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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Overwhelmed & Touched

This has been an incredible week.

On Tuesday I performed as part of flute quartet Kaze. That night, I received 2 bouquets of flowers - 1 from my bunch of colleagues that came with a bear, and another from Mr German colleague himself. So many people I know turned up! My mum and 2 sisters along with Ki were there too!

On Wednesday. Mr German colleague turned up with another few more colleagues of mine but this time, he came with a big teddy bear. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. All these were truly surprises. I was honestly just happy enough for them to have turned up. That meant more than anything - so you can imagine how overwhelmed and touched I was when I saw the flowers and bears. Jass also came with chocolate coated stuff and sushi so I wouldn't get hungry! Awwwwwwwww...

I want to thank everyone who turned up. It was an amazing experience and I will always treasure it.

On Thursday night, my dear colleagues were so nice to treat me to dinner. But not before giving me an absolutely lovely necklace from SK jewellery. It must have cost A LOT of money. To have their company for dinner before I fly off on Tuesday, and as a pre-celebration of my birthday, all these in a span of 3 days... I wanted to give every single person there a big tight hug.

Naturally, Friday night proved to be very hard since I was exhausted from the previous nights, but I did agree to go out with Jass and gang so I did. A nice quiet Chinese dinner with her and Patrick was really good, but we went to St James after that. I wasn't much in the mood for it but ... I go where my friends go, right?

I was too tired to dance, and the only reason why we managed to stay there was probably because I met my ex-colleagues who let us put our drinks on their table. I barely drank anything - which was the good part. Later that night, my ex was very nice to send me home. Did it feel awkward? It was more nostalgic for me. Looking him in the eye and talking casually will take some getting used to, but I think we'll get there.

You know what I learnt over dinner that night? That both Patrick and my ex were there on Tuesday night. Those 2 fellas didn't bother to come and say HELLO to me. Humph. It's so strange that my ex came. When we were together, I don't think he even bothered with coming to watch unless I made it compulsory for him. Ah well. I'm glad they were part of the crowd and came. Again, I'm so thankful for the support!

Saturday afternoon was spent packing for New York. I'm semi-packed now. Not bad for an inexperienced traveller like me. At night, I met up with Mr German Colleague, Jia and my sister at Villa Bali. Excluding my sister, the 3 of us are close. It's rare to find that in the office, but somehow, we have. Very precious indeed.

We talked until the lights went out and had to make our way back. A quiet and simple night. It was another wonderful time.

It's Sunday. I'll need to go to Zhenlin's place to collect a 2nd piece of luggage she wants me to bring there for her (and bring back). I am not entirely sure how I'll manage this feat but it's all part of the travelling experience I guess.

I'm only going to be away for 2.5 weeks but everyone's making me feel like it'll be 2.5 yrs. But it's true that I'll miss everyone here. Even if it's just 2.5 weeks. I can't help it.

I'm sure more people are interested in reading about the romantic part of my life? Unfortunately, like I've mentioned before, what seems like a good idea now wouldn't be in the near future. Because it's a fact that it'll never work out. Sad but true.

Let's see what happens when I come back from New York. Maybe he'll find someone else during this time. You never know right? After all, we're not together. We can't be.

Time to countdown to New York. Tuesday night is the flight out. It's all very exciting. And I continue to bask in the overwhelming warmth that everyone has shown me on my journey thus far. I am sincerely grateful...


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Another week already?!

Oh my goodness. Time is flying too fast.

Already this weekend I celebrated my birthday (2 weeks early) twice. That's because I'll be in New York for my actual birthday. Too bad. Blech.

Anyway ...
It was a lethargic week for me. I messed up my boss' travel plan and I was feeling extremely depressed about that. I cannot stand it if I make a mistake at work - especially when it is my core duty. I just couldn't. Truth be told I felt as if I could have cried when it happened. And for those who don't know me: I don't cry easy.

Well, that was over, and Friday my best buds including my sister asked me out for drinks. I wasn't keen on any dancing considering how tired I was after work on Friday so I settled for Balaclava. Needless to mention, there were no seats - but of course my sister always manages to work her charm and find us one anyhow.

The best part that night was really the cake. It popped up of nowhere. I wasn't expecting it (because 2 weeks is really not considered very near), and it was very sweet indeed. I love surprises. THe cake was yummy indeed.

Unfortunately, my crazy sis had to drag us all down to St James' Bellini room that same night at 1:30am. We were exhausted. Dozing off really. But she wanted to go so we went. Tom Brown miraculously remembered my sister and I. Haha! I find that very amazing since he was drunk last Saturday as I recall.

Saturday was a full night at Bellini. Jia and I went for dinner at Vivo before heading over. Her good ol' friend Wilson was really the reason why we were there. He was the one that wanted to go so... we went! Mr German Colleague later also joined us, and so did my sister. All of us love that room. And another extremely fun night it was. I danced my ass off and had my weekly workout again. It felt good to sweat it out.

Tonight, I had dinner with my whole family. I like that so much. All of us sitting at the table together and enjoying a meal. And obviously, little Ki was there - and he managed to squeeze a new toy out of ah-ma AGAIN. That naughty boy just keeps getting naughtier. So cute.

What's really getting to me are:
1) the performance(s) at The Esplanade
2) the New York trip

I somehow feel rather unprepared for both. I'm looking forward to them but I feel so distracted between the 2. Guess I'll just have to finish off the performance before focusing on the trip. I seriously need to start digging out what I need to bring there.

My cough is still here. So irritating. So much phlegm that I simply can't seem to get rid off. Ahhhhhhhh.. And Mr German Colleague's thesis... I've got 2 more chapters to edit for now. While he continues to write more. Yeah yeah it's not my responsibility but I do want to see him finish it and all. My big name will be on it too you know? WAHAHAHA!

I've promised to meet up with so many more people but I don't know if I can.
Jass: I'll see you on my performance days. I'll try to go for dinner with you soon.
Zhehong: Let's book a date with your friend when I'm back from NY? It'll be late May. Hope to see you on Tues/Wed too.

I'll already be having dinner with my colleagues on Thursday.
I've yet to decide about Friday. Jia wants to book me for Saturday (right Jia? :O) ) and Sunday is probably packing day.

Anyone with tips of how I should pack my luggage, do let me know. And how many bags am I allowed to check-in? I'm so clueless.

Please please please come and see me on Tuesday or Wednesday at the Esplanade. 7:15pm we'll start playing. We'll take a short break after that then continue for another few pieces at 8:15pm.

If I don't know you yet, come up and say hello to me! I won't bite!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Party @ Bellini Room

What an amazing night. The first time I saw the Bellini Room dance floor actually crowded. Everyone was having such a good time - talking, drinking and dancing.

This birthday party was thrown for Mr German Colleague. Jia and myself got the cake surprise, I made the reservation, he himself did the invites to people.

It was fantastic I tell you. What a blast. Once the photos are tagged, you'll be able to see them all on my facebook account.

What makes a good party?
Good music - thanks to the band at Bellini and of course Jessea Thyidor and Tom Brown for their vocals. Tom Brown was a really fun guy to speak to and dance with. Anyone going there, please show your support by standing up and have fun when they perform ya?

Good company - The people that turned up were super. Everyone talked to everyone else. Everyone danced and drank with everyone else too. Now, how often do you actually get to see that happening?

Prompt service - The drinks came quickly enough. Our area was always kept clean by the cleaner who came by everytime just when we needed him.

4 bottles of Johnny Walker, 2 bottles of Vodka and other miscellaneous drinks other people ordered. But there were nearly 20 of us there so I think it was reasonable.

There must be more to add but I'm still getting over my horrible hangover I've been surviving the whole day. Tom Brown! You're the reason I woke up groggy!!! That glass of vodka you mixed killed me!!!

I don't know how I can actually still be awake now. I don't even know how I managed to play the flute for 3 hrs this afternoon. So it's time to sleep. Back to work tomorrow.

It was THE party to be at.
And I'm glad I was a part of it. :O)

Saturday, April 12, 2008


I've always had a problem with swallowing pills. It doesn't matter what colour or shape it is in - I CAN'T SWALLOW IT.

This is only with the exception of really tiny ones like Vit E tablets.. or sea-sickness ones. Those mighty tiny ones that are smaller than a grain of rice.

But of all the pills I've taken, this has got to be the queen of all pills. This huge yellow antibiotic. No wonder it's only taken once a day. My goodness. Do you know how long it takes me to swallow that freaking thing?

No, wait. I don't actually swallow it. I actually use my teeth to bite it into 4 smaller pieces and take it that way. Even after doing so, I sometimes still can't make the downsized piece go down my throat.

It is SUPER irritating. I absolutely detest taking pills as medication. Why can't they all be like cough syrup? It's disgusting - but it goes down much faster and easier!

Long time since I've had such an irreverent post huh?
That's because I'm supposed to be out now at Queensway Shopping Centre getting a jersey as a birthday present. But it's raining extremely heavily outside and I really don't think it's worth THIS much trouble to go and get when I can get the same thing (at a slightly higher price though) at the original store at say, Vivocity.

Anyway, I'm done with the medication dosage for the day. My cough has improved already so I think this will come in handy when practising the flute tomorrow.

REMINDER!!! Please come and support us (read: me!) at The Esplanade on 22 and 23 April!!!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Kaze @ The Esplanade - Official publicity

I'm super proud of this:
Kaze @ The Esplanade

The list of songs are not entirely correct, but I'm glad to see I arranged most of it. My hard work! Heehee!

Everyone! Please come and support us if you can! Thank you!!!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

The week summarised

On Wednesday night, I had a choice of these 3:
1) KTV with a couple of colleagues
2) Meeting up at a ex-company event with ex colleagues
3) Drinks (semi-officially) with one of the teams in my present company

I was trying to figure out how to go to at least 2. Turns out no. 3 was postponed. So good for me. I really wanted to go to no. 2 but it was too far out for me to go there and any of the others.

So I chose no. 1. It was a nice dinner with 3 colleagues. Not KTV in the end. But it was still very fun. 2 of them I only got to know better that night only. Really nice. Both ladies went home after dinner though. Me and Jia went for a drink at St James.

Damn. A drink. Right. We opened a bottle of white wine and enjoyed the show at Boiler - and somehow, without realising it, I drank most of it. So I was extremely wasted when I got home. For the first time, drinking made me puke. Literally. It was horrible.

But I managed to wake up and go to work as per normal the next day. And even had a great time with Jia (again) at the Esplanade for the "We Will Rock You" musical! Damn. That Killer Queen t-shirt looked fantastic but $45 for a t-shirt is quite out of budget for me unfortunately. Sigh.

Had a very safe cocktail at Harry's later that night and went home for some really deeeep sleep. I was exhausted.

Friday was convocation. A boring 2 hours. Rushed from office like mad for it. But my parents were happy of course. And that's all that mattered. :O)

Needless to say, after that I took a short nap before going out again. Met Jass, Gina, my ex-bf and his colleague. Sort of like an early birthday celebration for my ex's birthday. In case you're wondering, no I didn't speak to him. He never even looked my way so I figured it wasn't worth the effort to.

We went down to St James after. It wasn't too bad there since we managed to get seats. Boiler room's band is entertaining. Particularly the gay dude. He's gooood. It was so strange when my friends just left me and him at the table at one point. I don't know why all of them had to go and put their bags in the locker together.

So that was the only time I spoke to him - I asked him what he'd like his drink to be mixed with. And passed it to him. That was all the contact we had. Ah well. Whatever. I tried asking so many people to come down and join me, since I knew my friends would from time to time be going out to smoke.

Turned out only Mr German Colleague came down. But that was good enough for me. It's always lots of fun having him around when clubbing. We danced a lot and were pretty close. Don't think my ex bothered lah. I couldn't be bothered. I was there to have a good time too you know.

I wanted a quiet dinner on Saturday. YL, my sister and I went to Dempsey. Landed up at Harry's - but good pasta there anyway so no complaints. And it was quiet. Good. I also wasn't much in the mood for clubbing since I already did the night before, but they said to go St James, so there I was again.

Movida was packed so we moved to Bellini Room. The music there was fantastic. My sister and I danced and danced. She got (like always) picked up. I, on the other hand, bumped into Jia's friend. It was a very good night. Seriously, the music there set a great mood for me. I was looking forward to just sitting down and relaxing but it made me do the opposite and stand up and shake my ass off.

10am was flute practice today. But that was also the time I woke up. Oops. Another new piece we tried out today. Woohoo! I hope to arrange another classical piece before doing another one from a musical or chinese pop. Let's see. 2 more weeks before performance days. I hope many people come - and I hope we do a good job.

A less busy week ahead I think. Jogging tomorrow, prob St James on Wed (if not then I'll meet ex-colleagues), and a birthday party on Saturday. All of which I'm looking forward to very much as usual.

A few people I'm hoping to meet up with and catch up soon. A rather long list, but I'll do them one at a time. Am I a very PR person? Not really you know. When you put me in a group, I'm the quietest. But put me one-on-one with people and I'm fine with just talking the night away. I genuinely want to hear how people are doing, and listen in on any new updates.. to catch up on how everyone's life stories are unfolding.

Still doesn't change the fact that I love being in big groups/parties. To see and be seen. And best, to just take my time to mingle around with whoever I want to, whenever I want to - and take a backseat to people-watch every once in a while.

I'm a strange gal. I've always known that. But I like being who I am. I love myself. I love my life.