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Saturday, July 04, 2009


I made it. I survived the super tough week.
My boss left... and obviously there were some administrative stuff I had to do. On Monday I had a new joiner, and 1 guy flying in. Tuesday was my new boss. Damn that was hard. And on Thurs I had a new joiner again. gaaaaah.

New boss is fine. I mean, so far so good. I seriously hope I do not screw up. I'm still nervous around him but I suppose I'll manage for now.

Mozzies have been attacking harder than ever these few nights. Absolutely horrendous nights, considering my very stressful days. Just bought this high-frequency emitting thingy. It damned well better work. Especially after I killed one of them mozzies this morning. That fat thing was filled with my blood.

I'm working on a new piece and hope to complete it soon. Not like Kaze is going to be performing any time soon, considering this recession. Still, I like to hear ourselves playing it amongst ourselves. Feels good.

I've got so many ideas of which pieces to arrange, but I just haven't got the time and energy lately. I'm still going to try anyway. Hopefully there'll be more chances to perform. I can't wait.

Nothing really new in my life lately. MK and myself have been very careful to keep our weekends free and more relaxing. We now have our 2nd weekend of doing ... nothing. Ahhhh. Very nice.

Parties will start again later, but right now, I think neither of us can really deal with it.

Going to have another nice home-cooked dinner by him. HEehee....

What a fantastic Saturday.