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Sunday, September 28, 2008

What a race

It was fantastic. I wasn't there in person, but I watched it on TV at home. It was still an extremely interesting one to watch!

I used to watch F1 when Michael Schumacher was still racing but stopped and switched to MotoGP (motorcycle racing) for obvious reasons.

It's great to watch a full race again. It was exhilarating.

Congratulations to Fernando Alonso and the Renault team.

And kudos to Singapore for putting up a visually satisfying track. All those road blocks paid off eh? Heehee!

Saturday, September 27, 2008


um... I know this blog is due for an update... and I probably owe at least 2 posts here.


Damn Lehman and all their overspilling problems. Not that it affects me per se, but it does affect my work. It's just an incredible domino effect lah. Irritating.

Anyway, just to quickly update on why I've been so busy...
Met up an old friend for a good local play last Friday night. After that I went to Bar None (at last, after its renovation) to meet some ex colleagues.
Saturday I had class as usual, and rushed to the Oktoberfest at The Swiss Club. FANTASTIC party. Super good. I loved it! Grown adults bouncing on tables and benches. Coooool.

Sunday was nice and slow. Really relaxing. Some quiet time with my bf before he flew off to Germany in a couple of days. Finally presenting his thesis. The one I helped him correct his English since January. Such a painful process but I am so happy it's going to be over for him soon.

This week was busy for me at work again. Left the office rather late so even if I had wanted to meet up with some of you, I know, I didn't get around doing so. Better that I didn't otherwise it will probably mean me standing you up, or you waiting too damn long.

I managed to meet up with JX, Lichen & others last night though. KTV!!! Heehee! Singers group. So nice to just listen to them sing. Sounds so good.

Had to leave a tad early to meet YL. And go look for my sister. Due to go for Bellini's opening night at Clarke Quay. I absolutely lurrrrve what they did to the place. Looks fantastic. Managed to say hello to a couple of familiar faces. The band is like a mini orchestra now!

F1 qualifying race in an hour. I need to get take a bath. The closest I got to the race was seeing it from my 19th floor office, where we could see a tiny part of the track at The Esplanade Bridge. We could see the cars turn and accelerate out of sight. It was rather far away but you could definitely hear them. If you heard them and ran to that window to catch a glimpse, means it was too late. They were far away already.

I'm standing by tomorrow night to make sure I watch it from the best seats possible - AT HOME. hahaha!

Kiki had a graduation performance earlier today while I was having class. Too bad I couldn't go. He was dressed up in some portugese looking thing and danced around the stage with some others. I watched the video. SO CUUUUTE. hahaha!

I miss my bf, but I'm genuinely happy for him to be back home, and going to complete something he started out so long ago.

When he's back, we'll be planning for our year-end trip. His 2nd time back home, and my virgin trip to Europe. Keeping my hopes high to see snow for the first time.

But let's see. Anything can happen in this world.

I have a lot to keep me busy with again and I'll update as soon as I can.

Bear with me. :O)

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Looong weekend

Not very often that one is in Orchard 3 times a day.

I am usually the one that gets irritated when things do not go according to plan. But yesterday was a nice exception because although the luxury of time was not entirely mine, it was a day that I allowed to let plans NOT get in the way of having a good day.

Let's start my weekend from Thursday....................
I went to Harry's across the street to hang out with my sister and her new colleagues. Went on to some restaurant cum pub at Singapore Land Authority (which I didn't even know existed) with the usual gang, then wanted to move on to Boat Quay, but since Wilson was driving again that night - we headed to St James. Again.

A bit strange to see our Bellini fellows performing in Boiler room. Like the guy said - it was a Boilini night. HAHAHA! We still had a great time. The 5 of us as usual.

Friday was a little bit better since for a change, we didn't go out. Simply stayed in and watched tv. It was nice to catch "A Bug's Life" again. I lurrrrve those animation.

There was a birthday party to attend on Saturday night. Oddly enough, it was at the same Harry's. I made us late because class only ended at 6, but it was nice that it didn't matter that night. I didn't really know anyone there but it was interesting being part of the minority again. Sometimes I feel like a representative of the Singaporean population. Strange huh?

I wasn't feeling too well in the start of the night so I kept quite to myself, but as the night went by, and drinks went down, I opened up a little bit more. I think I still have a lot to learn when it comes to trying to mingle with people who are much more successful, much older, and of a totally different nationality/culture/background. I simply have no idea what to start talking to them about. I mean, I could easily converse with them if they were responsive but some of them are not that type so I find it quite hard to carry a longer conversation. Don't mistake me for meaning they are not nice, because they all are. I just hope that they'll do more of the question-asking or topic-starting than me.
What to do.... I'm not so deep - only know about some entertainment news, what's showing in cinemas and what events are happening in Singapore.

Unfortunately I could not sleep in on Sunday. The performance for the wedding required a lot of rehearsals since we barely had any. Surprisingly, we rehearsed in the hotel room with no complaints from the fellow guests! Amazing!!! It was a spacious and well done-up room. 5-star mah. How bad can it be???

It was beautiful... having us play for her march-in. We stood on each side of the aisle while the bride and groom walked in. We also played a little bit on stage. The ang moh's were very appreciative as compared to the chinese - but nothing new there. We flautists had a great time. Too bad one of us had to go home (work lah) so I was the only girl staying back.. crashing with 4 guys.

Went for dim-sum breakfast in the morning and checked out at 1pm. I wanted to go for my facial session but I was too late, so it was pushed to 4pm instead. I made my way home to grab the mooncakes I bought and brought them to my old office to see my ex-colleagues. Nothing's changed that much as usual, but it really felt good to go back and see my good ol' friends again.

It was heartening to see they still ate as much as before. The Champagne Truffle mooncakes were gobbled up so quickly. hahaha! If only I could talk to my ex-boss a bit more. He was busy, and so was I - since I had to rush to my facial appointment. I hadn't been one in months so it was important that I made it.

I finally did, and had a nice nap during that time. I took bus no. 7 home from Orchard and thought mummy cooked dinner. She was ill and didn't prepare anything. Mummy's health isn't so good lately again. I think it's the weather and an increasing number of viruses going around. Sigh. I really should start helping out by at least doing my own laundry.

Back to my last Orchard trip - dinner. Obviously I called my bf to see if he was free. He was! And we even caught a movie after! Clone Wars. Not as bad as it was made out to be. I thought the fight sequences were good - unfortunately the storyline wasn't as strong as what you thought a Star Wars movie could give. Still, good shot at animation for Star Wars I guess. Wall-E was still waaaay more entertaining though.

I didn't like the taxi driver that took us home after. He could have turned to the AYE a lot earlier but somehow went a long way to reach the ECP. Luckily I told him off and he let us pay him lesser. I bet it was because he saw that my bf was not local. So irritating when these taxi drivers ALWAYS have to ask which particular route I want to take. And sometimes they just want to take a longer route and I have to tell them to take a shorter way. Stop cheating my money you idiots. It's your job to know Singapore's roads. Don't complain you don't have enough money when you choose to be so dumb and wait for calls when you could spend the time picking up passengers. And it should be regardless of where I want to go!!! Plus, why are we still paying for the 30cent surcharge when prices have come down already!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Ok. At least I got that off my chest. If I find the time tonight, you'll see me write a similar letter to the newspapers.

So that marks the end of my little adventurous day off. Running to and fro can be a little bit tiring but some alone time is good, even when it was on the bus most of the time.

Photos from Sunday are up on my facebook already, thanks to Geoff who posted them up so quickly.

I've yet to figure out what is the next piece I would like to do up. There're just tooooo many to choose from. Plus I would really like to try to play some nice pieces on the piano - from memory. No scores in front of me. Just sit and play. That'd be so cool. Always wanted to do that for years.... yet I haven't been able to. So sad.

I know I need more sleep again. I don't really understand why sometimes. Is my body so unrested? I am just raring to do so much! I think my mind's doing really well. It's my body that doesn't want to listen sometimes. I really think I sleep enough. If I sleep more, I think I will only become lethargic and lazy.

Next performance is for SIM. Sort of like my alma mater. We're getting barely paid for this one so ... it's more for the exposure I guess. I hope more people would employ our "services". heehee! Gotta start some advertising for ourselves. Start a website or something. Wahahaha!

Anyone out there interested in a flute quartet for your event? We can play a wide range of music and have a healthy collection of pieces to choose from. CALL ME!!! Hahaha!

No more Orchard Road for me this week (except for class on Saturday). Speaking of this weekend, I need to go support the company's dragon boat team. Bedok Reservoir. I hope I manage to go and support them. Remember? I mentioned that I needed sleep? Heeheehee...

No lah. See how. I have to do my homework for my Deutschkurs. laaalaaalaaaaaaa...........

So much to do, so little time.....

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Belated photos

This is waaaaaay late. Like half-year-long late.
But better late than never... no? :O)

Plus I look good in the photos. WAHAHAHAHA! Must show off the wonders of lighting and good camera angles.

Monday, September 01, 2008

I am sick again

Yep. Was surviving on Panadol Extra for the past 2 days.
Just popped 1 pill called Fenfedrin. Never taken it before. Let's see what happens.

D&D meeting tomorrow morning so I will drag my feet to work by hook or by crook. I'll see what time I can last until.

Feeling like crap right now. And I know I'm not the only one in the office who is feeling the same. Quite a lot with the damned flu bug. Who cares about bird flu when we can't even deal with the human one?!

I am sooo behind time on meeting up with friends. sigh. But I'm sorry. I'm not going to make any appointments for this week. Hope I can keep some for next week.

I'll be off on Monday and will get to see my ex colleagues and of course, my ex boss. Bought some mooncake for them. Hope they'll enjoy it. I haven't tried it, but the packaging looks quite nice. Plus I've heard good reviews about it. Anyway, the thought that matters right?

When I'm back home earlier, I nowadays can catch my classic series MacGuyver on FX (Channel 87) at 9pm. I adore that show I tell you. It's super cheesy but damn, the things he can do with everyday objects to get him out of ridiculous situations is amazing. How he can use simple wire, some paper, or some other material and turn it into exactly what you need. It's science put to the extremes of practical use.

I haven't figured out what outfit I can wear for this Sunday. Uh-oh. There are so many pieces I could arrange into a quartet. If only I had all the time in the world to do them all up.

Ich lerne Deutsche gerade. German classes are getting a little tougher. I'm not picking up as fast as I would like. I desperately need to practise it more. Though I'm glad I can make out sentences when I see them. Can't really speak or understand it when spoken, but I hope to be able to do so in time to come.

Mir geht es schlecht. Ich bin müde jetz.
Gute nacht.....

Good nite peeps... I hope to be writing soon. So much to do.. so little time.. and it's already September................................