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Friday, September 30, 2005

Bintan - Day 1 (Part 3)

... Continued from previous post ...

We picked Bladey up at the lobby. Again, there was super accuracy in meeting him. We reach the lobby in time to seem him set foot there too. Ha!

It was already 5+ I believe. I can't remember exactly. Dearie and I needed to get our room 'cos we were told at 1pm that the room was not ready (check-in time is 3pm mahz). We all went to the counter and collected our key. Guess what the receptionist told us? They upgraded us to a SUITE due to availability problems!


I felt as if I tiok lottery. Jumping up and down like crazy girl. We quickly went in search of OUR suite. Heehee!

We reached the end of the resort (meaning closest to the beach), and there we saw the door. Different from the rest 'cos it was black, unlike the rest of the rooms in brown.

To show you a better contrast, here's what the deluxe room YL and Evon got looked like inside:

Need to explain that there are superior and deluxe rooms. Superior rooms are cheaper but because they were fully booked, we had to settle for the deluxe rooms but topping up some.

Now, for the unveiling of the suite....

Yep! That's Bladey opening the suite door.

Now for what's behind it...
The living room

The balcony (view)

The bedroom

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The bed

The huuuge bathroom (where Dearie was running his bath)

Forgive my angles. The room was too huge for me to capture everything in these few shots. If it looks small, well... it really isn't. It's already an apartment.

Bladey had just come after a long day at work so check out how he was already enjoying himself.

The rest of us were busy getting our baths to wash off all that time in the pool. As you saw in the previous photo, Dearie was running the bath but he never got to use it. Neither did I.


We couldn't understand why the hot water was yellow. Kinda murky in fact. THe phone in our lovely suite wasn't working despite the 2 phones and 3 lines, so we didn't bother about calling the reception. Blech. Nothing's perfect.

We made do with quick showers and had to run off to catch the bus to The Kelong for dinner!

On a bumpy ride to The Kelong, we got Bladey to snap quick shots of us at the back.
Completely unsuccessful:

Somewhat successful - Evon's eyes just had to close at that moment

Again somewhat successful - if you don't count YL's unprepared look

No more shots after that 'cos the bus stopped - meaning we reached our destination - THE KELONG.

(Waaay too dark to see huh? Well, it was THAT dark! And told ya, no photoshop too.)

Dinner time!!!

We were worried when we saw a long queue but thank goodness we didn't have to wait long to get seated. We took the ala carte menu and fussed over how we wanted our dishes. You don't get such a patient waitress in Singapore.

When the food came, we realised we might have ordered too much for the table. Haha! We had a good dinner anyway.

YL and Bladey are staring at the dismembered Grouper (it's a fish in case you don't know), thanks to Dearie who painstakingly cut out the meat for all of us so we didn't need to wrestle with the bones. Awww...

This is what was left of the crayfish before the last one was gobbled up:

After dessert, I started feeling a little wobbly. THe strong winds were blowing and I felt as if I were starting to get sea sick. Luckily I wasn't alone on this 'cos Evon felt it slightly too.

We hurriedly got the waitress to snap a quick shot for us.

Oops. She snapped too fast.

This was much better:

We got to the place where we had alighted from the bus and waited.

It seemed to be taking a while, so we just decided to snap some more. We were really really really really really VERYYYYY tired by then. Some more just finished eating. Feel like sleeping even more.

Dearie snapped this hilarious one, of us getting ready for the shot:

The not so hilarious part was that when I put my arm behind Evon, she (in a bid to make sure I didn't get burnt by her ciggie) burnt YL instead. SUPER OUCH.

We composed ourselves again, and managed to snap this:

Then of course there's Dearie and me...

The bus was a long wait. We made our way back to the resort and crashed into the suite altogether. We were all so in need of sleep that we all got into the bed together.

But that was not before Evon and I had a nice view of the stars at the balcony. It was the first time I ever saw a sky full of stars quite so clearly. Amazing. I'm not the sort who thinks such stuff are romantic like sunsets, but I do appreciate being able to see "the real thing" after 23 yrs on this earth.. at long last.

We all fell asleep one after another. I remember YL leaving the room, while Blade and Evon puffed away at the balcony. Dearie and I just snoooooozed.....

We could have all stayed in the same suite actually. Only that the rest wouldn't have a bed to sleep on. Heehee! ok lahz. At least 1 more could take the bed. Bladey had to take the sofa in YL and Evon's room anyway.

That was the end of Day 1. Told in 3 parts no less!

Stay tuned for ALOT more photos from Day 2!!!

Till then...

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Bintan - Day 1 (Part 2)

... Continued from previous post ...

[By the way, no photoshop used in my photos cos I suck at it so if it's too dark, you've got to increase the brightness on your compy screen. heehee...
There were supposed to be more photos but some are in Evon's camera, so I'm only uploading what is in mine.]

We headed back to the room where Dearie was still sleeping. See how sound he slept?

As we 3 girls lazed about the room, Evon suggested I lay on her and snap one. Hmm.. sounds lesbian right? But somehow it turned out un-lesbian-ly:

YL being as narcissistic as she is tried turning the camera onto herself to snap a whole bunch of her own photos. And I decided to destroy one of them for her:


We were laughing and talking loudly, while Dearie just lay there sleeping. His sleeping skills are really....... one of a kind.

Then we got an idea of using the camera's self-time taking ability by snapping one with the 4 of us - regardless of Dearie awake or not.

We got really naughty after and decided to get him in the photo up with us - again, sleeping or not.

Here's the preparation shot:

Tada! Mission accomplished.

That's when YL (who got all horny from the lesbian suggestion that didn't turn out right) thought I should pose with Dearie - while he slept.
I lay beside him and got directed by Evon and YL who were also the photographers. Just like on America's Next Top Model. Suddenly I felt like a model. Only diffy was that I was unprofessional and was laughing the whole way through.

If you think I look like I'm sleeping, it means I got potential to be model lehz. HAHAHAHAHA!

Most wonderful part was that Dearie was snoring through it. WOW. There was a whole slew of these photos from different angles - almost as if they were snapping at porno poses. These 2 girls ah... tsk tsk. heehee! Worse still, the windows were open so anyone could have just stood from the pool and looked into our room, wondering what the hell.........

Better still, after all that, I suggested how about if Bladey reached earlier, we could make him pose with Dearie...............

Look at the cheeky expressions I caught! HAHA!

Ok, this is YL being her narcissistic self AGAIN.

After these, we violently got Dearie to wake up so we didn't waste the afternoon. We were waiting for Bladey's arrival so we tried to plan our time nicely so we could get him at the lobby.

We gave him a call and asked him to sneak onto the green Nirwana Gardens bus, and off we went to the pool. Photos at the pool were taken in Evon's camera so no photos after this till later.

The pool was great. Dearie did his sun tanning while we girls got into the water and enjoyed the jacuzzi function at the sides. Free massage sia. We got ourselves a drink and some VERY YUMMY fries at the poolbar. We hung around the pool some more (we girls don't know how to swim, so we just waddle about), and left for the lobby to greet Bladey.

Day 1's not over yet... Be rest assured there'll be more photos...

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Bintan - Day 1 (Part 1)

... Continued from previous post ...

Once we got to the jetty, Dearie and I took our attendance at the Nirwana booth and was told to board a green bus. The ride to the resort was very quick. When we got there, we admired the very beautifully landscaped resort. Very Singaporean styled cleanliness. Haha!

Once we reached the lobby, we were greeted by YL and Evon (they stayed over on Friday night) who calculated our arrival extremely accurately. They handed over their room key and were off to their 30min head and shoulder massage ('cos 2nights stay entitles them to this free massage).

Dearie was planning to sleep till the afternoon. Both of us still sleepily browsed through the channels offered. Nowadays hotel TV channels getting better. Not only got HBO and CNN, even got Disney channel, and at Bintan can get the Singapore channels also. Haha!

It wasn't long before the girls got back. They were going for their breakfast so I decided to tag along. I dragged Dearie along. Here's a lesson YL taught while we were going to the lobby: Smile on 3 when taking photos. Why? 'Cos it makes the smile look more natural. Here's what they took when they held their smile from the count of 1:

Here's the one on the count of 3:

Really got difference horz?

Anyway, a quick shot of the lobby with Dearie giving a whole-hearted yawn there.

Then we saw this somewhat life-sized chess set and decided it was only appropriate if it was used as a phototaking opportunity, so we all got into a frenzy and started messing it up.

Here are the ones with Dearie and me:

And then there's Evon and YL:

After that, Dearie couldn't take it any more and so we gave him the key to go back to the room for his sleep.

We girls just continued with our photo taking. haha!
Here's me as queen:

And YL as king:

We rushed off for breakfast at The Coffeeshop (yep, that's the name of the place where breakfast is served). The regular hotel looking place for breakfast. It was already 10am and breakfast was to stop being served at 10:30am.

I was hungry but I watched them eat anyway. It seemed like a good spread... then I saw on Evon's plate - SPAGHETTI. My tastebuds just awoke and craved for some too. YL helped me get the ala carte menu and I asked the waitress to get me a plate. She told me it'd be a long wait 'cos the kitchen would be busy with the lunch menu, but I told her I'd wait.

Before long, it was 10:30am. A waiter came over and told them that they were going to clear the buffet spread. Then he told me something I'm sure I wouldn't have heard in Singapore - "The kitchen is too busy to be able to cook your portion. You can go get the food at the buffet. We won't charge you. We're clearing up already. Quick go and take." (Ok, so I can't remember the exact words, but that was what he meant.)

I was so happy but paiseh sia! I got Evon go go help me grab the food 'cos I just felt bad about eating without paying. First thing I attacked was the spaghetti of course. Mmmmmm... As we got to the other end of the spread, the fruits were already being kept. The same waiter came over and (these ARE the exact words), said "Quick! Quick! You must be fast! You want some fruits? Take take!" WOw....... He led Evon over and scooped some onto the plate before we hurried off, unable to contain our laughter. Such a nice fella that guy....

Anyway, breakfast ended soon enough and we smuggled a cupcake and pastry for Dearie (confirm once he wake up, I know he'll look for food). We wrapped it up in a serviette and tried to hide it from any prying eyes but alas, we were spotted by the waiter and YL said he saw him laughing before he ran off. Oops. So much for discretion.


I wanted to go take a walk around the place so before heading up to our room, we walked past the poolside restaurant (where Evon and YL had their dinner on their 1st night and said it was BAD), the pool (so tempting to jump inside there and then), and a playground (with 2 swings! you don't get swings in Singapore any more!). We walked over to a hammock and it seemed to be the only one around. It was in a good spot and again, it was phototaking time - else what to put on blog right?

YL and me


YL and Evon

YL and I

YL was getting really comfy so Evon started to swing YL off. Heehee.. Have a nice video clip of that. heeheehee...

We found a couple of trees with a good view behind and took the rest of the photos for this entry.


Me pretending to climb the tree (but land up looking like I'm humping it)

Evon - Indian style

Evon and I fooling around

YL acting cool

Me acting chio

Evon just being Evon

YL being narcissistic

Actually, YL was being really narcissistic this whole trip and took alot of her own photos. (The following 2 are just a preview horz.) She made sure she deleted the bad ones though. Damn..

It was noon and very hot indeed. We headed back to our room. [We dropped the camera case for my camera. We went up a flight of steps nearby, realised it, walked back and scoured the area and couldn't find it. Mystery till now. There was no strong wind, no passers-by, and the ground was relatively flat. Where did it go?!]

Anyway, stay tuned for part 2...