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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hello again :O)

It has been years (almost) since I've clicked onto this website. For some reason I just decided to check back here and cringe at what I wrote a very long time ago.

I wonder how many people would still check back here after blogging pretty much got phased out by Facebook and Twitter.

I miss the fun of writing - ok, so it's more like typing - but still, it's the joy of being able to put my feelings across in words since I truly suck at it when spoken. There are so many things I would like to touch on and yet I don't know where to start. I figured I just needed to ramble somewhere, so where better to do so than on a space that I call my own!

To anyone who is interested at all, I don't think I should be complaining about my life at all. My parents are well, my boyfriend is still as sweet, my health isn't tip-top but good enough, I've got no shortage of outings with friends and financially I am meeting all payments punctually and have no debts. My current job (no longer in Deutsche Bank by the way) is way different from being a secretary but allows me to get home in time to do the housework, cook and even watch some tv after that.

It's only February but I have already been to Club Med Cherating and Batam, watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show and Carmen at the Esplanade, watched Janet Jackson and Taylor Swift live at the indoor stadium, been on a day yacht trip and will be catching Kumar and Michael Buble in the coming month.

Needless to say, that also means I did not have a lot of time for my German class which is now on Saturday mornings.... I also have not touched my flute in 2 months and worse, I haven't tried to do any new arrangements at all! But that being said, since we haven't performed anything I've done lately (cos we didn't have any chance to perform them) I guess that's ok. Gosh.. I miss being on the stage.

Seriously, isn't my life awesome???

And yet, when the evil PMS (or at least I am assuming this is what it is) hits, I have that feeling that I am missing something. Suddenly, all the things that I want and don't have become enlarged and thrown in my face. It is a very strange feeling indeed because I realise these attacks have started coming at me randomly lately.

Completely ungrounded and unjustified pangs of emptiness.

I think it is my body's hormones. I honestly think so. It explains my strangely ferociously itchy scalp (which thankfully my hairdresser managed to recommend something that has sort of cured it for now).... and then my facial skin became so ridiculously dry and sensitive that I don't dare to put anything on my face other than that layer of aloe vera (I still need a solution for this)....

I suppose blogging is still a good outlet for me. Good that I set this up years back......

Good to remind me that my life is fantastic as it is and I should be contented!!! I only pity my bf who has to put up with it.

I've been watching loads of Glee. As much as the storyline (which pretty much revolves around everyone rotating dating partners) is not fantastic, the cast's singing and dancing is enough to get me hooked. If my life were to have a soundtrack, I wonder what songs you would find on it..... Some broadway, some chinese pop, some oldies..... It would such a wonderful kaleidescope of different types and themes...... a song for every occasion and emotion.

I wonder....