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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

How Come I So Bz?!

I don't know how come I'm so busy once again. And it's not work.

It's meeting up with friends, and going out with colleagues.. I'm not complaining about all the fun I'm having, just in need of sleep actually. Haha!

Maybe I do have quite a lot of friends after all. Heehee!

Yesterday was Tuesday, so today was a work day - yet my colleagues and I stayed in K-box till 2:30am. OOOOOOPS. All of us still made it to the office today. Amazing.

Tomorrow I'll have dinner with the flute group. Next Friday I've got dinner with my ex bosses.

Next weekend I've also got a chalet. Following weekend, a conference thingy in Johore for the whole company. Next next next weekend, ANOTHER chalet.

Not to mention I've yet to buy a new helmet cos bloody hell, the beautiful Shoei I wanted just wouldn't fit my head (too small). ARGH ARGH ARGH. Must go and find. Sighz.

It's been nearly 2 years and I'm STILL eyeing on the Swarovski crystallised Levi's jeans - and I still think it's too expensive for me to buy.

But at the same time I want to get an LCD tv for my room (Samsung? Sony Bravia?). Hang it up on the wall and watch from my bed. Mmmm.. Need SCV and a new dvd player too. Comex would be a great time to buy but I cannot stand the thought of squeezing with the crowd there.

Dearie wants his Yamaha R6 so badly. I'd really like to help him but... too bad.. he needs to learn how to save up on his own. How to sacrifice his toys for a bike. BLah blah. I may throw in a tiny bit to help him get started but... see how it goes.

Those who have me on MSN will know I'm damn pissed off about my sister's marriage to the bastard. Unfortunately, because it is a family thing, and very much hers, I shall refrain from going into the details, and just say that he has proven again and again how lousy a person he is. I sure as hell hope the judge will open his eyes wide and give custody of the child completely to my sister. After all, he's never been around for 5 years of his life. I dare say Dearie has spent more time with him than that lousy father. He never bothered to visit him, play with him, or ANYTHING with Ki. EVER.

But she's a CHinese in a Muslim court............. complications....... ah well. Pray hard.

Time to catch up on sleep. Back to busy programme tomorrow.
Can't wait to watch Rat-ta-too-ee....

Friday, August 17, 2007

Potter potter potter

I'm down to the last 2 chapters... but I don't want it to end!!!

I got my hands on the book 'cos my colleague lent it to me! Oh my gosh! So nice of her lor! I'm so so so so happy that my colleagues have been really nice and patient with me.

I've messed up here and there... the biggest boo-boo has got to be yesterday when I sent the meeting notice to the wrong fella. HOW LOUSY COULD I GET!? argh. Luckily my boss didn't berate me, but I've got the message that I really shouldn't let it happen again.

Teambuilding event next Friday. I've never been to such an event before. It's going to be interesting for me.

I'm beginning to settle in after 2 weeks. I hope I get to help out more and more. It's a little overwhelming without a little "How to.." booklet but my colleagues are guiding this little snail along, so I hope I can quickly move up a level or too and lose the shell... and grow some legs.. or wings for that matter..

ANYWAY, there's much to learn. And I'm going to do as much as I can to pick up.

So so so tired now. I don't know why. Something to do with the bad sleep I've been getting this week. I don't understand it, but being the seventh month, I better not dwell on it too much.

Supposed to bring Ki to ice-skate this Sunday. Dearie's the one who can skate (humph.. and didn't bother to tell me..) so let's see what happens then. Too bad my friends will be going to the zoo on that day. Damn it.

Maybe there'll be swimming tomorrow.. or Sentosa? I don't know. I'm too tan already as it is. But a lazy bout of lounging always sounds good. Hmm.. haven't gone clubbing in a long while. Next Friday after the teambuilding there should be a session of MOS. Been so long since I've been there lor. Should ask my ex-colleague if he still has friends there.... HEEHEE...

Caught the Bourne Ultimatum last night. DAMN BLOODY GOOD SHOW.

I still can't believe I didn't get to watch the recent Harry Potter in the theatres. Anyone got the DVD... please... heehee...

Monday, August 06, 2007

CTSS'98 Chalet ...... success!!!

Clementi Town Secondary School
Cohort of 1998
Aloha Changi Chalet, Netheravon Blk E
4th August 2007

There was a good turn out. Everyone had fun. Yay!

We were all reduced to the selves we were at 16. We reminisced and soaked in nostalgia, but also looked forward with our hopes and plans.

We're the class couple! For those who didn't know... we were ex-classmates. In secondary school.

Dearie was amazingly sweet. He did a lot of hard work - preparing the food, bbq-ing, serving, cleaning, washing, etc. In fact, I hardly did a thing. There were too many guys at the BBQ pit for me to be able to cook much, so I just kept walking around making sure everyone had food, drinks and company.

[For the benefit of all those who do want to grab the photos, please do so - but if you want to develop them, you'll need higher resolution photos. For that, please gimme your email addie.]

Kong Seng - one of the main guys at the pit

(Left) Yee Chee - Honestly I had no idea what his name was. I only recognised the face.
(Right) Ngiap Hui - the one who started the fire, and did a lot of the bbq-ing

I didn't get to talk to everyone... like...
(Left) Shao Hui - Ex-ah lian
(Right) Belinda - Ex-prefect

(Left) Shujun - same primary school, then secondary
(Right) Oh my gosh.. Is this Nancy or Hui Yin?

All the 3 ladies here were my ex-classmates. And the bottom 2 (Wenbing and Adelene) were the bridesmaids at Lichen's wedding last year. Back then, I was the one who caught the bouquet, against them. (Photo in my Friendster) Yet, ironically, they're the ones who are getting end of this year!!!

But no, I'm not hinting at anything. I'm absolutely basking in the pampering that Dearie's giving me. We're having a great time now. At the moment, I am content with waiting for the moment when both of us are ready. Mainly him. Haha!
Huixian (on the top right) and I used to be quite close back then. Ahhh..

Guys at the pit:
In case you see a familiar face in white - Pornsak - yes, it's the same one on Campus Superstar. Ex-classmate too. Still as cute and funny as ever. But no, he wasn't bbq-ing. He was there to grab food. wahahaha!
(guy on te furthest right is Shirley's bf. More photos at her blog.)

Lichen brought her god-son along. And I asked my parents to bring Ki to drop by!!! The 2 of them played together for quite a while.

Jingxian (married), Lichen (married), Adelene (ROM-ed), Wenbing (getting married), Shuangzhu (single?), Pornsak (as far as we know, single... though newspapers may say otherwise... hmm... Fiona?)

The chalet was huuuuuge ok? 3 gigantic bedrooms, a large kitchen, a dining room and a living room. Seriously. Huge.

(From left): Zhenlin (my good old buddy), and the 2 brides-to-be (why are they in so many photos? hahahaha!)

(From left) Weitang doing the bbq-ing, Lichen waiting for the food, and Dearie bbq-ing too

Random photos of the mingling, eating and drinking...

A view from the top:

The only almost-full group photos of the night:

Time for photos with me!!!
Me and Huixian

Me and Xueyan

Me, Zhenlin, Xueyan

Me, Weitang, his gf Lydia

Zhenyuan, Zhenyuan's gf, Me

Silly shot of myself taken by Kok Yit

Me and Kok Yit

Me and Shirley

Me and Dawei

Me and Sherlyn

Qiuyu, Me, Linda, Yingshan, Weilin (damn I'm so short)

(Top) Yingshan, Me, Wenbing, Adelene, Peijie
(Bottom) Hugo the godson, Dearie
If I didn't get it wrong.... (Clockwise) Stanley, Herman, Herman's gf, Dearie, me, Nicholas, Te Sheng, Yunxue) - but I've got a feeling I've got it wrong. oops. sorry lah. How I know you all give so much face.. really turn up. I didn't get to talk to everyone - or at least confirm who came..

Jingxian's husband, Jingxian, Hugo, Lichen, Ngiap Hui, Pornsak, Me

Here's another one of my own.. Pornsak and disgustingly cute me..

Dearie hard at work

A guy always looks good when he's hard at work. He was so fantastic that night. I didn't also say that he was the one who poked the chicken wings onto the skewers, boiled the water, served the water in glasses on a tray when we were thirsty...


But here's Dearie making a fool of himself at work (I call it his fish face. HAHAHAHA!)

Disgustingly cute hor? Haha!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Home @ midnight

Coming back late is not new. Coming back from work at midnight is.

Oh. My. Freaking. Gosh.

I am so so so so tired. Flew Dearie's aeroplane tonight and feeling damn pissed off with myself about it.

Still, it helps slightly to think I helped in some way at work. Poor girls worked just as late and if I didn't chip in that tiny bit of help, it'd have been worse for them.

Luckily it's only for this period of time during migration. After this I think there shouldn't be as many problems as they're having now.

My colleagues are nice. Can tell that they're very stressed up 'cos of this lately. Hope I get to help them more.

But I hope I don't let anyone down again.

Now I REALLY have to make it up to him somehow....... anyone have ideas? hahaha...