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Saturday, October 29, 2005

What I've been up to

I'm one of those fellas that can let guilt to eat my up inside out if I don't do anything about it. This is why as far as possible I try not to do anything that affects my conscience too much.

For the past many many weeks, I hadn't studied. All I did was go for my classes and paid as much attention as I could. Even then, I could hardly catch any ball so I landed up with a huge accumulation of stuff I couldn't grasp confidently.

Last night, I finally made a decision to sit down and do something about it: I read my textbook.

Wah kaoz. I actually found it more useful than the notes, but because of my super slow reading speed, I only managed to get through part of what I was supposed to. Not even half I think. At least the guilt eating up inside has paused for a while.
I even did up a profit and loss for a past year question this morning. No idea if it's correct (considering I took an ENTIRE afternoon to do 2 questions - and I didn't manage to balance either one of them).

Dearie's supposed to meet an ex-poly mate for dinner tonight, after which he was supposed to go clubbing at Club Momo, but he has class tomorrow morning so turns out he won't be going to either but will chill out with me. Awwww...

YL's been bugging me to go Bali with her in November. Now that I've at least done something to appease the guilt inside me for 2 subjects out of 4, this plan for Bali sounds more appealing. I just checked that even at 3 to go, the price would still be that of on offer - meaning I can drag Dearie along. HAHAHAHA! We'll see about that 'cos he's got class. If not, I'll just go with YL bah. My sister will be going during that weekend, and my parents, the weekend before.
Blech. Everyone go except me mehz? Argh...
See YL? I'm working hard so that I can clear my conscience! Heehee!

I've been blog hopping quite a bit lately. Trying to fill up my lunch hour with something to read. Thanks to all the links on the right and some more I've come across:
A story of unfaithfulness
Disgusting People on public transport
A deep insight into army life - the funny way

Sugarbf learns he is a honivore. I learnt that Jeanie is a strong girl with an equally strong family that has worked hard to be where they are today. Oh, and that Onyx stones probably do work at warding off evil, from reading Spinnee's account. There're others I'm sure, but these are the ones off my mind.

Last night I managed to chat on MSN with a neighbour I never knew I had. His name is Gerald and stays on a much higher floor than I. He has 2 extremely adorable, lovable and friendly dogs. I love animals, have I said that too many times? Heehee... I always wanted a big dog, and this guy's got 2. Haha! I won't be able to handle one. I just like to mess with them. Heehee....... [Meanwhile, hiaoauntie just had her sis and her sis' dog move in to her place!]

The zoo advertised for it's park hopper deal again. It's luring me.... Anyone wanna go? It's only $25? Heeheeheehee...

Oh, I also want to go KTV again. I know I know, just went not that long ago, but... what to do? Like Ah Chang like that... so fast gian already.

I ought to be more of my accounts profit and loss sheets, but... I feel lazy all over again. Eeks.
Tomorrow need to go temple with Dearie and his mum. Somewhere in Eunos. So far....... but no choice bah, just go along. After that maybe can come back in time to catch KIKI!!!

Everyone's off for the long week holiday next week. I'll still be working on 1, 3, 5 and having classes on 1 and 3. Blech. Not enough leave to use is like that one. Ah well.... Tues got to go Dearie's relative's place, and Thurs we have to go to my bro-in-law's parent's place. Don't know why we always got so many places to go sia.

Much as I'm just another girl and have such a mundane little insignificant life in such a huge world, it never fails to surprise me when I post on this blog just how full my life is - with people, places and things to do. (Or in the case of my studies, it would be things to get done. heehee...)

Thursday, October 27, 2005

It was not a dream

In my midst of posting up photos of ki, I missed out one of the highlights that happened on Saturday night.

I was deep into my sleep. The day had been exhausting and I badly needed to recover sleep from the weekdays.

There was a whispering for my name... The voice asked me to wake up.
It didn't seem real. It was not my parents voices. There was not supposed to be anyone else in the house. If Ki wanted to wake me up, he'd be clambering all over me. And he wouldn't whisper.

The insistence of the voice pressed on. It urged. "Can you wake up for a while?"

I fluttered my eyes open to see a figure beside my bed. I looked further up, with my limited eye sight and recognised the figure and voice to be YL's.

What the hell?!?!?!?!

How come YL all of a sudden in my room?!?! Was she stuck in my room the whole day and had no way of getting out till now? How did she come in?

I was confused, but YL's continued pressure got me up. She whispered that she needed me to open the door for her. It really sounds like one of those queer dreams eh? Yeah, that was what I thought so I drilled her as to why she was there and other dumb questions that I blurted out. [Eh, my brain doesn't work when shaken up from sleep to such a bizarre situation.]

She told me she had brought my sister home 'cos she was wasted from the alcohol that night. Apparently it had to be so bad that the lousy pig couldn't even open/lock the door back again. So I was the next alternative.


I unlocked the door, let YL out of the house, and climbed back into my bed, back into my deep sleep.

It did seem very much like a dream - but my mum confirmed that it wasn't when she said she opened my sis room and a very strong whiff of alcohol filled the air. My mum shut the door and didn't try to enter again.

Oh. Obviously my mum doesn't know of YL getting teleported into my room. The amzing disappearing act was all done in ultimate discreetness. Hahahahahahahaha!


What would you do if you got woken up and opened your eyes to your best friend standing by your bedside?

I don't know why I didn't freak out. Must have been too tired for that. Haha!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Ki weekend (Part 2)

Somehow my blog seems to be splitting into parts. hmm.. I will refrain from that as far as possible... Can't blame me for having too many photos and too much to say. Haha!


When we got back from Westmall, Ki was all set to go to the beach. He was excited to see us home and started running all over the place to express his glee.

My parents quickly gathered all his toys, I changed into a pair of shorts and off we were!

It was a long ride to East Coast Park. From Clementi to East Coast, it would mean about half an hour to 45 minutes due to traffic. In other countries I think this would be incredibly near.

I was amazed we could get a lot near the MacDonalds area. There was quite a jam at the narrow road there, so to have found a parking lot was quite a relief. Ki could not contain his excitement any further and burst out of the car, running towards the nearest playground. If we wanted to bring him to a playground we'd have just brought him to the one downstairs where we stay.

My dad grabbed his bicycle out of the trunk and managed to lure him off, telling him that we had to go play with the sand and water before it got too late.

The sun had already started to set although it hadn't hit 7pm yet. The park was still bustling with adults and children running, blading, cycling and chilling out. Obviously, Ki couldn't be bothered.

He needed a little push while on the sand from my dad.

Once we chose a cosy spot, Ki grabbed his toys and headed off to coose a spot of sand to start digging.

Then he needed my parents to help collect some water.

He settled down and started meddling.

That was the time for my mum and ki to be together - while I trotted off to tuck into my MacDonald's dinner! Dearie was very tired and rested on the bench the whole while. My dad had gone to get his dinner so it was as if all of us were doing some sort of shift work.

When my dad came back, my mum called me over to help her out with Ki. Unfortunately, I was still in the midst of finishing up my meal, so I asked Dearie to go over instead.

By the time I went over, it was extremely dark. The only lights were coming from the lamps along the paths, away from the sand. Ki was still happily trying to do his "cooking" with sand and water. While munching on a filet-o-fish.

He got his mouth and hands so dirty from all the eating, drinking and "cooking".

It got kinda late and the darkness was starting to get us all tired so we told Ki we had to pack up. He was reluctant, but we told him we'd bring him to see the shops around the area, so before we left, he decided to run around and kick some sand first.

And marvel at the "cake" he "cooked up".

Dearie told him to "cut the cake".

Through pure instinct, he just had to destroy it to bits. Not a clump was spared.

He started to get reluctant again, and was worried we'd bring him home, so we had to convince him by showing him where we were going to bring him. What a smart little naughty boy.

Dearie carried him off away from the beach.

Then my dad managed to get him onto the bicycle again. Why? 'Cos we all get tired far too easily when he keeps wanting us to swing him upside down.

But how can my mummy resist not carrying her only grandson? Haha!

Thankfully, MacDonalds had a washing-up bay (probably the only one in the area) where Ki could clean himself up abit before we moved on.
There was a live band somewhere in the vicinity and my daddy brought him closer to take a look. It was very lous. Even for me, I found it too loud. My mum couldn't help it and had to put her hands over Ki's ears for protection.

Just beside the band were some kiddy rides. Ki seemed attracted to the red train so for $3 (!!!) my parents let him. He had the whole train for himself to steer about.

While I was fixated on Ki, Dearie pointed out to me that the pink dragon statue had a broken wing.

When the ride was over, Ki seemed interested in another ride, so my mum bought another ticket for him, but Ki refused to get on!!!!!!! The nice guy manning the ride actually brought us around to try to get him interested in the other rides, but to no avail. The nice guy somehow managed to get us a refund.

Dearie got back Ki's focus by letting him see a stall that displayed racing cars.

Better still, some boys were fixing the cars at a table behind. See where he learns how to "fix" his own cars? Haha!

We were all in need of some rest, so we walked back to the car. Ki, in his never faltering enthusiasm, ran to the playground before we got to the car, and we could only stand there and watch.

My dad needed a drink so badly he went to MacDonalds to get an orange juice. Once we managed to trick Ki into Mac, he saw what my dad had, and slurped up every drop that remained in the cup - which was quite a big bit.

Ki wanted to go back to the playground after the drink, but my mum forcefully carried him to the car. Only my mummy got such power - 'cos she told him we were bringing him back to our place. Haha!


Back home, you could only predict what was the first thing he did:

He bounced around the house again..

..while Dearie and I tried very hard to watch "The Day After Tomorrow". Not a bad movie.


I woke up to this sight the next morning.

Tell me, how not to fall in love completely with this little naughty boy? Haha!

That whole Sunday was Ki day again. Brought him to Westmall to have lunch with his papa and mama, where he made a big mess. Brought him to the supermarket there where he ate all the free stuff being promoted. THen the sad part came when we had to say bye bye to him, as his parents brought him home.
Ki cried. More like he wailed. But he really needs to spend more time with his papa and mama so we could only hope the cries subsided soon.


That night, Dearie came over to pass me the lovely bag his sister had. We also (FINALLY!) managed to watch the DVD for Sin City, courtesy of one of his friends.
I think it's a very good movie, in complete comic style. Something fresh. Devon Aoki had one of the best characters in the movie sia. Heehee!


Fast forward to today, Tuesday, 25th October.
I'm getting used to the 3 days in a row timetable of having classes. Only thing I haven't got the hang of are the subjects themselves. I simply can't grasp them tightly or clearly enough.

This situation is definitely worse than what I felt with Sociology and Econs. Psychology, HRM and Accounts are stressing me out. I know I should do more about them myself by revising more, doing more past year questions...... What the hell am I doing here on this blog now?!


It's midnight. Time to sleep. Maybe I'll try to study at work whenever there's some free time....
...but haven't I already tried and failed miserably?

I'll see about it tomorrow I guess.

I'm the queen of procrastinating.
If I don't pass my subjects this year, I have only myself to blame.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Yet another Ki weekend

The weekend flies by everytime Ki comes over.
[I honestly wonder how anyone who takes care of a kid full-time can tahan.... like my mum.. who had to single-handedly bring 3 of us sisters up when my dad was at work.]

Again, he woke me up on a Saturday morning, after my movie marathon with Dearie the night before. We only managed to watch The Machinist and Envy.

I know that Dearie had class on Satuday morning, then a sashimi lunch with his birthday buddy, so I took my time to laze around messing wtih ki. He was absolutely delighted with his new toy (he gets new toys just about every weekend that my parents see him).

It was red, but not a car. It was a motorcycle. Uh-oh. He had seen Dearie's motorcycle. Apparently the image must have stayed with him for him to pick out a toy one. Haha!

Of course the little one's always distracted by anything sweet, so there goes his beloved tube of mini m&ms with his bike.

He didn't even let go of the bike while he drank his carrot + apple juice.

He insisted on us getting his "swimming pool" out.

He messed around with it for a while, before jumping onto the sofa to watch TV.

Ki was still over-excited from coming over, but finally managed to get serious and stop bouncing from toy to toy, furniture to furniture, when he settled for fixing his car.

It wasn't long before he got distracted AGAIN by a bottle of bubbles.

One of his favourite sitting positions. (haha!)

He got himself all soapy and had to get a change of clothes. A brief wash-up too. Everything's play for him at our place. He loves to bathe, eat, watch TV, EVERYTHING. His little cheeky face just brightens up all our day.

He played with the big blur ball.. kicking and throwing it all over. I was so worried for the fishes in the vase on the dining table.

The naughty boy is so good at manouvering the bicycle now he can ride it all over the house without us having to help him to turn.

There are the instances where he slams into the wall or some furniture. To which he will say his newly learnt word: accident. He finds it very amusing to bang into everything.

Soon after, Dearie rang the doorbell. He was to pick me up for a movie at Westmall. Ki got all excited again and started showing off his motorcycle to him. For some reason, Ki spotted some scotchtape and decided to mess with it and his yellow bus.

Check out the size ratio between Dearie and ki. Haha!

Too bad, we had a movie to catch and needed to go off. Ki tried his best to get us to stay, but we really couldn't. We did tell him that we'd come back to play with him though. Anyway, it was about time for his nap, so we just made our way and left him to my mummy.


Dearie and I went to Westmall to meet up with his 2 good buddies. We actually met Ki's dad there. haha! Well, he stays just opposite so it wasn't too surprising really, still, to be at the same place at the same time.. heehee..

We caught the movie "Election". The one on the Hong Kong triad politics. Not too bad. All the big shots acting in that movie... Would've probably enjoyed 40 Year Old Virgin more, but they didn't have it at the cinema.

We parted ways, and I saw a very lovely bag on the 1st floor as we stepped out of the lift landing. Dearie promptly made a call to his sister on the bag, and tada! He managed to find out she has a similar bag she has put up on Auctions. You see, she's one of those who sells these stuff online. Heehee.. I can get at cost price. Yay.. cheap cheap.

I called home to check if there was dinner. Mummy said they were bringing ki to East Coast Park. Dearie and I always love time with Ki, so we hurried back without food, just for kiki.


TODAY: 24th October. My boss' father just passed away yesterday. Very busy settling work left over in the office since Thursday, and following-up on the administrative stuff for the demise. Will need to make a trip down tomorrow during lunch 'cos I got class after work. I will update on the East Coast Park trip tomorrow. Another pack of photos.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Another week of blogging gone

Spent a week updating on one birthday. Kaoz.
Too many photos liaoz... but I'm sure whoever reads this blog enjoys the eyeful.

The week was hectic at work as usual. School too. More and more I am convinced that I am deep crap for my studies.

I was on course today at the Lakeside office of my company. I used to be a temp staff here when I was schooling, so I know alot of old staff who've been around since then.

I always get nostalgic when I get there. The same old air, same friendly people... though alot of them had left after the huge retrenchment exercise in 2002. I'm so glad that the peeps there still remember me... It's a real heartwarming feeling. Something money cannot buy.

The course was for Safety Committee Members. I took the minutes for my company's committee, so I was sent here. As with most parts of our huge organisation, I was the only lady in the room, but I've been so used to such scenarios that I've learnt to know what a privilege it is to be in a room of men, probably old enough to be my dad. They seem to be more gentlemanly and smiley... heehee!

One of my female colleagues from the HR dept spotted me and greeted with a really cheerful "Hello!", before dampening my mood by saying, "You've put on weight hor?" Blech. I supposedly look better, but as you can tell from the photos I posted this past week, I still look hideous - though it's not so much 'cos of weight.

The course was, like all courses, boring. 8:45am - 5:30pm ok?!?! Damn long horz.

I made my way out to the MRT station and went to Clementi central to get DVDs for a little movie marathon Dearie and I had planned at his place.

When I got home, I realised I forgot to get a pair of covered shoes for the Safety Inspection at the workshop tomorrow. ARGH. So I left house to go get a pair. Unfortunately, this was the only pair that seemed ok.

I am only going to wear them tomorrow, so if anyone wants to buy them over, please do so. I got them at $15.90. Willing to let go at $10.

Then I have an incorrectly bought 75B bra to let go too. Seamless with removable padding. (Padding not nice to wear lahz.) I grabbed it off the rack along with my other purchase some time back, so it's completely brand new.

Who ask me buy wrongly. Blech. Willing to let go at $15 with postage - provided no one gets it from me on Yahoo! Auctions.

I suck at sales, which is why I rely on Auctions to get rid of stuff that I buy incorrectly or do not need. I love to buy stuff off Auctions too, provided they're cheap enough. It's not easy to find clothes that fit in stores you know? If they do, they cost a bomb.

Start of another weekend coming right up! Saturday will be Ki morning, then go out with Dearie after he has his sashimi buffet with his brudders. On Sunday, I hope I get around doing some studying. Classes are starting to get really confusing with me not understand anything that's coming out of the lecturers' mouths.

Time to sleep. Early. I need the sleep so badly.
DVDs, movies and wonderful digital cable. Soooo much to watch, too little time.

The 21st birthday - sort of (Part 3)

It was post birthday. I had helped birthday girl book a room at Swissotel The Stamford for 16th October with my corporate rate. It was our birthday gift from the gang to her.

Only YL and I went to go see the room, and I was glad I did go after all. My corporate contact managed to give us a high room on the 34th floor. The view from the balcony was most spectacular.
One side of the view

The other side

Now for the centre

Ok lahz. I not as pretty so here's the real view as you gaze out of the balcony.

Then a zoomed in shot of boat quay. (Can you see the UFO shaped building on the right of the photo? hahaha!)

Then it was time for YL and me together! [We had to self take 'cos birthday girl and bf were busy watching DVDs.]

Wah. Cannot stand how I look sometimes....

Oh... speaking of DVDs... please do not be mistaken and think that DVD players are provided in the hotel. They are available but at a price. A whopping $300 per night!!!!!!!

We left for dinner after they finished the disc. Birthday girl's bf suggested going to a Japanese restaurant across the road at the Singapore Recreation Club. I must say it was actually quite nice and since I was in quite a nutty mood that day, I gave a shot at raw fish again.

I couldn't stand the salmon and octopus, but I managed to eat the sardine. Everything else I had was cooked. Thank goodness.

The 2 were going for a drink at New Asia Bar. I had no intention of going for a drink since I had to work the next day, so we made a move to catch a bus home. But you see, almost every year, I get a gift for my younger sis. Something separate from the gang. She's my sis afterall right?

YL accompanied me around Raffles City for a little hunt, to no avail. She asked me for a budget but I couldn't really answer that. Then we realised that we really were quite broke.

We went to Burger King, sat down and did the accounts.

Let me just say that it was scary. The birthday girl had not known how much we had spent on her birthday alone. Wow. Thank goodness for Evon's $200 contribution the night before else YL and I would definitely be alot worse off. Blech. The figures were plain scary.

By the time we left the place, we were utterly convinced that we could not take a cab home. Ah.... another demoralising night... hahahaha!