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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Lesser updates in May

I reckon I'll be updating less for this coming month. Mainly because I'll be trying to study all this time.

I don't know. Maybe I'll land up updating everyday. Heehee!

My birthday's next week. I actually hoped to go to the zoo this weekend, but the daily rain is putting me off a little.

What would I like to buy myself for this 24th birthday? Pretty much the same things I listed last Christmas:
1) That particular Follie Follie watch
2) That particular model of the Casio privia

I can't think of anything else I'd like to get for myself or from anyone else. How funny. I know I want a lot of things but I just can't seem to list them out.

Maybe it's because, like clothes, I have to get them on my own - and that it has to fit me perfectly else I won't want. And that is not easy because of my small frame and that I'm extremely picky.

I should sit down and start thinking of what to get myself with that progress package thingy. $600... hmm.. of which I'm sure at least half will land up sitting in my bank as savings.

Say, $200 I take and spend.. hmm.. what should I do with it... hmm..

Monday, April 24, 2006

Kids - The hell starts from day 1

Ki had a bad flu, but he played like nothing was wrong.

Kiki with "boobs".

He puked all over my mummy's bed on Saturday night. According to mummy he slept soundly after. I wasn't around to see it all happen because I was busy buying the monkey-sweet thingy.

He was back bouncing all over the place when he woke up in the morning. Kids. They're amazing.

On the other hand, getting the kid out is hell. How do I know? I was talking to my colleague about childbirth. My mum mentioned it to me before but I don't think I ever wrote it down so here it goes.

The horrible things no one tells you about childbirth:
1) In order to inject the epidural, you'll have to turn to your side, whilst in extreme pain, and let them jack up the huge needle up your freaking spine.

2) After pushing like crazy, the doctor will push placenta out of the womb. This means he'll press your tummy and literally squeeze it out.

3) They stitch up "down there" after.
-> Which you'll have to then understand how painful it must be to pee. And how are you ever going to have sex again properly?

4) Before the sticthing up they'll inject you (again). Just so you won't really feel the pain while it's going on. But from what I hear, it still hurts like crazy after.

5) It's been said that caesarean birth is not very good. Not sure why. I have heard that doing it this way will give a bad scar below the belly-button, and one may not be able to carry heavy items without feeling pain at the womb area.

Please tell me if technology has made it any easier? I seriously doubt it though.

I guess kids are great. As long as they aren't your own.

When the day comes for me to want to have one, I'll try not to remember all these horrible truths. Heehee!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Presents galore

Dearie and I went wandering around Takashimaya last night. Just dropped by for dinner and a little shopping. Nothing in mind we wanted to buy really. More like we were there to take a walk.

Turned out we walked out of there with 2 huge shopping bags.

Dearie bought this huge Spawn thingy that he says was going cheap. THe price tag does seem to suggest so. From $59.90 to $19.90. I was tempted to get one just to sell it off online for a profit.

I paid for it, so it's like a present for Dearie. I transferred some money to Dearie for his PSP. He dosen't want me to pay for it. Let's see about that.

Anyway, I bought a little Sudoku set for my dad. Just figured he may like it. Dearie and I then spotted this monkey-sweet thingy. We thought Ki might like it so we threw it in as well.

Since I got something for daddy, I decided to get something for mummy too. Mothers' Day was around the corner, it'd be good for a little something.

I picked out a Biotherm White Detox C set costing $175. I'm keeping the free gift of miniature samples. The bag that came with it... for any of us 3 ladies at home to use I guess.

We went back with a little bit of something for everyone. It felt good - like Christmas shopping without the crowds and hurry.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Playstation Portable

Anyone know any super good deals for PSP? Please share.

Any info on it would be good too so I know whether I should get it for Dearie or not. Useful info would be stuff like whether there will be a PSP2 say, by end of the year. Then the one that I buy for him now would be pretty obselete wouldn't it?

I know nothing of such gadgets so help me out ya? heehee! Thanks!

Gearing up for full-steam ahead

My first exam is for the Principle of Accounts. It'll be held on 9th May. I'm preparing to go on leave from 2nd May till then.

7 days to prepare for one stupid paper. This had damn well be worth it.

My next 3 papers are on 30th and 31st May. I'll be taking leave from 19th May. 11days to study 3 topics. I seriously doubt I'd be able to make it.

For this final week before I go on leave, I'll be doing lots of work. I am sure the office can function well without me.


By the way, today's the 4th anniversary of Dearie and me together. Wow. Time flies. Heehee! We don't usually celebrate any dates. If we want to do something special, we don't need to wait for such dates.

Oh, and Ace Young finally left AI. Yay! It's truly the best 6 left! Next week I'm going to bring Rod Steward's CD to my office and sing to it all day long. Haha! Why not today? Because a bloody auditor's coming in later. Argh. Hopefully all goes well...

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Best AI episode!

I thought the Barry Manilow-1950s theme was good, but damn, last night's American Idol was THE BEST EPISODE EVER!

Anyone who missed it MUST catch the rerun this weekend. The performances were stunning. I was so impressed.

My favourite Elliot didn't do as good as Katherine McPhee, or Taylor Hicks, or Paris. Only Kallie messed up a little but even then, at least she made a very good start.

I had goosebumps listening to the best of them. Literally. That was how good it was.

This early morning, my mummy dug out the CD I bought for her a long time ago - it was Rod Steward's Great American Songbook Vol. II. I didn't even remember that was the CD I bought for her. We blasted it on the hifi.

I felt like grabbing Dearie (if he were there) and just sway/dance to the music. How could I have forgotten such good music? As Time Goes By, Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered, In The Mood For Love, etc. etc. etc.

I am still in awe over last night's show. Utterly amazing. Whoever gets voted out tonight should be honored sia. Fair fight of popularity.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Meme time

Got this off Elvina's blog.

Here are my answers!

Why is this MEME so compelling?

1. You can only say YES or NO.
2. You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone messages you / comments and asks!

So here goes:

1. Taken a picture naked? yes
2. Painted your room? no
3. Made out with a member of the same sex? no
4. Drove a car? no
5. Danced in front of your mirror? yes
6. Have a crush? yes
7. Been dumped? yes
8. Stole money from friend? no
9. Gotten in a car with people you just met? yes
10. Been in a fist fight? no
11. Snuck out of your house? yes
12. Had feelings for someone who didn’t have them back? yes
13. Been arrested? no
14. Made out with a stranger? no.
15. Met up with a member of the opposite sex somewhere? yes
16. Left your house with out telling your parents? yes
17. Had a crush on your neighbor? no
18. Ditched school to do something more fun? no
19. Slept in a bed with a member of the same sex? yes
20. Seen someone die? no
21. Been on a plane? yes
22. Kissed a picture? yes
23. Slept in until 3PM? yes
24. Love someone or miss someone right now? yes
25. Laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by? yes
26. Made a snow angel? no
27. Played dress up? yes
28. Cheated while playing a game? yes
29. Been lonely? yes
30. Fallen asleep at work/school? yes
31. Been to a club? yes
32. Felt an earthquake? no
33. Touched a snake? yes
34. Ran a red light? no
35. Been suspended from school? no
36. Had detention? yes
37. Been in a car accident? yes
38. Hated the way you look? yes
39. Witnessed a crime? yes
40. Pole danced? no
41. Been lost? yes
42. Been to the opposite side of the country? yes
43. Felt like dying? yes
44. Cried yourself to sleep? yes
45. Sang karaoke? yes
46. Sucked your thumb? no
47. Done something you told yourself you wouldn’t? yes
48. Laughed till some kind of beverage came out of your nose? no
49. Caught a snowflake on your tongue? no
50. Kissed in the rain? yes
51. Sing in the shower? yes
52. Made love in a park? no
53. Had a dream that you married someone? yes
54. Glued your hand to something? yes
55. Got your tongue stuck to a flag pole? no
56. Ever gone to school partially naked? no
57. Been a cheerleader? no
58. Sat on a roof top? yes
59. Didn’t take a shower for a week? no
60. Ever too scared to watch scary movies alone? yes
61. Played chicken? yes
62. Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? yes
63. Been told you’re hot by a complete stranger? no
64. Broken a bone? yes
65. Been easily amused? yes
66. Laugh so hard you cry? no
67. Mooned/flashed someone? yes
68. Cheated on a test? yes
69. Forgotten someone’s name? yes
70. Slept naked? yes
71. Gone skinny dipping in a pool? no
72. Performed on stage? yes
73. Blacked out from drinking? no
74. Played a prank on someone? yes
75. Gone to a late night movie? yes
76. Made love to anything not human? no
77. Failed a class? no
78. Choked on something you’re not supposed to eat? no
79. Played an instrument for more than 10 hours? no
80. Cheated on a girl/boyfriend? no
81. Did you celebrate the 4th of July? no
82. Thrown strange objects? yes
83. Felt like killing someone? yes
84. Thought about running away? yes
85. Ran away? no
86. Did drugs? no
87. Had detention and not attend it? no
88. Dumped anyone? yes
89. Made a parent cry? yes
90. Cried over someone? yes
91. Owned more than 5 sharpies (coloured markers)? no
92. Dated someone more than once? yes
93. Have a dog? no
94. Own an instrument? yes
95. Been in a band? yes
96. Drank 25 sodas in a day? no
97. Broken a cd? no
98. Shot a gun? yes
99. Dated a married person of the opposite sex? no
100. Written a love letter? yes

I don't sound very exciting huh? Haha!

Everyday's an adventure to me. That's how you enjoy life you know? I mean, while you're here on earth, might as well make the best of it eh?

Monday, April 17, 2006

One of the worst traffic jams

Unfortunately I didn't have my digital camera with me, otherwise I would have taken photos of the entire situation.

I left home at 6:40pm for class at SIM. I made my way down to cross the small road of Clementi Ave 5. It was unusually conjested. I just thought to myself that it was the heavy rain that just ended that made it such.

I crossed over to the bus stop. Any bus from there would take me to school. It was even more conjested along that main road. Thankfully for me, the buses just came.

As I hopped onto one, I realised that the bus was inching its way through traffic. I managed to get a seat so I just took that time to zone out in my mind.

Just then, I felt the bus make a right turn. It was supposed to go straight! I looked out the window and saw a policeman waving traffic away from where I was supposed to be going.

The bus stopped at the nearest bus stop. Mr Bus Driver shouted: Going to SIM get down here!

There goes my bus fare for that ride. Bloody waste. I was no where closer to my destination than when I boarded the bus.

So there was this whole lot of people alighting from different buses groaning and walking in the direction towards school. I even saw a car turning out from Sunset way carpark wondering what the hell was going on. Haha!

As everyone thronged down the pedestrian path, there were complaints about how tiring it was. Trust me. After a long day at work, having to walk quickly (because class is not going to wait for you to start) can be something worth grumbling about.

More than 1 bus stop away, a red civil defence vehicle had its siren on and zoomed past. I had no idea how that vehicle managed to get through the horrible traffic. Mind you the road was SUPER conjested. I am still wondering how the hell it managed to get to the scene.

Anyway, by the time I reached the 2nd bus stop, I was lucky that traffic was allowed to come through my side of the road. Even luckier, a bus came along. Everyone was so thankful and hopped on very quickly. Probably because the bus stop after the next would be the longest stretch. If you're familiar with the roads, you'd know that the bus stop before Maju camp is one long way.

As the bus made its way to SIM, I saw the cause of the mayhem. One freaking large tree had fallen across the road blocking 3 lanes of the opposite side and partially the side I was on. The police had probably cleared the side I was on partially to allow some traffic through.

I didn't see any vehicle being crushed. Don't think there was.

Can you imagine what it must have been like for those who had to come for class at 7pm? Eeks. They can't abandon the vehicles like us public transport users can. Probably one of the few times public transport is better. Woohoo.

Very poor thing for those who tried to come to class but only made it at 9:20pm. My friend in another class said he also had people coming in at that time.

And class ends at 10pm ok? Respect sia. Dedicated students.

For more info on the big-tree-traffic jam, here's another blog write-up at Tinker Tailor.


PS: Dumb spiders are back at the overhead bridge at SIM. One of them has a web 3/4 my height. My friend can vouch for me ok? It is THAT huge.

Oh. And my most confident subject - Marketing. Prelims came back. I scored a whopping 25/100. HOW THE HELL DID I GET ONLY 25?!?!?! I don't believe it! I thought I wrote pretty all right! ARGH...

I am sooooooo going to repeat a year.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Good Friday Weekend

Ki got to come over earlier this week because of the holiday. It was a very good Friday for him.

My mummy says he's hyperactive.

I think so too.

At least he managed to sit down and draw a bit.

The day before my mummy bought this book from IMM. It has Pooh bear in the centre as a puppet. Ki likes to punch it.

Another time he managed to sit down for a while was when he was doing "work". Or "studying". This simply means highlighting random lines in any old book (usually some company's annual report or a magazine).

For some reason Ki loves it when my mum juggles balls. And all of us can only do it with 2. He likes it anyhow.

After Dearie's class, he came over to pick me up to his Aunt's place. The usual get together there. I had my dinner, while Dearie watched his cousins play WoW.

We left at 7pm. The roads were still wet, but it was definitely better. Didn't mean that it was any safer. We nearly landed up horizontal on the road because of some moronic asshole who for I don't know what reason had to squeeze us out of where we were. Bloody bastard.

It happened on Bukit Timah Road, near Sixth Avenue, in the direction towards Adam Road. It was probably around 7:20pm. It was a black Nissan Fairlady. Probably 7840Y. Can't be too sure of carplate.

DRIVERS READING THIS! Pesky bikes don't like being on the road! They try to get out of your way by getting ahead of you. This is no race! Having to be in the scorching sun or painful rain is not our idea of a fun time so pls ah, we may not ask you to give way.. the least you can help to do is not squeeze us out of where we are when we have no where else to squeeze to! Remember, if we land up horizontal on the road, YOU WILL PAY!

Ok. Back to my day. Dearie was on his way to Miramar hotel for his buffet dinner. Dearie sent me to Bugis for a little shopping trip on my own. It's much easier to shop on my own. I like it. Only thing was I forgot that this time I was shopping for shoes.

I suck at buying anything for my feet. Heels, pumps, wedges, espadrilles.... ANYTHING. I suck at it. I'm much better off shopping alone for clothes.

So walking around, I just tried as many pairs as caught my eye. I finally made my way home with a pair of very simple looking pumps. 'Cos it only cost $19.90. Haha! Cheap cheap.

I also noticed a paid from Americaya (almost where all my sandals are from) that was rather pretty but definitely extremely comfortable. Probably the most comfortable I've ever tried. It's a pair of wedges. Almost anything is more comfortable than heels.

I went home after lingering for a long while near the wedges. I kept considering if I should buy them because my sandals were still in wear-able condition. I went home without them, but bore in mind that Seiyu was selling it 10% cheaper than the Americaya store itself.

I got back close to 10:30pm. I saw that my bunny had wet its papers again. In my white pants and Victorias Secret silk top, I kicked off my heels, slipped into a pair of slippers and changed its papers immediately. I was trying my best to heed the vet's advice by keeping it as dry as possible.

I threw in some vegetables and it gobbled them down well. Relieved, I went back to my room and tried on my new pumps. Only to realise I should have gotten theem a size larger. I started to think if I should (i) go back to Bugis to change; (ii) give them to my sister; (iii) sell it online.

I told myself if I could change it on Saturday, then case closed. If not, being lazy, I'll just give it away.


So came Saturday. I had a full day of class. As luck would have it, once class ended, there was a heavy downpour. Blah.

I gave up the idea of going to Bugis all together. Managed to make my way home with minimal coughs and sneezes, and pretty dry considering the strong winds. I don't remember what I did the rest of the time I was home.

I probably moped around the house knowing I missed the last breath of my bunny. I already noticed it looking extremely tired when I left the house that morning. Sigh. My mummy said it passed away peacefully.

It wasn't long before the rain calmed down and my parents wanted to go out for an early dinner.

They knew about my pumps so they thought why not make a trip to Bugis. So it was shopping trip no. 2 for me. Yay! I managed to change the pumps, and my mummy bought the wedges I was eyeing on - and getting another (different) pair for herself!

All this time we walked around, my dad was parked at Kinokuniya. It's the only way mummy can shop properly. Heehee!


Sunday was a full day of class again. It sucked as usual. What's sickening is that there is this class of 100, but only 10 of us are speaking up. And I think we're probably the 10 who are not constantly flipping around our notes loudly to find the answer. Sure, I don't answer everything - that's because I don't have the answer.

I can't understand why those sitting in the class won't voice up. They're the ones with the answers in the notes in front of them. So what if you get shot down? I mean, it's not like you're getting graded if you say something wrong. And if you have so many notes in front of you with the pretty highlights, and you seem to be constantly staring into them, surely you have something more intelligent to say than me? It's not like I'm good in the subject either. I scored a wonderful 22.5/100 for my POA by the way. Probably a good gauge for how I fared for my HRM prelim.

Quite irritating when everyone's so quiet. If I didn't speak up - along with the other 9 or so who did - I think we'd still be stuck on 1 question for the entire day. My goodness.

Anyway, I got home and had a nice little nap. Missed the time with Ki at the beach because I was in class. Ah. Sucky class.

Had a good TV night as usual with Dearie. He's going to be revising a week of accounts this week to help me during the weekend. My prelim score of 22.5 probably shook him up. But then again, if he saw all my answers, he'd probably laugh and roll around the floor, and say I was lucky to even get so many marks.

My remaining bunny looks very lonely. The poor fella. Unlike the other one, this bunny doesn't like being petted. It likes food though, and competition. Now that its partner is gone.... Poor fella. I want to buy something for it to play with, but I don't even know what I could get.


This morning, after a nice long break from the office, I wanted to get in on time. I didn't feel like taking the train for some odd reason, and seeing such a wonderful morning, I thought why not hail a cab?

Landed up taking one only at 8:15am. What the hell? It took my half an hour to hail a cab off the road?!?!?! On a beautiful Monday morning?!?!?! Where the hell are all the cabs huh? I understand if there are almost none when it is raining, but hello? It was bright and sunny! So many cabs either occupied or on call. Plus a couple of people managed to pop out of nowhere to grab one in front of me.

I got to office unscathed. My colleagues don't make a big deal of me being late, but I still don't like it. To comfort myself I just convince myself that I am using it to make up for the times I stayed back in office later than I should.

It was a long weekend. Packed as usual. In 2 weeks I'll be taking the accounts exam. I am so prepared to flunk it. But I shan't go down without a fight! I am going to plan my annual leave and see how my duties will be covered while I'm away.

At least 12 full days going to be spent on exams alone. This had damn well be worth it.

Saturday, April 15, 2006


One of my 2 beloved bunnies passed away peacefully this afternoon, while I was at school. The poor rabbit had suffered from infection on his leg.

Despite Dearie and my attempts to treat it at the vet, it still went away.

We hope it is at a better place now. Like Scratch in Ice Age 2 who went to a heaven with all the nuts, I hope bunny goes to a place where there are all its favourite foods and gets reincarnated to a good life.

We did our best for Bunny this past 7 years. Now its partner is all alone in the huge cage. We hope it is taking it well as it was long expected that Bunny would leave soon.

May it rest in peace.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Dearie's birthday and me going bonkers

I feel guilty for:
1) not having gotten him anything
2) not spending that day doing anything special with him

It's the first time I've let that happen. What did happen in the end was that after both our work, we brought bunny back to the vet to remove the bandage.

It's legs are still bad. The vet said it wouldn't last long. My mum and I can only try our best and make its passing a little easier. We hope.

Dearie had a very tiring day. After work having to do all that with me, I know how it feels to do it everyday. It must feel even worse for the uninitiated.

My cough still resonated. My throat felt horrible.

I still had a McChicken. Oops. $2 only mah. I wasn't too hungry mah. Heehee!


Thursday. Today. I don't usually do this, but yes, I went to grab an MC. I wasn't lying that I was sick. But I certainly wasn't so sick to not be able to work. I'm evil. Eeks.

I guess this MC was more of a take-care-of-bunny leave. I bathed it, changed its papers a couple of times, applied its medicine... I did manage to take a trip to IMM with my mummy too. You see, my mummy isn't very well so it is a lot safer if someone accompanies her. I wanted to stay home to study. Serious. I wanted to.

But she's my mum. 'Nuff said. :O)

My mummy made it a point for us to get home by 5pm to catch the American Idol results show. It was a very entertaining medley those people performed. I am rooting for Taylor and Elliot. They'd better nail next week. I think those 2 and Kallie should be the top 3. Truly the best bunch yet - less Ace Young.

Tomorrow is good Friday. Dearie has class in the morning. I'll be joining him for lunch at his aunt's place, after which he'll have a gooood dinner with his friends. This weekend will be 10am-5pm classes for me again. Unless I go shop tomorrow, I'm never going to get anything for Dearie. Sigh.

I need to study for my accounts paper. It's on 9th May and I can hardly get a P&L done up perfectly, much less a cash flow statement. Section A is worth 30 marks, and Section B is worth 30. I need to do both extremely well. I may not even need the damn cash flow.

Yet I'm still getting confused with provision and accrual. WHAT THE HELL!?!?!?!?!

Good news: my exams for all the eessays - social psychology, Human Resource Management and marketing are at the end of May.

Bad news: they're scheduled on the 30th (PM), 31st (AM) and 31st (PM).

I have put off band stuff from my mind for a while. It's going to be tough getting it back. Time to go get something done.

So again, it's band and studies. Work will come in on Monday. Bunny's the new thingy. Supposed to bring it for a checkup on Monday, but I have class. I never skip class. This is not going to be an exception. Either I postpone the checkup, or I ask mummy to help. I'll be luckier postponing.

I hate exams. Absolutely detest them. Because of them I now have to make sure I push away every appointment, TV show, movie or online shopping moment and make sure I use it to study.


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Not too good a week

On Sunday I woke up to this little cheeky boy's "gun" shots.

Later he found out it was more fun throwing the ping pong balls on the floor.

I zoomed off to school after playing a bit with him. Dearie was late. Again. But it's ok, cos he's all right for accounts - unlike me. Blech.

After class, Dearie and I came back and conveniently fell asleep.

I woke up at 6pm to rush off to the karaoke thingy. My voice still wasn't too good. I hurriedly ate dinner, changed my top, grabbed my bag and left. My mum called out to me: aren't you going to put any lipstick?

Then I realised still looked like I just woke up. Ah well. I still rushed off to register myself. After that I had some time to kill. Strolled to the toilet, dabbed some loose powder on, a hint of blusher and a drop of lip gloss. Just to make sure no one thinks they see a zombie.

My parents and Dearie came at 7pm. The competition was starting. Ki was starting to get restless after a couple of people sang.

I think this was snapped before I went up. Or was it after? hmm...

Anyway, I did go up on stage, did my thing (and barely heard myself comparet to last time), and it was over quickly.

16 contestants. Of which I think a few weren't Singaporean? Haha! Probably a couple of m'sians and 3 from China. And majority were older than me. Hey, they had kidS ok? and not babies. Those running around type.

Like I said, I didn't get in. Didn't really bother. Dearie and I were late for our CSI at 9pm. It was a continuation episode so we had to catch it. We scurried home so quickly.

Somehow, 10pm came and it was CSI: NY Season 2, Episode 1. Yet we landed up watching Coupling. I tell you that British comedy is hilarious. Too explicit for Mediacorp, but thank goodness ok for SCV to put it on cable.


I brought bunny to the vet today after work. I'm still getting sicker - yet not enough to qualify an MC. Mummy helped get bunny into the box. Dearie helped me carry it to the vet. Such a sweet bf. To be honest, I was prepared to do it alone. He's not too into pets and such. I think he prefers kids. I like pets more, but I never want to own one. Kids.. so far I only like Ki. Haha! But Dearie still sayang bunny of course.

I digress. Again.

Poor bunny has got severe ulcers on his hind legs. The vet and her colleagues helped to bandage them up. Also need to give bunny medication. That'll be a challenge.

When we brought it home, the other rabbit was frantic and desperately wanted to be with each other, but too bad I've got to separate them for the time being.

Another trip to the vet tomorrow. What a way to spend Dearie's birthday. Eeks.

Still no pressie for Dearie. That shouldn't be a problem. He's got plenty of wants. Now to find out which one is within budget. Hmm..
A pity the PSP is still expensive.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Save my rabbit

If you know a vet willing to make a house call, pls leave the contact number here.

Thank you.


In other updates, nope, didn't get through the next round for the karaoke competition as I expected.

I think I'll be getting an MC very soon. Been falling sick since Wednesday. Ah well.

More updates about that karaoke thingy later. For now, I hope to find a vet.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

More "firsts"

A week of "firsts". My life never ceases to be interesting.

I went to Carrefour with my parents on Wednesday night to get the VCD. First time we all went out at nearly 8pm and shopped till we got home at 10pm. Just for 1 dumb VCD. But obviously we bought more than that in the end.

Worst thing was that it turned out that the DVD wasn't as original as it claimed to be on the packaging. True, the actual singer was in the MTV, but it was just clips of the person singing in some concert. The rest of the MTV was made up of some cheapo acting. Other tracks may have looked a little better but I wasn't bothered about others.

The MTV wasn't what worried me. It was the music for the song when I turned off the singer's voice. My gosh. It was "home made" - not original. Pretty much like they did the thing on a computer. In fact, I think I know how they did it. Pretty impressive, but still, it sucked for me because at some points it sounded as if the disc skipped - or maybe it did - and from that moment on, I knew there was no chance of me getting to the top 3.

Knowing so, when I received an invitation to go to the Combat Engineer's D&D at Ministry of Sound on Thursday night, I thought why not? My GM and colleagues asked me along, so go lor. I knew that the participants in this year's karaoke competition are way too strong for me, plus the dumb DVD wasn't helping so, what the heck. Go play first then say.

First time I was at an army event like that. So many guys. Haha! I just hung around with my colleagues and watched the performances put up. It ended at 9:30pm, but we wandered around the place, chilled out at the Retro section, then went back at 11pm. Eh. Thursday ok? Friday still must work hor. First time go out with so many colleagues.

Well, work was all right on Friday. My colleague and I went down early for the rehearsal for the karaoke competition. I was very tired. To the extent that I actually dozed off a bit while waiting for everything to start.

I mingled around a bit. It's nice to meet people. Some say it's such a fake and surface thing exchanging hellos. I take my "hellos" seriously ok? I mean it hor. And I am sincere when I smile at these people ah. Fellow colleagues mah. Work with them yet hardly get to see each other 'cos company too big. It's good to put a face to the people we email and talk over the phone to.

It started at 6pm. By the time it was my turn to sing, it was past 7pm.

New dress! From Victorias Secret! Nice or not? nice or not? Had to alter because my shoulders too thin. Everything else fit perfectly. Comfortable dress. About $40. I just had to find an occasion to wear it. Weekends no chance unless Dearie don't ride so when better than this?

I screwed up my performance because I kept peeping at the screen to check my lyrics. Plus the DVD "skips" didn't help. Dear judges didn't give sympathy points to me for that. Blech.

Damn. Let my GM down. Let the division down. For me, I'm fine. Because consolation for everyone was $10 NTUC voucher. HAHA! So yep, at least got something for me. But division nothing.

These are almost all the contestants. 1st prize went to the guy who gets 1st almost every year (in black, between 2 gals, near the centre). People were saying why he's always joining, and why don't they ban him. I think it could be his own division making him join. No rule saying he should be banned. Too bad for us.

Honestly, he didn't sing as well. 2nd and 3rd prize guys (3rd and 4th guys from right) should have moved up a place each if you ask me. In fact, most people agreed. The judges.. hmm.. same judges year after year... hmm.. I leave it to you to go think ya?

It was the most powerful bunch of singers company wide ever. Maybe that's why I don't feel the loss very personally, because I knew I lost to people who were much better.

2nd place guy was someone I met when I joined for the 1st time. He didn't have a girl friend yet at that time. And now, he say he next year going to ROM. Wah biangz. And he gonna get his degree end of this year and leave the company. Haha!

Before I went off to see how the band was, my colleagues told me there was a "second round". They asked me to join them at Mount Faber Safra. I don't know what got into me. I was half-dear (see photo above) and in need of sleep, but there's something about going to KTV with a new bunch of people, at a new location that just got me to say OK.

I rushed off to band. Talked to the conductor. Talked to my very hardworking committee members, and then took a cab back to where I came from.

And so, it was the first time I went to Mount Faber Safra. Also the first time I went KTV-ing with colleagues.

I had a really fun time. Unfortunately, I had class at 10am the next day so bloody hell.... made them all have to go back as early as me at 1am.


I slept through most of class. It was THAT boring. Dearie dozed off too. Princicles of Accounts. Damn. I need to do some serious studying on my own. Sigh.

First time went for dinner outside with Dearie's parents and sister and her BF. All 6 of us went to Dearie's favourite place - Sin Hoi San. Had a good dinner. Something like Dearie's birthday dinner. 12th April coming soon. First time I don't have anything for him. Yet. Don't know what to get him....

NOT the first time, I had to turn down Ah Chang's invitation to KTV. Wah biangz. I don't know why always cannot go when he ask. Argh. I can't wait for my exams to be over.


Tomorrow also won't be the first time I sing on stage at the Community Centre. It's the semi-finals round tomorrow. I have a cough now. My voice is getting husky. I'm betting that singing Fish Leong's song tomorrow is not a good idea, but heck, beats singing something from that lousy DVD.

After a day of class, gotta go home check the VCD one last time before leaving the house.

See how it goes tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Another first


I just did another first today.

It was an extremely quiet morning in the office. There was hardly anyone around because they'd all gone out for work stuff. Leaving me the admin gal.

I took the chance, in lieu of this Friday's competition, to go to Clementi central's Kbox.

Yep. I went for the K-Lunch thingy. My gosh. First time one person go to KTV. I always thought that when I would do that one day, I would be carrying a heart full of sorrow and stress.

I don't think I really sang much, but my voice still feels strained. Stupid Na Ying song "Yi Xiao Er Guo". I bring down one key also can't reach some. Ridiculous song. But bah, it's proably the only song worth singing to "fight" with this year's contestants at the company competition.

Provided I pull it off.

Why I'm putting so much effort into this competition I am not sure. Could be that I'm using this opportunity to sing all I want. Or it's simply the pressure that our dear GM is gently pushing on wanting our division to win something - and it doesn't help that his hopes are on me.

Now, all I need is the damn VCD with the song.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Classes emphasise my good life

Why? Because only when I don't have class, I can do everything else that's fun!

I came back to a very messy home but no one around. My parents had brought Ki out to the beach. I conveniently plonked onto my bed, packed with books and stuff, and just fell asleep amongst them.


I didn't realise I was out cold for more than an hour. My vision hadn't cleared completely. I jumped out of bed, made my way through the minefield of toys, and looked through the peep-hole.

I hesistated to open up. I nearly wanted to ask "Who's there?", but just rubbed my eyes and looked again. Still blurry. But the silouette was familiar. Years of walking-around-not-wearing-glasses has trained me to recognise figures and blurry faces. I guess it was my sleepy head making me slow.

Dearie came in with a packet of BBQ chicken rice for each of us. Awww.. About half an hour or so later, my parents came through the door with a just-awoken Ki. My mum told me how Ki had run around the beach the entire time there. If Ki ran, it means my mum and dad both had to run too. And it usually means one hell of a workout.

Ki was groggy, but he said he was hungry so my mum had to whip something up. Dearie managed to lure him away into my room, and Ki took it from there.

Ki explained to Dearie how to push the cars through his mini car-wash.

But is wasn't long before he asked Dearie to set up the X-box and got into this position.

My mum got his dinner ready and chased Ki off the bed to his chair so he could eat. While still being engrossed.

He really liked playing..

..and my mummy's fried rice.

My sister came home and took over the controller for him. He also like. Because he just needed to instruct her what he wanted and she'd do it. Haha! Sit until like that some more.

And when she didn't do as he told, this was the face he made.

While Dearie was trying to doze off on my bed, he found this (amongst other books strewn across) really cute book in a shape of a dog-puppet.

After Ki had a bath, Dearie went home to his gaming. But he's planned an entire night of TV after tomorrow's class so it's a Ki night for me!

He ran around some more with my sister. When she had to go out, and was too tired to run any more anyway, I took over. But I got tired too and had to ask my mummy to help distract him. Really. Only those who've run with him would understand. Or maybe any other 3 year old boy.

Why we were running? He was chasing me with this thing here he sometimes uses to "clean" his cars.

It's supposed to be some massager or scrub of sorts. It's quite tickling when you gently rub it on skin. Ki found out this phenomenon, also found out I was scared of tickles, and tada! Running time.
[Earlier that night, Dearie and Ki tag-team. Dearie held me down while Ki worked at using that tickling thing on my ass and legs. I was screaming a lot. The more I did, the harder Ki laughed. Biangz.]

Well, I was very very very thankful when my mum pulled him into her room to watch the Mr Bean cartoon. He likes it.

After an hour, Ki finally dozed off.

I had to trot along to bed soon after to avoid sleeping through half a day of lecture on Sunday.

Thankfully, the sleep somewhat helped. Only irritating thing of the day was that SIM only had 1 canteen open in the 1 hour lunch break that EVERY class had at the same time.

I was forced to go to Macdonalds 2 bus stops away for food. Dearie said he couldn't understand what his don't-know-what-nationality lecturer was saying so he was going to eat seafood with his friends somewhere further up from Mac. I hung out with his friend and her gang while he zoomed off.

Mac was packed as expected. A quarter of the students probably went there to grab food. Amazingly, Dearie came back to class after his lunch! Haha!

Dearie and I planned to go for dinner after class, and head back to watch a DVD, and all 3 CSIs. Turned out, we missed the dinner date because the dark clouds were hot on our tail so we only felt relief when we got back to my place. Ki had gone back by then.

Dearie and I slept for a couple of hours. We woke up hungry. Damn KFC/Pizza Hut lines were engaged. We watched a VCD of Spirited Away while dialling the number(Dearie's watched it before, I haven't). I finally got to hear the actual music of the film. Feel so guilty for ruining it during band practice.

We finally got through to KFC at 8pm. The food came at 8:40pm. Pretty much in time for us to catch all 3 CSIs, and switch to Coupling in between. You have no idea how fat I felt last night. Ate a zinger burger, had a drink, munched on whipped potato and a quarter of the Fish burger we had to order to hit the minimum order quantity. And I didn't stand up throughout that time. I felt like the pigs in Spirited Away.

I won't be ordering KFC in a long time. Damn minimum order quantity just turns me off. We couldn't finish the last burger. Yes. There were 4 burgers. Blech.

I can't wait to finish the movie. I don't like watching things halfway. Explains why I am also eagerly waiting for the next episode of Lost, American Idol and CSI.

It's Monday today. Yet I feel so refreshed. Company karaoke competition this Friday. I'm screwed. No song to sing and a throat ready to give way to the effects of all that fast food.

It's already April. My engine must start working hard and go full-speed ahead with my studying. I'm already doubting I'll be doing so tonight. Let's wait and see.

What I'm more interested in is receiving my package of a dress and 1 top from Victoria's Secret. And a separate top I bought off Yahoo! Auctions.

I continue to prowl for pretty clothes to buy... the hunt is on...
oh wait. I'm supposed to get back to work. Hmm..

Hunt shall go on.. tonight..
oh. but I'm supposed to study. Hmm..

Hunt.. err.. maybe I'll study while shopping. The pages take a while to load anyway. Hmm..

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Beer is still yucky

Why do people enjoy drinking beer? Seriously, is there anything good that comes out of drinking it?

I had a mug on Friday night. Took me forever to finish it. Bitter and gassy. A bit like wine, without the gas. Hard liquor's the best - you can mix it with something else to cover the taste.

Anyway, I accepted the drink because my colleague bought it. Not too nice to turn down when he already poured it right? And it's good to just exercise my alcohol-limits once in a while.

It was supposed to be something like a rehearsal night for the company karaoke competition. I was hoping to see if someone else would be taking part for our division in place of me, but it wasn't the case.

I hung around the place for quite a while. Mainly because I couldn't finish the beer. To top it off, I snacked a little while drinking. EEKS. There goes my tummy.

I don't have a song to sing for the competition. It's on Friday. Neither do I have a song to sing on Sunday (the semi-finals of the same competition last week). Why do they have to hold them during the same period of time?

I left for home at 8:30pm. Managed to hail a cab at that ulu ulu industrial area. I was very tired. Worn out. The alcohol probably magnified what I was feeling. In fact, I think I was a little floaty. Damn. I weak hor? Haha!

Today's Saturday. I had a whole day of class, a lousy lunch, but a wonderful time with Ki as usual. That'll be another post. For now, it's dreamland time. Another long day of class tomorrow.