Juz Another Gal

What else can I say? I'm just another girl!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My poem.. my theme song..

You read this here first! This is a poem/lyrics I wrote some time back last year.

I found it in my wallet amidst the bunch of junk paper. I'm proud of it. I think it looks great. Anyone with a melody for it, do share. Haha! Or maybe I'll come up with one.
Copyrighted by ME!!! So please do not reproduce ANYWHERE unless you ask me. MUAHAHAHA!

I don't know how you did it
But you won my heart
So if you still want me
You don't have to do much

I don't need jewellery
I don't need flowers
It's your little gestures
That'll keep my heart melted

I seek your affection
Your attention
Your thoughts on the future
Whether you see us together

An innocent cuddle
A lingering gaze
A peck on the forehead
Never in a haste

Call me your dear
Whisper into my ear
Please don't treat me as
Just another girl

Monday, January 21, 2008

Compressed Update .. again

Oops. It's been another week since I last updated. Guess that just means I've successfully kept myself busy again - and that I am quite happy. Remember? People blog more when they're down. :O)

Another boring update of my fantastic life...

It was rather busy this week with Brewerkz on Monday night. One of my colleague's birthday. It was a simple dinner with a few drinks but we had loads of laughs. Very funny German and Italian guy was there and me and my gal-friend had such a ball laughing so much over everything. Mainly the cultural differences we all have.

I missed jogging on Tuesday (plus a KFC dinner in the office) to go for a little gathering Jass called for. My ex was there and although we're still not talking - and it's still really awkward for everyone - I think we're moving a step closer to "back to normal". It really is strange if I were to talk to him normally again. I have no idea what to say I guess.

I left them early (not because of him), but because I wanted to find out what has been happening at my ex company. So I went to meet my ex company's current AGM. Some tiny updates here and there... but made me miss them all the same.

Turned down a movie invite and a drinking session invite to go home and watch American Idol - and basically spend some time at home. Hey, I don't feel good spending so much time outside where my parents can't see me ok? I feel guilty too you know. Sure, I'm 25.. going on 26. Parents will still be parents. They need to see you to feel that you're safe and all right and still their kid. And I am their daughter. It's the least I can do.

Thursday night wasn't supposed to be so late but after jogging I needed dinner, but my entire team needed to work so I could only have dinner with my German colleague. Friday night was a birthday party at St James. Saturday night was drinking with my good ol' gang of buddies at Attica. While Sunday was simpmly a day for doing pretty much nothing.

It's Monday. Look at the time. It's almost midnight but no, I'm not blogging from home. I'm at work. Long long day today. Started work at about 8am to get things ready. Tomorrow I'll need to be early again. Let's see how I deal with it.

This weekend I'll be in Vietnam. Company trip - teambuilding and conference. Cool eh?
NY trip will be in May. CNY coming up really soon. As usual I will be trying to pack my schedule tight. But that is just about what I do every week so nothing new there.

Work hard, play hard. I'm living by this now.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Another cycle

Work has really gone back to normal now. The pace has picked up and it's business as usual.

I went shopping with a colleague on Monday, but instead of shopping we landed up at Burger King chatting most of the evening away. She's flying to NY soon, and when I make my trip there in March or May (most likely the latter), I'll be bunking with her. Yay!

Tuesday was jogging day for my dept as usual. Pretty proud of myself for being able to jog through everything. Great improvement from the first time I jogged.

Wednesday was good-girl day. Went home very early after work - and by early I meant the sun had not set yet. It was relaxing but it also showed me that I needed to either go get a really engaging book to fill my time, find a new hobby, or spice up any existing hobbies I already have.

Thursday night was really quite off-the-cuff. She asked me out for drinks and of course I said yes. Poor girl was in an emotional rut. When it was me, she was there to listen, and this time, I knew I had to do the favour back. I was so glad she asked me, and I'm really glad to be there for her. Hope everything works out for her well.

As you can tell there really isn't much for me to tell. Tonight I'll be at City Space. Some place withiin Swissotel. My dear friend from last Saturday night suggested the place. Just gonna be me and her. Too bad YL ain't joining us tonight.

My schedule for next week looks packed though. Probably not so nice for my parents. As it is I'm barely home. I only go back to sleep. And that's just bad. Sigh. But it is a good thiing to have so many friends who are asking me out right? And also to have so many friends to ask out?

I need to be able to call on more people to go out with. I like to meet different people sometimes, and it's always wonderful if I can call out a friend, who can call another one along.

Going out is tiring. I think drinking just makes it worse. I've drunk so much lately I think my liver is dying. Hahaha! I know I know. more people drink loads more than me. It's just a feeling lah.

I'm sure more of you are interested in developments between me and that fantastic guy I've been having wonderful dates with. Well, like we've agreed, the dates have to stop. Or at least be lessened significantly. We're both grown ups and know what needs to be done I guess. Sure, emotions are a funny thing, but it's all in our own self control. The battle between our "angel" and "devil" in us continues everyday. I'm dealing with it pretty well so far I think.

What else can I do? I can only make sure I'm enjoying the moments while they last.
I just got to make sure that I'm clear about things and don't get hurt. It's that simple.
After all, what has he got to lose? What have I got to lose?

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Simple simple weekend

It was a slow work week. A lot of people were still in holiday-mood, or they were simply not back in the office yet.

Friday evening, I went grocery shopping with Mr German Colleague and another one of my colleagues. Why? Because we were planning a picnic on Saturday! Botanical Gardens!

I went to look for Jass and company later at St James. I was never supposed to go into the Boiler Room, but how nice, my ex-colleagues - Mr Loh in particular - were there and successfully dragged me in. Mr Loh! Nice to be mentioned here or not? haha!

Neglected Jass and company quite a bit. Not because my ex-boyfriend was there. It was really because I wasn't so much in the mood for clubbing that night. It was a good thing we didn't go back too late after. Patrick was nice enough to send me all the way home too. :O)

The picnic idea didn't work out in the end. It had to rain so it didn't happen. But we still had fun preparing the food earlier that day. We landed up in my colleague's house playing games, watching movies and having fun on the piano...

Simple and nice. All 6 to 7 of us, like Bintan... Ah we all miss Bintan.

Then my good ol' buddy - and hopefully my travelling partner to NY - called. Poor gal was so damn bored. She finally persuaded me to meet her at Holland V. None of the rest of my colleagues wanted to go except Mr German Colleague. Yay! More company.

So yep, the 3 of us bored people hung around Holland V for a while. My buddy drove us to Dempsey, ECP and a short little stop at Labrador Park too. It's sometimes really good to have a car huh? Well it was simple and nice, again..

A quiet Saturday. That was what it was. You see, I'm a strong advocate of just needing to have the right company. And once you have that, it usually doesn't really matter where you go or what you do any more.

If you want to see my photos (which I used to post up on this blog), come here instead. If you want to add me, pls drop me a message first. I don't just add anyone otherwise I think I'd have a lot of weirdos in my list now.

I was still without anything on for today half an hour ago. But although it's now raining, I'll be leaving the house in 15 min. Plans can sometimes be made verrrry fast huh?

Hoping for another good time today. Sans drinking. I've had enough of that. :O)

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Time to leave things behind

I know of 3 people who'll be going to New York this first half of the year.

My plan is to fly there for a couple of weeks and bunk in with whoever will take me. Heehee...

It'd be my first faraway trip. At long last.

But let's see how it goes. Depends on my schedule, depends on their schedules, and blah blah blah.

Yes yes, party's over. And I need to cut back on dates. I feel guilty enough. I don't want it to start eating me from inside.

Time to think about what I want. I need new dreams... goals... plans... Something to work for, something to achieve, something.....

2008 shall mark the beginning of a new list of things. My 5 year plan is now a blank. It never used to be, but now it is. I've been living without one for the past couple of months, and I've had enough fun. Back to the serious stuff again.

Now... what do I want?