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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Primary School Gathering - One cycle later

Cycle refers to 12 years (Chinese sheng1 xiao4).

It was a rather impromptu gathering, if you could call it that. I'd been planning for it since 3 weeks back, just asking people to turn up. I really didn't expect many to.

Started when I figured that since it was my holidays, the time off from studying and going for classes would be blank, and I definitely won't be playing my piano the entire night. My fingers will get tired you know... And I didn't have THAT much TV to watch. I just needed to get something done. Make my time useful.

So I recalled that YL once said during CNY that we should have a dinner gathering some day, and we even suggested during mid-year. We can say all we want, but to make it come true would be the real deal, so tada!

The smses went around. It was easier this time. The last time I organised the BBQ at my place, it was about 2 years back, and from then, some people started keeping in touch again.

It was good to see a turn out of about 17 people tonight. Our class had 43 you see. 12 years later. Almost all of us are still connected to each other some way or another.

The star of the gathering was of course, our Chinese teacher. The only one who has kept in touch with us all these years.

I don't know which photo is better, so here's both that we took.

It was a miracle that YX actually DID turn up. She's almost always come up with an excuse to run away from meeting up. It was fantastic seeing everyone again. Faces all about the same - only difference was we all grew taller, and some expanded sideways or shrunk.

We managed to fit into the VIP room at Sushi Tei very cosily. I don't like Japanese food but damn, the service was good and the ambience too. Bill came up to about $210 for all of us. CHEAP!

We spent the night thinking about all the funny things we did as kids. It was hilarious.

Still, question of the night goes to the guy sitting across me during dinner.
Zhirong: Can I ask you a question?
Me: Sure!
Zhirong: Alvin's your brother ah?
Me: ?!?!?! (Turns to stare at Alvin seated beside me)
Zhirong: [Looks back at me waiting for an answer]
Me: No! We just happened to be in the same poly, same course, same class.
Zhirong: Oh.. because I always see you two together.

So the funny thing is this:
1) Since when did he always see us together unless he was also in Ngee Ann Poly?
2) Shouldn't the first question that pops into your head be: are you two going out together as a couple?
3) Extreme case scenario question: Are you two married?
4) Alvin and I have different surnames, how are we brother and sister?
5) Wouldn't we have to be twins to be in the same class, and be at the same gathering?

And he actually thought through the question before actually popping it. Now THAT was amazing. Absolute highlight of the night for me. Very cute of him to ask.

We had a great time and made a date that on the first weekend of every Chinese New Year, we would meet up at our teacher's place.

Hope it happens.

Another cycle and we'd be tugging our children along to the gathering. Then we'd definitely have to book a function room and have a buffet instead.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Long nights

For what happened at Dbl O on Friday night, read this post by Ah Chang.

Has a picture of me trying to look as silly as possible. I really look awful sia. Haha!

Anyway, got my IC checked again. Do I really look so underaged? Hmm.. I'm 24 already people-standing-at-the-doors.

The music was boring Dearie and me out. It wasn't until 2am that they started playing top 40s. By then my feet were already giving way to the heels. Obviously not my heels. Heehee... who else but my sister.

Thank goodness for the entertainment by the "superheroes". CHeck out the photos at Ah Chang's blog. Really. Haha!!!

We left for Bak Kut Teh nearby. I usually don't take supper but I was hungry so I had a bowl of rice myself. Took a ride in one of the guy's cars.

He sent one of the girl's back to her boyfriend's place but got lost because she didn't know the exact location - just agar agar where it is. So we went round and about hougang, serangoon, ang mo kio, yio chu kang and thomson.

We had spent an hour or more in the car by the time we found it. Why only an hour? 'cos his driving for extremely reckless. So scary. If I were on a bike and he drove like he did, I'd give him the finger for sure.

We got home safely, and I didn't get car sick.

Dearie and I caught the remaining part of the soccer match on Friday night before finally turning in.


Woke up on our own and found breakfast prepared by mummy on the table. It wasn't long before Ki barged into the house and went on about his cars and stuff.

By 4pm, Dearie and I had to make our way to his cousin's place in Woodlands to see the full-month old baby.

While we waited for his cousins at Causeway point, total damage to my debit card was $32 for a denim skirt. Oops.

THe condo at woodlands was very nice. Fully paid for rental of the place by the US Navy since that was who his cousin's husband is working for.

We had our food there, chatted a little with his parents, and made our way to Orchard for some proper shopping! MY shopping!

I had a $10 Isetan voucher to use, and didn't know what to get. Since dearie needed some OP slippers, he used the voucher on them. My $20 URS voucher can't be used until the end of the GSS. Dumb voucher can only be used on regular items and NOTHING is not-on sale now.

I gave up on the shoe hunting. Landed up checking out a pair of $250 jeans by Levi's. Just the colour I wanted, good cut and pretty Swarovski crystal embellishments.

But... I won't splurge $250 on a pair of jeans. I went over to Giordano to check out their new range and landed up buying theirs instead for only $53. Just the way I like it - tight and stuck to my skin, but light to wear. A pity about embellishments. If I could buy my own crystals and stick them on, I would.

I bought a book for my dad as a late Fathers' Day gift. Didn't really see anything much after that.

I'd like to get a bag, more tops and shoes but landed up with 2 new bottoms. Thing about the bag is that I'm looking for something unique and it cannot look cheap. Mass produced items would definitely be out. While Guess bags have lost value after putting them on sale as if they're worthless.

I'm on the verge of giving up on finding tops in stores. Only thing I should be looking out for are shoes. Charles and Keith are so common, and by the time I wanted to check Vivi out they were closed. I should check out the brand at Takashimaya my elder sis is recommending.

Meanwhile, that night, we got back in time to catch the Germany match.

For the first time ever, I went to sleep for 2 hours with Dearie, and actually pulled ourselves up to catch the 3am match. Great fight between Argentina and Mexico. Too bad no penalty shoot out. Haha!

We got woken up by Ki on Sunday morning as expected, but Dearie managed to grab more sleep later in the afternoon when my dad brought him out of the house for a while.

I told dearie not to return me the remaining $150 for the PSP since I took it as his birthday gift. He said cannot, because he didn't get me anything.

My reply: My gift no need money one. I just hope to go to the zoo soon. And not alone.

Maybe next Saturday? :O) Anyone interested in a picnic?

Friday, June 23, 2006

Bumpity Bump

Yesterday I bumped into my primary school friend. I’m organising a primary school dinner gathering on Tuesday and he’s one of the people I’m counting on to contact some others. Little did I know he was working in the same building.

I went to meet up with a band mate to collect some materials at Dover MRT. Landed up bumping into my ex attachment student in his army uniform. Turns out he is at the camp just beside my workplace.

Then when I was getting out of Clementi MRT, I bumped into someone who used to be in the band, but still gives me the input and encouragement I desperately need.

And I’m the kind who usually never bumps into anyone. If anything, Dearie’s the one bumping into people almost every other week.


I spent half the morning confirming why I need to start practising kitchen skills. You see, there’s a Salad Making Competition held company wide and I’m part of the team. I did the washing with no problems but when it came to cutting and slicing, damn I suck.

The actual thing will take place on Wednesday. It’s going to be interesting.


Dearie’s meeting someone for dinner later. Some Eileen. I’ll meet him after to go Dbl O with his ex camp mates.

Yesterday night there was this talk show on Channel U that was hosted by Quan Yi Feng and Xu Zhen Rong. They dealt with the topic of a 3rd party, focusing on the effect it has on a marriage.

It was very interesting, considering how it was held in what seemed like a corner of a shopping centre. The discussion was mature and gave perspectives which makes one wonder about the whole issue of the 3rd party.

Like what they mentioned, it is all about the resistance to temptation. I believe that in most relationships, the possibility of a 3rd party entering is extremely real and high. Ultimately it is up to the individual.

I do not know if it becomes a reality for me one day. I can say that I’ll definitely break up with the guy and move on, but hey, easier said than done right? Then again, to forgive and carry on doesn’t sound very punishing to the guy huh? But to me, cheating on another is definitely one of the worst things that can happen within a relationship. No matter the excuse given, I still believe that it is only greed and cowardice that makes one do so.

No point “planning” such things. If they happen, they happen. The important thing would be how to deal with it at that point of time. I’ve played the scenario in my head before – if caught red handed would I slap the girl? Slap the guy? Cry?

Knowing myself, I’d probably stone a while, walk away, then think how to react. I’m a really really s l o w person. But never underestimate the fury of a woman.

Dearie and I are doing great. It’s just that such shows open up the mind to angles that you never would have thought about in your own little head. For example, can I be sure that I won’t be the one who strays? (Ok, I’m really extremely sure I won’t – I’m Taurean AND born in the year of the dog. And I would never want to be in such a position. NEVER. More bees, more problem. Dearie is all I can handle, and all that I want to handle.)


Tomorrow need to go and see Dearie’s cousin’s 1 month old baby. I hope to do some shopping after, but I’ll see about that. I’m still hoping to go KTV one of these days. Take my mind off some band things. In the meantime, Too much to do, too little time. Go KTV also dunno if got time or not.

My stupid ulcer is still here, but at least thanks to the powder from the chinese medical hall, it feels much better. So much so I actually ate a you tiao just now. Oops.

Will be jogging a kilometer at my workplace at 4:30pm again. I’ve also already picked out what outfit I’ll be wearing tonight – I like to plan very much in advance – including accessories, shoes and which bag to use. Yup, I’m in the mood for dress up. I’ll be over dressed I’m sure. As usual.

Funny. I’m either too well dressed or too sloppy. Whatever. Doesn’t make a difference no matter what I put on anyway. I will listen to what my mood says. And tonight it’s telling me that I’ve got lots of time to doll up.

I’ll be ready in 45 min. Max.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Irritating stuff

- So irritating. The Cozycot Forum has been down for so long liaoz. I want to sell off some clothes! And I wanna buy some more! haha!

- Last night my sister called me on my mobile. I should have known it wouldn't be good. I was already in my pyjamas and practicing a piece on my piano. Halfway through she asked me to pack a set of clothes in a paperbag. So I did that. Simple enough.
Went back to my room and finished up my practice, and tried watching both CSI and Little Britain. (I'm greedy.) Then she sms-ed me saying her BF was coming to pick up the paperbag so I had to go downstairs.
So bloody irritating. Had to change and miss part of the show. While she was enjoying the "happening" life somewhere out there.
(I feel like such a nerd.)

- I think it's just my imagination, but I seem to get the feeling that it is only after I sing a certain song for a karaoke competition that I hear the same song on the radio. 'Cos before the competition I never get to hear it - meaning I can't sing along to "practice", so I'd notice. Once the competition is over in a month I start hearing the same songs. Weird.

- I still don't have a tuba player for my band. This is super super super horrible. We seriously NEED one.

- Stupid ulcer at the corner of my mouth wants me to die, I tell you. Argh.

- Sushi Tei @ Raffles City doesn't take reservations. And I already sent out the "invitation" to the gathering/dinner to all the primary school friends in my phone.

- Last night I saw a pair of boots online that looked (and was price-) perfect. But don't have my size. GAH!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Jolly good weekend

I got to play with Ki at his house on Saturday. Brought him to the Bukit Batok Civil Servants Club ('cos my dad signed up a membership there). Couldn't swim 'cos it was too hot, so landed up back at his house (just opposite the club) and played with him some more.

In the evening, we all went swimming at the club. His papa went too! Dearie also frolicked around in the water. Heehee! Ki is afraid of water touching his face. Hahahahaha!

After that, headed home. Took a bath, and went out with Dearie for dinner with Bladey and YL. Stupid ulcer meant I had to settle for Yoshinoya. Not a big fan, but beats eating fast food again. I'm eating too much of that.

Caught the movie Cars. FANTASTIC MOVIE AT LAST! After a disappointing "Over The Hedge" and X-Men 3", Cars is definitely the winner. Absolutely hilarious... A movie made just for kiki. Dearie and I just couldn't help wondering how happy Ki would be to watch it.

Oh, and Dearie collected the Hard Gay toy he ordered. I got myself one too! 55 freaking dollars okaaaay?!

$55 for a toy I didn't hesitate to buy, but less than $20 for a bag or accessories I'll consider like crazy. I'm nuts.

It was really late by the time I got to sleep. 4am I think.


Got up at noon. Ki came over. I didn't play with him much 'cos I left the house at 2pm to go over to Dearie's place.

Later on that evening I met up with some secondary school friends. Had dinner at Sushi Tei at Raffles City. Very good embience. Will definitely go there again. And this coming from someone who doesn't like Japanese food.

We were there to discuss her wedding plans. I am vastly inexperienced in this field. I listened to all the various customs, etc that I never knew existed. This would be the first wedding I'll actually be playing a part in. So many details to go through, but the gist of the night focused around her ROM life now.

Living with her mother-in-law forced her into a depression. Long story. She's a strong person. I'm sure she'll be fine. Hope her wedding goes really well.

Hearing all these planning makes me rethink the idea of holding a wedding dinner. No wonder people just want a buffet lunch and get it over and done with. I'm thinking I'll end up doing the same.

Great thing about these gatherings is that everyone is so different. Our common ground is that we were in the same class in Sec 3 and 4. Oh, and Dearie didn't go cos I thought it's supposed to be a girly thing anyway so better not. In case I haven't mentioned it before, Dearie was in the same class.

We didn't compare what brands our bags were, what we were wearing, who was earning the most (though money woes always come up)... we always caught up about just what everyone was up to, plans for the future, and reminise about the past.


I haven't watched any soccer matches lately. Probably catch the final few only. Only interested in Korea, England and Brazil.

I came up with a list of things I wanted to buy. THen realised I didn't even need it. Everything on the list are the same things I am always looking out for anyway. Bags, shoes, clothes, etc. Only that I seriously need to get those proper shoes. I'm waiting for my $20 URS voucher from UOB that I redeemed with my UNI$. Heehee!

I'm willing to invest in a good versatile bag too. Haven't seen one that says "GRAB ME!" - at an affordable price. $1000 is NOT affordable.

Clothes.. I am looking for some body hugging stuff. But I'm not willing to pay much because I always land up passing the clothes on to charity or someone else rather soon.

Accessories? Maybe a bag charm (which really is an elaborate keychain or long handphone strap). I like the Swarovski handphone straps. So much that I bought it as a wedding present for a friend. Haha! I think it was $70. Doubles up as a bracelet. Hmm.. I'm just tempting myself ain't I?

Oh oh.. Swarovski has clip earrings too. Hmm... but not worth for earrings unless they're pinned into the ear. Clip earrings can fall off more easily. Better not.

Wah kaoz. Why am I thinking about all these things?!?!?! I should be saving my money up! ARGH. But since I'm not spending it on KTV anyway, I've got "spare" cash. Back to thinking about what to buy...

Sickening GSS. Clearing old stock only. Humph. Want to buy things also difficult. Cannot buy stuff that are too common, nor can they be out of fashion.

Ah. I need to get a watch too. Hmm.. Still can't find the booth for Folli Follie. I just need to check if it's affordable. Guess watches are getting too common - and too pasar malam.

It's 10+ now. Time to head back to my room. This gigantic ulcer is making me feel sick. Better than a sore throat, but doesn't make me feel any less heaty.

No tv shows worth catching. Think I'll run my fingers a little on the piano.

Friday, June 16, 2006

That "English" topic

The dismal state of English seems to have finally prompted the government to take action. But what did they decide to do? Hire native English speakers to teach the students!

This has been all the furore in the Today papers. I’m not sure about the Straits Times forum pages, but in the you can read just a few of the letters here from the Todayonline webbie.

If anything, these native English speakers should teach the English teachers. Similar to one of the letters that appeared today, my story was that I grew up in an English speaking environment. My Chinese was very very jialat. It took a radio, 93.3FM and people like Jimmy Lin to make me pass my PSLE with an A.

Still, I remember that when I was young, I was taught how to pronounce individual letters. The sounds they made, and so no matter what word I saw, I would be able to string it together and get it right most of the time.

My parents listened to English oldies, I was sung nursery rhymes and songs to sleep. I was read English storybooks, and later developed in interest to read myself.

There was also Sesame Street and other cartoons that helped reinforce the language. It gave me material to talk to my parents about and so I could use the language. I don’t remember much about school, but I believe back then, the basics were taught such that at least everyone would have a good foundation – and not go straight into writing.

My English was never the best, but it was definitely better than average. I’m talking about grammatically. Don’t ask me about past present tenses or nouns - to me they’re just words in different forms. What I have is a command for English that allows me to comprehend, correct and converse. At least that’s what I think.

Definitely better than my Chinese which is limited to the karaoke room.

The English teachers now need to build a strong foundation in students. Once you have a really strong understanding of the basics, everything will build up on its own. Basic pronunciation from how each letter makes different sounds, the appropriate use of past and present tenses, and the formation of sentences.

No point building a vocabulary when you cannot string the words together coherently.
No point memorising whether a noun or verb comes first because it makes the learning rigid.

Little kiki’s been watching so much of cartoon network. Too much goes on on that channel. For commercials they sometimes have kiddy MTVs. That just takes the attention off the cartoon they are actually showing. The cartoons themselves have too many camera shots in one short scene. This promotes a short attention span too. (Mass Comm teach one.)

He doesn’t have the environment to practice and English we try to make him learn. He doesn’t watch more educational yet fun programmes like Sesame Street.

Once upon a time, my parents would bring us to listen to storytelling sessions at bookstores. These were free of charge.

Then there was the more expensive form of kids entertainment provided by Act3 which exposed me to stage arts. Fun and educational.

I was also privileged to be sent for a series night classes that was held in my neighbourhood primary school where they had specialised teachers give Spoken English classes. I never knew how much they cost, but I think they were subsidised. They taught us simply through games, reading, and correcting us when we made any mistakes. It was extremely fun and I looked forward to the classes every week.

Granted spoken and written English may not be entirely be the same, just as how the written language can have the informal and formal styles, but at least the foundation is laid down for tweaks here and there which would not damage the grammatical structure.

My parents liked to watch shows such as “Mind Your Language”, where in Singapore, they did a rip-off version on channel 8 – the one where Hossan Leong does that ‘W’ sign with his fingers and goes “WHATevaaaaa”.

Like what people have said about Singlish, there’s a certain form to it. You do not just put a “lah” behind every sentence and say it is proper Singlish. There is a certain structure we’ve managed to learn innately. English should be learnt something like that – where we use the language extensively (as we do now) but in the correct way. So much incorrect English surrounds us.

I remember I stopped reading the magazines Teens and Teenage precisely for this reason. I landed up editing their articles because of all the bad English I found. Trusted publications need to be more aware of the impact they can have on others, not only their content but other latent effects it can have as well.

Teachers and parents need to be fully aware of their impact whenever they use the language incorrectly. Finger pointing responsibility won’t get anywhere. Both parties need to make a conscious effort to get the kids back on track.

I say, the home is where it all starts. From young the kid should be conditioned to pick up the language. Regardless of language, the foundation is always built at home. When the child starts going to school, like someone suggested in the papers today, the child should be taught the very basics. Not every child grew up with the knowledge of the language being taught. This way at least everyone can get the basics right.

Once that is set, everything will fall into place automatically. Think about this like Maths and Science. Sure, I can’t say much about science since I suck at it, but it’s precisely because I didn’t grasp the fundamentals. For maths, you just need to know how the basics work. After that, no matter how twisted the question is, you’ll be able to solve it by applying the correct formula in its correct form.

There’re rules in every field. They should be learnt alongside application. No use learning the rules by memory because you won’t be able to apply them practically.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

It's raining crap

Dearie is convinced he’s not making it past all the papers. Last night told him to go think up a long term plan. I wonder if he did. Later this week then ask him about it again. Check and see where I stand… haha..

Plentiful of band stuff and new problems to settle. I’m messing it up bad.

The digital piano is wonderful. It sounds and feels great. Now, it’s just to get the scores to go with it. I’m one of those people who can’t play a proper piece without a score. Ask me to play impromptu and I’ll sound like crap. Then again, even with the score I still suck. Beats not being able to play at all I guess.

Supposed to go City Hall meet a friend who’s getting married in December. She wants to talk to us girls on the planning of her wedding. In the end, she cancelled ‘cos the rest couldn’t make it.

I don’t like it when plans get cancelled – unless I didn’t want to go in the first place. I still feel like going out but where? KTV? With who? Shopping? No money buy what? Movie? Dinner? No appetite, and again, don’t know who to call for movie.

It’s not that I don’t have friends but I feel like calling them out so last minute just to accompany me just doesn’t sound right. I don’t mind if people do it to me, but I just don’t feel that it’s something I should do to others.

Dearie’s busy. He’s hanging out with his game friends. The bunch I don’t really click with.

So I guess I’ll be going home in a while, have dinner, clear my Yahoo mail, run my fingers on the piano, watch TV, flip through Cleo AGAIN, then sleep. What a routine.

Tomorrow’s the same as every other Friday. Work, band, home.

Routine is good, but every once in a while I have to break out of it. I think I’m having a mood swing that’s why. I was really looking forward to hanging out.

Supposed to select the modules I want to take in 2006/2007. I want to take Law of Business Organisations (LBO), Info Systems & Organisations (ISORG), Organisation Theory (OT) and Management Science Methods (MSM).

Obvioulsy, MSM is not a choice, but rather something I picked according to feedback saying it is easier to clear.

Turns out, the timetable for MSM is Mon, Wed and Fri. Which would automatically mean I’ll have to miss every practice from Jul till the concert. This is definitely not possible.

So I’ll have to take LBO from Jul – Sept. Not my plan since I prefer a quantitative subject first, but this is the kind of crap sacrifice I have to make. By the way, the timetable for LBO is Mon, Wed and Sat. Sat classes are 2:30 – 5:30pm ok?!

When crap falls upon me, it comes in a freaking storm.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My digital piano

It's here. Sitting in my tiny room.

Check it out.

Comes with Philips headphones.

Very good deal. It feels and sounds like a grand piano. Just the stuff I wanted. Just the model that had them. So nice of them to make it come with a cover too (so I don't need to keep dusting the keys).

Now... anyone got pieces to recommend for me to play? :O)

Monday, June 12, 2006

Mummy or daddy?

It was rush hour. I hurriedly scuttled to the bus stop, but I heard this very tiny portion of a conversation between (I assume) a mother and daughter this morning:

Mother: You're not black darling, you're brown. Who told you that you are black?
Little girl: *muffled by noise nearby*
Mother: Your father said you're black?!
Little girl: bwaaack.

They're Indian by the way.

Discrepency between what mummy and daddy tell the kid. Who to listen to?

Friday, June 09, 2006

Best complaint letter to TODAY

I couldn't have addressed it better. This person wrote the best complaint letter to TODAY about our lousy taxi service.

It is exactly what has been happening for so long. I didn't have the "ammunition" to write something like that. I don't take the cab THAT often.

Now.. Comfort, Citycab, SMART, etc etc etc... how are you going to reply?

Yup. The problem is not with 1 taxi company but every single one.

How come not a single taxi company's phone lines can get through huh?!?!

Why must we always hold the line for so long?!?! (and waste my handphone bill)

Do the call centres monitor the number of drop calls (calls that hung up while waiting)?!?! Show us the statistics!

What actions are you people taking to resolve this problem?!!?!?

Freaking conspiracy I tell you.

Thursday, June 08, 2006


I need to write a paragraph or so for the programme booklet to be printed for the concert. I'll be writing as President of the band.

*smacks hand onto forehead*

What the hell am I supposed to write?!


I'm still looking forward to my birthday "wish" coming through to reality.. Would really like to go KTV one of these days...
The zoo would be good too..


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

My to-do list

I've been over-timing in the office ever since I've gotten back to work. But I'm fine with that. Yep. I love my job. My office. My colleagues.

I need to do several things for band. Hopefully week by week more stuff get settled. I even have to write a foreword for the programme booklet. I seriously have no idea what I'm supposed to write.

On the 14th, I will have to select the modules I want to take in Year 3. Regardless of whether I pass this year's subjects, I'll have to pick first, and if I fail, then change later.

I am considering these:
1) Information Systems & Organisations
2) The Law of Business Organisations
3) Management Mathematics
4) Organisation Theory
5) Management Science Methods

I just want to pick the easiest ones. Apart from SN 1 which I would actually want to take, the rest... are there just to make up the degree.

I haven't started jogging. I blame it for my constant over-timing. Oops. I'm hoping to take some time off on Friday so I can go to school early and clean up the band library.

I want to buy my Casio Privia digital piano!!! Argh! Much as I love couch potato-ing, I have got to get a grip of myself and start DOING something.

Haven't gone KTV either. Blech.
And I'm supposed to call my primary school teacher to arrange for a dinner.

Ok, so to list them all out:
1) Band
- Get the librarians to photocopy the scores
- Write foreword
- Confirm repertoire of guest band
- Confirm players' list of names
- Pack library

2) Buy digital piano

3) Select modules for 3rd year

4) Go KTV

5) Jog

6) Arrange dinner

7) Watch "Cars", "Da Vinci Code", etc.

8) Sell my pink long pants/jeans from Latte

9) Decide if I want to go on a short getaway

10) Clean up my room an wardrobe


Did you read the forum page of the Today paper? Sometimes I feel sorry for this Tammy Tan. She spends her day at work just trying to justify all the problems the cabbies give her. Not forgetting the buses and trains.

Anyway, with regards to the disappearing taxis, when I was in town and wanted to go home after a night of shopping, the taxi queue was very long, and people were waiting for a very long time.

The ones who managed to get through the phone lines were lucky and could get out of the queue while the rest of us continued to hold on our mobile phones.

Really. Something should be done about meeting the demand and supply of taxis. Quite horrible when you see tourists waiting for cabs for so long. Want to pay for transport also don't have.

This taxi problem has been around for so long. How funny. I see so many taxis in Singapore and all the taxi drivers like to say it's not easy to make money. Maybe they should just work weeknights in and out of Orchard. That should be enough. Weekends just go in and out of Suntec. Also enough.


Time to go back to thinking what I need to do.

And get around acting on that list.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Rabbit scare

Some moron just tried to douse my rabbit with some kind of insecticide for plants. My mum found two empty cans on top of its cage. The floor was wet with the chemical too.

Thankfully, my rabbit is ok. The tough little furball.

My neighbour's telephone and some other cables have been cut too. Every once in a few days they had to fix it. I am so tempted to get a CCTV to catch whoever is doing this crap.

If I catch the person doing it, I WILL MAKE THAT PERSON REGRET IT FOR LIFE.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Plans for the June holidays

Doesn't the title suit a kid still in school?

My exams sucked - mainly my marketing paper. How can anyone fail a subject like marketing?!?!?! Argh. I'll be living proof. After 3 hours of HRM that morning, Marketing stuff was just not spilling onto the answer booklet.

Enough about that. It's over. I just want to enjoy the time I have now.

Shopping was disappointing. I bought the first thing I could fit into - which was a pair of pink pants (kind of like jeans) from Latte. I don't even know the brand, but heck, it was in Scotts and beside Guess. Can't be that bad right? Cost me $39.90. Yep. I was pissed at the exams enough to splurge like that.

Oh, just a note, almost all my clothes don't cross the $35 mark. In fact most are under $30. So $39.90 is quite a splurge, considering how I doubt I'll wear it anyway.

I was looking out for bra sets, a reasonable place for a haircut, decent (literally) looking clothes, and a good pair of heels. I found NONE! What a surprise. And I was at Far East. This is the place where I used to get most of my clothes till I started getting them online.

I trudged to Wisma and Takashimaya with the pants, some stuff from Watsons, and a top I bought for $23 which I just wanted to get because I didn't see anything else. Oh, and the haircut? It was $38 for a student to cut my hair, but I didn't really want to trust one, so thinking I should get the next level at $45, which would make the most expensive haircut ever, I looked into the salon and realised all the people were busy. So much for haircutting.

I mulled all the way to Cineleisure. No clothes there either. Bought comfort food cum dinner - Bacon Aglio - from Pasta Mania. I just love this dish. But I have to remember not to eat it any more. I think I can still feel the garlic at the back of my mouth. I like garlic, but I don't want it making me thirst like crazy the rest of the next day.

It took a long long long time to grab a cab. Calling for one didn't help. I couldn't get through the lines. Thankfully I wasn't in a hurry, so whatever. I just waited till my turn. I usually like to shop alone, but it didn't work out this time. Dumb Great Singapore Sale.


It was great to be back at work today. I don't think I did much because the entire morning I was stuck in a meeting, but hey, it felt good just being back doing something.


Meanwhile I was thinking of what I should get done these holidays.
Top of the list is the haircut, of course. Long overdue.

I read on a forum that a couple of girls have tried inserting fat (from any other place of their body, like thighs or waist) into their breasts. No idea if there're long term bad effects or whether it'll affect breastfeeding, but so far they're saying it feels very natural and it almost is!

To be honest, it sounds tempting, but I don't like to take risks, so I'll stay happy with my current average Singapore girl B cup. If I really need to give myself a boost, padding will do. But padding sucks. I make it a point to try my best to buy those without padding. Better yet, don't wear one.

Digress digress. Oops. Other things I want to get done.... I'd like to sign up for a facial package, but that's a long term commitment I can't make now. Long ago I took a couple up. Too expensive to continue so self-treatment stays for me for now. So far, it's been quite good. May not even take one up after all.

Brazillian wax? Won't be my first.. will consider getting waxed on other areas like underarms. Again, not that cheap. See how lah.

Oh oh oh. Enough of the superficial parts. Now for the serious one - JOGGING. I seriously have to start doing this again. Will help with my flute playing too I think. I have good stamina when it comes to doing a whole load of stuff an entire day, but I think jogging will help my energy levels.

Speaking of band, I'm starting to dread every Friday. Sigh. Band is not supposed to be like this. It's supposed to be my little haven. Now it's a burden.

It's my responsibility now and I shall have to see it through. I can only hope I don't need to cry my way home again.

Now to continue dreaming of what else I want to get done....
And think of what modules I want to take next...


Making up for the long drawl, here's what Ki did to a fraction of his vehicles and some of my soft toys..
Oh wait. Ki jumped in to block me from snapping it.

Here's what he did:

He's so cute.