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Thursday, June 30, 2005

My urge

I have fallen for clothes at www.gojane.com. Wow. Really great looking tops there. I wonder if I can fit into them.. hmm..............

I've been saying I wanted to overhaul my wardrobe for so long... Sigh.... I haven't even stepped into Orchard for shopping for months! There're no clothes worth buying at Bugis. Sheesh...

I want to buy many many pretty pretty clothes. Heehee! Then again, not like I've got anywhere to where them to. I'm broke. ANd somehow the urge to buy clothes always strikes at this kind of timing.


Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Making the most of this week

After work, Dearie picked me up from my office to go for the interview. It was an interview conducted to survey what people thought of MDIS as an institution for private studies (aka to get a degree). We both went. I was expecting an Indian lady to come out and get me - turns out it was an ang moh. The design of the company's office looked soooooo gooooood. Raffles place district mah. Really fantastic looking office. and meeting rooms.

Anyway, the main reason why we went was not because we were too good hearted sould who wanted to help this lady stranger out. It's because at the end of the interview we received $30 each. Woohoo!

I was planning to go back and make jelly for my charity fund raising thingy but Dearie said he was watching Batman Begins at 9:15pm, Clementi Empress (yes, still alive), with Weitang, Zhenyuan, Edwin and his gf Fiona.

Turns out when I got home, mummy was busy making agar agar, and I wouldn't be able to make jelly till later that night anyway. Dearie and I lounged around and left for the movie soon after. We still arrived late - turning out from the carpark is no easy feat I tell you. Those damn cars... argh..

Well, we got there and Dearie got kicked by a couple of them boys. Heehee... We got the tickets for a mere $5 each. And pretty much free seating since most of the cinema was empty. Yes, there were actually people in the cinema.

We missed a small portion of the show, but it was all right. I thought it was a very good story. Except for the fight sequences, everything else was really good. Christian Bale actually looked like Tom Cruise at some points. Hmm.. His body was huge.. Maybe a little too huge. Co-stars were well chosen. All in all, good movie.

By the time I got back, it was 11+. Wanted to save time so I had to take the lift to 13th floor and walk down 1 storey to find 3 fluttering giant moths.

Never mind.

I walked back up and took the lift to 9th storey, only to find the 10th storey had the same situation.

Damn giant moths.

Took the lift back down and took the other one directly to 11th floor instead. ARGH.

Too tired by the time i got back. Set my alarm clock for 4:45am to make jelly.

Alarm went off. Mum came into my room said she made it at 3am. Damn. She beat me to it. Ah well.

Today was the charity sales. I spent the entire working day working on it. Posters were put up the day before. I did up the banners, etc. My colleagues helped to set up our little stall.

Everything went smoothly. We sold plenty of ice-cream and all the agar agar and jelly were gone quickly.

We had fellow colleagues from different locations who leeched off our location - meaning they set up stalls beside us. All for charity so not really too concerned with competition. It's nice to get a chance to see them too. I enjoy welcoming people to where I work. I think it's a nice enough place.

Anyway, we all had a good time. Plenty of work to do tomorrow in the office. I am suffering from lack of sleep now. So many people around me fall sick liaoz.... at least once some more... why I haven't lehz? Or at least not sick enough to get an honest MC. Blech.

I need rest. But before that, some CSI. Heehee.....

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Busy "last week" of "holidays"

My classes start next week. Crap.

Last Saturday I was supposed to go book the Bintan trip with Dearie. He was ill, and just got his timetable. He has classes on Friday. I don't want to screw up his studies, so we won't be travelling after all.

There was a 4A1'98 gathering for steamboat that night. Dearie was ill and said he couldn't eat steamboat. I don't know why, but anyway, he managed to get Lichen to change location to the pasta place CREATION we didn't manage to eat last week (at Shaw Towers).

They met at 7. We arrived late. Nothing new, but they'd been waiting for a seat for a really long time.

By the time we got to eat it was 8+, coming to 9. Eeks.

Zhenlin and her boyfriend was there. Yingshan and Qiuyu. Shirley and Peijie. Chun Xiang and Yu Xiong. Lichen - the head of calling for gatherings.
11 people turned up. That is quite a feat. We had a whole load of laughs as usual. We all actually meet often enough (though not necessarily always together) so we only updated briefly and spend more time fooling around like when we were back at school.

After that, a handful of us (me, Lichen, Zhenlin and her bf, Shirley and Qiuyu) moved on to a nearby pub (at Milennia Walk). The rest had other plans or went home. Dearie needed to rest. Poor boy.

We had more laughs there with one of the questions of the night (started by none other than Lichen) was: You all taste sperm before? She ah.... really... hahaha! But hey, she's got a husband already. Probably do it every night. Oh. Wait. SHe said it's not good to do every night else the sperm not good for baby. Haha! Plenty of other wierd stuff we talk about - as usual. I love gatherings.............

Next one, we are hoping, will be a trip to somewhere nearby. Just a weekend getaway. We are hoping... and hoping... If we're lucky, it may just happen this year..


Sunday was where all the photos came out from.
Ki came over and had a good time. Then we took him out to a car-nival at marina south. Why do I type car-nival in this way? That's because it was the name of the event. It didn't strike my mum it'd be all about cars. I had actually been expecting to bring ki to watch Sesame street. Ah well.

Ki wasn't so interested in the carnival (despite all the cars around and some games). He had passed an arcade earlier on while walking to the carnival he only wanted to go there. Bah. So yes, photos you see were taken at the 2 Marina South arcades and 1 bowling alley.

After that we brought him to Raffles City (that's where the doodling of the magnetic board came from). He literally RAN towards the toys dept the moment it came into view.

When we brought him back he was exhausted but relentless. He wanted to play even more. We were all so tired but humoured him anyway. It's once a week we get to see him after all.

Enjoy the photos. He's just so cute. Sigh.... Ki ki loves us all. We love him so much too.

Guys and cars (and balls)

All these from just ONE Sunday:

Dearie accompanying naughty ki play with his beloved red car. Posted by Hello

Monday, June 27, 2005

My dad teaching kiki how to use the remote control for his red car - that still moves (miracle I tell you) after he makes it go smashing into the walls and furniture. He loves it when it goes BANG. Posted by Hello

Big steering wheel. Guys and cars... what is it with them?! Posted by Hello

Dearie and kiki in the mini bus. Check out the cute bus bear. And ki's delight! Haha!!!~ Adults are giants in this little bus. Posted by Hello

Still on the bus. Posted by Hello

Cars and balls are ki's only passions. A load of big balls smashing into pins at this bowling alley. Ooooooh.. he liiiiike... Posted by Hello

Ki recognises the keyboard! Posted by Hello

Dearie, my dad (walking in front), little ki, and my mummy! Posted by Hello

Dearie playing a gun game. Why? 'Cos he couldn't let up on the chance where someone had already put 2 tokens in, and you just needed another 2. Check out the dangling monkey! Posted by Hello

Ki mesmerised by fast cars. Uh-oh. Posted by Hello

These people controlled racing cars with huge remote controls but damn those cars were EXTREMELY fast. Posted by Hello

People making racing cars. They run on fuel ok? Dearie tell me one. Posted by Hello

Kiki snatches a "pen" over and starts doodling on the magnetic board - which he already has at home. Posted by Hello

Kiki comes back home and messes around with a torchlight. He goes around shining it, while trying to catch the light. (Check out my mumm's "garden" behind!) Posted by Hello

Friday, June 24, 2005

Just another update

Tuesday night, Dearie was supposed to enjoy Batman Begins with his fellow camp mates but it was not to be. For some odd reason, the cinema had to be evacuated while the rest of the people in the shopping centre eating, arcade-ing, etc did not need to. Maybe the areas they were in were fire proof and the cinema wasn’t. Hmm… If you had read the news, you’d have known that I’m talking about Plaza Singapura. In the end, when they were finally allowed back into the building (despite so many people STILL in the building), they encountered a funny auntie at the ticketing booth ….
The boys: Auntie, got tickets for the next Batman show?
Auntie: Ya, still have.
The boys: What time is it showing?
Auntie: 9pm.
The boys had to think abit, and calculated that waiting 20mins for the next show seemed like a good deal.
The boys: Ok lah. Got 4 tickets?
Auntie: Ya, got, but separated – 2 by 2.
The boys: Hmm.. Okay ah. Where are the seats?
Auntie: First row, 2 corners.

What the hell.

So they got their refund and made their way back. Dearie came over to watch CSI together. Nisa came back half way through the show and told us about her dinner at a seafood restaurant at One Fullerton. They had this tasty crab dish. They asked the girl there (who happened to be the manager) and they burst out in laughter. The crab, according to the girl, was “Cleamy Clab”. Bravo for pronunciation. They even clarified with her by asking her a couple more times.

Mummy went for Engelbert Humperdinck’s concert at the Expo on Wednesday, leaving me alone in the house from the moment I got home till late. I went to central to have my own dinner, updated my bank books to find out just how many people still owe me money, so I got home and turned on loan shark mode. HAHAHA! Ok. No lah. Just sms-ed all the people who still owe me money. Heehee……. I only update my book once in a while and this was one of the times I felt – damn.. what happened to all the rest?!

I would’ve posted some of the photos from the concert but Mummy was too excited with her childhood idol that she was too busy singing and didn’t take any photos at all. Heehee.. Ah well…

Last night had a good dinner at Marche (Suntec) and went to K-box. Dearie actually gave up the chance to watch Initial D and stayed in the KTV room with me. Awwww…
I must give a mention to this guy called Rongsheng. His voice is.. mesmerising. Wow. I never really liked JJ’s songs much ‘cos of his voice, but damn, this guy turned me around completely. It’s not the first time I’m hearing him sing, but everytime he sings into the mic is … can I say mesmerising again? A bit like Pin Guan voice… yet distinctively unique. Haha! Pay and hear him sing enough liaoz. Rather good looking (abit like Tao Dayu that kind), well-spoken (actually abit more ang moh pai), polite, sing damn well, and from what I hear, he’s rich too. Sound good eh? Don’t know why he no join Superstar. Argh. Wasted.
There was another guy who had a natural “rock” kind of voice. Meaning he sounds just like ah-du. Serious. It’s like listening to A-do sing other genres. So cute.

There were 3 other girls, 2 of whom I already met before. They’re always very nice to me. Maybe ‘cos Dearie keeps bullying them and when he does, I smack him. Heehee…

Dearie pretty much fell asleep towards the end of the night. In the room. When we were singing. Power sleeping.

Oh, and Dearie’s going to be studying at SIM. I hope. Currently facing a lack of funds so hopefully we figure a way out this weekend. Some more we intending to go Bintan next weekend…. And he’s already planned his Hong Kong trip. Blech. And my cash is still stuck with his bikey.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

All photos leeched off Yong Xiang's blog!

Yong Xiang (whose blog link I just uploaded on the right), myself on top there, and Wilfred (President aka this yr's boss of CTAWE). This was taken on the way to the concert. Posted by Hello

The people who came to school to take the free transport. Ok. So not really free 'cos they had to help with the moving of the instruments. Posted by Hello

This is how our perfomance venue looked like from the outside - The YMS Arts Centre. Posted by Hello

The top half of the photo are the circle seats. This was taken from the stage I suppose. The red divider is NOT a photoshop effect. The stall and circle seats were really that close on top of each other (or so it looks like from here). Rather intimidating from the stage. Posted by Hello

This is the stage. I'm on it waaaay left by the piano. We were setting it up. The curtains you see below and on top? They can both be opened. We were actually considering playing some pieces from the top, but it was too scary - and all our stuff were behind those curtains. Posted by Hello

Again, must credit Yong Xiang for the photos!

Monday, June 20, 2005

Weekend: Part III

Father's Day.

Dearie woke up and saw the ticket stub that had fallen out of his pocket.
Mr & Mrs Smith

We were sure we got the tickets for 9:30pm.... bah... no wonder the show had started already...

Ah well..

My parents brought Ki along for their breakfast. That left Dearie and I to try to get out of bed.. and for me to take a bath too.

When they brought him back, they merely wanted to take some stuff before going to West Coast. Dearie and I had already decided on a MacDonald's breakfast, so we went along.

You know what was sweet? Kiki likes him so much that in the car, he climbed onto his lap and sat there excitedly. Both of them sooooo cute!!!~

Dearie and I ate while my parents brought him to the park to mess around with the sand and ride his new bicycle.

Instead of turning home after, Dad had to pick up some stuff from the market, so while he bought the stuff, we 3 brought ki to the THREE playgrounds there. Thankfully they were side by side. Yes. Odd huh?

Met a primary schoolmate's mum on the way there. Wow. So many years liaoz sia......

Back to Ki. Seeing Dearie and him play is fascinating. They are just so good together. He loves kiki as much as we do.... He's the sweetest thing. They both are.

I climbed atop one of the playground slides with ki only to walk into a web. No it wasn't the fully spun spider-home web, I mean those webs that those damn 8 legged freaks leave behind when they swing from one place to another.

I hate those webs. They're icky. They scare me. And sure enough, I saw the "origin" of the web. It was a huge shiny spider. By huge I mean (inclusive of legs) it was the size of my handphone screen. By shiny, it was kinda metallic and shone under the sun. I think it was greenish yellow. EEKS.

I freaked and slid down immediately. Thank goodness kiki had already done so. Dearie was standing around there too, and there was a miniature one on him. Double EEKS.
he swept it away, only to realise a little later it was still stuck on his shirt. DAMN SPIDERS. ARGH.

We got kiki out of there quickly despite his reluctance but going back to Ma's house is never too difficult for kiki so he was manageable.

Dearie and I slept part of the afternoon away. He had to go home for his Father's day dinner.. and I had to prepare for mine - which was to be at THAT vegetarian place at Shaw Towers. Haha! It smelt good, I couldn't help asking the pig to go there too.

Mummy didn't go. Why? 'Cos pre-concert night, the pig and mummy fell out. ARGH. I hate this kinda stuff happening. Sometimes I wonder if it is so damn difficult to get along. Whatever. It's not my problem. It's theirs. I shan't interfere. Both old enough to handle it as they wish.

Well, Clarence was there too. The pig almost lives with him already so it's no surprise. It's nice for him to come along. Vegetarian is not everyone's cup of tea. But I think the food was actually quite good. Too bad I forgot dad didn't take cheese. Blech.

Dad and I came home without the pig... again...

I began reading Dan Brown's Deception Point - the one that daddy bought for $10. Quite promising.

Before long.. the weekend was over...

Weekend: Part II

Rest Day, with a list of stuff I needed to do.
Blech, so much for rest day.

I got up and lazed around. Mummy told me she liked me on Over The Rainbow, and the Indian drummer. I had to say that he was CHINESE. Everyone thought he was Malay, but mummy's always special. hahaha!
Mummy loves the drummers.. every year.. every concert...

I went over to look for Dearie.. He didn't sms me so I figured he must have been still sleeping. By the time I reached his place it was nearly 4. (Yes, I lazed around THAT much.)

He had woken up earlier but had too long a nap. Just when we were about to go, he realised his sis took his ipod mini. Blech. He was really pissed. He finally calmed down and we left on his bikey. He rode to Clementi MRT where we took a train. Why? 'Cos we worked out our itinerary:
- Get organic vegetarian food from a shop at Aljunied (Father's Day mah)
- Go Bugis get Engelbert Humperdick's concert tix for Mummy
- Go Kinokuniya and use some vouchers
- Eat pasta at Creation
- Watch Mr & Mrs Smith at Shaw Towers

We were at Kino browsing. I decided to get Her World. He had the $5 vouchers... we always forget to bring them out.... might as well just use 1 right? heehee.. yeah.. i'm evil......

I told Dearie my dad got Dan Brown's books for $10 each. I called home to find out that it was from Times. We were interested in a book Atlantis. We figured the nearest one was at Suntec so off we went.

I was starving by that time. We walked through Shaw Towers and got tickets. There was a slight queue at Creation so I said to go ahead to Times first. I admit, the hunger got to me. I was being quite an ass but Dearie somehow managed to survive it. We didn't find the book. BAH.
I saw another interesting one, but.... too expensive - even after discount. Dearie didn't get anything either.

I checked out Guardian (for the 3rd time that weekend) for the Neutrogena Masks. Why? 'cos they were going cheaper than usual AND they were giving a free bottle of RAINBATH! I used to love that shower foam.. I never bought it 'cos $8.50 for a bottle is too expensive when Lux is waaaay cheaper.

Anyway, we trudged back to Shaw. Ok. I was trudging. The queue was still there, albeit different people (duh). We waited for quite a while and I was getting mighty pissed. Guess what? In the end we had to make do with the Ramen shop because:
- Creation guy said they wouldn't have time to serve us since they were closing in less than an hour
- We were beginning to rush for time
- the food court was pretty much closed + Dearie didn't want to eat vegetarian + Burger King had moved out

We went into the cinema slightly after 9:30... The show had already started.

We took a bus back after, and were kinda hoping that Kiki wouldn't be asleep. But alas, he was. We hung out in our room, and Dearie was too tired and wanted to sleep over. This makes Dearie the first guy to ever sleep over (because of me, and in my room). Haha!

Suddenly, we heard a very faint knock on our door. I checked it out and saw my mum carrying kiki in her arms. She said he woke up saying "Yi's room" [which he means ah-yi's room]. I told him, this is always yi's room [I was referring to Nisa's room 'cos that was where he was sleeping]. Mummy tried to carry him back in, but he said no.

So we shifted the mattress into my room for him to sleep on. Funny baby. Heehee.... He recognised Dearie.. allowed him to cuddle together while my mum brought him a fresh bottle of milk. Dearie and I escaped to Nisa's room so mummy could rock him back to sleep for the night else he'd want to play.

When he finally fell asleep, both of us went back into my room and thus four of us had a sleepover there - Kiki, Mummy, Dearie and me. Haha!

It must have been early morning 'cos mummy left the room. Kiki made a noise. Dearie woke up and checked on him... reassured him.. then came back to lie beside me... Ain't he the sweetest? :O)

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Weekend: Part I

Concert Day.

I took half a day off to go to CTSS and get ready for the concert. This was the part I was pretty used to. Pick out instruments and carry them to the front gate of the school... Physically taxing but the jogging really helped my stamina. My arms were never that weak to carry stuff so it was all right. Only that the heat was quite bad. Blech.

We hired a bus 'cos it was cheaper than getting a lorry. It was kinda hard moving the stuff up the bus but thank goodness there were a few guys around.

When we eventually reached YMS Arts Centre, Qiuyu pointed out to me that the house like structure beside the centre was actually my ex-classmate's (Shiji) mum's dance studio. WOW.

Anyway, we moved the instruments into the hall. Thank goodness there were a couple more hands waiting there already. I stepped in and was a little.. hmm.. shocked? I guess I was just not used to seeing such an intimate hall. The stage was small, and the audience area was really close to the stage. Perfect setting for the concert - but intimadating for us performers - especially such a rookie like myself.

I checked out the area quickly and as I was told, there were no backstage rooms, but a small area where we could keep our belongings, etc. Wilfred did all the organising and stuff 'cos I really wasn't sure what I should have told them anyway. I just helped him in whatever way I could in setting the place up.

That goes to say that I did not have time to practice. And it also meant I pretty much screwed up during the concert. I should've known better to try out the piano once I was there. I had noticed that as long as I played the piece a couple of times through before the actual performance, I'd have done fine.

Nerves got the better of me. Eeks.

It was fun though. We were really exposed. Everything we played was amplified. We didn't have to use any mics except for presenting the pieces (for the emcees I mean).

Why no photos?
No time to take. Simple as that. Our "pro" photographer should be getting the photos developed. Maybe I'll scan those when I'm free, when they are ready.

That night was Wilfred's birthday. I had gone to Borders the day before to get hold of a voucher and intended to get a birthday card. TUrned out I couldn't find anything nice, so I got a notebook, and got every member I could to sign and write something inside.
Unfortunately, silly me forgot to collect the money for the present. CRAP. I've never felt so broke in a long time. CRAP CRAP CRAP. My visa has been exhausted. i am absolutely certain I blew my ENTIRE salary for this month, and could have eaten into my previous month's savings too.


Back to Friday....
After the concert, as per our instructions the day before, everyone was a good boy and girl and packed up quickly. I shoo-ed them to the front of the centre and told them to pass all the instruments to Wilfred. I was to clear the area within the centre. Wilfred did the "stock take" and I did the area cleaning. Hahahahaha... Area cleaning is my kinda thing. Made sure everyone was out, the chairs and stands were kept, threw away all the rubbish, took down all the "signboards" we pasted up... of course with help from a couple of people here and there.

I was pleasantly surprised when Victor (our doctor-to-be) came up to me while I was running around. He came to say thanks before he left. That was really sweet. It made MY day after my sucky performances.
I'm so glad that I got to do all these this year. I'd seen Yingshan doing these things for years. Most of the time I help out when I can. But being in-charge of it is difinitely different. Poor girl's done it for so many years. About time she rest.

I saw Dearie waiting for me patiently at the entrance of the centre. The bus had just arrived. Just in time when Wilfred and I had finished our jobs. He and the rest moved the items up the bus. Guilty me was busy talking to Dearie....... Oops.....
Thank goodness there were many percussionists and with that manpower (compared to earlier in the afternoon) it seemed much easier.

We got back to CTSS and had to move stuff back. Dearie had already reached the school and was waiting at the gate. I took the keys, 4 clarinets, and made Dearie carry a Bass Clarinet (or was it a saxophone?) up with me. It was VERY tiring. I think it was the heat.

Dearie came over that night after all the carrying and stuff. Poor boy... so tired still must accompany me home. heehee.... I think the rest of the reamining members went to Holland Village for a drink or two. ah well.....

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Creeping closer

Concert day is closing in a tad too quickly. I want it to end, yet on the other hand, the anticipation is so exhilarating.. much less the event itself.

This year's concert is going to be so different. And special too. Alot of planning went into this - like every other concert - except this time I was one of the planners. I don't think I did much, which makes me kinda guilty when I'm holding the "vice-president" name. Eeks. Titles. Never had a thing for those things.
Still, I enjoy every moment of being in the committee. Too bad I keep screwing up. Reminds me of work. In fact, what I do at band in the committee is similar to work. Hmm........ What can I say? I love my job. Damn. But at least I do get to see how the band is being run - no wonder they wanted to stop band for a year. I wonder if this band will be able to survive the next couple of years. Sigh.... Money is always an issue. The number of members surviving in the band is another. We shall see how this goes.

Anyway, my boss made a shocking revelation this afternoon - when I went into his office, he smiled at me and said, "I'm reading your blog."

I don't even remember what was the first thought into my mind at that moment. I wanted to scream WHAT?! but managed to contain it.

He asked if I got engaged. At that moment I wanted to bawl over with tears in my eyes from laughter, but again, being the composed me, I kept it all in. A small laugh did escape me but I just told him I was too young to be. I nearly wanted to say that no one wanted to get engaged to me.

Isn't my boss cute? Haha! Well, I'm glad at least someone's reading it. [Mr Boss, if you are reading, here's a big HELLO to you!!!]

We've got lots of chocolate at home. My colleague gave me a bar of Toblerone, some chocolate leftover from the "housewarming", and a bar of chocolate from my boss all the way from Paris. WHen I got home today, a quarter of that bar was gone. Now only half of it is left - thanks to mummy and the pig.

Oh! And my boss gave me 2 figurines in the shape of birds, made of crystal! Very beautiful. One in the office and one at home. I'd snap a photo but feeling lazy. Heehee...

CSI on AXN is starting soon. Yay! SCV is goooooood.

Ah. Selected the subjects I wanted for my 2nd year this morning. I'll be taking HRM from Jul-Sept. Elements of Applied Social Psychology, Accounts and Marketing will be from Sept-Feb. I really really really hope I passed my 1st year stuff. Sigh....

No photos till this weekend I guess. Mummy will probably help me take a few photos while I'm on stage. Performing is so fun. The high you get easily beats alcohol. Friday will be the last chance to screw up - and I sure hope I don't do any such thing on that day.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

At the dinner table. Damn.. we should have taken photos of the food huh? Posted by Hello

Some place in the restaurant. Posted by Hello

Again, outside the restaurant. On the left of the photo is actually The Billiard Bar. We did step in for a min to check the place out. Posted by Hello

A lounge like corner at the entrance of the restaurant. Posted by Hello

Outside the restaurant Posted by Hello

Monday, June 13, 2005

I can be pretty too!

It was a day for Dearie's cousin to get married. His mum asked me to go get my make-up and hair done at a salon just below their block.

I was worried.

I mean, I really didn't think that little salon downstairs would do me up all right. I was afriad of what make-up they'd use, and what kind of obiang hairstyle I'd come out with. Prior experiences with salons are to blame for this.

But I was proven wrong. Sitting there for over an hour, I was transformed from an ugly duckling to a .. rather pretty swan (if I may say so myself). I think the only other time I'll ever look like this is on my wedding day.

This is just one of the photos I took of myself after the "makeover". More photos to come (no not just of me in Dearie's room, but at the wedding). Posted by Hello

Too bad the glitter around my eyes can't really be seen here. Eyeliner can do wonders for eyes. Ah well, dunno how to use. Haha!

Taken when we got there:

A polaroid of Dearie and me for the guestbook - which resulted not being able to upload it directly. Posted by Hello

The restaurant:

This was within the country club. An angmoh-styled buffet dinner was held. It was all beautiful, too bad the food was just not our type - and I mean that the whole family wasn't thrilled with the food, let alone myself. Veal pasta, mutton on a stick, wierd soup are just to name a few. Guess I'm just not cut out for expensive food be it Chinese OR Western. Posted by Hello

Taken from the verandah where wine was being served:

The poolside (just outside the restaurant). Posted by Hello

Here's an awkward looking Dearie and me outside the restaurant while we were enjoying the view from the country club.

Use camera phone snap ok?! I was snapping it. No play cheat. I only took 1 shot! Posted by Hello

Check this out... got money anything also can.. ahhh.. i waaaaaant toooooo.....

The beautiful wedding gift for everyone to bring home - a bucket of rock almond egg chocolates, some shredded paper, a beautiful red bow and a creative little tag. Posted by Hello

By the time I got home, I was pretty tired. My mum helped me with my hair reluctantly. She felt that it was so rare to see me so dolled up and pretty-fied. First time she ever saw a pretty side of her daughter bah. Haha! By the time all the pins and rubber bands were taken out of my hair, I looked like this.

Compared to the above photos, my HP camera just needs to have some kind of "lighting" option, so I don't always look so wierdly coloured. Still, what an interesting photo of me in curly (ok, wavy) hair. Posted by Hello

You wouldn't have wanted to touch it. It was hardened at some parts, and really tangled at others. I managed to spen a LOOOONG time in the toilet washing off the make-up, hair-spray dye and gel, and un-tangling my hair.

I managed to "steal" 3 tulips on the dinner table. Very beautiful. When I brought them home, mummy put them in a vase and they started to bloom. This is how they look like on my bedside table:

Heehee.. I thought this would be cute. Isn't penguin soooo cute?! heehee! Posted by Hello