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Friday, September 04, 2009

Super neglected

Wow.. this space indeed has grown plenty of cobwebs. *shudder*

I'm now blogging from my home in Clementi. It's been so long since I've actually come home to eat!!!!! yum yum..

It's Friday night, so of course I'm going off again out there somewhere. haha! No lah. just meet YL... Haven't seen her long than I haven't uploaded this space.

Living with MK has been fantastic. I love it.

But September marks something even more special - it's the day I leave my team and venture into something more "exciting". I've gotten transferred out and now assist the COO. In other words, I'm now the assistant to someone of a higher position.


But it is a lot more stressful, and I do think that in the long run, it will probably be great for the resume. Let's see..

I'll be going to Europe in a month's time. WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Italy here I come!!!! And I'll be at the REAL Oktoberfest too!!!!!!!!!

No snow this time, but that just means I don't need to put on so many layers - which is good!!!

I'm going to see a different side to Germany. This is going to be so exciting. My second trip to Europe. I can already feel the joy of going on holiday. I absolutely can't wait.

It's a pity I didn't help MK much in the planning. Sigh. Feel so bad about that. But I told myself I'll devote time and effort in reading some travel books to make sure I can appreciate where I'm going to! I've got to!

Time to leave Clementi... and to sign off... I miss being at home with Mummy and Daddy, but I'm also glad to have MK beside me when I wake up everyday.

Well... can't ask for everything can you? Haha!

Still... I dare say, I AM HAPPY. :O)


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