


I really wonder. I know Dearie sees us together in the (near?) future. But if he continues his lifestyle like this, I do not know if I'd want the same. Guys hardly change, so if he doesn't, what will happen next time?

Love is a many splendid thing... but if it is going to be a drain on the practical side of things (read: money), how will it sustain? I'm not asking for diamonds, or a car, or even a lavish wedding.. All I'm asking for is some sort of material planning for the future and not just talk.

Too much to ask for from a student? Perhaps. But as just another girl, I'm sure anyone out there would know that what I'm seeking is really simple.. How could it be asking for too much?


On Wednesday and Thursday, at Ayer Rajah Crescent, I'll be holding a charity sale for the President's Challenge at the Starhub lobby. Anyone who is there, please buy something from me. All proceeds go to charity.


I need people to come see my band concert too... I'm not asking you to pay for the tickets, 'cos honestly, I'll be more than willing to treat you to it. Just drop me a note, and I can mail the tickets to you - or meet up?


For those who miss Ki..


My short barely half day time off is clearly not enough for me to destress... As each day goes by I'm driven by how much I feel like I'm needed at the office.

But at the same time I'm just as drained by how much I expect myself to perform at each task - work and band alike.

I need a retreat. Where should I go?

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Almost a week

Almost a week has gone by without any updates from me on this blog.

Not that I don't want to post photos from my mummy's birthday dinner, or cute ki photos... or do a write up of what I'm up to...

I'm just too freaking busy to do so.

But still, even when I bring work home to try to do, I land up NOT doing them. Argh.

It's still the band, work and studies routine. Only now studies are taking the back seat by simply occupying Monday and Wed evenings. Work and band are coming down on me extra hard.

Preparations for the various events are driving me mad. On top of these, my regular day to day work does not come to a standstill - or so it is supposed not to.

I absolutely cannot wait for all these to be over. When they are, time would suddenly become so precious that I'll have to savour every moment more than ever before, and make full use of every second and maximise that time.

Singaporeans are supposed to be the most unhappy people around right? I mean, that's according to the news I think.

At least I don't contribute to that statistic. I would think I'm relatively happy. I don't travel as much as I'd like, I don't earn as much as I hope, nor do I have as many of the things as I wish for.

But at least I'm happy.

I bet half the people in the survey bring the unhappiness upon themselves. I know because I've had my fair share that I've brought upon myself once upon a time. I'm glad I'm not in that realm any more.

See? I can smile through this shit I'm going through. Like what I heard in "ER" yesterday, "It sucks to be a leader." It sure as hell does. Doesn't mean I'm not happy doing the crap. 'Cos I love where I belong. This company. This band.

There's a limit I can take and I may blow any time, but it's all part and parcel.

I think I'm contradicting myself. Hmm...

But at least I dare say I'm happy.

And I do not use my ex-mantra of "Life Sux" any more.
At most it's just that "School Sux". Heehee..

I'll post some photos up when I can. I wonder when that will be. There is just too much to do... too little time...

Friday, July 07, 2006

More events

I read this on Sexual Innuendo's blog.

Since I'm also organising events, I know how it's like to have to promote and get people down.

No idea if I can find someone to attend this (or even if I have the time to exactly because of the events I'm organising), but it's for a good cause:

Hi all,
Currently I'm involved in a charity project by the name Dream On.

It's a fund raising project initiated by a group of youths. Let's not go into depth of how this whole idea comes about and our goals and aim for the project. Too lengthy and naggy. I'll just go straight to the point.

We're selling concert ticket at the rate of $15 per ticket to the public. You'll not only received the ticket itself but it comes along with a FREE CD recorded professionally in studios. The CD consists of songs that are composed, sang, and played by local bands. You will also see the bands during the concert too. The following are the details of the concert:-

Venue : DXO (beside esplanade, it's actually a pub)
Date: 22nd July 2006 (Saturday)
Time : 1800 - 2200 (you can stay on to drink after 2200 if you want to)

To me, paying $15 for both the concert ticket and CD was already worth while, but at the same time you'll be able to enter DXO with the ticket and skip the cover charges for entering a pub. Guess what? The $15 paid, 100 percent of the $15 goes to charity - "The Straits Time Pocket Money Fund", not a single cent goes to any of our pocket.

It's also a chance for you to gather some of your friends and support this event together, and take it as a chance for a class reunion or a batchmate reunion or a simple gathering with friends.

Even if you're not interested in this event, please do help forward to your friends as they might be interested but had never heard of this project. Your simple act of kindness is greatly appreciated by us and the people who'll benefit from it.

Thank you,
HP: 98170107
Email: dream.on2006@gmail.com

Spread the word.

Don't forget about my own one on 19th August!!!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Too busy

I hate to admit it, but this time, I may really be at my limits.

The band concert is one thing.

At work I have to organise 3 events. All within the month of July.

I didn't know it was so damn bloody difficult to find invitation cards. I couldn't find a single empty one (no words written inside), and neither could I find enough of the same design. I also couldn't get those larger sized types.

I landed up with small, not-empty and 4 designs. Now, to send them out for next Friday's event. I know. Late huh? Not my fault. I was only told to do this last Friday - and the namelist didn't come easy.

One event already got so many things to do, much less 3. I should just be a freaking event organiser.

Band concert should count as one major one too.

I took half a day off from work today. Morning half. Argh. Helped get interviewed by auditors conducting an audit on my secondary school. It was interesting. Nice new experience.

Tonight I have a band meeting. Seriously need to sort things out. Last 7 weeks of band. MUST.. PERSEVERE...

Classes have started but they're just classes. A chore to attend, but good to listen to.

I already warned Dearie that between now to the date of the concert, I may suffer a minor breakdown so he has to be prepared. I also do not want to have to make any decisions this whole month. I'll be doing anough of that in the office and at band.

After all the hard work at band, this is MY ADVERTISEMENT:
Back To School

Venue: Nanyang Girls' High School Auditorium
Date: 19th August 2006 (Saturday)
Time: 7:30pm
Price: Stall - $10; Circle - $12

We'll be playing pieces like "Selections from GREASE", "By The Rivers Of Babylon", "La Solitudine" and "Disney Selections".

Please come and support. We need the ticket sales to sustain ourselves. We need an audience to play to.

Thank you.

Heehee.. Free advertising space.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

My life - organised

I bet for the first time. Did it on the Germany vs Argentina match. I didn't know how to, so I got a band mate to help. Lost $15 'cos I was hoping for 3 goals, and that Germany win within 90min.

Still, it was a good match.

Tonight's England vs Portugal was the 2nd Penalty shoot-out I watched. Next yp, BRAZIL!

I was a wreck on Friday night. We need to settle ticketing, programme sheets, budgets, etc. We will be needing manpower for that night, and at the moment, we still haven't got 1 more percussionist. We also don't have a single tuba player.

I cannot wait for this to be over.

Any more personal crap my committee members bring into their job, and they'll get it from me.

Never anger a taurean. That much about the horoscope for me at least is true.

Starts on Monday.

Getting busier again. Got to organise mid-year company function. Have a feeling I may have to do the President's Charity fund raising AGAIN. Also need to help out in getting a company-related more-major function.

Dearie and I and my mummy brought him to the playground today.

He's just full of energy.

Naughty little boy.

Dearie had to change the size of a pair of slippers. That was at Isetan, Lido. We took a walk around the Thai embassy "pasar malam" thingy, then since we still had time, I walked through Wisma a bit.

Finally set my eyes on a pair of velvet heels at Charles & Keith. Pity - the queue was too long. We had to move on to our next destination. Total damage to my wallet will be $37 for that pair. That's really cheap. Considering my budget of $60.

Obviously didn't have time to check if the Folli Follie watch I want is around. I found the picture of it though.

Anyone know where I can get this watch pls let me know.

Didn't see any bags worth buying either. Maybe it's just not the season yet. Couldn't find a top to match my new denim skirt too. Hmm..

We hopped onto a bus to Sin Hoi San. Everyone else was there already. It was a dinner gathering for Dearie and his friends. Had a great time as usual.

After dinner there was dispute over what to do: to watch soccer, hang out playing board games, etc.. Settled for e2Max @ Cineleisure.

The guys played Counterstrike. The girls (me, one of the guy's girlfriend and his sister) managed to pick a movie we all haven't caught: IN HER SHOES.

Irritating thing was we booked the room for 2hrs. The show dragged more than that. We didn't get to catch the last few minutes (I think). Anyone have the DVD, please lend me for that few minutes!!!

Cameron Diaz in that show reminds me of my younger sister - just not as slutty and a lot smarter; but equally irresponsible around the house.

I shall be turning in now. Once school reopens, I'll probably blog more. The more frustrated I am, the more I blog I guess. Either that or I have to be damned happy.