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Monday, August 25, 2008

Need .. sleep ..

As usual, I've been going out quite a bit. Not that I forgot to update my blog.. I simply couldn't find the time to.

THere's just so much to do, so little time. If only I could update all the happenings in the past week and a half here, but there's just too much. Ah well.

Despite being sleep deprived and busy, I hope I can arrange another flute piece soon. Sometimes I just need that spur.. that sudden inspiration to get it done. So so so many pieces I could do up - but really, unless I actually did it full time, I could never do them all.

Still, it was really nice seeing that the file of pieces to choose from for performing was growing. The problem was no longer "how are we going to fill up the time?" but rather, "which pieces should we play?". Now that is comforting isn't it?

Next performance is one of their friend's weddings. Four Seasons Hotel! And we get a free night's stay together! Yay! Then it'll be a performance at SIM. Not sure if we'll be paid for that one. Then of course, our annual Christmas performance. It'll be at Heeren again.

I managed to do up 1 new Christmas song so at least it won't be entirely the same stuff. And there will definitely be a lot more different pieces compared to last year. Though some were already premiered in the last Esplanade performance.

Hmm.. I don't think anyone watching/listening is actually keeping count lah. But just in case there is someone out there who may want to hire us for whatever event, it would be safe to showcase our range a tiny bit.

Back to the issue of sleep. I need it badly tonight. I would definitely like to get some "work" done but maybe I should study a couple of pieces first then decide which is most worthwhile to do up.

Any special requests? Haha!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

What wisdom?

Why the hell is it called a wisdom tooth and then required to be extracted?!

Yes yes. I managed to convince the auntie at the dentist to let me see the doctor. Finally. I took an x-ray and confirmed that I am indeed suffering from a horizontally growing wisdom tooth - causing a slight infection.

Now I have to be on antibiotics and use a gargle. CRAP. I hate medication.

Why am I falling sick so often huh!?

Anyway, I'll probably extract it when I see a chance to take 5 days off. Let's see when that will be... because...

I'm chairing the D&D Committee this year! My goodness. I don't know if I can actually carry this off. I can't say I don't want to - but I admit I'm scared. But I lurrrrve organising such events, and I hope I do a good job. More importantly, I hope everyone in the committee will enjoy themselves doing this, while the rest simply enjoy the parrrrty!

Going to be busy again in the next coming months till the event. This is going to be soooo stressful. Sooooo tiring. But so damn fun.

I will be complaining a lot. So whoever is around me, bear with it till its over. You know how it works. I complain complain complain, and then once it's over, I just smile with satisfaction and wait to do it all over again. Haha!

Okie dokie. Today's a really short post. I need to pack my bag for class tomorrow. Hope I get to see my ex-boss and ex-colleagues on Saturday before Lesson 2. I miss them.

So many people to meet up sia! So many things to plan!

But when am I going to figure out what is my long term plan? I really am wondering... what do I want to achieve in the next 5 years? To be honest, I am very much happy now, and I simply do not know what would make me any happier than doing whatever I am doing now, and living how I am now.

I think, only change will bring about this answer to my future. So as long as everything remains status quo, I am pretty sure this is exactly how everything should be like.

Why change anything at all when I feel so happy already? Of course I am things to work for. But I do feel that sometimes... some people's pursuit of happiness, and even greater happiness even when they have it, leads them to more pain that they simply bring upon themselves.

I am happy for all the small things I have.
A loving family.
A wonderful boyfriend.
Fantastic friends.
Amazing colleagues and boss.
I do not earn much, but I earn enough to support myself.
I do not own a lot, because I do not think more material goods will make me any happier.
I am not on top of the career ladder, but I enjoy my job.
I may not be an expert, but I still get to perform and use my music skills.

Tell me, should I be greedy and ask for more? If yes, what more? More money? Haha!

I am good. I feel good. I like it when everyone around me is happy and well. Despite the horrible wisdom tooth thingy, I still can't help but smile.

Why shouldn't I? :O)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Gum infection again?!

Random post.
I'm not sure, but I suspect I have a gum infection again. Last year, this time, I got it too. Damn.
It feels so sore at the back of my mouth. Not painful, but sore. I really don't think it's the wisdom tooth problem everyone thinks it is.

Got to reach office before 7:30am tomorrow. Technically, it's not really my responsibility to do that, but I was asked if I could help, so ... I couldn't lie could I?

German class starts this Friday evening. Nervous and excited about that.

I missed the Olympics opening, but I had a great time that night still. What I did land up watching was the National Day Parade. And on Sunday, I got to watch something I always wanted to - the SSO at the Botanic Gardens.

The weather was puuurrrrfect. Cool air after the rain, but sun was shining brightly enough such that the ground was not wet and soggy. Beautiful.

Singapore hasn't gotten any medals yet. But we got close enough. Not bad not bad.

Another one of those idiots just zoomed past my block. The kind of idiot that likes to press their turbo button and rev their engines so loud they were afraid no one would be able to hear them coming.

Puh-lease. Don't do that in the HDB estate. The only thing that would really attract our attention is if the revs and vroooom is followed by a "boom", with of course, the sound of shattered glass. Otherwise, don't bother disturbing our peace and quiet. Want to rev? Do it elsewhere.

Argh. Sore sore sore. I am soooo going to buy a mouthwash to use in the office as many times a day as I can. It should at least help a little. I hope.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


It has been a while since I wrote about my clubbing/drinking escapades, and that's because I haven't exactly had any the past few weekends. But what I had over the recently concluded weekend could far make up for that.

I know I have not done this in a while, and not sure if anyone misses this style, but let me do it again.... the re-counting of my week's happenings.......

Movie night again. How could I watch such a blockbuster any other day later than the day it opens in cinemas?
The Mummy was very entertaining. I thoroughly enjoyed it. This despite having 2 couples bank out on me that night. I booked 8 tickets for the movie, 4 people didn't turn up. Luckily for me, I managed to get a refund on those tickets.

At least the other 2 guys showed up. Very onz people. Very nice to jio out all the time.

While queuing to get the tickets I bumped into Eddy. Haven't seen him since I broke up with my ex. He's still just as skinny. Only thing I noticed was different was the girl he was with. WAHAHAHAHA!

It was work as usual. After work plan was to have some quiet drinks at Dempsey together with my bf (MK), Jiahui, and her friend. We had a very late dinner (since we were all working till 9), and headed to The Wine Company after. Later that night, Wilson checked if we were still going to be sticking around.

I was rather tired but I always can't resist the temptation of meeting up with people. We playfully smsed him that he could pick us up and we could all go to our regular haunt The Bellini Room. Hahaha! He really did, and we really ended up there.

I never was the one to have luck bumping into people when I'm out, but that night, I received an sms from an old secondary school friend. He just had to make sure it was me. I was so happy to bump into him. During CNY, I didn't get to talk to him that much. Really good ol' friend. Since I was sec 1.

He joined us for drinks since he was left alone by his friend, and I don't remember whose bright idea it was, but we went to Dragonfly after that. Yep. The super-packed room with the cantopop music. I personally quite like the atmosphere there - provided I can get a table to myself that is NOT smack in the middle of where everyone is constantly walking in and out of.

MK obviously had no clue what was going on. We went up shortly to the KTV area - though I have no idea why either - and came back down after we were told that to sit there (at 4am!) we had to open a bottle.

We went outside Dragonfly to contemplate what to do next. And like what every Singaporean would think of, we thought the same - SUPPER. I didn't really drink much so I wasn't hungry. Before leaving, we bumped into 2 colleagues! It was not odd to see them together at the club but it was still a sight that made us look at each other a couple of seconds with question marks above our heads. Clubbing is clubbing lah. It shall stay there.

Supper time! Went to some dim sum place in Geylang. Then another sms came. At 4am in the morning. "At Geylang for supper?" What are the odds?!?! Another secondary school friend! Went out to talk to him a bit with the other one I met earlier. Turns out this one was with his wife. He is married!!! That is news for me!!! Haha! So happy for him. :O)

Needless to say, with all that catching up, I didn't really get to eat much. I wasn't very hungry anyway. Honestly, I was happy enough to get to meet so many people in a night. Of course, I was glad enough to be with my regular buddies too. Nice that Jia brought a new friend. Cute funny gal!

I managed to get to see Ki for a little while before he dozed off. The naughty boy was so tired already.
Went down to Brewerkz at Kallang to meet MK after his dragon boat thingy, then took a bus to City Hall. I was to attend a concert at Victoria Concert Hall. My fellow "flute-mate" was performing as part of the TJC alumni band! He was not only playing the flute, but he was conducting the entire 2nd half of the concert. Coooool.

They played very well. And when the concert went into intermission, everyone stepped out just in time to watch the fireworks from the NDP rehearsal.

Due to the road closures, I didn't manage to get a bus to St James right after that. I had to find that out only after walking to Clifford Centre. Damn. Anyway, the mrt was pretty empty by then and it was quick too so I didn't complain so much.

Got to Boiler Room and the first thing i thought about was food. What to do? I only had some salad and fries at Brewerkz, and it was hours ago! Plenty of people showed up at St James that night.

Jass and friends first. The rest I didn't know. Then my ex bf was there with his colleagues. Then Patrick and a couple of friends were there. Then Ya Ling and friends were there. Then MK showed up. Then my sister and Evon showed up too. Even my friend from the night before came by.

It got a little bit confusing and the alcohol ordered was waaaaaay too much. Of course, some got drunk. MK and me managed to go home unscathed.

Unfortunately for MK, it wasn't so safe on Sunday night. Friday and Saturday nights... getting high and drunk doesn't sound so bad but on a Sunday when you're not on leave the next day ... uh-oh.

It didn't start off so bad, of course. A couple of friends called (when we were still sleeping) us to come out for drinks at Dempsey. Being the social butterflies we are, we simply cannot say no to such invitations. [It's true. We find it hard to turn people down when they ask us out. We onnly do it if we already have other plans.]

Dragging outselves to Dempsey, we had a nice time just talking and sipping good wine. The 2 guys recognised an ex-colleague and later on he joined us. The shocker came when the next person appeared.

Because I know her too.


Wahahahahahahahahhaahahahahaha! What are the freaking odds?!?!?!?!?!?!

It was strange to meet her there. But she's nice so it was great when she sat down to join us. Anyway, work is work, outside is outside. Easy. Another bottle and we left anyway. Had to go catch Formula 1 at Brewerkz. We all ate there but only the guys drank. And they drank and drank and drank.

And you know the ending.

Ah well, but it doesn't happen everyday. It was good fun. Only too bad that it was a Sunday.

And so that was pretty much the story of my weekend.
It always seems a little short eh, even when I start it on Thursday. It was so nice meeting up with so many people over the weekend, even if it was for a while.

Let's see how this weekend will be like...

I hope to go home early tonight. Always try to do that at least once a week when I'm not so busy at work. Otherwise I barely get to see my parents at all.

Life is good. And I continue to be thankful for everything and everyone around me. :O) Staying happy. And keeping everyone around me the same. (I hope.)